Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 395: This Stinky and Shameless Black Dog!

Chapter 395: This Stinky and Shameless Black Dog!

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A crisp sound echoed within the spacious interior of the crystal mine as the crack on the crystal source's surface widened. The loud crack was accompanied by the sounds of crystal fragments falling to the floor.

Since the cave was very quiet, everyone was able to hear the crisp sound of the crystal source cracking open.

Bu Fang sat uprightly atop the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, eating another piping hot and fragrant Oyster Pancake. He was also paying rapt attention to the crystal source and the golden radiance it was emitting.

He watched for a while until an exquisite dog paw extended out of the crystal source.

A dog's paw?

Why has a dog's paw come out from the crystal source?

Bu Fang was taken aback, and he wasn't able to think properly for a moment. Didn't the system say that the crystal source contained a food ingredient?

"Could that dog's paw be the food ingredient? Do I have to steam the paw? Has the system really really set me up to prepare dog's meat? Oh my god!"

Bu Fang suddenly found himself excited.

However, he still felt a bit doubtful of his analysis. The more he looked at the protruding dog's paw, the more he found it familiar too. It even seemed similar to the paw of that lazy dog, who Bu Fang was still wondering about.

That Oceanic Species' Divine Realm expert's face brimmed with excitement. He was really looking forward to the emergence of whatever was inside the crystal source.

He believed that within the crystal source lay the existence that would surely lead their race into a more vast sea area, the Prawn Ancestor.

When he saw a dog's paw emerge from the slit in the crystal source, his face fell, and his beautiful dreams and fantasies were shattered.

"This… Why does the Prawn Ancestor have fur?" The Oceanic Species' Divine Realm expert muttered blankly. Wasn't the appearance of the Prawn Ancestor's appearance slightly weird? What the hell was that black dog fur?

The one who had been shocked the most was none other than Executive Feng.

He was the closest to the crystal source, and it was also him who had cut it open; therefore, it was he who had the greatest expectations for it. He had stuck to the belief that the crystal source contained an ancient divine tool.

The Hidden Dragon Continent was too ancient, so it wasn't strange for crystal sources to contain a divine tool. In some of the continent high-rank crystal sources auctions, there had been people who found precious divine tools inside the crystals.

This crystal source looked imposing, and it had absorbed all the spiritual energy within the cave. Shouldn't such an impressive crystal source contain something like a divine tool?

Why did a dog's paw suddenly come out of it?

Could the crystal source that he had been fighting for, and even combusted his True Yuan to obtain, contain a black dog?

"Where is my divine tool?"

The greater one's expectation was, the greater one's disappointment would be.

At that moment, disappointment was all Executive Feng could feel. His heart thumped like a drum, and he grabbed the dog's paw that had extended out of the slit in the crystal source. His breaths became ragged, and his expression changed from incredulity to madness.

"It's impossible! I'm sure that this black dog has hidden the divine tool."

Executive Feng was so angry that he flew into a rage, He swung the true energy blade downward and shattered the hollow crystal source completely.


That crystal source was finally shattered, and countless pieces rained down. The contents of the shattered crystal source were finally revealed.

When they saw what was within the crystal source, Executive Feng and the Oceanic Species' Divine Realm expert almost spouted blood.

The crystal source contained a black dog. A plump black dog.

That black dog raised its paw and squinted its drowsy eyes as though it was drunk. It also emitted burps filled with rich spiritual essences.

Executive Feng was so angry that he actually spouted blood. Now that he saw it clearly, he realized that the black dog was familiar.

Wasn't this the black dog that he had seen outside the mine? Back then, he thought that he was just seeing things, but now, that didn't seem to be the case at all.

Since this black dog was the same one he had seen before, then it was obvious that it wasn't the object that was initially within the crystal source.

"Black dog, where have you hidden the object in the crystal source?" Executive Feng roared. He was so angry that he flew into a rage. His chest heaved up and down uncontrollably, and he gripped the black dog by the paw and raised it up.

A strange expression was plastered on Bu Fang's face as he ate the Oyster Pancake noisily.

"Since Blacky has emerged from the crystal source, then… where is… that ingredient that was inside the crystal source? Was it eaten by the dog? My temporary mission, ah!!!"

Claps of thunder erupted in Bu Fang's mind as his expression slowly became expressionless.

Blacky's eyes kept dropping as though it wanted to take a nap. Going to sleep immediately after eating was a routine that the lazy dog was naturally well versed in.

That Oceanic Species' Divine Realm expert's dead fish eyes widened. The crystal source contained a dog and not the Prawn Ancestor?

Then what about the Shrimp Ancestor? Was it eaten by that dog?

That was impossible. Isn't the Shrimp Ancestor a great existence? How could it have been eaten by a dog? Dogs aren't even fond of seafood.

"Then, this meant that…" The Oceanic Species' Divine Realm expert squinted his eyes.

Since the crystal source that he had been fighting over may not have contained the Prawn Ancestor, after all, the ancestor should be within one of the two remaining crystal sources. As soon as his thoughts reached that point, the Oceanic Species expert's cheeks opened up and water gushed out of them.

His body shot out and sped toward the other two crystal sources as he intended to take them.

Executive Feng was startled by that Oceanic Species' Divine Realm expert's sudden movement and why he had suddenly rushed out.

However, as soon as he noticed the Oceanic Species' Divine Realm expert's destination, he immediately thought of something. Could it be the other two crystal sources that contained a treasure, instead?

That was surely the case. Otherwise, that Oceanic Species' expert wouldn't display such urgency.

