Grasping Evil

Chapter 194 - What Magical Treasure is This?!

Chapter 194:What Magical Treasure is This?!

The Grey Demon Seal was destroyed?!

Somewhere on the clouds above Peng Lai Immortal Mountain, the Eagle Crane Elder’s smiling eyes widened in shock!

“It’s impossible! No one below Spirit Severing Realm should have been able to lift the Grey Demon Seal that I casted! How come it was dispelled?! Did a Spirit Severing Realm expert helped him rid him of the seal?! I don’t think so! There’s only one Spirit Severing Realm expert in Peng Lai Immortal Island… And he’s the guardian of the Lost World Palace… Wait… Don’t tell me he… No! I don’t believe it! If he really helped Jing Zhuo, there’s no way I would have discovered the seal’s disappearance… He’s not a Spirit Severing Realm expert! Who is it?!”

“Seventh Elder, is there something wrong? Has Zhou Ming appeared?” The first elder brother’s expression was filled with excitement. He was excited to taste Zhou Ming’s blood!

“Zhou Ming… Yes! Now I understand! It must be him! He must have some kind of secret magical treasure that can undo my Grey Demon Seal! Haha. I want that treasure! Let’s go! That Zhou Ming should be searching for us by now, tracking my aura through the grey qi. I’m going to let him know what death feels like. We’ll wait for him ten thousand li* away from the territory of the Lost World Palace!”

The Eagle Crane Elder’s eyes turned clear. Without even giving the first elder brother time to react, he grabbed his shirt and dashed towards an unknown area above the sea.

All the cultivators that Eagle Crane Elder passed by were terrified by the speed in which he travelled. Anyone would know that he was a bonafide Late Nascent Soul Realm expert judging from the speed he is travelling.

The Eagle Crane Elder came to a halt when he was about ten thousand li* away from the vicinity of Peng Lai Immortal Island. He stood there with his hands clasped behind his back. He might look small, but the aura emanating from his presence was overwhelming!

Many cultivators had spotted him. His aura was unfamiliar to them but some of the Gold Core Realm and Nascent Soul Realm experts were stunned because they had seen his face before on the Board of Devils! He was not a cultivator of the External Endless Sea! Instead, he was a devil cultivator from the Internal Endless Sea, ranked 342th on the Board of Devils! He was the Eagle Crane Elder who was at the Late Nascent Soul Realm!

The most shocking part was not his rank on the Board of Devils but the powerful background he came from!

“*Sucking in cold breath* The seventh elder of the Demon Sealing Sect, Eagle Crane Elder! What made him come to the External Endless Sea?!”

“Is Demon Sealing Sect really powerful?”

“What do you mean?! Among the seventy-two islands of the Internal Endless Sea, there are seven islands you must never offend! Each of these islands has a guardian! Each and every one of them are at the Peak Spirit Severing Realm and they are known as the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea! ‘Venerated Demon’, who is the one of the Venerated Seven, is the master of Demon Sealing Sect! If it was not because of the agreement between the Rain Palace and the Venerated Seven which restricted the latter from leaving the Internal Endless Sea, any one of them would be able to wipe out the forces of the External Endless Sea! If ‘Venerated Demon’ really comes, all the Early Spirit Severing Realm experts from the ten sects and three islands of the External Endless Sea would not be his match even if they band together against him!”

“What?! I didn’t know the Demon Sealing Sect was that powerful! Look at him! He’s entering into a battle stance and his eyes are filled with killing intent. Is he waiting for someone? Don’t tell me there will be a showdown here.”

“No. It’s impossible! No one would dare offend a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert…”

The commotion among the nearby cultivators eroded the Eagle Crane Elder’s patience.

He shot them a merciless look and performed hand seals. Immediately, a massive surge of magic power affected the air surrounding him.

The clouds and mist within the vicinity of a thousand li* disappeared and a grey smoke pervaded the air, emitting a weird sound similar to that of a burning flame!

There were around 40 Gold Core Realm and Nascent Soul Realm experts. However, each and every one of them spurted blood and became heavily injured under the effects of the impact!

Some unlucky cultivators breathed in the grey smoke, disrupting their breathing. The blood they coughed out became greyish red. No matter what they did, they could not remove the grey substance in their blood!

“This is… the Eagle Crane Elder’s famous demon technique – Art of Dying Grey! It’s bad. We must consume the Third Revolution Poison Curing Pill. If not, we’ll…”

Many of the experts behaved like they had just seen a ghost when they witnessed the greyish red blood and hurriedly retreated to create distance with the Eagle Crane Elder.

A few seconds later, the grey smoke that encircled the entire vicinity turned into a scorching blue flame. As for the Gold Core Realm cultivators who were still unaware of the situation, they were trapped within the flame and got scorched to death. No Gold Core Realm cultivators would be able to withstand the flame, let alone escape it. From afar, only burning bodies could be seen and painful cries could be heard. A short while later, all the bodies perished into ashes and had been carried away by the breeze!

