Grasping Evil

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Yin Plucking Fingers Power

Oh, really? Ning Fan? Black Evil Master? How funny, only a Harmonious Spirit yet you still dare to wear the Black Evil mantle; you truly do not know the immensity of the heaven and earth

Inside the Orchid Temple, the Nascent Soul demoness drily smiled and didnt put Ning Fan into her eyes at all.

If the old monster came to cause trouble, then she would be somewhat dreadful because she for some reason knew the origin of the old monster. Ning Fan ah Each year there were so many juniors that did not know life from death and came to the Orchid Temple to court death Wasnt this also the case?

Since when did a Harmonious Spirit cultivation be considered as the Black Evil Master Black Evil, was it no longer worth any money like this.

This boys appearance was actually very handsome and might not make a bad dual cauldron But to come and destroy sects, this was too early.

This boy is lucky by meeting me. If he met other people, most likely he would be captured and trained as a slave

The demoness thought this but immediately changed her expression the next moment.

She looked at the night sky above and saw Ning Fans body forming a Black Inflammation made from ice and fire. Yin and Yang fire runes appeared on his sword like a bright light in the tranquil night sky.

This is Yin Yang harmonization Earth Vein Demonic Flame Black Evil Inflammation, but it is fused with ice energy how strange The demoness eyes were a bit startled. Ning Fans fire and ice swords power was not strong and only fatal at the Harmonious Spirit realm, but it was very mysterious and far beyond the realm of Void Fragmentation

Amongst them was a strange power that was able to fuse ice and fire

This power was beyond her comprehension This was the mysteriousness of the Yin Yang Locket that she was unaware of.

She subtly glanced and had some interest in Ning Fan. She actually wanted to see what amusing things this boy could do.

Suddenly, she saw Ning Fan slightly move his sword and a fiery awe-inspiring sword energy suddenly rushed forward as the light illuminated the moon, accompanied by the night-sky-breaking dragon roars.

Harmonious Spirit sword intent, the first sword intent of Dugu, Fire Transformation Sword!

The power of this sword was not enough to move the demoness, but this swords origin was too great!

Fire Transformation Sword of the Sword World Sword Kings secret sword!

Her blossom lips slightly parted in secret astonishment. This sword was absolutely the secret sword of the Sword Worlds Godking, there was no mistake Forty years ago, the girl who followed behind the old monster was also a person who knew this sword, and they were from the Sword World. But why does this boy know this sword

On top of that, this swords origin was too great and shouldnt be used recklessly like this

With her other identity, she knew a little bit about the secrets of the Sword World so she was naturally surprised. If it was someone else, they wouldnt have been so alarmed.

Ning Fan, with an emotionless expression, clearly tracked the movements of the tens of thousands of dried vines that pierced forward like blades.

He slightly moved his sword, and the wind also followed. The fiery sword slashed forward black crescent shaped sword energies and rendered the dried veins into ashes the moment they met, just like the wind blowing apart something rotten.

The demoness was amazed. She was a dryad who was afraid of fire. She only used ten percent of her power, but it was not something that could be destroyed by someone of Ning Fans level.

This person was not bad with only a Harmonious Spirit cultivation even if she was showing mercy.

You are able to block one attack from me, maybe ordinary intermediate Harmonious Spirits are not your match Dan Revolution

The demoness let out a breath of her Nascent Soul energy and activated the Dan Revolution technique. Only Gold Cores were able to learn this technique by using dan energy to double the power of techniques.

She did not use a Nascent Soul level attack because she noticed that beating Ning Fan, who was only a Harmonious Spirit, only required Gold Core level magic.

The burnt vines all reappeared in the night sky after she released her Nascent Soul breath and twisted together to form a one hundred zhang tall evil tree with hundreds of branches and one thousand poisonous vines along with ten thousand thorns. The evil tree took root in the mountain. As its branches shook, the mountain fibrillated as well with falling rocks everywhere.

After performing the technique, the demoness changed her mind and removed some magic since she did not want to take Ning Fans life. She only wanted to test him for she became a bit curious.

However, the evil tree was formed from a spell and it already had a bit of spirit awareness.

At this moment, Ning Fan was facing the evil tree who resembled a Gold Core old devil. However, the evil tree seemed to prioritize defense against the flames. It would be difficult to garner some advantage with just fire power

There was no hope of victory, but by utilizing the Snow Treading Art, Ning Fan wouldnt necessarily lose.

He activated the Snow Treading Art and his body turned into an elegant ice brilliance that danced in the night curtain.

One move traveled one thousand zhang away. This speed was not less than the evil tree. Plus, the evil trees body was gigantic so it had an even harder time chasing Ning Fan.

Gracefully soaring fast in the sky like a Roaming Dragon, Ning Fan came like the crescent moon and escaped by stomping on the snow Sometimes, Ning Fan even destroyed the evil trees attack with his Fire Transformation Sword.

His cultivation was greatly below the evil tree, but his sword was both sharp and precise.

