Grasping Evil

Chapter 199(2 - Sealing the Heavens, Grievance.

Chapter 199(2) Sealing the Heavens, Grievance.

This technique was extremely powerful! Even the stored attack of the Spirit Severing Realm Demon General was not sufficient to stop it! As a matter of fact, the Spirit Severing Realm stored attack was only an ordinary attack from the Demon General. On the contrary, this technique contained Stone Warrior’s full power!

The only possible way to ward it off was to use his Yin Yang Flame!

There were two ways to use the Yin Yang Flame. Firstly, he could extract a wisp of Yin Yang power within the flame to destroy his enemy. But he would suffer a serious backlash from it.

Secondly, he could perform Body Sealing with only one finger! That day when Ning Fan left the Lost World Tower, it was this technique which scared Jing Zhuo out of his wits as Ning Fan applied it on him to restrain his movements. To apply this technique, he needed to borrow the Yin Yang power but it would not take a heavy toll on him as he was not using its power to cause damage to his enemy.

After Ning Fan researched about the Eastern Ocean Bell in the past, he developed the second technique by modifying the Body Sealing ability of the Eastern Ocean Bell and incorporating it into his finger. Cultivators who have lower cultivation realms than Ning Fan would be sealed forever, unless he removes the seal himself!

With his current magic power, it was as easy as blinking for him to seal cultivators at the Early Nascent Soul Realm. As for cultivators who have higher cultivation realms than him, he could seal Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivators for 10 breaths, Late Nascent Soul Realm experts for 3 breaths and Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts for 1 breath!

If he casts this technique on a Spirit Severing Realm expert, it would distract them for a moment, interrupting them from using any of their magic power!

Facing the fatal blow that he obviously had no power to resist, his eyes glinted with greyish light. His finger blazed with greyish flames and he pointed it towards Stone Warrior.

Suddenly, a pearl-grey circle of light came out like a rippling wave from his finger, echoing archaic chants. When the circle of light approached the Spirit Severing Realm Stone Warrior, his mind went blank for a while!

It was at this moment when the Gui Technique: Seven Kills failed without even being struck!

Not only that, Stone Warrior’s emotionless expression changed when he saw the technique. He was completely terrified!

Not even meeting a Void Fragmentation Realm expert could make him feel terrified like this one did.

“It’s the Heaven Sealing Technique of the Ancestral Emperor from the Eastern Heaven! Wait. No! That technique has already been lost for generations. Moreover, its power is not just solely for sealing the opponent… Hmmph! Then it’s just a little trick! Although you managed to stop me from casting my technique just now, the technique you used also used up much of your magic power. Let’s see how many times more can you use it!”

“There’s no need for me to use it anymore… It’s over… You’re finished… Three breaths have passed!”

The secret art was completed. An exhausted sigh could be heard from within the Yin Yang Locket. Evidently, casting this technique was surely a taxing task for Luo You.

This technique was like a ray of light. When it entered into Ning Fan’s Sea of Consciousness, it immediately dispersed, transforming into qi and enchanting his body!

A primitive and boundless qi filled his eyes. The indifferent look in his eyes became piercing as though they could penetrate through the stars and rival with the sun and moon! Not every True Immortal had that kind of eyes. They only belong to legendary beings who were more powerful than the True Immortals themselves!

When Stone Warrior’s eyes met Ning Fan’s, his body quivered involuntarily!

It was a reaction out of innate fear which it could never overcome!

He felt like his entire cultivation realm and magic power were going to evaporate under that look!

He behaved like that because he was a spiritual puppet. Also, this technique had a natural heaven-defying restraint on spiritual puppets!

“This… This is the Grievance Technique of… the Ancestral Emperor of the Northern Heaven?! It…It’s impossible!”

Stone Warrior’s gritty face stiffened. His body reacted like it had met its natural enemy and became petrified!

There was no way he could fight back. There was no way he could resist!

Ning Fan did not answer his question. He stared at Stone Warrior in silence as if this mere Spirit Severing Realm Stone Warrior was not worth it for him to even say a single word!

“ ‘Grievance Technique’, ‘Life Imprisonment’… Spiritual puppets from all worlds, every one of you who can’t kill me will become my prisoners! With one finger, your life will be held captive!”

At this moment, Ning Fan raised his finger up high and pointed it at Stone Warrior’s direction!

That finger radiated a black light, filling the night sky like moonlight and went into Stone Warrior’s body. The next second, a black crescent mark surfaced on the left side of his face.

When the mark manifested on his face, his life was now under Ning Fan’s grasp!

He could no longer act as he likes or die as he wishes!

“Who are you?! Tell me who exactly are you! Those were two of the five secret arts of the Ancestral Emperors! How did you obtain them? It should’ve been impossible for you to get them at your current cultivation realm!”

