Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 388: Setback At The Crystal Mine

Chapter 388: Setback At The Crystal Mine

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The Illusory Spirit Swamp was where the crystal mine was situated. The mine was bustling with activity, as the serpent-men continued excavating rare, high-quality crystals from deep pits. These crystals sparkled, shining radiantly underneath the sunlight. Strings of energy circulated within the crystals, almost as resplendent as dazzling diamonds.

A flash of blade whistled by. Bai Zhan glided in on his sword, levitating above the mine to continue his inspection.

The emergence of this crystal mine had significant implications for the White Cloud Villa and the Grand Serpentine City, providing both spheres of influences with the chance to advance to the next level.

These superior-quality crystals were wonderful treasures. In fact, they could be considered the best thing in the universe for cultivators.

Putting away his sword, Bai Zhan landed on the damp, muddy soil and strolled around. The serpent-men, as well as humans of the White Cloud Villa, were all hard at work.

The amount of crystals found in this mine shook Bai Zhan heavily. It was as if there was an inexhaustible supply.

Suddenly, Bai Zhan felt a slight tremor through the ground. His heart thudded as he peered towards the pit below with puzzlement.

A serpent-man covered with mud slipped out of the pit. Seeing Bai Zhan, he promptly crawled out and glided toward him, his face filled with anxiety.

"Chief! There's… something peculiar within the crystal mine!"

The serpent-man reported nervously, but there was a glimmer of excitement in the depth of his eyes. If something was birthed within the crystal mine, then it must be a piece of priceless gem!

Bai Zhan was taken aback. Hearing the serpent-man's description of the item, he couldn't immediately determine what was this object hidden within the crystal mine.

Since he couldn't be sure, Bai Zhan decided to take a look for himself. He followed the serpent-man into the crystal mine.

This mine road that they have dug up fell beneath the Illusory Spirit Swamp, but it oddly lacked a sense of humidity. Instead, the air down there was rather dry. The ground below one's foot was also hard and steady.

Small chunks of fractured crystals bulged out of the walls on both sides of the mine road. These crushed pieces of crystals, reflecting against the sunbeam, lit up the mine road with a mystifying gleam.

Bai Zhan moved forward. After walking for a while, he finally slowed down his footsteps.

That was because glaring beams of light shot out from the depths of the mine.

A good number of serpent-men crowded around there, whispering to each other. They had momentarily halted their tasks, staring at something curiously instead.

Once Bai Zhan arrived, these serpent-men hurriedly made way for him. As they cleared away, the glistening objects appeared before Bai Zhan's eyes.

There were three giant quartz balls. Their surfaces appeared to have been made with crystals, full of bumps and hollows, not smooth at all. The three quartz balls emitted a lustrous glow, so brilliant that they dazzled one's eyes.

Bai Zhan knitted his brows as he patted one of the quartz balls. This quartz ball was extremely sturdy, very similar to an actual ball of crystal, only much bigger in size.

But how could crystal balls spontaneously appear within the mine?

Bai Zhan couldn't wrap his head around it.

The walls nearby were covered with crystals, making this entire area appear richly ornamented.

Suddenly, Bai Zhan's eyes, previously glued to the crystal ball, twitched. A sense of fear crept into his heart. He slowly lifted up his head.

A blurry shadow gradually appeared on the wall of crystals. Its body materialized bit by bit, like drops of water dripping down, and eventually took the shape of an exotic spirit beast.

A red beam burst out of this spirit beast's eyes, which now fixated on Bai Zhan!

Bai Zhan's heart lurched, feeling highly alarmed.

How could there be… spirit beasts in the crystal mine?


The gigantic tide closed in at an amazing speed and finally arrived at the steep cliffs.

Beneath the tumultuous waves, an entire village was just flooded. Countless houses were smashed into smithereens by this colossal tide. The boats lying by the harbor were also shattered into pieces as bits of splintered wood flew all over the place.

Boom Boom!

A giant water spirit beast landed and kicked up innumerable splashes of water. The Oceanic Species warrior on its back had on a gleeful expression, urging the water spirit beasts to continue bolting forward.

The grounds shook as swarms of Oceanic Species warriors and water spirit beasts flooded in, storming into the Illusory Spirit Swamp.

An Oceanic Species warrior dressed in an armor, with scales covering his blue skin, wore a stern, ruthless expression. He rode a Deep Sea Mantis Prawn. The prawn's many claws swiped across the ground and launched out at an incredible speed.

Seawater rolled on violently, inching toward the Illusory Spirit Swamp.

However, the Illusory Spirit Swamp was vast in size, so the seawater only raged for a short while before ebbing away. Still, once these ocean waves waned, countless Oceanic Species warriors emerged. They were heading for the Grand Serpentine City, and were getting closer and closer to their target.


Bu Fang looked at Wu Mu, who had just landed before him and was now puffing and panting. An odd expression suddenly smeared across his face.

Wu Mu had never expected to really see Owner Bu appear here, especially accompanied by his terrifying black dog, looking as if he was about to attack the Grand Serpentine City.

"What the hell was going on here?

"Shouldn't you be in the Light Wind Imperial City? Why are you seeking trouble in the Illusory Spirit Swamp?"

