Grasping Evil

Chapter 195(1) - Four Swords of the Nascent Soul, Horrifying Strength!

Chapter 195(1) Four Swords of the Nascent Soul, Horrifying Strength!

“The Zhou Clan of the Internal Endless Sea… Hmmph. Luckily, my master gifted me this treasure. This was meant for dealing with people from the Zhou Clan!”

The long lost confidence returned in his eyes. With a slap on his storage pouch, he took out a golden beast statue made of copper which was as large as his palm.

The golden beast looked ancient and had a single horn on top of its head. According to the memories of Ancient Chaos, its appearance was very similar to an ancient beast.

Yes. The Lightning Beast!

Undoubtedly, this golden beast statue is another Offering Vessel of an Ancient Demon!

“Phoenix Summoning Art, The God of Thunder arrives!”

The Eagle Crane Elder placed his finger on the golden statue as if breathing new life into it. A millisecond later, it fluttered its wings and circled around him. The living beast now emanated a terrifying aura. After circling around him for several times, it cast a golden light on his body. That golden light and aura were specialized in restraining the element of lightning!

Without uttering a word, Ning Fan attacked the Sun Evading Sword with his whip again. The red lightning found its way to the Nascent Soul in the Eagle Crane Elder’s dantian through the connection of his mind and magical treasure. But this time, the lightning strike was deflected by the golden light of the beast. The zapping sound of lightning disseminated into the air.

The Eagle Crane Elder retrieved the Sun Evading Sword and the golden stamp which he had given to his now deceased disciple earlier. He grinned confidently towards Ning Fan.

“Zhou Ming! Your whip is no longer effective on me! Hahaha!”

“Is it? I seem to have underestimated your power as a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert by thinking that I can end your life with just my whip… Phoenix Summoning Art… Is that secret art really the correct technique to utilize your Offering Vessel of an Ancient Demon?”

Ning Fan blinked his eyes and the Lightning Whip in his hand disintegrated into red lightning rays and entered into the blood-red star on his glabella.

He had yet to actually give the whip a proper name. It was crafted after the immortal treasure – Spirit Striking Whip. The ability it had was to destroy a cultivator’s Nascent Soul by just hitting their magical treasures! Moreover, this whip would be more effective when facing a cultivator with Immemorial Divine or Devil Veins! He could kill any cultivator at the Mid Nascent Soul Realm in a single strike with this whip when they attack him with their magical treasure.

The Eagle Crane Elder mentioned that the Zhou Clan of the Internal Endless Sea also possess a similar secret art of lightning…

Never mind. He is just overconfident with his judgement. Does he really think that he can kill me once he can block my Lightning Whip?

The Lightning Whip was an Immemorial Divine Weapon which was newly created in the Lost World Tower. It was his first time testing this weapon in battle. Now, he found another way to deal with his opponents.

Even if he did not have this whip, he still had countless techniques he can use to deal with his opponents. That is to say, he could still finish the Late Nascent Soul Realm expert before him without fail!

After he kept the whip, the expression in his eyes changed! They flashed with the combination of his sword qi and the Divine Intent of Rain!

A sea breeze swept across the area, giving rise to fog dotting the landscape.

The air of indifference emanated by Ning Fan did not diminish. He strode towards the Eagle Crane Elder’s direction!

Every step he made would create a ripple effect in the air.

His power level quickly went up. The next moment, the vicinity within a thousand li* became gloomy as if a rainstorm was coming!

Sword Art – Rainless Swords!

Ning Fan held no intentions of asking anything about the Zhou Clan or the Demon Sealing Sect. All he wanted to do now was to simply kill the Eagle Crane Elder. Then he would search his soul and memory to understand everything!

For the Eagle Crane Elder, he still considered Ning Fan as a mere Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator and underestimated Ning Fan’s ability.

Even the most notorious secret art of lightning from the Zhou Clan would be restrained by my Lightning Beast! Whether you’re a member of the clan or not, you’re still an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. There is nothing I should fear!

