Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 385: Toward the Grand Serpentine City

Chapter 385: Toward the Grand Serpentine City

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The Oceanic Species originated from the boundless sea and consisted of numerous water spirit beasts that later gained higher intelligence and formed its own species. These varying water spirit beasts, of all sorts and forms, converged together and became known as the Oceanic Species.

They were extremely powerful, especially given the vast resources of the sea. In comparison to the beings on land, they were much more fierce.

The Serpentine Sovereign was naturally aware of the Oceanic Species, toward which she felt deference. Even though she had already reached the peak of the Supreme-Being echelon, she knew very clearly that there were warriors within the Oceanic Species who had already broken through the Supreme-Being shackles.

She originally planned on settling business in the Serpentine City before stepping into this boundless sea in search of opportunities for a breakthrough. When the time came, she would come into contact with the Oceanic Species.

However, things never worked out as planned.

Many water spirit beasts were hidden within the towering tides of the ocean. But their eyes were filled with savageness and violence, not a trace of gentleness or good will could be found.

Evidently, the warriors from the vast sea were not kind folks.

"But why is this happening? Why would the Oceanic Species… suddenly attack my Illusory Spirit Swamp?" The Serpentine Sovereign scrunched her brows into a deep frown.

If the towering tides of the sea came crashing down, then the water spirit beasts would first and foremost target the Grand Serpentine City. Even though the Grand Serpentine City considered itself strong enough, it would still have difficulties coping with this many water spirit beasts.

This gave the Serpentine Sovereign a headache, as she truly couldn't understand why these water spirit beasts would encroach upon the Illusory Spirit Swamp.

In comparison to the rich resources of the sea, the Illusory Spirit Swamp possessed nothing particularly attractive to the top warriors of the Oceanic Species.

Suddenly, a notion flickered across the Serpentine Sovereign's heart…

"Could it be for the newly discovered crystal mine? But how could a mere crystal mine… draw such a crowd from the Oceanic Species to the Illusory Spirit Swamp? Perhaps… there are other treasures within that crystal mine?"

Deep contemplation flashed across the Serpentine Sovereign's beautiful face.

From the towering tides in a distance, a gigantic fish stretched open its jaws, within which stood figures with blue skin.

These figures peered at the steep mountain cliffs with cold faces.

The Serpentine Sovereign's gaze penetrated through the space and locked eyes with the warriors within the fish mouth. The Serpentine Sovereign drew in a chilled breath upon realizing the energy levels of numerous Supreme-Beings amidst the crowd of blue-skinned warriors.

Their forces of energy were linked together, causing the Serpentine Sovereign's heart to shudder, though she stood very far away.

"Damn it!" The Serpentine Sovereign cursed quietly. Panic smeared across her stunning face. She swung her serpent tail and launched herself across the air, charging for the Grand Serpentine City.

As she flew off, she grabbed a talisman with a white sword rune.

Gazing at the white cloud patterns on the sword rune, the Serpentine Sovereign bit her red lips, her face filled with hesitation. As if she suddenly thought of something, she exhaled a long breath and crushed the talisman.


The White Cloud Villa was erected within the heart of the Illusory Spirit Swamp.

A luxurious villa stood within the floating white clouds. There were pavilions, terraces, and towers inside, as well as rivers trickling beneath bridges. Rich waves of spirit energy flooded the entire region. It looked like a fairy wonderland.

Within a small room, a person, sitting cross-legged, suddenly fluttered open his eyelids. Sword will clouded Wu Mu's eyes. He arched his eyebrows and peered toward the direction of the Grand Serpentine City.

"The sword rune has been crushed… is Du Li calling for me? Could it be she's hit with a crisis?"

Wu Mu got to his feet, his force of energy fluctuating.

Ever since returning from the Light Wind Empire, he has been tending to his injuries behind closed doors. Even though his physical wounds have been basically healed by the soup he drank in that store, his spiritual state suffered a heavy blow from the shattering of his sword will by the Shura Sect Overlord. Though the soup was miraculous, it couldn't easily repair his crippled spiritual state.

A light cyan-colored long sword whistled behind his back and soared away. The doors of the room opened. Wu Mu stepped onto the flying sword and shot away.

Within the White Cloud Villa, dynamic waves of energy were activated. Afterwards, numerous figures also floated into the sky on their swords, gazing at Wu Mu perplexedly.

Wu Mu didn't say much and merely gave a few simple commands. Then, he pulled his hands behind his back, stepped onto the sword, and majestically flew away from the villa.

As Wu Mu left the villa, Wu Yunbai was just sauntering within it, out of boredom. Catching sight of the direction her father left for, her eyes suddenly lit up. Then, she narrowed her eyes. The very next second, she sneakily ran out of the White Cloud Villa.


The Grand Serpentine City was magnificent. Its city walls were even taller than those of the Light Wind Empire. The bricks that made up the wall were also very sturdy. There seemed to be a layer of mystifying arrays protecting the city walls.

On top of the city walls stood rows of serpent-men guards dressed in armors. They were there to safeguard the grand city of the serpent-people.

Suddenly, the pupils of these guards shrank. They all pointed their spears toward the distance. There, two figures gradually emerged from the drifting mist. One shadow was a serpent-man, but the other was a human. Since humans walked on both legs, one could easily tell them apart from serpent-men.