What he mentioned was true. It was truly impossible for Ning Fan to obtain them. It was just a coincidence that the Eastern Ocean Bell was somehow related with the Heaven Sealing Technique.

As for the Grievance Technique, it was casted by Luo You. Moreover, it was just a fragment of the complete technique. None of them truly belonged to Ning Fan.

However, there was no point in giving Stone Warrior an explanation.

Ning Fan shut his eyes and pondered. When he reopened his eyes, the previous look he had that treated heaven and earth with indifference was now replaced by a cold and cruel look.

“From today onwards, you’re my pawn!”

“Over my dead body!”

Stone Warrior’s expression was filled with rage and reluctance. But when Ning Fan knitted his brows, the crescent mark on Stone Warrior’s face activated. An immeasurable power from an unknown divine ability caused his Jade Life Realm body to break into pieces!

Bei Xiaoman would be able to smash him into pieces because he would purposely let her do so, in order to make her happy. However, Ning Fan was genuinely taking his life with that technique!

Although his body returned to its original form after a while, he still suffered grave injuries! He began to realize that if Ning Fan really wanted to end him, he would have already died during the activation of the crescent mark just now!

My life really is at stake here. It’s truly unimaginable that a dignified Spirit Severing Realm expert like me would die at the hands of an ant like him from the mortal world!

Stone Warrior, who had never been afraid of fighting his enemies, was now feeling fear for the first time in his entire life!

He was not worried about his own life. Instead, he was worried that if he died, the Fourth Mistress’s training in the Rain World would be considered as a failure… Furthermore, her life would be at risk without his protection.

“What do you want in order to release me?!”

“Shut up!”

Ning Fan’s eyes became cold and crushed Stone Warrior into a pile of rocks once more, worsening his injuries.

“Release?! Why do I have to release you?! You, a Spirit Severing Realm expert, came to capture me and oppress me with your power. Now you want me to release you after I’ve captured you in return? Are you living in your own dream world? Or is it having an identity in the Lost World Palace from the Four Heavens turned you into a spiritual puppet that can’t even think properly? Is it because of that identity that made you think that you can receive special treatment wherever you go in the Rain World?!”

It’s impossible! At least Ning Fan was not that kind of person who would lower himself to please a person of high status!

“If you don’t let me go, I won’t fight for you either!”

“Oh really? What if I capture Bei Xiaoman and turn her into my cauldron now? Currently, she no longer has your protection. And I’m a person who harbors bitter resentment on her.”

“How dare you! If you dare to hurt the Mistress, the masters from the other three pill towers as well as the Spirit Severing Realm expert, Lu Qing, from the Lost World Tower will pursue you at the same time! If you dare to tarnish her purity or take her life, I can guarantee you, the Rain World will be annihilated! Not even the Rain Palace would be able to save this world. They are nothing but ants in our eyes!”

Stone Warrior thought that what he said just now could threaten Ning Fan. However, Ning Fan burst into laughter after hearing his words.

“The Rain World would be wiped out? What does it have to do with me?!”

How does this concern me?!


His voice was imbued with the Late Nascent Soul Realm divine ability of reverberation. It was more frightening than when an ordinary Late Nascent Soul Realm expert uses it. When it blared at Stone Warrior’s ears, his mind shook violently!

His arrogance was immediately shattered and he puked out a mouthful of black blood!

This person is a mad man. He’s truly a mad man! He does not even care about the annihilation of the Rain World. He might even kill me at any moment if he wants to!

To be threatened by a mere Nascent Soul Realm cultivator from the mortal world was not easy.

However, after falling into Ning Fan’s grasp, Stone Warrior had nothing more to say that could intimidate him.

“But you’re loyal to Bei Xiaoman and this loyalty is what I am concerned about. What if we make a deal?”

“What deal?!”

“You become my servant and fight for me! In return, I guarantee you that I won’t hurt Bei Xiaoman… Aside from that, I will forget every grudge I hold against her.”

“No way! A dignified member of the Four Heavens like me can never…”

“You don’t have the right to refuse. If you refuse, I’ll kill you. And then, I’ll secretly approach the girl… You should be able to guess what will happen next!”

Ning Fan clearly knew that Stone Warrior never feared death. This spiritual puppet only lived for his mission ever since he was born. And the mission he was obligated to carry out was protecting Bei Xiaoman.

If Ning Fan fails to make this spiritual puppet surrender by himself, then he would never act according to Ning Fan’s will.

If the spiritual intelligence was to be erased from Stone Warrior, he won’t be useful anymore. A spiritual puppet with spiritual intelligence like him could be killed forcefully but it was hard to force him to yield.

In fact, none of the spiritual puppets feared death because they were created out of lifeless objects. To them, their lives were just the results of divine abilities and magical techniques.

