Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 387: All Has Arrived

Chapter 387: All Has Arrived

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Above the Illusory Spirit Swamp was a golden metallic warship gliding slowly through the air. Its engine roared and stirred up violent gushes of wind.

The howling wind blew the swamp water in the Illusory Spirit Swamp into all directions. Mud splattered everywhere, sending a rancid smell into the air.

This was a giant and majestic warship drifting through the sky. On the deck of the ship stood a figure with an erect body emitting an aura so overwhelming that it nearly moved the heaven and earth.

With mud splashing everywhere, spirit beast within the Illusory Spirit Swamp that found themselves exposed hurriedly scurried off. The more powerful eighth grade spirit beasts flashed their fangs and scowled at the golden metallic warship overhead. However, they instantly whimpered when they saw the flickering eyes of the warrior standing on the deck. After a brief wail, they fled at a fast speed.

Executive Feng looked across the Illusory Spirit Swamp from a commanding position. That piece of land, considered terribly dangerous by warriors from the Southern Region, was absolutely safe for warriors from the Grand Barren Sect. In fact, it couldn't be labeled as hazardous at all.

Not even a single spirit beast at the Divine Physique Echelon has emerged from the Illusory Spirit Swamp, and hence it proved no threat to warriors of the Grand Barren Sect.

The metallic door to the warship emitted a heavy creak. Numerous warriors strode out of the ship cabin. These were all disciples of the Grand Barren Sect and had formidable forces of energy on their bodies,

An elder suddenly stopped by Executive Feng and murmured something to him quietly.

Executive Feng, whose expression hadn't changed for a while, suddenly scrunched his brows into a frown.

"You're saying that Liang Kai of the sect's Ten Grand Heirs of Heaven now knows of the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame in the training grounds and is already on the way?"

The elder nodded his head gravely.

Executive Feng's face instantly turned sour. A sinister feeling filled his heart. The Grand Barren Sect's Ten Grand Heirs of Heaven were all at the tenth grade Divine Realm. Each was incredibly gifted and had intimidating combat capabilities. That every one of them had their respective trump cards made them hard to tackle.

If a Heir of Heaven came for the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, then this fire would really slip through the fingers of Executive Feng himself.

Plus… if any Heir of Heaven discovered that there was a major Crystal Mine in the training grounds, then all of his hard work would be flushed down the drain.

Competition within the Grand Barren Sect itself was ruthless. One needed to fight for one's cultivation training resources.

Executive Feng inhaled a deep breath and narrowed his eyes. A beam of light flashed across these eyes.

"Speed up the warship, we must seize the Crystal Mine as fast as possible!"

As for the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame… it was now all out of his mind.

Though Liang Kai was the weakest among the Ten Grand Heirs of Heaven, Executive Feng knew he himself wasn't necessarily a match. What he needed to do instead was to occupy the Crystals Mine before Liang Kai's arrival, report back to the sect, and take credit for this discovery.


Tumultuous tides rolled, almost engulfing the entire sky. As the waves slapped down, they emitted earsplitting thunderous noises. As the waves drew closer, the spirit beasts within the hundred meters high tide became much more discernible. The savage howling water spirit beasts charged toward the steep cliffs with terrifying forces of pressure.

Dense pacts of blue-skinned warriors from the Oceanic Species glided in by the waves, their eyes glued to the Illusory Spirit Swamp.

Among them was a fierce warrior of the Oceanic Species who sat on the back of a spirit beast with a body covered in spikes, flashing his sharp teeth. The beast was a prawn-like spirit beast with surging forces of energy. Its body was divided into multiple strips. On the top of his head were rows of sharp buckteeth and two razor-edged claws. Its pair of stalked eyes rolled around as it spat out mouthfuls of white foam, walking steadily among the waves.

This was a supreme water spirit beast, the Deep Sea Mantis Prawn. Its body stretched out for tens of meters, almost akin to an ancient savage creature that filled the sky with its ferocity.

"The prophet of our Oceanic Species foretells that the Prawn Species will be birthed in the Illusory Spirit Swamp? If we can recover the Prawn Species, our Oceanic Species can walk out of this narrow sea under their supreme leadership and finally embrace vaster waters!"

The blue-skinned warrior seated on the prawn-like spirit beast stretched open his lips and flashed his sharp teeth. His eyes rolled around in excitement.

As if suddenly recalling something exciting, this Oceanic Species warrior puffed open his cheeks. Sea water instantly poured out of his cheeks and emitted a piercing shriek that shot up to the sky, stirring the other Oceanic Species warriors gliding on the water.

In a split second, shrilling howls joined together, truly raising a racket in the sky.

The steep cliffs of the Illusory Spirit Swamp became clearer and clearer in the eyes of these Oceanic Species warriors.


Blacky twirled its tongue and swallowed the light blue thunder. After gnashing his teeth for a while, a content expression flashed across his face.

Bu Fang was also somewhat astonished. It looked like this Lord Dog had an additional hobby, which was eating thunder… feeding this dog was certainly getting easier and easier.

After the initial shock, Du Kai and Du Wei also calmed down. Their faces were dark as ever. The glances they shot this back dog became much more prudent.

If a mere seventh grade Battle-Saint could defeat a Supreme-Being warrior and drag the other party's body along, then he has got to have some tricks up his sleeves.

Able to swallow the thunder of Du Kai, a Supreme-Being warrior at the middle stage, this dog was most likely the adversary's trump card and the key to Du Mu's downfall.

