Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 386: The Dog Who Eats Thunder

Chapter 386: The Dog Who Eats Thunder

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Under the command of the Serpentine Sovereign, rich surges of energy burst out of two gloriously built courts within the Grand Serpentine City.

Both shots of true energy soared skyward, ejecting out the figures of two serpent-people, who now levitated in the air majestically. The roaring energy levels on these two serpent-people were forbidding, almost causing the air particles around them to shake. They were the other two Serpentine Kings, both Supreme-Being warriors of the Grand Serpentine City.

The two exchanged looks high up in the sky, sensing the coldness in each other's eyes.

One of the figures was a serpent-man, with a burly upper-body covered in muscles that wrapped around him like dragons. They formed a dense pattern of blue lines. His eyes were electric, nearly emitting flashes of lightning. Light blue-toned electric arcs circulated around his body, lighting up his blue serpent tail.

This was a Serpentine King of the Grand Serpentine City, a mid-level Supreme-Being, Du Kai.

The other Serpentine King was a serpent-woman. Her thin waist twisted in a seductive manner. A purple cloth was wrapped around her upper-body, covering her bosoms. A pair of coquettish eyes sparkled on her exquisite face. Her head full of violet hair fluttered against the wind, with her purple tail gently swaying in the air.

This was the last Serpentine King of the Grand Serpentine City, a Supreme-Being warrior in the later stages—Du Wei.

Du Mu was the weakest among all three Serpentine Kings.

This was also why the Serpentine Sovereign felt assured asking the other two Serpentine Kings to rise to the challenge.

Plus… how could the backbone of the Grand Serpentine City be merely three Serpentine Kings? To its west was the boundless sea, and to its east was the White Cloud Villa... all there to back up the Illusory Spirit Swamp. Without such sources of support, it was difficult to guarantee the safety of the Grand Serpentine City.

The two Serpentine Kings swung their tails and launched through the sky fiercely, flying directly out of the grand city.

The Serpentine Sovereign, with her hands behind her back, stood before the main halls on her serpent tail, her eyes as sharp as electric sparks.

Her brows were tightly knit, demonstrating traces of anxiety.

That unease was certainly not directed at the human outside threatening to attack the Grand Serpentine City. How could a petty human ever understand the capabilities of the Grand Serpentine City?

If a simple human being could breach the Grand Serpentine City's line of defense, then the city would have long been erased from the Illusory Spirit Swamp altogether.

She was agonizing over the hundred meters high towering tides rolling in from the boundless sea. Countless water spirit beasts were hidden in those waves, not to mention the… incoming Oceanic Species warriors traveling by water.

In comparison to such ignorant humans, the Oceanic Species disturbed her all the more. It was a looming crisis that could endanger the entire Grand Serpentine City.


Bu Fang let out a light breath. He continued to close in on the Grand Serpentine City step by step, dragging the bright-red serpent tail behind him. His face was expressionless as he stared fixedly at the crowd of serpent-men on the towering city walls.

At this moment, the gates to the Grand Serpentine City were slowly closing. The sound of chains clinking rang in the air as the metallic city gates were about to be pulled shut.

The commander of the serpent-men guards bellowed at Bu Fang, warning him to stop.

However, Bu Fang dismissed him completely as he continued taking strides forward.

The sight of Serpentine King Du Mu being dragged around by Bu Fang like a dead dog made the guards' eyes pop with anger. Yet, as their eyes burned with rage, their hearts were filled with bewilderment.

After all, Du Mu… was a Supreme-Being.

"Serpent-men, spears! Launch!"

As Bu Fang's foot landed on the ground, the howls of the city wall guards echoed around his ears.

The serpent-men guards on the city walls winced and then gnashed their sharp teeth. True energy bubbled in their hands as one after another sharp, chilling spears shot down from the walls.

Bu Fang lifted up his head and gazed at the shower of long spears so dense that it swallowed up the sky. He narrowed his eyes. His mind flickered and a wisp of black smoke twirled. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok emerged. As true energy charged in, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok expanded at an incredible speed. It hovered above Bu Fang's head and lowered itself, effectively shielding Bu Fang's entire body.

Swish Swish Swish!!

Countless long spears charged downwards, slicing through the air and covering the entire sky that only blackness remained.

All of the serpent-men held their breaths.

Suddenly, the commander of the serpent-men guards flinched. He saw that the long blades hit a hard object and tinkled, producing sparks that spread outwards.

The sky-full of long spears was effectively resisted.

A gigantic black wok floated before them. The wok, having been spiked by countless long spears, remained undamaged. Not even a scratch could be found.

"What… what is this?!"

The commander of the serpent-men guards drew in a chilled breath, all the hairs on his body standing on their ends.

A truly extraordinary human, no wonder he could defeat Serpentine King Du Mu.


The shadow of a burly serpent-man glided across the sky. It was a serpent-man whose body was covered with light blue shades of electric arcs.

After a series of crackling sounds, the Thunder Blade was caught by his hand.

The lithe Serpentine King Du Wei also arrived, landing gracefully amidst the serpent-men guards. Her coy eyes studied the human down below with interest.