The only method to make Stone Warrior yield was to threaten him using Bei Xiaoman.

As for what he said earlier about hurting Bei Xiaoman, it was just to scare him.

Ning Fan preferred to have a Spirit Severing Realm fighter rather than have Bei Xiaoman as his cauldron.

If he has Stone Warrior beside him, he would be unbeatable in the External Endless Sea and easily get human cauldrons.

“I will only give you three breaths to consider…”

“Fine! But I have a request as well!”

Stone Warrior agreed without any hesitation and hurriedly added a condition.

“I’ll help you fight your enemies. But I will never become your servant. The one and only master I have and will ever have is Mistress Xiaoman. Furthermore, you must swear the Great Oath of Heart’s Devil to take good care of her for me…”

“I will take care of her for sure. Regarding the Great Oath of Heart’s Devil… Do you really think you have the right to talk about conditions with me? You still have 2 breaths!”

“Alright, alright… Then you need to become the Feudal Ranking Elder of the Lost World Palace! In this way, you will be considered as a member of the palace. When the Lost World Palace is in peril, you must lend a hand!”

“I won’t do something that is not beneficial to me!”

“There are benefits! Green Phoenix Flame! Also, the preferential treatment from the palace for the Feudal Ranking Elder! If you can also make Mistress Xiaoman happy, she might even grant you the flame!”

“What you’re saying are just empty promises. I don’t accept! Besides, I already have plans for the flame… Just to remind you, you still have one breath!”

Stone Warrior was enraged. He had never been so modest towards a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator before. What made him feel even worse was that this Nascent Soul Realm cultivator never listened to him!

But now, he was powerless in negotiating with Ning Fan.

According to his observation, he only learned that Ning Fan had a crazy and brave attitude. He had no idea about his background. Now, he could tell that the latter was also a materialistic person.

If there aren’t any advantages, then he wouldn’t accept. What if I promise him some benefits?

After contemplating for the benefits that would be able to make Ning Fan interested, he finally came up with some ideas.

“If you promise to protect my master, I will teach you secret arts which can help you improve your body refining realm, from Silver Bone Realm to Jade Life Realm! If you promise to release me later, I will even gift you the secret art to cultivate the higher body refining realm than Jade Life Realm – the Golden Body Realm!”

“Secret arts?! Now this sounds more interesting.”

Ning Fan was staring at Stone Warrior in a surprise manner.

This arrogant spiritual puppet is finally making sense.

The Jade Life Body Reining Realm and Golden Body Refining Realm!

With the Jade Life Body Refining Realm, Ning Fan wouldn’t need to be afraid of Spirit Severing Realm experts! With the Golden Body Refining Realm, he could even battle against Void Refinement Realm experts!

Ning Fan was really tempted to obtain Stone Warrior’s secret arts.

But he wants me to let him go? That sounds a little dumb…

“Your conditions are not bad. I promise to become the Feudal Ranking Elder of the Lost World Palace and I will even help Bei Xiaoman once if she is in danger. I’m not her servant. Therefore, I won’t follow her everywhere she goes. That’s my bottom line. No more negotiations!”

Stone Warrior gritted his teeth. He could not get any advantages at all from Ning Fan. As such, he helplessly agreed to Ning Fan’s conditions.

“Fine! The deal is on! I’ll teach you the secret arts. Besides, I will help you fight if you don’t hurt Mistress Xiaoman. However, you need to swear…”

“Shut up! I don’t have the habit of taking oaths!”

Ning Fan frowned and moved his finger to activate the power of the crescent mark. The body of Stone Warrior trembled violently and shrank into a palm-sized doll made of stone. His spirituality was sealed and his eyes became dull like that of a refined corpse.

“I’ll ask about the secret arts from you next time… Someone is coming now! If someone discovers that I kidnapped Stone Warrior, I would be in huge trouble…”

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed and the primordial energy encircled his body, vanishing into thin air. The next second, the barrier was broken.

After a while, a red-clothed young lady who wore an anxious expression teleported to the area.

She stopped because she could sense Stone Warrior’s aura.

However, she didn’t see him, not even his shadow.

“Stone Warrior, where did you go? You didn’t even avenge me even though Zhou Ming offended me…”

She was deeply worried. The unstable feelings she had made her eyes flash with red killing intent again.

This time, however, she was able to suppress the killing intent and behaved like a common young lady with a set of lonely eyes.

“Where exactly are you, Stone Warrior…”

“Are you lost?”

“Besides, Zhou Ming is really a terrible man! I don’t want to see him anymore in my whole life!”

“Grandfather, are you really lost?” She bit her lip in anxiety. The blood-red intent in her eyes disappeared as tears welled up in them.

She felt melancholic. She felt harassed, just like any ordinary young lady would.

(She really was a spoilt little princess.)

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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