Grasping Evil

Chapter 19

The old mans eyes reminded him of a scene back in Hai Nings Ning Clan.

A mother eagle will take their young ones up high in the sky and cruelly release it there in order to teach it how to fly. In order to survive, the young eagles had no choice but to learn how to fly!

So that old monster wanted to give me a life or death crisis Only by this can I break through!

Ning Fan felt warm in his heart and closed his eyes as time seemed to flow by slowly.

Only one thought was enough for him to escape, but Ning Fan still had not escaped.

Not enough, he needed an even stronger fear of danger! Ning Fan could clearly feel that this life and death crisis was an even better improvement compared to training for half a month!

Met by this rare crisis, Ning Fan could not squander it. As the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron approached to only three meters away from Ning Fans head, the strong wind rendered him breathless, but he still hadnt moved a single step.

The old monsters face sank down as he held out his hand and prepared to call back the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron. Giving Ning Fan a life and death crisis was fine, but what if he actually crushed Ning Fan? That would be too much.

Just before he was about to recover the cauldron, Ning Fan suddenly opened his eyes and, step by step, came even closer to the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron!

His move had clearly broken that body locking power, but why did he inch closer instead of escaping from the cauldron?

Was it to break through even more in order to propel this technique to an even higher plane?

It all happened in the blink of an eye. When the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron was only three inches from Ning Fans head, his two feet created a chilling sensation and void stepped twelve times in the air, turning into a dazzling icy light. In a flash, he teleported a thousand zhang away! Such terrifying escape speed was no less than a few Gold Core realm old devils!

The old monster had already guessed that Ning Fan would break through. However, he didnt expect for Ning Fan to suddenly move even closer to the cauldron such a daring act.

Before life and death, Ning Fans will remained as stout as a boulder and voluntarily approached the danger. This courage was a natural gift a physical instinct bestowed by the heavens.

The old monster took the cauldron back and looked at Ning Fan with an astonished and gratified gaze while recollecting the past with all sorts of feelings welling up in his heart.

Heh, this smelly brat was just like me that year, when I was so unafraid of life and death and unruffled in any situation.

After breaking through, the old monster and Ning Fan landed on the snow at the same time. The old monster had a I am the hero who did everything expression as he looked at Ning Fan. This left Ning Fan speechless. He felt that this Old Monster Han was still like a child, waiting for his disciple to praise him.

Ugh, Ning Fan couldnt speak the nice praises, so he kept on staring at the old monsters wide eyes in silence.

The old monster waited for a long time, but the praises did not come so his elderly face darkened. After some thinking, he said with a tone full of gunpowder: I cant believe you broke through to the Harmonious Spirit realm this quickly. Hah, your father is truly surprised!

His sarcastic tone was betrayed by his eyes filled with happiness. It was as if he was very satisfied with Ning Fans breakthrough to the Harmonious Spirit realm.

This is to the Dao Fruits credit. Without the Dao Fruit, I wouldnt be able to harmonize my spirit in eight to ten years. Ning Fan freely gave credit to the Dao Fruit.

Dao Fruit? Daring to steal fruit from the Heaven Separation Sect, this is still your ability! I love that about you ruthless when necessary. Really! Your father announces that starting from tonight, you, Ning Fan, will be the Black Evil Sects 972nd Sect Master

… What was going on? Ning Fan felt a little lost.

Just let me do my thing! That year, even when the Rain Worlds Heavenly King encountered the Black Evil Sect Master, he would still have to bow his head as a greeting! The Black Evil Sect Masters merit law… Countless people desired it The old monster grumpily took out a black book and threw it at Ning Fans face.

Black Evil Art!

Ning Fan didnt say anything. He thought to himself, this old monster just did whatever he wanted to. He somehow accepted me as a disciple and inexplicably helped me with my breakthrough, then he unknowingly made me the Black Evil Sect Master and even gave me the merit law.

He opened the Black Evil Art. This merit law seemed to be a bit incomplete, like an inheritance that someone unwillingly slashed in half. This merit law could cultivate all the way to the realms above Void Fragmentation so it naturally was not an item of the Rain World. One had to know that the highest cultivation in the Rain World only belonged to the Void Fragmentation realm.

A declining Black Evil Sect was able to make the most distinguished cultivator in the Rain Worlds Heavenly King bow his head so its origin must not be small ah.

The old monster seemed to be the inheritor of the Black Evil Sect, so he was very prestigious before? To be able to make a Void Fragmentation Heavenly King of the Rain World bow before him, he must have been great.

Your grandmother, your father gave you a gift and you dont even say thank you! The old man coldly scowled.

Thank you Master Ning Fan looked a bit uncomfortable. This was the first time he called the old monster master. He could tell that the old monster treated him very well. There were very few people who treated him well like this during his life so he recognized the old monster as his master in his heart.

Haha, this smelly brat, you finally willingly called me Master. The old monster was very pleased; it was as if he was enjoying this word from Ning Fan a lot with incessant smugness.

After his showing off feeling as if he was walking on air with a hot head, he directly grabbed Ning Fans shoulder and leapt into the air and laughed, haha: Smelly brat, you worshiped me as a master, so in accordance to our Black Evils tradition, your father as your master has to give you a greeting gift Come, come pick a gift!

The old monster took out a medicinal container from his pouch. Inside was one last pill that was as black as ink.

He hesitated for a moment, then he sighed and ate it. Suddenly, a powerful aura gradually rose in his body.

This is the last pill Come, your father will bring you around

The old monster activated his evil technique and turned into a strange black rainbow, piercing through the night more than one thousand miles away.

He went westward with lightning speed!