Du Mu was much weaker in comparison to the two of them. Du Kai was strong enough to beat his opponents up like dead dogs, let alone Du Wei, who was even more superior in terms of cultivation level.

However, neither of them could say with confidence that they could swallow thunder. Only God knew how fiery was this thunder. If consumed, it would probably blow up one's stomach.

Du Wei swung her serpent tail and soared skyward from the city walls. She suspended in the air, facing the bare-teethed Blacky from afar.

Her head full of violet hair fluttered against the wind. A smile smeared across her sultry face, making her complexion all the more coquettish. The heaving of her chest caught many pair of eyes, as the round breasts bound by a purple cloth looked like they were about to spill out.

"How fascinating… Du Kai, your thunder is this fragile? It can't even handle a dog?"

Du Wei flicked her fine, long fingers and smirked.

Du Kai glowered, glared at Du Wei and flexed all the muscles on his body. His head full of blue hair flapped against the air as richer coats of thunder converged around him. It was as if his entire person had transformed into a flash of thunder.

Sizzle sizzle!

Du Kai hurled out more Thunder Blades. These blades have found a new target, now aimed straight at the plump black dog.

Blacky rolled its doggy eyes. Beneath the downpour of Thunder Blades, he merely grunted derisively.

"This thunder has a poor taste, and the texture is just awful."

The Lord Dog mumbled silently.

Then, he squinted his doggy eyes and stretched open his doggy jaws. The jaws suddenly enlarged in size, transforming into a gigantic, bloody muzzle.

Facing the sky-full of Thunder Blades, the Lord Dog emitted an ear-piercing bark!


The bark shot up to the heavens, as if a savage creature's enraged howl.

Floods of energy gushed to the sky and descended on Du Kai.

Before the torrent of Thunder Blades even had a chance to slash down, they were also scattered by the dog bark.

Du Kai, levitating in the air, instantly winced. His body was stiffened by the dog bark. His heart thudded upon realizing his inability to move.

The hundreds of thousands of Thunder Blades began flying backward and sliced at his body. His frozen body was smashed into the towering city walls, causing quite a quake.

The crackling thunder arcs began shooting wildly around Du Kai…

A simple dog bark crushed a Supreme-Being!

Was this dog… a freaking demon?!

Du Wei's face became rigid. Her seductive red lips trembled in display of her utter shock.

The reverberation of this dog bark also made the heart of the Serpentine Sovereign shudder, who was just meditating within the palace. She twisted her head to gaze beyond the palace with a grace expression, narrowing her eyes.

Upon hearing this dog bark, the Serpentine Sovereign's heart actually skipped a beat. She had an ominous presentiment.

That sound came from somewhere outside the city…

"Could there be a problem even with Du Kai and Du Wei combining forces? Could it be… that there are mishaps with the dismissible human trying to break into the city?"

Yu Fu, who was locked up within the resplendent palace, heard this familiar dog bark. She fluttered open her eyelids, as excitement flashed across her beautiful face.

"It's Blacky's bark! It is Owner Bu!"

This moment of bewilderment shook Yu Fu's heart. She almost wanted to cry with joy.

Outside of the Grand Serpentine City, the shadow of a figure flashed by. A figure with hands behind the back was traveling majestically on a flying sword. He suddenly heard the sound of a dog bark coming from the Grand Serpentine City.

Wu Mu's elegant posture suddenly froze, his heart thumping. "Why does this dog bark… sound so familiar? Shouldn't that terrifying existence… be staying put in the imperial city? Why did it appear in the Grand Serpentine City?

"Shoot! Du Li has yet to witness the terrifying nature of that creature… damn it! She mustn't aggravate it…"

Wu Mu's heart quivered. With the flicker of his mind, waves of true energy spurted out. A flash of blade instantly ripped across the air and bolted straight toward the direction of the Grand Serpentine City.

Within the Illusory Spirit Swamp, Wu Yunbai was riding on a spirit beast horse. This spirit beast horse was even able to trod through the damp mossed soil speedily.

A muffled dog bark echoed by her ear. She flinched. Didn't this dog bark sound somewhat familiar?

The image of a plump dog strutting cat steps instantly appeared in her mind. Just as she was deep in her thoughts, she suddenly felt darkness descend from above.

Her heart thumped as she consciously lifted up her head and narrowed her eyes.

Just above her head was a metallic warship, gigantic enough to cover up the entire sky. An overpowering pressure leaked out of the warship, stiffening up Wu Yunbai's entire body.

On the deck of the warship, a figure standing there with hands behind the back also saw her.

Those eyes cast a glance down like a flash of lightning, slicing through the air to close in on her. Wu Yunbai felt a searing pain through her eyes. She couldn't help but cover her face as tears soaked her cheeks.

The spirit beast horse, thoroughly paralyzed by the rich pressure, had knelt down into the mud. Though its body was marked by the dirty sludges, it didn't dare to move an inch.

Executive Feng stood by the warship's deck proudly, sending Wu Yunbai a condescending look.

"Oh? A native of the training grounds? A seventh grade Battle-Saint heh… perhaps aware of the location of the Crystal Mine, could be useful as a guide," Executive Feng muttered, then curled his lips and waved his hand.

Wu Yunbai opened her weeping eyes and felt her entire body freeze. A monumental hand slammed down from the sky with a pressure that nearly suffocated her. It picked her up and took her to the warship.

Afterward, the warship's engine whirred as it rolled on.

Tranquility was restored to the swamp.

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