Grasping Evil

Chapter 195(2) - Chapter 195(2)

Chapter 195(2) Four Swords of the Nascent Soul, Horrifying Strength!

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“Zhou Ming! I’m the Seventh Elder of the Demon Sealing Sect! Do you dare to offend my sect?! Besides, are you even able to kill me?! I’m not like you. My master has granted me different kinds of magical treasures to protect myself. It’s something that cultivators of the External Endless Sea like you would not be able to imagine!”

“Shut up! Fire extinguishes, lightning disappears, leaves split, hills crack, ice shatters… The Third Technique of the Nascent Soul Realm Sword Technique, Elemental Sword!”

Every incantation that Ning Fan muttered was drawing power of the five elements!

This technique was modified from the Fire Transformation Sword Technique. After the improvements made, not only could he transform fire into swords but also the other four elements!

Now, the Separation Slayer Sword was covered with a thick white primordial energy.

As he raised the sword and slashed it down, a thousand li of the sea parted in half.

The cutting edge of the elemental power imbued in the sword was a thousand zhang wide. The deafening whistle of the sword echoed in the skies, with the sword landing on the Eagle Crane Elder’s body with an incredible speed!

The Elemental Sword was a Mid Nascent Soul Realm sword art. Cultivators below Mid Nascent Soul Realm would die in just a single strike! If the Eagle Crane Elder was not seriously injured, he could have resisted it. But in his current state, he was not capable of blocking it. With the thought that Ning Fan would not dare to kill him in his mind, he had not expected the attack to come so quickly!

The pressure of the sword attack almost crushed his Nascent Soul!

All of a sudden, a golden plate that hung around his neck emitted golden light and broke apart. An unparalleled power that can annihilate everything was released, eradicating the sword light of the Elemental Sword that was able to cut down a Mid Nascent Soul Realm expert.

This time, the Eagle Crane Elder did not feel lucky at all. He was gasping in horror.

“The sword of primordial power! Only Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts who have deep comprehension on primordial power of heaven and earth can congeal the power of the elements and wield it as a sword! How am I a match for him?! If it was not for the death-exemption plate given by the sect master, I would have already died!”

It was now his last chance to escape death from the fatal blow of a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert… After this, he had no more magical treasures or techniques to defend against Ning Fan!

“Hmm? You’re still alive… It seems like I need to use another technique…”

“What?! You still have another technique?!”

The Eagle Crane Elder was trembling in fear.

The first sword that Ning Fan displayed, the Sword of Heaven and Earth was only a Low Grade Nascent Soul Realm Technique.

The second sword, the Elemental Sword was a Mid-Grade Nascent Soul Realm Technique.

The final sword, although it had yet to be revealed, must be at least a High Grade Nascent Soul Realm Technique!

“I must run! Even if I haven’t mastered the ‘secret art’ yet, I have to try!”

He rotated the primordial power in his dantian and teleported to try and flee while performing hand seals. It was his final struggle to save his life.

Zhou Ming’s combat power can rival those of Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts! I stand no chance against him! If I don’t go all-out and display this ‘secret art’, I will end up dying a horrible death! If I fail this incomplete technique, my life force will all be engulfed by it. But it’s better than doing nothing!

When he completed the hand seals, two demon corpses grew out from the Eagle Crane Elder’s body. One of them was a hundred zhang* tall eagle while the other one was a hundred zhang* tall crane!

More blood gushed out from his mouth. His Blood Essence now was almost completely drained. There was a strange connection between him and the two corpses!

“Demonic Art, Corpse Fusion Technique!”

A sudden ferocity took over him. He separated his Sea of Consciousness into three, using two of them to control the two demon corpses. However, the two Nascent Soul Realm corpses had no reactions.

If he fails to cast this technique, his Sea of Consciousness would crumble, thereby killing him!

Just as desperation began to fill him, thinking that his technique had failed, the corpses opened their piercing eyes together. The next moment, they shapeshifted into human forms, standing at the sides of the Eagle Crane Elder. One of them wore an eagle robe while the other wore a crane one. They were refined corpses at the Late Nascent Soul Realm!

