Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 394: The Dog's Paw Extended out of The Crystal Source

Chapter 394: The Dog's Paw Extended out of The Crystal Source

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In the Light Wind Empire Capital, as the morning sun rays shone upon the roads which were still being constructed, it seemed like they were filled with countless pieces of gold.

A person slowly entered the Imperial Capital and trod on the ground filled with broken rocks, causing the disturbing friction sound to resound. The cold morning breeze increased its intensity for a moment and blew off the bamboo hat and black veil that covered the strange person.

An ice-cold face could be faintly seen beneath that black veil.

As Bei Gongming gazed at the devastated Light Wind Imperial Capital, his complexion didn't experience the slightest change, and his expression remained indifferent. He clasped his hands behind his back and slowly walked into the Imperial Capital.

His objective was clear—Fang Fang's Little Store. From the information that he had gathered, the person who took the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, was that store's owner.

At the moment he learned such information, he felt like there were countless black dogs galloping in his mind.

He would never have expected that the person who snatched the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames from the hands of countless Supreme-Beings was unexpectedly just an unknown small store's owner and chef.

Such information made the prestigious Great Barren Sect's inner disciple's face flush in shame.

He could see that the surrounding buildings surrounding were still being reconstructed.

Although Bei Gongming walked slowly, he reached the store in just a short while. He leaned on an ice-cold wall as he observed the store calmly.

The store's door opened, and a handsome youth with cherry red lips and fair white teeth came out. His eyes were still drooping, and after he opened the door, he turned around and returned inside.

That handsome youngster wasn't the store's owner he was looking for...

Bei Gongming knew Bu Fang, so he was a bit puzzled. He continued waiting until the day was almost over. The store door was eventually closed up. However, Bei Gongming had yet to see even Bu Fang's shadow.

"What's going on?" Bei Gongming was lightly stupefied. "Am I at the wrong place?"

However, this place was the same location written in the intel that he had received.

Bei Gongming kept quiet and kept his cool. On the second day, he came out once again to stake the store out, and this time when went inside and ordered a dish. However, after waiting for a long time, he still didn't see Bu Fang.

"Where is the store owner?" Bei Gongming couldn't bear to wait any longer, so he asked the little loli who had lazily laid on a chair outside, enjoying a sun bath.

Ouyang Xiaoyi shot a look at Bei Gongming and thought, "This should be another person who wants to taste Owner Bu's handmade dishes."

"Owner Bu went on a trip, and I don't know when he will come back. If you want to taste his dishes, then you should wait for him," Ouyang Xiaoyi replied.

Went on a trip?

Bei Gongming was taken aback, and his expression turned stiff.

"Executive Feng ordered me to monitor Bu Fang, and you are informing me that he has gone on a trip?"

"When will Owner Bu come back?" Bei Gongming asked, trying his best to restrain his grief and indignation.

Ouyang Xiaoyi gazed at him in bewilderment and said, "I don't know. He may come back after two days, ten days, or even half a month. Who knows when he will come back..."

As a matter of fact, every time Bu Fang traveled, he would return at unexpected periods of time, and Ouyang Xiaoyi was already accustomed to it.

However, this news was unacceptable to Bei Gongming.

When he recalled the task that was entrusted to him by Executive Feng, Bei Gongming suddenly felt exhaustion well up in his heart, and he felt like the entire world was against him.



The Divine Realm crystal beast, which resembled a giant human, waved its fist which was formed by crystals and thrust it at the Executive Feng and the Oceanic Species expert who were in mid-air.

Executive Feng and the Oceanic Species' expert had extremely powerful cultivations, so they were able to make swift maneuvers in mid-air to dodge the crystal beast's fists.

The crystal fist smashed into the ground, causing it to tremble. The heavy tremor caused countless crystals atop the ceiling to rain down to the ground.

The crystal beast roared, and its scarlet eyes locked onto the Executive Feng and the Oceanic Species expert once again. It raised its fists and pounded its own chest before opening its mouth, making evident the surging energy condensing within its maw.

A ray of light flashed as a wave of energy shot out of its mouth.