However, the next second where this thought surfaced in his mind, he felt that he was badly mistaken!

The first step Ning Fan made was like he was stomping hard on his Heart of Dao, crushing it!

Three steps later, the Eagle Crane Elder’s face became deathly pale and his breathing had gone irregular!

Five steps later, he was unable to muster any of his magic power. Even breathing became difficult!

Eight steps later, the Eagle Crane Elder felt a life-threatening danger before him. In his eyes, Ning Fan who was walking step-by-step towards him turned into a blood-red sword which appeared to be floating in mid-air!

Only then did he realize that Ning Fan had displayed some kind of sword technique when he was walking towards him!

This technique is imbued with primordial energy! It must be a Nascent Soul Realm sword art!

If I’m not mistaken, when he makes the ninth step, the power of every step would pile up and become a fatal blow. At that time, I would then die!

“It really is a strange but mighty sword technique! It’s a skill that could even kill the enemy without a sword!”

He gathered all his strength to forcefully wave his arm to summon the Sun Evading Sword in front of his chest. It was also at that moment when Ning Fan took the ninth step!

Ning Fan’s eyes were like razor-sharp swords, piercing through those of the Eagle Crane Elder’s and filling with murderous intent! Droplets of blood-red rain began to fall within a thousand li*. Each and every droplet of rain took the shape of a sword and penetrated the earth, filling the surroundings with red sword light!

“The first technique of the Nascent Soul Realm Sword Technique, Nine Steps, Sky Treader!”

When he shouted the name of the technique, all the red sword-like rain droplets pointed at the Eagle Crane Elder!

That situation was similar to a fly dropping into a pond full of fish!

His Early Supreme Grade magical treasure, the Sun Evading Sword was destroyed by the boundless blood-red swords within seconds!

The Eagle Crane Elder narrowed his eyes in distress!

This sword technique is capable of effortlessly destroying an Early Supreme Grade magical treasure. Evidently, he can simply kill any Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator!

“It’s impossible! There aren’t any sword cultivators in the Zhou Clan! How did he learn this technique?! Killing Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivators with just a technique… Not even Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivators can withstand it without getting themselves injured!”

This time, his confidence was shattered once more as he could not form any logical explanation for the technique displayed by Ning Fan just now. He hurriedly held the golden stamp in his hand and placed it before himself to replace the broken sword. He then commanded the beast to guard his back.

His Early Supreme Grade magical treasure disintegrated just like that. So what if he took out Middle Supreme Grade magical treasures? Could they really protect him?

The red sword light passed through his magical treasures like ghosts passing through a concrete wall and stabbed directly into his body!

As a matter of fact, the red swords were originally intangible. They were rainless swords created using the power of heaven and earth combined with the Divine Intent of Rain. After he displayed the Nine Steps, Sky Treader, he borrowed the immeasurable power of heaven and earth to solidify them! They were different from swords created from magic power and also those created with spirit sense. They were swords created from the power of heaven and earth. This technique was similar to the offensive techniques used in formations!

It was only when the sword qi entered into the Eagle Crane Elder’s body that he realized the essence of the technique… But it was already too late!

The sword qi was tearing him from inside-out, slashing all his internal organs and veins. Finally, the sword qi found its way to the Nascent Soul that resided in his dantian!

Within a breath, blood spurted nonstop from his mouth!

Just when he was about to give in, his expression turned ferocious and spat out a red pearl from his mouth!

This pearl was known as the Pearl of Disruption! It specialized in destroying Spirit Severing Realm formations! When the pearl is detonated, the power of heaven and earth would be disrupted, thus cutting off the power source of the formation!

Magical treasures might not be able to stop the swords of heaven and earth. But I believe this pearl can crush the swords!

This pearl was extremely precious and rare. A pearl like this could be sold for millions of immortal jade. However, the Eagle Crane Elder couldn’t care less as it concerned his life!

“Crush! Crush! Crush! Crush all of the swords!”