The cruel Eagle Crane Elder did not even allow the ashes to go away!

High Grade Nascent Soul Realm Demonic Technique, Ashes of Death: Ignition!

When he cast that spell, the ashes of the newly departed instantly burst into flames, boiling the surface of the sea!

“Run for your lives!”

The Eagle Crane Elder released a cacophony of evil laughter. No cultivators with the right frame of mind would dare to stay around the vicinity. A few Nascent Soul Realm experts from the crowd just now flew away desperately for thousands of li, panting heavily.

All of a sudden, another ray of rainbow-colored travelling light dashed towards them from the opposite direction. His incredible speed caused the wind to howl. His presence alone emitted great power.

This person is rushing directly at the Eagle Crane Elder!

When he passed by the Nascent Soul Realm experts, everyone were not able to be on their feet because of his forceful rush. After they regained their balance, they were all shocked to see frost present in everyone’s hair.

The rainbow-coloured light dispersed and a young-looking man emerged. He wore white clothes draped with a black cloak and had a blood-red star on his glabella. Standing in the middle of the grey mist, he shot the Eagle Crane Elder a cold look while his long hair danced wildly in the air whenever the breeze blew.

Without further delay, the grey mist all gathered towards the man who had just arrived under the Eagle Crane Elder’s control. But something odd happened. The man was not affected at all by the grey mist that could easily eliminate Gold Core Realm cultivators and hurt Early Nascent Soul Realm experts. In fact, he did not even raise his eyebrows when he dealt with the mist!


When his words fell, he threw a punch towards the mist that gathered around him.

Ice Smash!

His punch radiated a silver light, carrying the power of extreme coldness!

Silver Bone!

When his punch hit the air, a loud blast echoed in the sky. Although he hit the invisible air, the tremendous power of his punch almost twisted the space in front of him, leaving an imprint of his fist.

The thousands of li* within the vicinity were frozen. The grey mist was also turned into ice crystals. Suddenly, the ice crystals began to disintegrate into pieces of ice after a cracking noise was heard, falling into the sea!

The famous technique of the Eagle Crane Elder was crushed with just a simple move!

He did not stop at just delivering a punch to the air. A millisecond later, his body disappeared into traces of black sword sense and charged towards the Eagle Crane Elder! When the elder received his punch, he retreated tens of steps before he could regain his balance. Upon seeing the incoming sword sense, he quickly fished out multiple magical treasures to resist the attack. Inwardly, he was surprised by the power of the punch and also the strangeness of the sword sense.

As for the first elder brother who previously behaved arrogantly, he was hurled into a distance and suffered internal injuries after receiving the impact of the punch. The successive attack of the sword sense increased the severity of his wounds, pushing him even further from the Eagle Crane Elder. When he finally stabilized himself, the blood kept gushing out from his mouth! No doubt, he was already severely injured!

“So this is the so-called Demon Sealing Sect. If you all only have these little tricks… you can die now!”

Terrifying! It’s absolutely terrifying!

The first elder brother actually did not have much understanding about Ning Fan. The only impression he had of him was that he had suffered grave injuries and he possessed Sword Sense and the Immortal Execution Order. Even though his second and third brothers have been killed by him, he still did not place Zhou Ming in his eyes. He only thought Zhou Ming was a cunning cultivator that was able to trick his brothers to death. But it was way beyond his imagination as he could not even withstand one of his punches although he had already achieved the Mid Nascent Soul Realm!

The smile on the Eagle Crane Elder’s face faded. It was replaced by a gloomy look. He knew that his Art of Dying Grey was not like any ordinary skill. A Silver Bone cultivator which could use the power of ice would not be able to freeze the flame of the ashes easily. The flame from the grey ashes was a Fourth Grade Spiritual Flame! However, Ning Fan turned it into ice in just a move…

What is the type of cold qi that he used?! How come his Sword Sense is also so powerful?!

Those Nascent Soul Realm experts who were watching the battle from thousands of li away sucked in cold breaths together.

They were not only amazed by Ning Fan’s power but also the words that he spoke!

Obviously, Ning Fan was not afraid of the Demon Sealing Sect!

The Eagle Crane Elder pointed at the first elder brother and ruthlessly ordered, “I want you to go and test his skills!”

“Seventh Elder, I…” After witnessing Ning Fan’s power, his confidence got extinguished. The thought of killing Ning Fan to avenge his brothers vanished in his mind.

“I grant you this treasure. It would be more than enough for you to defeat him!” Eagle Crane Elder took out an item and handed it over to his disciple.

When his eyes caught sight of the treasure, his expression changed. Instead, he was beaming in disbelief.

“Thank you for granting me this magical treasure, Eagle Crane Elder! It will be an easy task to kill him with this magical treasure!”

Just as his words fell, his shadow bolted towards Ning Fan while one of his hands held a golden stamp up.

