Grasping Evil

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Young Noble Ning Came to Kick Sect!

One smash to destroy the formation, the second to destroy the gate, and the third to shake the mountain. An actual top righteous sect of the Qi state was suppressed by the old monster in just three smashes!

After he was finished with his strikes, the old monster recovered the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron and sneered continuously. The Scholar School below them was filled with torches and roars.

From where do these Juniors come from, daring to come to my Scholar School and cause trouble! An old Gold Core rode the clouds to the sky and noticed that the opponents were only two Harmonious Spirits. He suddenly frowned and took out a black inkstone to strike towards the old mans space.

Theyre just at Harmonious Spirit yet they still dared to come to the Scholar School to seek death!

This old scholar at the Yue country would be at the level of the top ten grand masters. He naturally had the arrogance of a predecessor and didnt know that the old monster looked at him like he was looking at an insect.

Your father wants Ru Cangsheng to come out, not you! Scram for your father!

The old man waved his hand and the cauldron sprung from his palm and became bigger, suppressing the inkstone treasure. There was only one collision yet the black lights covered the sky, moving the clouds. The inkstone started to crack into many lines, and its spirit awareness was greatly lessened as it lost its light. A thunderous explosion rang as the treasure was broken. Then, the old monster pointed at the top of the cauldron and eight Black Dragons flew out and rushed towards the old scholar.

After his magical treasure was destroyed, along with facing the Black Dragons attack, the old scholar was in panic and disbelief at such a sudden development!

Black Evil Inflammation! One of the twelve Earth Vein Demonic Flames! Who are you! How could you have such a flame like this?

In the Nine Worlds, there were the twelve Heavenly Crystallized Cold Energies and twelve Earth Vein Demonic Flames. There was a rumor that, by collecting the Heavenly Crystallized Cold Energies or Earth Vein Demonic Flames, one could even fight against an invincible Void Fragmentation old devil!

The old scholars could not believe that this ordinary old monster ahead was holding one branch of demonic flames. Bad news, this person couldnt be messed with!

He immediately flew back and found that the eight fire dragons were already blocking his escape route. He could not escape and could only take the attack straight on.

It seems like I can only use my Fate Treasure The old mans heart became fierce and, in a flash, he summoned an iron scroll.

The scholar disciples were all greatly shocked. They didnt think that the old Gold Core scholar fighting against a Harmonious Spirit old monster would result in his inkstone being destroyed, let alone being forced to summon his Fate Treasure.

But right when the old scholar was about to make a move, a worried voice came from inside the Scholar School, Please show mercy, Black Evil! Mo Fuzi, quickly put away your Fate Treasure! Do you also want your Fate Treasure to be destroyed ah! You dont know what kind of evil star you are facing!

The old scholar with a scar on his face, Ru Cangsheng, was standing on the clouds in the sky, staring at the old monster as fear still lingered in his heart.

The old scholar didnt know why his school master was stopping him from fighting the enemy. Even though their opponent was powerful, but if I take out my Fate Treasure, the outcome still remains to be seen, right?

However, once he looked down and saw that his Fate Treasure, the Dan Literature Iron Scroll, was tainted by a layer of evil energy and its spirit awareness had greatly dissipated, his face suddenly turned deathly pale.

He was horrified! He didnt know when the old monster took action and tainted his treasure!

If he kept on recklessly fighting against the old monster while his treasures power was gone, then it was likely that he was going to die under the Black Evil Inflammation!

If School Master didnt say anything, then I, a Gold Core old devil, was nearly killed by a Harmonious Spirit old monster?!

Humph! Ru Cangsheng, if you came out a bit later, then your father would not have shown mercy. The old monster opened his mouth and sucked in the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron, along with the Black Evil Flame, back into his stomach while grinning at Ru Cangsheng with dissatisfaction, making Ru Cangsheng feel uneasy.

Same old rule Hand over a treasure to your fathers disciple and your father will leave without a another word

Treasure? Venerable Black Evil, what do you want

The Mysterious Scholar Dan! The old monster picked out some ear wax and blew them away.

What! The Mysterious Scholar Dan is our sects defining treasure. One pill can create a Harmonious Spirit immortal vein instantly

Ten pills! For each missing pill, I will kill one Gold Core of your Scholar School The old monster then picked his nose.

This is straight robbery! Ten pills! This old man takes one year to refine just one pill Ru Cangsheng wanted to cry.

From the beginning, your father is indeed robbing you! Ten Mysterious Scholar Dan plus one hundred thousand immortal jades. Your father will ask one last time, yes or no! If not, your father will also take the girl in that room! The old monsters eyes turned cold.

Dont steal my Xiao Taohong Fine, this old man will give everything to you Ru Cangsheng bit his teeth and took out a storage pouch. He put in the treasures before handing it over to the old monster.