The Pearl of Disruption was detonated!

The explosion created a massive disturbance to the surroundings. The power of heaven and earth was torn apart easily like paper!

The power source of the red swords was cut off and they all dissolved into the air!

Ning Fan was slightly astonished.

He truly deserves to be a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert. It’s beyond my expectations that he would own an item that is able to disrupt the power of heaven and earth.

The Eagle Crane Elder successfully survived through the ordeal. But he was in a complete mess.

He lost the Sun Evading Sword and used his precious pearl. Moreover, he also suffered grave injuries from the technique! The technique might only be an Early Nascent Soul Realm sword technique, but it would be able to kill Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivators without fail. As for Mid Nascent Soul Realm experts, they would certainly suffer great injuries! If Late Nascent Soul Realm experts were careless while facing this technique, they would be injured severely as well! Only Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivators who had already comprehended the aura of heaven and earth would be able to endure this technique without any injuries!

As for Ning Fan, the technique he displayed did not use any of his magic power… That was because the technique borrowed the great power of heaven and earth. Therefore, he was still in peak state.

Although the Eagle Crane Elder was still alive, the fear that Ning Fan instilled in him cannot be expressed…He wasn’t just any ordinary Late Nascent Soul Realm expert after all. He would even be considered quite outstanding among the experts of the same realm as him in the Internal Endless Sea.

How is it possible that I can’t even counter the attacks of an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator?

In other words, Ning Fan’s combat power had already surpassed that of a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert even though his cultivation realm was just at Early Nascent Soul Realm.

“I still have a few of those pearls! Zhou Ming, please spare me as a token of respect to the Demon Sealing Sect! When I recover, I’ll never be your enemy again in my whole life!”

He hid his hatred towards Ning Fan within his eyes. After he cupped his fists, he teleported away.

He knew Ning Fan could have finished him without expending any effort in his current weakened state. But he thought Ning Fan did not do so because the latter was afraid of the name of his sect.

“Hmmph?! So what if he’s a member of the Zhou Clan? He’s still afraid of the Demon Sealing Sect after all. This Zhou Ming does not dare to kill me! Hahaha! Once I return to my sect, I’m going to request help from Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts to avenge my fallen disciples!”

The Eagle Crane Elder who seemed to be living in his own thoughts was totally wrong in his judgement! Maybe that was the cause of his arrogance and ignorance.

Yes. Ning Fan could kill him with a wave of his hand. Since the beginning of the battle, Ning Fan had yet to use his true killer moves. There was absolutely no relation between the name of the Demon Sealing Sect and his reluctance to use his killer moves… Instead, he was testing out his skills on the Eagle Crane Elder! He wanted to test out the techniques he recently learned during his cultivation in the Lost World Tower.

To him, the Eagle Crane Elder was nothing more than a training puppet!

Back then in the Lost World Tower, Ning Fan invented a new sword art which was known as Rainless Swords. Furthermore, he modified the Harmonious Spirit Realm sword qi, Fire Transformation Sword and the Gold Core Realm sword qi, White Bones Piling Mountain. With newfound comprehension towards the primordial power of heaven and earth, he upgraded them into three new Nascent Soul Realm sword qi! Adding up the Heart Drawing Sword technique which originally was a Nascent Soul Realm technique, he had a total of four sword techniques, known as the Four Swords of the Nascent Soul!

Upon seeing the Eagle Crane Elder trying to flee, Ning Fan shot him a contemptuous look.

“Did I allow you to run?! Second Technique of the Four Swords of the Nascent!”

He pressed against his glabella which twinkled brightly, making a sword appear in his hand.

It was the Separation Slayer Sword!

As he wielded his sword, his primordial power flowed within it! When the sword moved in a curve, the primordial power of the sword unleashed towards the escaping foe’s direction, interrupting the Eagle Crane Elder who was gathering the primordial power of heaven and element to teleport!

There’s no escape for the Eagle Crane Elder anymore!

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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