As soon as he arrived at that conclusion, Executive Feng also wanted to quickly get his hands on them. If he couldn't even obtain one crystal source after he had already paid this much of a price for the first one, then he could only crouch beside the restroom wall and weep.

However, when he just wanted to throw away the plump dog in his hands.

The black dog drowsy eyes opened up and locked onto the Oceanic Species' Divine Realm expert who was speeding toward the other two crystal sources.

It raised its small and exquisite paw, causing the image of a phantom paw to appear in mid-air.


That Oceanic Species' Divine Realm expert, who had been rushing forward, was caught off-guard and collided against the phantom paw. The impact sent him stumbling two steps backward.

What was going on?

That Oceanic Species' Divine Realm expert's eyes contracted. He looked at the black dog and roared.

A trident appeared in his hands, and he waved it. Countless water dragons immediately erupted out of the trident, roared, and charged towards the phantom paw, in a bid to shatter it.

Black dog, you have already eaten the treasure within one of the crystal sources, and you still want to prevent us from obtaining the other two crystal sources?

Why does such a stingy and shameless black dog exist in this world?

"These crystal sources belong to this Lord Dog. Who permitted you to try to snatch them away?"

A gentle but deep, manly voice echoed out from Lord Dog's mouth.

Executive Feng's pupils dilated. He felt the hand gripping the Lord Dog get scalded, and he swiftly pulled it back.

Blacky body still remained in place, hovering in mid-air.

As it raised its paw again, the corner's of Blacky's lips curled up, revealing a playful smile that was rather human-like. It turned to face the roaring water dragons that were rushing toward the phantom paw.

Blacky calmly waved its paw, slapping these water dragons, which caused them to shatter.

It raised its paw once more, and the Oceanic Species' Divine Realm expert was sent flying away from a slap as though he was a rubber ball and heavily collided against the cave's wall.

The entire cave trembled from the impact, and more pieces of crystals rained down.

Bu Fang ate the Oyster Pancake in two mouthfuls and watched the irritated Blacky in silence.

After Executive Feng witnessed that outcome, he jumped in fright.

He didn't expect the black dog that had just emerged from the crystal source would be this powerful. Even a Divine Physique Echelon Oceanic Species' expert was sent flying by a slap from the dog.

He took a deep breath, and his gaze at Blacky turned cold.

"Your Excellency has already taken one crystal source, but now, do you seek to take all the crystals sources for yourself? Aren't you a bit too greedy and insatiable?" Executive Feng asked in anger. He was shrouded by turbulent true energy as a result of suddenly combusting his True Yuan.

A boundless world pressure burst out from his body and oppressed Blacky.

Regardless of what he had seen, Executive Feng still needed to fight to get at least one crystal source.

Blacky yawned. It was having trouble keeping its eyes open because it still felt too sleepy.

It was no longer interested in the aggressive Executive Feng, and instead, it turned its gaze to Bu Fang.

"Bu Fang, kiddo, didn't you come here just for those crystal sources? Take them and go back, so that you quickly finish your mission. This Lord Dog wants to go home and sleep. That thing was truly delicious, and I got sleepy after eating it. It's truly..."

Upon hearing that, Bu Fang was speechless. Delicious? Did this plump dog consume the ingredient?

However, now wasn't the time to ponder about such matters. Bu Fang bounced on the Black Turtle Constellation Wok below him and dashed out.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok began to rotate and shrank, before returning into Bu Fang's hands.


After he took back the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the Supreme Mantis Prawn rushed out and waved its sickles. It was already enraged and wanted nothing more than to rip Bu Fang apart.

Blacky squinted its eyes, waved its paw and slapped the Supreme Mantis Prawn.

With a loud bang, the Supreme Mantis Prawn felt like its flesh and shell had been forcefully separated.

It was sent flying away and crashed heavily into the ground. As it had landed on its back, it thrashed its innumerable legs, trying to flip itself over. It had been stupefied for a moment and didn't know what happened.

"Where that seafood came from? Lord Dog hates seafood."

Blacky's nose twitched as it murmured.

Bu Fang didn't care about the Supreme Mantis Prawn, which had been sent flying, and continued rushing forward. Soon, he landed before the two crystal sources.

Upon seeing this, Executive Feng's eyes contracted. Was that human acting in cahoots with the dog?

" Damn! They schemed against me."

There was actually someone who dared to scheme against a person of the Great Barren Sect.

The Executive Feng was enraged, and he combusted his True Yuan once more.

This was unforgivable!

A yellow halo burst out of his body. The halo resembled a yellow dragon; it curled around his body the instant it emerged. His muscles bulged, and his true energy became more turbulent.

"Get lost!"

Executive Feng roared and swung his fist, producing an attack which broke the sound barrier aimed at Blacky.

Blacky, who had almost fallen asleep right there, was taken aback, and he was sent flying, crashing heavily into the cave's wall, giving rise to a huge cloud of dust.

Bu Fang looked in time to see Blacky flying through the air, and his eyelids twitched. He opened his mouth and spouted a golden flame. The small golden flame flickered atop his palm, and under his control, turned into a flame blade.

When Executive Feng saw that flame, he was taken aback for a moment, then he got even more enraged and roared.

"That's the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame's 'Ten Thousand Bestial Flame'. Are you the aboriginal human who took the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames?"

Bu Fang furrowed his brows and ignored the Executive Feng. He swung his flame blade and cut the crystal source in his hand.

Since this was his first time opening one, he was excited.

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