The stamp was imprinted with ancient demonic scriptures. They were blurry and difficult to understand. When he infused his magic power on the stamp, it turned into a small golden mountain. Every time he teleported towards Ning Fan, the mountain would fall by 10 zhang* After teleporting tens of times, the distance between the mountain and Ning Fan became extremely short, falling down directly on his position.

The pressure from the falling Mid Supreme Grade magical treasure went through Ning Fan’s body, creating hundred zhang tall sea waves below him.

Ordinary Mid Nascent Soul Realm experts might suffer great injuries or even die under such intimidating pressure! No common Supreme Grade magical treasure would be able to endure this attack.

When this tiny mountain appeared in mid-air, the onlookers were filled with astonishment once more. This time, even Ning Fan was surprised by it.

This golden stamp is quite similar to the Eastern Ocean Bell… The pressure of the magical treasure is not enough to make me fear it. But the ancient demonic scriptures on the stamp that radiated golden light are quite powerful.

“An Offering Vessel for the Ancient Demon… It sure is a fine magical treasure. However, the user of the treasure is too weak… A Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, I’ve already killed one 300 years ago. Now, he’s much more of an easy target!”

He placed his finger on the blood-red star and summoned the Lightning Whip that had red lightning rays flashing around it.

This whip was forged by Ning Fan using half of the Demon General’s Dragon Whip, Immemorial Stars and also the red lightning rays.

Originally, this whip was just a Mid-Grade magical treasure. During the time he broke through to the Nascent Soul Realm, the red lighting rays from the Heavenly Tribulation struck him. He lashed it on the red clouds, dispersing the Heavenly Tribulation. After that, it began to absorb the power of the red lightning rays, increasing its power. Now, it became a Mid Supreme Grade magical treasure!

Concerning quality, this newly forged Immemorial Divine Weapon was the highest quality weapon among the ones he had!

As he whipped it towards the air, it would give out zapping noises. The cultivators who saw this whip felt their senses numbing, including the Eagle Crane Elder!

What is that red lightning? It seems to be carrying the might of the heavens!

Ning Fan thrashed the peak of the mountain and the sound of crashing mountains could be heard! With just a strike, the falling mountain flew in reverse.

The impact of the whip did not just change the direction of the mountain. A red-colored crack also formed in the sky. Anyone who was under the Void Refinement Realm would die if they get anywhere close to the crack because it was the opening to the Void Realm!

The whip still possessed one profound ability. When the whip landed on the magical treasure, a sharp pain could be felt from the first elder brother’s dantian. His Nascent Soul was nearly destroyed! The red lightning of this whip could hurt the Nascent Soul of the user of the magical treasure by tracing the connection between the user and the magical treasure!

If Ning Fan did a thorough study on the first elder brother, he would find that the latter’s Nascent Soul wore an illusory miniature armour.

This armour was a Profound Jade Spiritual Equipment, a Nascent Soul Protection Armour! It was a rare equipment for a cultivator’s Nascent Soul! If the cultivator’s physical body perishes, the Nascent Soul could escape and withstand enemy magical attacks with it!

But now the armour broke into pieces!

“This… What kind of magical treasure is this?! How come it is able to hurt my Nascent Soul while you just struck my magical treasure?!”

“Oh? You managed to survive after the first strike… Apparently, your Nascent Soul must have some defensive armour. But can you survive the second strike?”


He whipped the tiny mountain for the second time!

This time, the red lightning of the whip struck the first elder brother’s Nascent Soul again!

This time, his Nascent Soul had no way to escape!

When his Nascent Soul perished, his life force was gone as well, leaving a frightened expression on his face!

The Lightning Whip was actually a forged magical treasure that had taken inspiration from the Spirit Striking Whip!

It could use the power of the Heavenly Tribulation’s lightning to lock on the Nascent Soul of the cultivators. By just hitting the cultivator’s magical treasures, the lightning rays would directly strike at their Nascent Soul!

As long as Ning Fan wields this whip, no magical treasure users would be able to defeat him!

One down. I shall keep the corpse!

Ning Fan shifted his gaze towards the Eagle Crane Elder. He stomped heavily on the air, making heaven and earth tremble. Everything around him began to freeze. All of a sudden, a bodiless Supreme Grade flying sword revealed itself!

This flying sword was the Eagle Crane Elder’s favourite weapon, known as the Sun Evading Sword! When this sword was used in the day, it could camouflage itself under the sunlight. Unless his opponents have a greater spirit sense than him, they would not be able to identify the position of the sword!

Ning Fan attacked the sword with his whip!

The Eagle Crane Elder spurted out blood immediately and his eyes were filled with despair!


He could not comprehend why Zhou Ming who was just an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator could see through the Sun Evading Sword since his spirit sense was at Late Nascent Soul Realm!

The red lightning whip was even much more difficult to understand for him.

What exactly is that?! How come it possess such heaven-defying abilities! It could even hurt me by just hitting my magical treasure!

“Yes! That must be it! It has been rumored that the cultivators of the Zhou Clan from the Internal Endless Sea possess the secret art of attacking the Nascent Souls! You must be a member of the Zhou Clan!”

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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