Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 384: Giant Waves Soaring Into The Sky, The Invasion Of The Oceanic Species

Chapter 384: Giant Waves Soaring Into The Sky, The Invasion Of The Oceanic Species

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In the western region of the Illusory Spirit Swamp, below a steep cliff, there was a vast sea.

As a salty sea breeze blew over, the sea waves surged and smacked the reefs below the steep cliff with loud thunders. Such deafening sounds were enough to blow anyone's mind.

Atop the cliff was a huge tower made of stone. This tower was built by the Grand Serpentine City to observe the boundless sea and keep a lookout for intruders.

There was a vast port below the cliff, from where countless serpent-men experts would go into the sea in order to capture food ingredients and obtain materials.

A small village around the port which inhabited by fishermen, who were preparing to go out to sea. That village was just a temporary stopover for them, and their houses were, in fact, all in the Grand Serpentine City.

Countless wooden boats were anchored at the port, and their wooden sails emitted clanking sounds as they swayed in the wind.

From time to time, some serpent-men guards from the Grand Serpentine City would pass through the ports with weapons in hand. These guards were responsible for the safety of the port.

The ocean was filled with countless unknown creatures, and sometimes, some spirit beasts with names unbeknownst to them would crawl out of the sea and damage the village and port. These guards were set up to take care of these sea spirit beasts.

As the warm rays of the sun shone down upon the sea, its surface gleamed, making the ocean seem as though it was filled with countless pieces of gold. As the waves rolled by, these pieces seemed to glister even more.

Suddenly, a serpent-man who was about to set out to sea let out a sharp cry.

All the serpent-men in that wooden boat lay down in fright upon noticing a pitch-black line in the horizon.

As the line grew bigger and more vivid, loud rumbles began to reverberate. The approaching blackness was revealed to be innumerable black clouds which proceeded to completely cover the sky.

Such an apocalyptic sight frightened all the serpent-men in the wooden boats. They cried out in fright, quickly jumped out of the boats and hurried to the shore.

A monstrous wave, which was several hundred feet tall, was revealed to be approaching the port. Even serpent-men like them, who regularly went out to sea, had never seen a wave that huge before.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Countless red glows flickered within the wave like light beams. The glows were countless eyes brimming with cruelty. The monstrous wave was unexpectedly ferrying over countless powerful spirit beasts within it.

The wave rushed toward the Illusory Spirit Swamp, bringing fearsome spirit beasts with it.


An extremely terrifying energy condensed in the air and turned into the phantom image of a dog's paw.

The serpent-man Supreme-Being had an unsightly expression on his face. Close to insanity, he roared and swished his scarlet tail in an attempt to escape from the terrifying aura.

His lance, which had been bent out of shape by the terrifying pressure, seemed like it was about to shatter.

"How is this possible? Why did such a terrifying pressure appear here? Is that really a dog's paw?"

A trace of astonishment flashed across the serpent-man Supreme-Being's eyes, and he roared again as he tried to break free from the pressure's fetters.

However, Blacky grinned coldly, and with a snort of derision, swiped its paw downwards.


The ground below the serpent-men tribe wasn't firm and stable, and it directly cracked open from the smash, which sent a wave of mud up into the air.

The serpent-man Supreme-Being had been pressed down into the ground, and he was forced to lay there, completely submerged in mud.


That serpent-man Supreme-Being roared again.

However, Blacky's exquisite and small paw exerted some strength, and cracking sounds reverberated from the compression in the ground. The serpent-man Supreme-Being's roars died out, and he spouted out a mouthful of blood, lying there weakly.


The ground trembled from the pressure, and the huge compression on the ground was revealed to be a giant paw mark. The tremor caused crushed rocks to fly into the air, accompanied by the stinking mud which smeared the surroundings.

Blacky rolled its eyes in boredom and waved its paw, and the ground seemed to flip over.

The serpent-man who had been deeply submerged in the mud seemed to have been swatted and was sent flying, crashing heavily a good distance away.

Once it had done that, Blacky yawned and lazily strode like a cat as it walked back to Bu Fang's side.

All the serpent-men experts in the surrounding were dumbfounded.

These serpent-men elders, who had been eager to witness Bu Fang's pitiful fate, slowly fell to the ground weakly. Their gaze lingered on the plump dog for a short while before shifting to the expressionless Bu Fang.

They all sucked in cold breaths, and their hearts trembled violently as though it was going to rush out of their chests.

My God! What happened? What just happened a moment ago?

That Supreme-Being expert of the Grand Serpentine City had unexpectedly... spouted blood after being slapped by a dog's paw...

Were their gazes blurred? Or, was that Supreme-Being expert a fake?

After witnessing the scene, Yu Feng's pupils dilated and became bloodshot as his body trembled.

"Such a feeling... such a familiar feeling of fright... I wasn't mistaken. That black dog was as terrifying as I had expected."

Even a Supreme-Being could be slapped to death by his paw. Yu Feng suddenly felt a wave of remorse well up in his heart, and he realized that he had made an extremely foolish decision.

He had thought that the Grand Serpentine City would be slightly more powerful than Bu Fang. He never expected that Bu Fang would be no weaker than the entire Grand Serpentine City. After all, he had the terrifying black dog and the heap of steel puppet which had yet to make an appearance.