A smile emerged on her beautiful face. Then, she lightly snapped her fingers and turned toward a serpent-man guard, ordering with a gentle voice: "Open up the array guarding the city gates… Let's give this human a big present."

The commander of the serpent-men guards grimaced, sending Serpentine King Du Wei an astonished look. " Was the Serpentine King being serious right now?"

"Open up one of the arrays, let this sister have some fun with the human." Du Wei stretched her long fingers, stuck her tongue out of her ravishing red lips, and licked her finger. She beamed with a coy smile.

The commander of the serpent-men guards shivered and ran off immediately. Not after long, a light shone above the city walls.

Before Du Wei's body and on top of the walls, a beam of light emerged. Then, a magic array consisted of two rotating arrays connected to each other crystallized.

The Serpentine King Du Wei's fine palm pressed down on the magic array. The two rotating arrays began turning at an even faster speed. A pale-white shining orb converged before the magic array.


An earsplitting eruption!

The Serpentine King Du Kai was taken by surprise. His hair also fluttered against the howling wind.

Du Kai's lips twitched. He twisted around to see Du Wei leaning against the city wall, her chest shaking uncontrollably…

That unbelievable woman was laughing hysterically.

"Was the city-guarding magic array a toy to her? " Du Kai was filled with anger.

A loud boom. Bu Fang furrowed his brows as he watched the energy orb smashing toward him. His heart shuddered.

This shining orb gave him a tremendous sense of crisis.

His mind flickered and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok began spinning once more, lowering itself to shield him.

The shining orb slammed into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok violently.

This loud crash blasted Bu Fang's eardrums. His eyes were clouded by a layer of blackness.

A simple shining orb had such a formidable force of pressure!

"This is the Magic Array Cannon… who would have thought a city in such a remote area would have this. But then again, this Magic Array Cannon is quite outdated." Blacky's gentle male voice rang, offering Bu Fang an explanation. He raised his doggy eyes and looked at Bu Fang, who was still dazed from the cannon strike. He couldn't help but curl his doggy lips into a smile.

"Magic Array Cannon? What the hell?"

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok shrank and suspended above Bu Fang's palm. He was still very lightheaded. That shining orb exploded fiercely, its aftershocks making Bu Fang feel dizzy.

On top of the city walls, Du Wei's red lips parted in a charming manner. But her eyes were filled with astonishment.

"This human's got some tricks up his sleeves, even able to resist the Magic Array Cannon… No wonder he was able to defeat Du Mu. Alright, worthy of this sister's attention." Her petite tongue licked around her red lips. Du Wei simpered.

Up in the sky, Du Kai squinted his eyes and bellowed. His voice burst forth like thunder.

Boom Boom Bang!

A terrifying force of energy dissipated.

Bu Fang's heart trembled. This serpent-man's energy was much stronger than that of Du Mu…

Crackle Crackle Crackle!

Du Kai scanned his eyes across Bu Fang, discovering that Bu Fang's cultivation was only at seventh grade Battle-Saint. He was suddenly puzzled. A warrior able to handle Du Mu was only a seventh grade Battle-Saint?

"This Du Mu fellow's strengths must have waned the more he trained!"

The Thunder Blade, hundreds of meter long in length, burst out of Serpentine King Du Kai's hands and charged towards Bu Fang.

That slash, slicing through even the air itself loudly, instilled fear and awe in the other serpent-men. This was the Serpentine King, the almighty and powerful Serpentine King!

Bu Fang scrunched his brows. He held the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with a single hand and puffed his chest until his face turned red. A golden flame gushed out of his mouth.

Once the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was out, the temperature rose to a new level all around. The streaming flames collided with the Thunder Blade, emitting deafening roars.

Du Kai's pupils shrank as he marveled at the incredible flames silently in his heart. No wonder Du Mu was crushed… Of the three Serpentine Kings, only Du Mu was experienced with fire. However, compared with the flames of this human before his eyes… Du Mu's fire was not just one grade inferior.

But so what?

Du Kai curled the corners of his lips, exposing his sharp fangs.

The thunder wrapped around his hands amplified. He brandished the Thunder Blade once again. The blade transformed into a ferocious thunder serpent, ducking the obsidian flame, and charged right at Bu Fang.

Compared to a Supreme-Being… Bu Fang cultivation was still too weak.

Blackly leisurely strutted his signature cat steps and lightly waved its delicate doggy paw. The silhouette of a doggy paw instantly burst forth.


Bu Fang retracted the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.

But Du Kai's thunder serpent was caught by this dog paw and forcefully pulled in. Up in the sky, Du Kai's entire body staggered.

The very next second, under every serpent-men's shocked gazes, that chubby dog, who had just captured the thunder serpent, casually waved its claw and delivered that thunder snake into its mouth.

"What the hell… you dare to swallow thunder? Are you not afraid of being electrified to death?!"

Du Kai's heart skipped a beat as Du Wei gaped with widened eyes…

Both Supreme-Beings of the Grand Serpentine City were utterly shocked out of their minds.

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