Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 393: Where Did That Lazy Dog Go?

Chapter 393: Where Did That Lazy Dog Go?

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A strong suction force burst out from the crevice underneath his feet. Bu Fang felt his body suddenly get pulled downward because of the suction force, and gravity caused him to swiftly descend.

As he fell, the wind whistled around him and caused his hair to flutter wildly.

Although Bu Fang wasn't able to see his surroundings clearly because it was pitch-black, he could still feel that he was quite close to the wall, and as he fell, he could feel a chill emanating from it.

Bu Fang didn't know how long he had been falling for, but he suddenly felt the suction force vanish, and just afterward, the scenery before his eyes became clear.

As soon as the suction force disappeared, Bu Fang felt as though he had just exited a pitch-black cave after a long time and was now able to see and experience the bright sun again.

However, he didn't really see the sun.

He stirred his true energy to slow down his rapid descent. His fluttering hair calmed down as his speed of descent reduced to a mere floating.

Soon, his feet touched solid ground. Bu Fang stood up properly and proceeded to look around.

What he saw made him suck in a deep breath of cold air.

He raised his head and looked up, that white light wasn't that of the daytime sky, but because he was in the deepest part of a big cave.

Above him, on the cave's ceiling, were innumerable resplendent crystals. Some glittered with five or six different colors, but most of them only emitted a white light, lighting up the entire cave, which caused the ceiling to resemble the bright daytime sky.

The ceiling didn't contain only crystals, there were countless other varieties of minerals unbeknownst to Bu Fang. His eyes contracted as he noticed them. It suddenly occurred to him that he didn't possess any knowledge regarding mineral resources, especially their names.


A rumbling sound erupted from above him, from the crevice which led to the upper part of that cave. And It was the same crevice that Bu Fang had just fallen down from. Suddenly, countless shattered rocks fell from it.

Bu Fang was taken aback for a moment before his thoughts shifted to the Deep Sea Mantis Prawn which had not relented in chasing him.

That giant creature… It surely wouldn't follow him all the way down here, would it?

Did it really not fear getting stuck and stranded?

Bu Fang grinned in amusement, shot up, and speed off.


More broken rocks fell through the crevice, after which the Deep Sea Mantis Prawn's giant head appeared at the mouth of the crevice.

However, that was it. Just its head came out. Its body was still stuck inside the crevice, so it couldn't descend to the ground, causing it to roll its compound eyes around wildly.

It waved its sickles in the air wildly, yet its body was still stuck in the crevice. A sudden realization seemed to dawn on it, and it became anxious, thrashing its innumerable legs about in a bid to get unstuck. However, aside from causing more rocks to fall, its attempt was all for naught.

When Bu Fang, who had almost departed the area, witnessed the scene, the corners of his mouth curled up.

He wasn't mistaken, after all. It really did get stuck in there.

Since such a huge as itself actually dared to imitate a human roller coaster going through narrow tunnels, it was only natural that it would end up getting stuck.

Bu Fang didn't care about the stuck supreme Mantis Prawn which was still struggling wildly. He just turned around and continued proceeding forward. He turned around because he felt another suction force erupt from somewhere else in the distance.

Moreover, there were intense fluctuations of true energy surging out from the same location, closely followed by loud rumbles. It seemed as though some experts were engaged in a battle over there.


Executive Feng regarded the three resplendent crystal sources before him with a fervent gaze.

Those three crystal sources lay peacefully close to them. One of them was emitting intense fluctuations, and like a funnel, it absorbed all of the spiritual energy within the cave.

"It's unexpectedly capable of absorbing such a great quantity of spiritual energy. That crystal source surely contains a precious treasure." Executive Feng was so excited that his whole body started trembling.

He had seen crystal sources before, but not a crystal source that could attract and absorb spiritual energy by itself. What the hell could it be?

Even if he thought about it with his toes and not his head, he would still come to the conclusion that that crystal source contained an extraordinary treasure. But what kind of sealed treasure would be capable of absorbing spiritual energy by itself?