Executive Feng sucked in a breath of cold air, and he swayed in an irregular manner just to dodge the attack.

The energy blast missed its target and hit the ground, resulting in an explosion which left a big and deep pit, from which black smoke surged, in its wake.

The hearts of both Executive Feng and the Oceanic Species expert shuddered. They knew that if they chose to continue dodging, they were bound to get severely injured by the gigantic crystal beast sooner or later.

After all, it was an existence at the Divine Realm level.

Executive Feng roared, and the cloth covering his torso was ripped open. Every muscle in his body bulged, making them seem like a cluster of little dragons, and a yellow halo encircled him.

At that moment, he had completely used the power of the Divine Realm.


Executive Feng took a single step in mid-air and charged at the crystal beast as if he was some savage giant beast.

When he collided with the crystal beast, Executive Feng was unexpectedly not inferior to the crystal beast. The scene of an expert and a crystal beast clashing continuously was extremely shocking.

A trident that had a dazzling gem embedded on it appeared in the Oceanic Species Divine Realm expert's hand. In comparison with the tridents of the other Oceanic Species experts, this expert's trident was more beautiful and refined. It had countless fine stripes depicted on it.

The Oceanic Species Divine Realm expert waved the trident, and its gem glittered. At that moment, water began gushing out of it, and a winding water dragon came out of the trident and charged toward the crystal beast.

Executive Feng glared at the Oceanic Species Divine Realm expert. He smashed both his feet on the crystal beast and used the recoil to propel himself backward, swiftly lengthening the distance between them.

The water dragon reached the crystal beast and began to engage it, and no matter how much the crystal beast roared, it couldn't throw off the water dragon.

This was a good opportunity. Executive Feng's hair stood on end like a cluster of needles, and he clenched his hand into a fist. The energy within the yellow halo covering his whole body converged on his fist.

A stifling world pressure began to surge of him and permeated the surrounding.

"Grand Barren Fighting Skill: Great Barren Collapse."


The strength that he had repressed in his fist suddenly erupted, closely followed by his fierce roar.

He shot forward like an artillery shell, streaking through the air at a speed which broke through the sound barrier, and landed a heavy punch on the crystal beast's head.


Surging airwaves and true energy penetrated the crystal beast's head.


Countless fine cracks appeared in the crystal beast's body.

Executive Feng grinned and used his elbow to continuously smash the same spot that he had punched earlier. Those cracks at that spot lengthened amidst loud rumbles. Suddenly, the giant crystal beast shattered and littered the floor with countless pieces of crystal.

A scarlet radiance shot out of the new pile of shattered crystals and soared into the sky. The radiance revolved wildly in the air for a while before it was absorbed by the greatly desired crystal source.

The sight left the Oceanic Species expert quite startled. Why did the crystal source absorb the giant crystal beast's soul essence? Shouldn't it have let the essence converge more crystals and form a new crystal beast?

That crystal source was truly weird and queer.

After the Divine Realm crystal beast was taken care of, Executive Feng and the Oceanic Species expert regarded each other with a wary gaze, realizing that they had become opponents once again.

"Since we already got rid of that crystal beast, then the ownership of the crystal source will be decided by our power." Executive Feng sneered coldly at the Oceanic Species Divine Realm expert.

That Oceanic Species expert waved his trident, and his cheeks opened up to spout out water. His body flickered and he shot forward.

Executive Feng took another step in mid-air and shot forward as well, tearing through the air in his way.


Their speed was extremely swift, and they had the same objective—the spirit energy absorbing crystal source.

Bu Fang watched the battle attentively and pondered how he could snatch the crystal source from them. However, snatching it right under the noses of the two tenth grade Divine Realm experts would be extremely difficult.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The ground trembled intensely, disrupting Bu Fang's thoughts.

His surrounding darkened as though he was covered by the shadow of something huge.

His body tightened, and he turned his head around to see the ferocious giant Deep Sea Mantis Prawn just behind him, waving its sickles and glaring at him.


It swung its sickles in an attempt to rip into Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's heart lurched, and true energy burst out of his feet. Immediately, he shot out from his hiding place and revealed himself, exposing his presence to Executive Feng and the Oceanic Species Divine Realm expert.