As it began to clearly see Ning Fans sword angle, there were a few times when the evil tree could hurt Ning Fan, but the demoness secretly stopped its attack and offsetted its direction.

One person along with his one sword perplexed the demoness as she gazed on longer. In her eyes appeared a Sword God wearing a white robe. The other person also fluttered like an immortal and was a bit similar to Ning Fan

She was suddenly startled; could this boy in front be.

But, how can there be such a coincidence how can

Inside the Orchid Temple, the demoness lightly sighed as if she was whispering. The evil tree was also recovered by the demoness. She was afraid of hurting Ning Fan and didnt want to offend the old monster either.

Your name is Ning Fan? Do you know the Heavenly Cloud Art?

The demoness suspiciously asked.

I dont know Ning Fan lightly spoke.

Is that so, then I have thought too much You can go. I wont pursue the matter today. However, your cultivation is not enough to call yourself Black Evil, and not enough to rob treasures either. Leave

This demoness normally killed people heartlessly, but today she opened a merciful escape path in the net.

It was not because of mercy, but she only faintly felt that she didnt want to hurt Ning Fan.

Ning Fan was silent. In fact, after the life and death fight earlier, he saw the gigantic gap between him and the demoness. The demoness did not even use one percent of her magical power while he used all of his. If the demoness did not show mercy, then he wouldnt even be able to block this little evil tree magic.

Not to mention killing Nascent Soul, I cant even slash Gold Core. Weak, my time spent cultivating the evil art is too weak and I have too few means

Nascent Soul killing Gold Core is as easy as crushing an ant, and Gold Core killing me is most likely extremely easy as well

Even with the Immortal Emperors memories, if my cultivation doesnt go up, then I am still a weakling a mere ant. When will I be able to destroy the Heavenly Beast School and save Ning Gu?

Ning Fan lifted his head and noticed that the old monster was also looking at him.

Little Ning, play dirty do you know how? If you can trick Yun Ruowei, your father will take you to the Heavenly Beast School If there is an opportunity, I will help you save your little brother, I am a bit sure of it The old monster solemnly said.

To the Heavenly Beast School? Ning Fans voice became excited. If I can save Ning Gu, if I can

Little Ning, dont misunderstand. Your father does want to bring you to destroy the Heavenly Beast School, but your fathers cultivation is crippled and I cant destroy it unless I regain my cultivation The Heavenly Beast School, the water is very deep there. The so-called School Master Wu Xie does has some background, and his background is even bigger than mine To tell you the truth, unless there is no other way, your father really does not want to offend this person The old monster perched his lips as if he would suffer heavy losses by bringing Ning Fan to the Heavenly Beast School.

Ning Fans heart was very warm. He had considered the old monster as an outsider all along and never relied on the old monster to help him save his brother. However, this old monster took his little brothers matter to heart.

I have no father and mother. I was always a servant of the Ning Clan since my earliest memories and accepted all types of abuse and contempt, but today, I actually have a master who cares for me like this.

The old monster was truly good to him, better than anyone else before

Thank you teacher[1]

Dont call me teacher Your father doesnt like this term The old monsters gaze became cold with a flashing hatred, but he suddenly withdrew it back to normal.

This hatred, there must be an old story behind it

Meanwhile, Ning Fan was contemplating about how to trick and scheme against the demoness.

Play dirty The old monster cant be telling me to defeat the demoness, can he? This is an impossible matter. The old monster wants me to learn how to use treacherous schemes when I cannot defeat the enemy

Black Evil can have a carefree do-as-one-pleases character, but our thoughts must be meticulous and secretive We absolutely have to know how to scheme against people in order to protect ourselves.

Under normal conditions and no matter the means, a Harmonious Spirit couldnt defeat a Nascent Soul master However, the old monster faintly felt that Ning Fan was hiding something sinister that could trick the demoness.

In the end, Ning Fan had secrets that even the old monster couldnt see through.

Can he do it or not If he could, then A little anticipation was rising in his heart. This anticipation was about a different matter, a very important matter.

Play dirty

Then, I just have to play dirty then

When I cant win head-on, then I have to take the round path, and if the round path doesnt work, then I have to play the dirty trick

Yin Yang Transformation, the bewitching technique! Can this be effective against this woman?!

After reaching the Harmonious Spirit realm, Ning Fan was able to perform a type of technique named Yin Plucking Finger!

The Yin Plucking Finger was a magic used to provoke womans s.e.xuality. Using a Harmonious Spirit magical power can make a Harmonious Spirit female cultivator lose her mind and let others trample on her however they want. Even a Nascent Soul female cultivators mind would momentarily freeze when struck by this finger.

This moment of absence will be enough.

This move was somewhat dirty, but There were too many things in this world that might be despicable, but it couldnt be helped. The old monster wanted to teach Ning Fan this rationale

I, am about to do it

Ning Fan determinably stepped into the sky with a sword behind his back without any fear while looking at the Orchid Temple below.

The Yin Yang Locket in his dantian gently shook, this was the thing he relied on the most!

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