Could the crystal source contain a… divine tool?

Moreover, if it did contain a divine tool, it shouldn't be just an ordinary one.

Executive Feng was so excited that he almost went crazy. If he could obtain that treasure, his status within the Great Barren Sect would surely drastically rise up.

When that happened, the so-called Ten Grand Heirs of Heaven would only be considered trash in front of him, and they would be forced to obediently lower their heads before him.

With the intense suction force still surging outward, Executive Feng let out a long breath.

The Oceanic Species expert widened his eyes, which resembled a dead fish's, and got excited upon noticing the three crystal sources. How could he be incapable of discerning what Executive Feng had noticed? Naturally, he was also capable of arriving at the same conclusion as Executive Feng.

However, unlike Executive Feng, his conclusion wasn't that the crystal source contained a divine tool.

The Oceanic Species' priest had informed him that within the Illusory Spirit Swamp's big crystal mine, one of their race's experts, the Prawn Ancestor, was asleep.

The Prawn Ancestor was the hope of their Oceanic Species. The priest had also told him that if they could awaken the Prawn Ancestor, their area of influence might expand into a bigger ocean.

Those three crystal sources were all extraordinary, and one of them was even absorbing the surrounding spiritual energy. Could that crystal source contain their Oceanic Species' Prawn Ancestor?

As expected of the Prawn Ancestor. Although he was only asleep, he could still cause such a great commotion. While being sealed, he could still absorb such a great quantity of spiritual energy. The kind of terrifying scene that would occur once the Prawn Ancestor woke up was unimaginable.

Since their priest placed such great hopes in him, then the Prawn Ancestor's cultivation would surely be extremely extraordinary. Was he an existence that had surpassed the Divine Physique Echelon?

As these thoughts crossed his mind, the Oceanic Species Divine Physique Echelon expert was so excited that water unceasingly gushed out of his cheeks.

Suddenly, that Oceanic Species' expert abandoned his glee and cast a wary gaze at Executive Feng, and he saw that Executive Feng was also eyeing him warily.

As their gazes collided in mid-air, sparks seemed to erupt at the point where their gazes collided, closely followed by sharp crackles.

"Your Excellency, this crystal source is extremely important to my Oceanic Species. If you let me have it, then you can take the other two pieces of crystal sources with you," the Oceanic Species expert said in a solemn tone.

"Oh… It's truly a coincidence. As a matter of fact, that crystal source is also extremely important to my Great Barren Sect. If Your Excellency can let me have it, then you can take the other two pieces of crystal sources with you," Executive Feng sneered and replied coldly.

Do you take me for a fool?

Two of the three crystal sources were just useless chunks of rocks that weren't hollow. The other crystal source was quite imposing; it had plundered a lot of spiritual energy, so it would surely contain a treasure; thus, the other two crystal sources could only be considered wastes.

They weren't fools, so they would definitely not give up a precious treasure for two pieces of junk.

Great Barren Sect? That Oceanic Species expert's dead fish eyes contracted, and his wariness increased. Naturally, he had already heard about the Great Barren Sect before.

Although their sea area was quite remote, it was still more powerful than the Southern Region, and at least, countless Divine Realm experts appeared in it. There were even some Divine Physique Echelon experts amongst them, who had broken through several Supreme-Being's shackles.

So, how could they not know of one of the Hidden Dragon Continent first-class factions, the Great Barren Sect.

In fact, it was because he already heard about the Great Barren Sect that the Oceanic Species expert became more wary. However, the Shrimp Ancestor was extremely important to the Oceanic Species, so he had to get that crystal source no matter what, so even if his opponent was from the Great Barren Sect, the Oceanic Species' expert would still not yield and let him have it.

"Since this is the case, then let's depend on our skill to obtain it." That Oceanic Species expert proclaimed coldly.