It was a little inaccurate to call them ‘refined corpses’. This demonic technique was to separate a portion of the caster’s Sea of Consciousness and insert it into the demon corpses. In this manner, the corpses would become one with the caster. That is to say, Ning Fan would now have to deal with three Late Nascent Soul Realm experts!

Upon his technique’s success, he no longer teleported away. Instead, he let out a hearty laughter, feeling confident that he could now fight back!

“I did it! Hahaha! I’m really lucky to be still alive after casting this technique when I only had a 10% success rate! Apparently, the heaven does not want me to die! From now onwards, I am them, they are me. I now have three bodies at the Late Nascent Soul Realm! I can now even fight back against a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert! Zhou Ming! It’s your time to die!”

Thousands of li* away, the cultivators were amazed by his technique! They had never seen a technique like that before which enabled the caster to seize corpses without sacrificing their original bodies!

If someone is really lucky, they might even be able to use this technique to create tens of demon corpses at the Late Nascent Soul Realm. At that time, even Early Spirit Severing Realm experts would have to be careful in dealing with them!

It was the most terrifying technique of the Demon Sealing Sect…

It was also the main reason why they raise many different kinds of fierce and powerful beasts!

After witnessing the technique, the Nascent Soul Realm experts who were watching the battle became even more fearful of the Demon Sealing Sect.

Nearly every one of them thought that Ning Fan would lose this time.

No matter how strong his combat power was, he was still an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator at the end of the day. His opponents now were three Late Nascent Soul Realm experts!

If the three of them attack him at the same time, Ning Fan would not be able to endure it. It’s because this technique established a strong connection between the three of them. Their combination attacks would definitely be flawless. Even a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert might need to avoid fighting them!

But Ning Fan did not utter a single word.

He shook his Separation Slayer Sword and it enlarged, taking the form of a large, white bone! The aura emanated by his sword was like that of a mountain. When he held it up in the air, a faintly visible sword light soared into the sky!

In a blink of an eye, Ning Fan was already standing behind the three experts. His sword was pointing downwards and blood was dripping down from its sharp edge. Neither the onlookers nor the Eagle Crane Elder and his corpses were able to see what had happened!

White Bone Virtual Shadow. It was originally a Gold Core Realm technique but it was then modified by Ning Fan himself, adding in the concept of how the Shadow Carrier Sword work.

Before he launched the strike, he had to focus all his strength on his legs. When he leaped to attack, his speed would become so fast that others could only spot his shadow. Moreover, the speed of his movement would increase the sharpness of the sword.

“The Fourth Technique of the Four Swords of the Nascent Soul, Shadow Sword…This attack almost exhausted all my strength. Unless I break through to the second realm of Silver Bone, I must not display this technique frequently… *Sigh* These three Late Nascent Soul Realm bodies are really a waste…”

Just as his words fell, the Eagle Crane Elder and the two demon corpses burst into a mist of blood. They actually suffered hundreds of cuts from Ning Fan’s giant sword.

It was a High Grade Nascent Soul Realm Technique. Although it used up all his strength in this single attack, its destructive power was overwhelming!

Time to keep the loot!

As for the unconscious Nascent Soul of the Eagle Crane Elder, he was sealed by Ning Fan in the storage pouch.

Ning Fan kept his sword and he turned towards the onlookers.

“Give me a million immortal jade and let me plant mental seals on you. If not, everyone dies!”

“Wha… What? We’re just rogue cultivators of the External Endless Sea and we don’t have any kind of relation to the Demon Sealing Sect. Why do we have to give you anything?!”

“You want to plant mental seals on us?! Even if you’re a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert, you shouldn’t bully the rogue cultivators of the External Endless Sea. You must know that…”

“Shut up!”

A greyish primordial power encircled Ning Fan’s body and he disappeared in a blink of grey. In the next moment, he was a thousand li* away from his original spot, standing in front of the cultivator who tried to refute Ning Fan’s words. Ning Fan gave him a smack on his head. Without having the chance to flee, his entire body trembled and perished, leaving his terrified Nascent Soul!

“So all of you are rogue cultivators. I thought you all belonged to some sects of the Endless Sea which is why I behaved a bit kind just now. Since you’re just rogue cultivators, you shall all die!”