Therefore, why would Bu Fang fear the Grand Serpentine City?

As the Black Turtle Constellation Wok hovered above Bu Fang's palm, his indifferent gaze swept across the serpent-men, leaving them quaking with terror.

Without uttering a single word, Bu Fang sent the Black Turtle Constellation Wok toward the serpent-men experts who had arrived with the serpent-man Supreme-Being.

The group contained mostly seventh grade Battle-Saint serpent-men, but there was a single eighth grade War-God amongst them.

Bu Fang sent the Black Turtle Constellation Wok after that eighth grade War-God expert.

The War-God, who was still flabbergasted from the witnessing the terror that Blacky poised, turned around and saw a black wok quietly streaking toward him. His body shuddered, and cold beads of sweat dripped down his head. He had already witnessed the terror that the wok wrought, and even a Supreme-Being was incapable of deflecting it. That alone was enough to show how powerful the wok really was.

That same wok was now quietly streaking toward him. How could he not be frightened to death?


He frantically raised his arm and, hoping to deflect the threat, slapped the wok with his palm. That was when the Black Turtle Constellation Wok once again displayed its frightening might.

The serpent-man War-God expert's hand was twisted badly upon contact, and the wok continued on its trajectory and smashed his head, sending him flying.

Bu Fang took a single step forward and shot into the sky.

He grabbed the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and bashed the head of the eighth grade War-God once more, sending him crashing into the ground.


With a resounding crash, the fallen Eighth Grade War-God serpent-man only saw countless stars flicker in front of his eyes before he directly fainted.

Bu Fang gripped the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and lightly exhaled a breath. He took another step forward and shot upwards, causing some mud to rise and splatter the surrounding.

His body flashed and appeared before the serpent-man Supreme-Being who, only a moment ago, had strenuously crawled up from the ground.

That serpent-man Supreme-Being's pupils contracted when he discovered that someone had appeared before him.

"Damned human!" The serpent-man Supreme-Being roared out at Bu Fang while revealing his sharp fangs.

Bu Fang shot an indifferent look at the serpent-man Supreme-being, raised his wok up high and smashed it down onto the latter's head.

The serpent-man Supreme-Being's eyes bulged out on impact, and his body crumpled to the ground, incapable of crawling up again.

"It's truly a pity that he's a serpent-man. If he didn't have any human parts on him, he would probably become another delicious supreme ingredient." Bu Fang lamented as he lifted the unconscious serpent-man Supreme-Being's tail, sighed deeply, and let go of it.

After all, Bu Fang was a human, and although the serpent-men race had the word "serpent" in its name, they were still men. Bu Fang couldn't engage in the demented act of eating "men".

However, unbeknown to him, his previous actions had scared Yu Feng so much that the serpent-man's body lost all its strength and became limp.

Did Owner Bu unexpectedly... unexpectedly intended to eat the serpent-man Supreme-Being? He ever dared to eat Supreme-Beings... Was there anything he dared not eat?

Bu Fang didn't bother with the other serpent-men experts. Instead, he turned around and looked at the serpent-men elders who had been only clamoring a while ago. He saw that these elders had quieted down and kept their heads low as they dared not make a sound.

The most excited person there was Ah Ni, who looked at Bu Fang with a fervent gaze, brimming with excitement.

Bu Fang grabbed the unconscious serpent-man Supreme-Being's tail up from the ground and used it to pull him over to where Ah Ni was.

"Do you know where the Grand Serpentine City is? Additionally, do you know where Yu Fu is?"

Ah Ni was taken aback for a moment before his eyes lit up with a resplendent radiance, "I know, Owner Bu... I will lead you there."

At that moment, Yu Feng's complexion turned quite ugly, and he opened his mouth and said "Owner Bu, I—"

"Just shut up. If you utter another word, I'm afraid that I won't be able to hold back my urge to knock you unconscious," Bu Fang indifferently said to the serpent-man, Yu Feng. He raised the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in his hand, frightening Yu Feng and causing the latter to swallow back the words he wanted to say.

"Let's go. Lead the way," Bu said to Ah Ni with a gentler gaze.

Ah Ni nodded and looked at the serpent-man Supreme-Being. He sucked in a breath and grinned, then swayed his tail and walked forward.

Bu Fang held onto the serpent-man Supreme-Being's tail and leisurely followed after Ah Ni, and the serpent-man Supreme-Being who was being dragged didn't budge, as though he had already died. If it wasn't for his faint breathing, the spectators would have assumed that the smack from the black wok had killed him.



Dreadful waves soared into the sky and gave rise to violent gales. The sea wind whistled loudly as the black clouds gradually shrouded the Illusory Spirit Swamp. It seemed like the beginning of the apocalypse.

A loud rip resounded as a beautiful woman sped through the air until she arrived there. Her blue tail swayed in the air, and her long green hair fluttered about. A grave expression appeared on the Serpentine Sovereign's beautiful face as she looked at the raging sea waves, which had reached hundreds of feet tall. The sight gave her a stifling feeling.

Her beautiful eyes gazed into the distance, and she saw the shadows which were faintly discernible within the sea waves. She heaved a deep breath, and her towering chest seemed to tremble.

"This... Do the Oceanic Species' experts want to invade our Illusory Spirit Swamp? What's their motive for this?"

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