The corners of Executive Feng's mouth curled up. It seemed like this crystal source was really extremely important to the Oceanic Species as he wasn't even deterred by the Great Barren Sect's name.

Thus, Executive Feng snorted coldy and made his move.

Bang! Bang!

The two of them were both Divine Physique Echelon experts who had broken through one of Supreme-Being's shackles, so their true energy and fleshly body were both extremely powerful. Loud rumbles, which rivaled the roar of violent waves smacking a cliff's wall, erupted from their exchange.

The two experts streaked through the air, swinging their fists, and battled each other.

When their fists collided, their true energies surged out and caused a world-defying pressure to spread out.

As they fought recklessly for the treasure within the crystal source, the crystal source itself continued to absorb spirit energy at the same moderate pace it had before.


Suddenly, a liquid began to flow out of a crystal on the ground, and soon, numerous crystals began secreting liquids as well. The secretions coalesced, forming a giant being.

That giant being gradually stood up, and its scarlet eyes locked onto the two Divine Physique Echelon experts who were still fighting.

It was a crystal beast. It was a crystal beast formed by this big crystal mine. Its body was extremely large, and it contained a terrifying energy, which gradually began to surge.

Its aura wasn't weaker than the ones from Executive Feng and the Oceanic Species expert. It was unexpectedly also an existence at the Divine Realm.


That crystal beast roared, causing terrifying airwaves to erupt.

It startled the two experts who were fighting. When they looked at it, their pupils involuntarily contracted. It was obvious that they didn't expect a Divine Realm crystal beast to reside in the cave. Its existence wasn't good news for them.

Although they didn't fear the crystal beast, they still needed to guard against each other, and no matter who fought it, they wouldn't be able to defeat it effortlessly.

If whoever decided to battle it got injured in the fight, then they would be incapable of continuing their battle over that crystal source. Therefore, they both grew wary and had their guards up. They didn't dare to make any careless moves and attack.

For a moment, the three of them reached a stalemate in the cave.



Bu Fang stepped on the ground, shot out toward a giant crystal, and hit behind it.

When Bu Fang looked at the huge crystal, his eyes immediately lit up. However, it was truly a pity that even if he collected this huge crystal, the system wouldn't recognize it because of its origin, and it wouldn't be converted into his true energy for his cultivation.

The giant crystal hid Bu Fang from view. He stuck his head out from behind it and gazed into the distance. As he soon as he saw what was there, his pupils immediately contracted, and he sucked in a breath of cold air.

There were three existences over there, and one of them was an extremely large crystal beast. The crystal beast shocked him, and he couldn't help but wonder how many pieces of crystal coalesced just to form that crystal beast.

Bu Fang didn't dare rashly rush out toward them as it was obvious they weren't easy to deal with.

From their auras, Bu Fang could tell that they were existences who surpassed the Supreme-Being Realm, ro say, Divine Physique Echelon existences.

Although the current Bu Fang possessed the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and had reached the seventh grade Battle-Saint realm, when he faced Supreme-Beings, he could only depend on his wok to smash them. However, if he confronted them head-on, they would definitely crush him. So, confronting Divine Physique Echelon experts was out of the question.

Suddenly, Bu Fang began to miss the lazy dog, Blacky. Although that dog was lazy, its strength was impressive. Now that he thought about it... where did that lazy dog run off to?

"It just suddenly disappeared. Did it get lost?" Bu Fang muttered inwardly. Suddenly, his gaze grew grave when he caught sight of what was below the three experts, on the lower right side.

There were three resplendent crystal sources there. There were obviously the crystal sources that the system's mission entailed. One of those crystal sources was constantly absorbing spiritual energy, and it was quite dazzling.

Such an impressive crystal source would definitely contain the ingredient required to complete the temporary mission.

Bu Fang squinted his eyes and grew excited at the thought. He knew that he ought to think of some feasible ways to snatch that crystal source from the hands of the three Divine Realm experts.

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