He sighed continuously and looked at Ning Fan, who was silent from start to finish, and said with a complicated expression, Boy, you truly have a good teacher If I had a teacher who helped me rob dan medicines that year, then I would have been a Nascent Soul long ago, or even a Spirit Severing expert

The old monster checked the items and found that not one was missing, then he casually threw it at Ning Fan without even turning his head.

Come, were going to another place to keep on kicking these sects!

The old monster laughed haha while he grabbed Ning Fans shoulder and turned into a black rainbow that pierced the night sky, flying towards the next sect.

And Ru Cangsheng, seeing the old monster leave, finally let out a big sigh of relief.

School Master, this person was only a Harmonious Spirit, why were you so afraid of him? You are already a half-step Nascent Soul top expert The old scholar named Mo Fuzi puzzlingly asked.

Only Harmonious Spirit? If your father didnt let go of treasures to save our lives, even if you had ten lives, you still would have died already, you know! Even though this person is only a Harmonious Spirit, but even if the Rain Worlds Heavenly King sees him, he would still have to Nevermind, you dont need to know this. Disperse, scram for your father, go back to sleep. Your father needs to go find Xiao Taohong

Inside the flying black rainbow, Ning Fan touched the second storage pouch on his waist with a complicated feeling.

Ten Mysterious Scholar Dan, one hundred thousand immortal jades The Mysterious Scholar Dan was a Third Revolution Dan, and one hundred thousand immortal jades was enough to recreate a Sinister Sparrow School. This greeting present from worshiping a master was truly not trivial.

Even a half-step Nascent Soul Ru Cangsheng seeing the old monster was frightened as if he had seen the devil. Ning Fan was quite curious about who crippled such a powerful person like the old monster Why did he disband the Black Evil Sect and come to the Sinister Sparrow School to just be an elder

With your strength, why are you saying at the Sinister Sparrow School Ning Fan finally asked the doubts that were in his mind.

Because, Gui Qiaozi showed kindness to your father He knew that your father had a powerful foe, but he still cured my wounds for me Without him, your father would have died already Without him, Little Mei would have died without even a chance Do you know why I want you to join the Sinister Sparrow School? I hope that you will help me repay the debt Marry his daughter and become his son-in-law

The old man looked sad and serious without the slightest hint of arrogance and ferociousness like earlier.

Ning Fan gradually had a little positive sentiment towards the old monster. This person seemed to have some true emotions, even though he had a very overbearing and muddled way to show his affection.

However, there was a little something that Ning Fan couldnt accept. The old monster owed Gui Qiaozi a debt, why did he have to repay it

You are the one that needs to repay the kindness, why are you selling me to the Sinister Sparrow Schools School Masters daughter? Ning Fan slightly furrowed his brows.

Motherfucker, you got a wife for free, what is there to not like! Dont you like dual cultivation? You need a lot of wives to have enough!

I dont want her, that woman is too arrogant

You dare say that you dont want to one more time! The old monster unleashed an outburst.

I dont want

Repeat it one more time!

I dont want


I dont want

Accepting you as a disciple is truly my motherfucking misfortune of eighteen generations! Fine, we are almost at the Orchid Temple; get ready, this woman isnt as easy to scare like Ru Cangsheng

The old monster withdrew his black rainbow light and stood on top of the green hills while looking down at a magnificent temple below with a slightly serious expression.

The Orchid Temples old hag is a true Nascent Soul expert. My cultivation is crippled so I need to leave some face for them while kicking this sect. I can only smash two cauldrons down

Two cauldron smashes, this is leaving some face? Ning Fan strangely stared at the old monster.

The Dan Fragmentation Cauldron came out and immediately fell down!

One smash, the formation was completely destroyed. Two smashes, the sects entrance collapsed.

Old hag, roll out here for your father!

In the night, there were green demonic flames lit up around the Orchid Temple, and a surprised outburst came out from inside the temple.

Han Yuanji, you still dare to come here! This time, your mother will definitely eat you alive!

Suddenly, a demonic energy pierced the sky like an awakened giant dragon and came out from the temple. Thousands of old dried vines like blades pierced the night sky. Such power would even kill Gold Core old devils!

The old monster saw this and laughed hihi. He suddenly recovered his cauldron and took one step back, then he pushed Ning Fan down from the sky towards the Orchid Temple.

Little Boy Ning, this time, it is your turn to kick this sect!

Letting me fight against a Nascent Soul master!? Ning Fan looked at the immoral smile of the old monster, then he stared at the heaven piercing demonic energy from the Orchid Temple and swallowed his saliva nervously. He only reached the Harmonious Spirit Realm recently yet was about to fight a hag living for several thousand years right away?

But suddenly, Ning Fan thought about the Heavenly Beast School and became serious.

Nascent Soul master right? Let me try and see just how powerful they are. Only by being able to defeat Nascent Soul masters will I be able to destroy the Heavenly Beast School and save Little Brother Gu!

Black Evils 972nd Grand Master, Ning Fan; I am here to kick your sect! Ning Fan coldly spoke with the Shadow Tracing Sword in his hand as blazing sword intents burned in his eyes.

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