"Owner Bu… there is perhaps a misunderstanding here? Let's have an amiable chat about it. Don't use force, that's never good." Wu Mu smiled at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang twitched the corners of his mouth and sent Wu Mu a look. However, he didn't utter a word.

Du Kai, who had just rolled down from the city walls, was flexing his muscles, ready to deliver another strike when Wu Mu suddenly appeared.

The Villa Master of the White Cloud Villa, Wu Mu, was a swordsman at the peak of the Supreme-Being echelon. His cultivation was undoubtedly strong, to the point where even the Serpentine Sovereign might not be a match for him. Why would someone like him suddenly appear here?

Plus, judging by Wu Mu's expression, he seemed to be showing reverence toward that human.

"What the hell? You, the formidable Villa Master of the White Cloud Villa, a top warrior of the Southern Region, are showing deference towards a petty human with a mere seventh grade cultivation level?

" Are you freaking kidding me?"

Du Wei was much more sensitive to such details. Could it be that this lad, despite his seventh grade cultivation, had some sort of strong background? That was not impossible. With such a fierce black dog as a companion and that extraordinary black wok, she would be surprised if this human didn't have an unusual background.

"Owner Bu, why don't we sit down and have a nice chat in the Grand Serpentine City?"

Wu Mu suggested with a grin.

He twisted his head towards Du Wei and Du Kai and said lightly with scrunched brows: "Open up the city gates. I'll directly take Owner Bu to see the Serpentine Sovereign. There must be some misunderstanding here. Let's solve the issue and try to avoid an unnecessary battle."

Du Wei and Du Kai looked at each other helplessly. All the serpent-men on the city walls were simply stupefied.

The Serpentine Sovereign had crushed the sword rune he left her. This undoubtedly meant something was wrong. Was it because of Owner Bu?

No… it must be something much more dire.

At this point in time, how could the Grand Serpentine City afford Owner Bu and this black dog wrecking havoc on the other end? He must coax the Serpentine Sovereign to not exasperate Bu Fang and this terrifying black dog. That was a black dog that ended the life of a Divine warrior!

Du Wei was bold and resolute enough. Her chest, wrapped beneath the purple cloth, heaved as she ordered for the city gates to be opened.

The other serpent-men were reluctant and baffled but had no choice but to obey such orders.

Though Wu Mu was the Villa Master of the White Cloud Villa, he enjoyed high prestige within the Grand Serpentine City.

Wu Mu nodded in satisfaction and brought Bu Fang and Blacky into the Grand Serpentine City.

Bu Fang planned on having Blacky blow open the city gates with his paw, but who would have thought that Wu Mu would appear. It suited him just fine that Wu Mu brought them into the city.

Once they stepped into the Grand Serpentine City, Bu Fang was slightly awed by its imposing magnificence.

In comparison to the Light Wind Imperial City, this Grand Serpentine City was much more prosperous. The architecture around here was completely different from those of the Light White Empire. There were all sorts of street vendors on both sides of the road shouting out loud.

Bu Fang looked around in high spirits. There must be a lot of exotic gourmet delicacies in such a booming city. Just as he expected, with a few more steps, Bu Fang began smelling all kinds of fragrance.

On one of the streets, there were numerous booths selling food. One of the serpent-men was skillfully frying a squid that was glossy with oil. A rich aroma wafted by.

Another vendor grabbed out a lobster steamed to a flushed red shade. Peeling away its shells, the nearly quivering lobster meat emitted a strong aroma. The fragrance that has already pervaded the air enlivened Bu Fang.

"The Grand Serpentine City is close to the vast sea, and so the main ingredients here come from the ocean. That means there is a lot of seafood. Some lower graded water spirit beasts would also be captured and made into wonderful dishes," Wu Mu introduced.

Bu Fang nodded and walked on. They reached the majestic serpent-men palace soon enough.

Before the entrance of the palace, one could already see the Serpentine Sovereign's graceful posture. The Serpentine Sovereign scanned the surrounding with a cold, elegant look.

Wu Mu brought Bu Fang up the hill and quickly arrived before the Serpentine Sovereign. He wore a torn complexion. The last of the sword runes he left her had been crushed. He felt somewhat empty inside.

Bu Fang flickered a light glance at the Serpentine Sovereign. He had already met her back in the Hundred Thousand Mountains. This means the Serpentine Sovereign must also recognize him.

The moment the Serpentine Sovereign laid eyes on Bu Fang, her head full of green hair fluttered up and her eyes widened. Waves of energy burst out, and she looked as if she had just recalled something.

"It's you!! The human lad who swallowed the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames!"

The Serpentine Sovereign said with a stern voice. Just as her voice faded, a piercing whistle flashed across the sky above the Grand Serpentine City.

A bloody figure fell down from the above and landed harshly within the crowds.

Seeing that body, Wu Mu's face instantly changed colors.

"Bai Zhan?!"

The person covered in blood and savage wounds, with only a weak force of energy, was the White Cloud Villa Supreme-Being in charge of overseeing the crystal mine… Bai Zhan.

"Why is Bai Zhan so severely injured? Could it be someone invaded the crystal mine?

"Or perhaps… there is a setback at the crystal mine? "

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