Ning Fan turned into black mist and swept across his surroundings!

After that, the remaining five Nascent Soul Realm experts let out painful cries. The sword sense went inside their bodies and sliced apart their Nascent Souls. Their physical bodies weren’t harmed since Ning Fan had plans for them.

If they were members of the sects in the Endless Sea, their sect masters must have their soul plates. If they died, their masters would know and they would be able to trace Ning Fan using his qi. As such, Ning Fan did not intend to kill them at first since it would be bad to provoke any Spirit Severing Realm expert.

However, if they were just rogue cultivators, their deaths would mean nothing in the Endless Sea. Besides, every rogue cultivator had their hands stained with the blood of others. In the Endless Sea, the law of the jungle applied. If you’re strong, then the others can be considered as fellow rogue cultivators. If you’re weak, then the others would turn into bandits who would eventually kill you and rob you of all of your precious treasures!

Since Ning Fan had awakened the path of defiance, his attitude became even more cold and indifferent.

There was at least 20 million immortal jade inside the storage pouches of the Eagle Crane Elder, the first elder brother and also the six onlookers.

This was the law of survival in the Endless Sea which was also known as the ‘Grave of Cultivators’. The only way to survive in this place was either to get protection from the sects or kill others in order to obtain their belongings! Those who entered the Endless Sea and became rogue cultivators must always be cautious and alert!

After Ning Fan kept all the storage pouches, he did not immediately leave the place. On the contrary, he lifted his indifferent gaze from the ground, gazing on a cloud in the sky and sneered.

“Miss Bei. You seem to be in a good mood after watching the battle.”

“Aiya. You really have terrible killing intent…”

Behind the cloud, a young lady in red robe and red skirt emerged. Her beautiful gleaming eyes looked at Ning Fan.

“Precisely. I was here to watch your battle. You’re pretty good. You don’t display any hesitation at all when you kill. The way you do things is clean and smooth… Do you have an interest to be my servant? Aiyo. Why are you showing that look to me? Don’t tell me that you’re going to kill me as well?”

“*Cough* I’m not that ignorant to kill a daughter of a True Immortal when she is being protected by a Spirit Severing Realm puppet… Farewell!”

Ning Fan vanished in a grey light.

As for Bei Xiaoman, she licked her lips while a red light flashed within her eyes.

“That killer qi sure is delicious… If I eat this person, the killer qi of my Gui Star would be… Hehe…”

“Miss Xiaoman, you must not offend this person!” A stone man who emanated a Spirit Severing Realm aura appeared beside her.

“Hmmph. He only possess an inferior type of devil veins. Although he has combat power equivalent to a Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivator while he is still at Early Nascent Soul Realm, he’s still nothing.”

“No… This person brings me a sense of danger… He must still have techniques which he had yet to use… I don’t have 100% assurance that I will survive when he really goes all-out.”

“Are you telling me the truth? Did I underestimate him? I don’t think what you say is true. Even cultivators with powerful devil veins would find it difficult to withstand an attack from a Spirit Severing Realm expert when they are still at the Early Nascent Soul Realm… Don’t tell me he can…”

After teleporting for quite some distance, Ning Fan stopped above the Peng Lai Immortal Island. He lowered his head in contemplation.

“That girl displayed her killing intent to me even though it was faint… Evidently, she intends to kill me. But she can be a good human cauldron for me. If I can secretly subdue her, I would be able to enter the Lost World Tower at will using her identity. This island would then be my territory in the External Endless Sea… If only the Spirit Severing Realm puppet isn’t around her…”

In the past, he would not dare to utter those kinds of words. Before he entered the tower, he was able to kill Mid Nascent Soul Realm experts. After his time spent in cultivation inside the tower, he could now battle against a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert!

Since he had chosen the path of defiance without cutting down his Heart’s Devil, he became a little more cold-hearted.

Since I’ve chosen this path and my Heart’s Devil, there’s no going back. I must achieve the pinnacle among devil cultivators!

Even if he has to dirty his hands, he would never give up on his goals!

So what if I have to rule the entire Endless Sea and pluck every woman in this place to achieve my goal?!

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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