The first teleport was more than one thousand miles. Finally, one spatial shift traveled several dozen thousands of miles!

Ning Fan was thoroughly shocked! This speed was absolutely not something a Harmonious Spirit realm cultivator could perform! The old monsters cultivation was destroyed, so he could only use a secret art. Teleportation was something only a Nascent Soul old devil could do. Spatial shift was only for the Spirit Severing realm And clearly, this was not the fastest speed of the old monster.

Maintaining this flying speed was extremely arduous for him, but he wanted to do it even more.

The tradition of the Black Evil Sect The master had to show the disciple the strongest side of them! That was the Black Evil way!

What was the cultivation of the old monster before? Spirit Severing, Void Refinement, Void Fragmentation or True Immortal?

Why is he hiding in the land of Yue? Why does he only have a Harmonious Spirit cultivation? Why was he infected with such an odd poison What other stories are hidden within?

Ning Fan noticed that he underestimated the old monster from beginning to end

No wonder why the old monster didnt care when the Heaven Separation Sect threatened to destroy Seven Apricot City. It turned out that this person was not afraid at all!

Where are we going? Ning Fan asked.

Didnt I already say we were going to pick a present ah! The Black Evils tradition: when a disciple worships a master, the master must bring the disciple to a righteous sect to steal their treasures as presents this is a rule! You have to remember, later on, you will need to bring your disciple as well to rob sects! Unfortunately, at this moment, I can only exert a Nascent Soul power at best and could only steal from a low ranked cultivation kingdom. If it was that year, your father would have brought you all over the stars and stolen whatever you want!

Under his maximum flying speed, only two hours later, the old monster flew all the way over the western Yue border and arrived at the Qi Country. After a few more teleports, he stopped on top of the Qi Countrys number one sect, the Scholar Sect. This place was millions of miles from Seven Apricot City. Traveling millions of miles in two hours, this was a terrifying speed.

The Scholar Sect was protected by a Gold Core levels formation in the silent night with only a few patrolling disciples guarding the mountain.

The Scholar Sect in the Qi Country was not considered a small sect. Normally, no evil cultivators would dare to cause trouble at their door.

However, that was only under normal circumstances. This old monster solo playing with sects used to be as common as his meals. The Scholar Sect was not worthy to be in his eyes.

Hehe. The old man sneered and took out the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron. Without saying another word, he shoved it, smashing down towards the Scholar Sect.

First smash, the formation was broken. Second smash, the sects entrance collapsed. Third smash, half of the Scholar Sects mountain trembled as fragmented boulders rolled down.

Ru Cangsheng, roll out here for your father! The old monster shouted as the Scholar Sect was in disarray and covered in flames.

Countless confucian disciples put on their robes and carried their swords outside. They noticed the old monster and Ning Fan. It was only two Harmonious Spirit realm cultivators, yet they still dared to come to destroy the sect, so they immediately sneered.

They definitely did not know the how terrifying the old monster was.

The sect master, with an old knife scar, was in his inner palace, flirting with a concubine. However, after hearing the old monsters voice, his expression greatly changed.

He was a half-step Nascent Soul cultivator, the same as the Heaven Separation Sects Master. At this moment, his appearance was filled with fear.

It is the Black Evil Sects Old Monster Han, he came again! What will he take away this time

Every ten thousand years, new sect masters of the Scholar Sect understood the Black Evil Sect very well.

When the previous sect master was alive, the old monster had come to the Scholar Sect. This was a story from one thousand years ago. At that time, the old monster with one kick knocked the Nascent Soul Scholar Sects Master down to the ground

The generation before that, around fifteen hundred years ago, the old monster with only his finger cut the Scholar Sect in half.

Then, the generation even before that Aizz, how many years ago was that? Dont remember for sure, but every generation of Scholar Sect Masters were all bullied by Old Monster Han.

And during the lifetime of Ru Cangsheng, it seemed to be around forty years ago, the old monster also robbed him once.

That was forty years ago At that time, the old monster was covered in blood and carried a coffin. He suddenly appeared above the Scholar Sect with a ferocious gaze that looked as if it wanted to devour people. He was clearly gravely wounded, but with one stomp, he almost quaked the entire Scholar Sects mountain till near cataclysm.

Right at that moment, there was a godly messenger from the Rain Palace coming by and questioned the old monster for attacking the Scholar Sect. The old monster naturally answered that he wanted to destroy the sect.

Your fathers mood is not good, cant I just blow off a little steam! No one has died yet so for what have you opened your goddamn mouth for!

Afterwards, a Spirit Severing godly messenger from the Rain Palace was almost killed by the old monster. His storage pouch was taken by the old monster, and the entire Scholar Sect was also robbed by the angered old monster.

Beating a Rain Palaces godly messenger this was a grave crime. If it was someone else who was convicted, then they will surely die. However, since it was the old monster, the Rain Palace didnt even dare to let out a fart.

There was a secret testament in the Scholar Sect from the ancestors

Once the Black Evil Sect comes to the door, you absolutely have to agree with everything! This was the blood and tears enlightenment left behind by the Scholar Sects Progenitor after being bullied by the old monster.

I didnt imagine that the old monster would appear again after just forty years. How is he going to torture the Scholar Sect this time? What item does he want?

Why is he here already after just forty years! A disaster ah, a disaster ah

Ru Cangsheng set his concubine down who was panting hard and put on a robe to go outside with a bitter expression.

Steal, fine; rob, go for it. Ill give you whatever you want as long as you dont take away my Little Taohong Ru Cangsheng glanced at the white and soft woman on the bed and cried, yet no tears came out.

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