But why would a human come to the Grand Serpentine City? What did he want?

Wait a minute!


The guards on the wall all drew in chilled breaths.

Their pupils dilated when they caught sight of the serpent tail clutched within the human's hand. The tail was attached to a serpent-man who was dragged along the floor like a dead dog.

"That's the Serpentine King Du Mu! What… what happened to him?!"

Beneath the Serpentine Sovereign was the Serpentine King. There were three Serpentine Kings within the serpentine city, and every one of them was at the Supreme-Being stage.

How could a Supreme-Being Serpentine King be dragged around like a dead dog?! This utterly shocked them.

"Incoming enemy!!"

The guards who finally snapped out of their initial shock immediately screeched. They gathered together and defended the city walls with all they've got. A serpent-man who seemed to be the commander sent Bu Fang, who was approaching slowly, a cold look.

"Please halt your steps! Put down the Serpentine King Du Mu, and leave the serpentine city. Or else, the serpentine city warriors will have to slay you!"

Bu Fang slowly raised his head with narrowed eyes. Through the thick mist, he caught sight of a crowd of serpent-men standing on the towering city walls.

These serpent-men emitted murderous vibes, aiming straight at Bu Fang.

One after another long spear was ready for launch. If Bu Fang took as much as one more step forward, these spears would immediately shower down.

"Alright, take a step back first…to avoid any troubles."

Bu Fang twisted around his head to shoot Ah Ni a look and told him to take leave first. Ah Ni's face changed, but he didn't decline after giving it more thought.

The army of the Grand Serpentine City was much fiercer than that of the Light Wind Empire.

In the face of a human who seemed to have beaten a Supreme-Being Serpentine King nearly to death, they didn't recoil. Even though they felt secure with the Serpentine Sovereign there as their backbone, the serpent-men troops also had more guts than the typical human army.

They were the elite troops of the Serpentine Sovereign, after all, soldiers who were able to build an entire city under the harsh conditions of the Illusory Spirit Swamp.

"Hand over Yu Fu, and I'll turn in this fellow," Bu Fang said coolly, swinging the serpent tail in his hand. His voice was not loud, but was enough for all the serpent-men on the city walls to hear clearly.

The colors on their faces drained, the gazes they shot Bu Fang hardening. This human's target was Her Highness Yu Fu, the future heir of the Grand Serpentine City! The future Serpentine Sovereign of the Grand Serpentine City!

This foolish human was out of his mind! Abominable!


Within the Grand Serpentine City, inside a majestic castle.

In a sealed off palace, a couple of serpent-people with top cultivation levels stood in the main halls, guarding a particular elegant serpent-woman.

Yu Fu's face looked fragile. Her hands were tied down by cold shackles, effectively chaining her within the palace.

She was filled with misery. She had never expected to somehow be named the heir of the Serpentine Sovereign after returning to the serpent-men tribes for a simple gathering…

In comparison to the heir of the Serpentine Sovereign, she much rather stay as Owner Bu's disciple. Waking up every day to train carving and cutting techniques, cooking aromatic gourmet delicacies, and tasting one's own dishes was so satisfying and pleasant.

She originally thought the Serpentine Sovereign would respect her choice. Little had she expected the Serpentine Sovereign to directly turn down her request.

Hence, she herself was trapped here.

Just thinking that she could never return to Fang Fang's Little Store to learn cooking filled her heart with grief.

The doors to the palace suddenly opened.

A shadow glided in from the door and landed at the center of the halls. The elegant Serpentine Sovereign, with her head of green hair hanging loose, gracefully sauntered in and stopped by Yu Fu.

Her beautiful eyes landed on Yu Fu, her gaze filled with coldness but also a trace of pity.

"What's the point? To become the heir of this sovereign… is the dream of countless serpent-people. Why are you so adamant?"

Yu Fu twitched her lips and sent the Serpentine Sovereign a sorrowful look, as if begging the Serpentine Sovereign to let her go.

"If you didn't have what it takes to become the Serpentine Sovereign, I naturally wouldn't stop you. But your skills and talent dictate that you are destined to take over this sovereign's place. This sovereign is about to leave the Grand Serpentine City, but the city cannot be without a leader. This is your fate, accept it even if you don't want to… This sovereign went through the same thing back in the days."

The Serpentine Sovereign extended her elegant fingers and stroked Yu Fu's face with her fair hand. A despondent look flashed across her gorgeous face.

Yu Fu's face paled, unable to conceal the woe in her heart.

Suddenly, the doors to the palace were pushed open.

A serpent-man guard hurriedly scurried into the palace and informed the Serpentine Sovereign with deference:

"Reporting! Your majesty, there's a human outside of the city grasping the body of the Serpentine King Du Mu… with intentions to charge in!"

The hand that gently stroked Yu Fu's cheeks froze. The Serpentine Sovereign's face became cold. She twisted her head toward the guard down below and lightly uttered: "The Serpentine King Du Mu? Didn't he go attend duties at Yu Fu's tribe? Why would he be captured by a human…

"Send down the orders, get the other two Serpentine Kings to seize that human. Someone who humiliated my Serpentine King... must be executed!"

A frosty voice reverberated within the palace.

Yu Fu suddenly turned rigid.

"A human who charged down here from her own tribe… could it be… Owner Bu?"

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