The icy gazes of Executive Feng and the Oceanic Species expert immediately locked onto Bu Fang.

This tiny insect actually dared to come out?

Naturally, with the spiritual forces that they wielded as Divine Realm experts, they had easily discovered Bu Fang long ago, but Divine Physique Echelon experts like them had no interest in a seventh grade Battle-Saint like Bu Fang.

Just a sneeze from them was enough to eradicate such an ant.

So, why would they care about him? Would such an ant be capable of snatching their crystal source? This thought was utterly ridiculous.

Therefore, they had completely ignored him.

However, now that they had been fighting each other, the small ant unexpectedly came out. Such an action was enough to grab their attention.


Countless rocks crumbled as the giant supreme Mantis Prawn rushed in with its small legs, crashing to the ground. The impact of its landing gave rise to a storm of dust. It promptly waved its sickles at Bu Fang, who was running from it.

"The Deep Sea Mantis Prawn? Why did it come here?" That Oceanic Species expert was taken aback. However, as he was mulling over it, Executive Feng quickly made a move and tried to take the crystal source.

That Oceanic Species expert didn't have the leisure to worry about Bu Fang and the supreme Mantis Prawn any longer, and he also charged. They collided and began their battle anew. Intense pressure and terrifying true energy surged everytime they collided against each other.

A wisp of green smoke curled around Bu Fang's hand, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared once more. Bu Fang infused the wok with all his true energy, and the wok grew to an enormous size.

Bu Fang gripped the massive Wok and turned it to face the incoming Deep Sea Mantis Prawn. With a loud rumble, the giant Black Turtle Constellation Wok flipped upside down and covered the supreme Mantis Prawn.

Bu Fang sat atop the wok and gasped for breath. He took some hot Oyster Pancakes from his dimensional storage and started eating it to replenish his true energy.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The Mantis Prawn pounded the wok from within, and Bu Fang could feel the constant rumbles beneath him.

However, Bu Fang wasn't worried. It was impossible for that supreme Mantis Prawn to lift the Black Turtle Constellation Wok off itself in a short while.


The true energy that enshrouded Executive Feng began to combust, and he seemed to have gone insane. He began to bombard the Oceanic Species Divine Realm expert, sending the latter flying with an attack from his fist.

The impact of that collision caused Executive Feng's body to tremble and almost split his skin. However, Executive Feng didn't care about it and instead, he burst into a hearty laughter. He reached out and grabbed the oval-shaped crystal source.

As he gazed at the crystal source, which was overflowing with spiritual energy, Executive Feng's face brimmed with excitement.

"Open up. The divine tool within the crystal source is… mine!" Executive Feng eyes were bloodshot as he hollered in excitement.

He covered his hand with true energy, which formed the shape of a fine long blade, and raised it up high, then he swung it down at the crystal source.

That Oceanic Species expert, whose chest now had a deep indent on in, crawled out from the rubbles on the ground. "Executive Feng combusted his True Yuan to forcefully bombard and injure me in order to obtain the crystal source."

Once one broke through one of Supreme-Being's shackles, the true energy within their energy core would turn into a True Yuan vortex. A True Yuan was the source of a Divine Realm experts' strength.

Burning his True Yuan would damage his power source and would leave permanent damage on him.

That Oceanic Species expert didn't expect that Executive Feng would be this crazy.


Executive Feng swung his true energy blade and cut a slit on the crystal source. His pupils dilated with excitement when he noticed a golden radiance and fierce spiritual energy overflow from the slit in the crystal source.

It really did contain a treasure.

The mouth of the Oceanic Species expert widened. Would the great Prawn Ancestor awaken and come back to the world?

Bu Fang smacked his lips after eating an Oyster Pancake and gazed at the crystal source in the Executive Feng's hands. What was the ingredient that the system had mentioned?


Along with the sounding of a crisp noise, a pitch-black paw extended out from the slit in the crystal source. That paw was small, exquisite and adorned with soft and spotlessly clean… dog's fur.

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