Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 381: How Can You Know How Powerful I am?

Chapter 381: How Can You Know How Powerful I am?

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"Yu Fung may not return to study culinary arts from you in the future..."

Ah Ni informed Bu Fang in apprehension while paying careful attention to his expression. He was scared that if Bu Fang felt displeased, the dog beside Bu Fang would slap him to death.

However, his worries were unnecessary, as Blacky didn't care for him at all. How could a little serpent-man be worth Lord Dog's effort to lift his paws?

Contrary to Ah Ni's worry, upon hearing his words, Bu Fang didn't fly into a rage. He only furrowed his brows slightly, feeling puzzled.

"What do you mean? What's happened to Yu Fu?" Bu Fang asked in confusion.

Ah Ni's heart relaxed, but he didn't dare face Bu Fang's questioning gaze. Instead, he gritted his teeth and replied, "It will be better if the patriarch personally informs you about this... I'm really quite stupid, so I wouldn't be able to explain it to you clearly."

Bu Fang didn't mind, so he only nodded.

After Ah Ni saw Bu Fang nod, he was quite delighted. He quickly turned around and glared at the serpent-men guards in the surrounding: "Go back. Why are you all whipping out your lances? This senior is a friend of our serpent-men tribe."

He donned a serious expression and waved his hand about as he scolded them, and at that moment, he really seemed like a commander.

Bu Fang watched the scene in amusement, and let Ah Ni show him the way.

Countless serpent-men fervently watched Bu Fang and Ah Ni leave. As they walked, Ah Ni excitedly introduced all the serpent-men tribe's matters to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was astonished. In such a short time, since he'd last been there, the tribe had undergone a drastic change and was nothing compared to its previous crude and simple look. The tribe was now flourishing.

The serpent-men were a small tribe, but their houses had undergone a change beyond recognition. The serpent-men themselves had also become more spirited and vigorous.

Ah Ni led Bu Fang into a small cabin and let him rest for the time being, while Ah Ni, who swayed his tail, went out to look for the patriarch.

Bu Fang nodded and clasped his hand behind his back as he waited in the cabin, which seemed more refined than it used to be.

He had come seeking the crystal mine in the Illusory Spirit Swamp, so he decided to ask the tribe's patriarch about it; after all, he wasn't familiar with the Illusory Spirit Swamp, so it would be easier for him if he had the patriarch show him the way.

A short while later, Ah Ni returned with several other serpent-men.

One of them was the serpent-men Yu Feng, who seemed to be in high spirits. Yu Feng was the current patriarch of the tribe because his cultivation was the strongest. Beside him, there were several elders of the tribe, however, Yu Fu wasn't present amongst them.

The weird ambiance made Bu Fang raise his eyebrows. It seemed that the matter wasn't as simple as he had initially thought.

"Haha! Owner Bu, we welcome you to our tribe."

When Yu Feng arrived, there wasn't the slightest trace of disrespect on his face, and he respectfully led the elders beside him as he came over to Bu Fang while laughing.

Bu Fang wasn't fervent like him, so he just calmly nodded to acknowledge the greeting.

The indifferent acknowledgment made Yu Feng feel slightly embarrassed. His warm greeting had received a cold response. This was truly tactless.

"I won't beat around the bush. Ah Ni told me that Yu Fu no longer desires to continue studying culinary arts from me." Bu Fang got right to the point and asked Yu Feng, directly.

Upon hearing Bu Fang's inquiry, Yu Feng's expression changed, and he awkwardly replied, "Ah Ni doesn't know how to speak properly. How could Yu Fu no longer desire to study culinary arts from Owner Bu? She considered her apprenticeship under Owner Bu an honor...

"It's just that... something outside of our expectations occurred, so..."

When the serpent-men elders noticed Bu Fang's overbearing attitude, their complexions turned ugly. Yu Feng was their patriarch, so he was the pride of their tribe; therefore, they weren't pleased to see him get forcibly interrogated by some little kid.

"Could you pay more attention to your words? Yu Feng is our patriarch, and he represents the pride of our tribe. It's improper for you to be this arrogant and overbearing," one of the serpent-men elders said to Bu Fang in displeasure.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows, and a cold glint flickered within his pupils as he gazed at the serpent-men elder.

Yu Feng's heart lurched, and he hurried attempted to steer the conversation away, "Owner Bu, we asked Yu Fu to return home because there were some urgent matters... We had our serpent-men yearly assembly several days ago, and as the daughter of the tribe's patriarch, Yu Fu naturally had to be present. Moreover, Yu Fu has already reached adulthood and must receive the Serpentine Sovereign's baptism within the Grand Serpentine City..."

"What has all of that got to do with Yu Fu no longer being my apprentice?" Bu Fang's gaze remained on Yu Feng as he asked.

Yu Feng expression became one of discomfort as he replied. "Every year, the Grand Serpentine City would choose some talented serpent-men from each tribe to enter the city and become one of its citizens. These new citizens have the opportunity to become the Serpentine Sovereign's disciple. After Yu Fu was tested, her talent was found to be quite astonishing, so they chose her as one of the candidates eligible to become the Serpentine Sovereign's disciple. And, later on, after she passed through countless selections, she became the Serpentine Sovereign's disciple."

Bu Fang listened attentively and made no attempt to interrupt. He had once heard about the Serpentine Sovereign, and in fact, he may have already met her. There was a female serpent-man expert back in the Hundred Thousand Mountains. That female serpent-man expert possessed extreme beauty and a powerful cultivation. She even joined hands with the other Supreme-Beings and attacked Whitey. Could that serpent-woman be the Serpentine Sovereign?

That would be interesting. Could it be that when the Serpentine Sovereign took a fancy to Yu Fu's talent and took her in as a disciple, she forbade Yu Fu from studying culinary arts from him? She was truly overbearing.

And, sure enough, Yu Feng's next words proved Bu Fang's deductions to be true.

"After taking Yu Fu in as her disciple, the Serpentine Sovereign decided to pass down her legacy to Yu Fu, which meant that Yu Fu is supposed to become the next Serpentine Sovereign and master of the Grand Serpentine City. Thus, Yu Fu's status will soar and become nobility, so the Serpentine Sovereign naturally wouldn't allow her to continue studying culinary arts."

When Yu Feng finished speaking, he cautiously observed Bu Fang's expression.

Bu Fang squinted his eyes. He finally understood what this was all about. It seemed that the serpent-men tribe had profited at Yu Fu's expense. That would explain the reason why it had undergone such incredible changes.

Moreover, the reason why Yu Feng's cultivation advanced, and he now seemed like he wasn't far away from a breakthrough to the eighth grade War-God echelon, was because he had also benefited from Yu Fu becoming the successor of the Grand Serpentine City.

Tsk, tsk... it was truly interesting.

"What Yu Fu thought about all of it? Could it be that she doesn't want to continue studying culinary arts from me?" Bu Fang looked at Yu Feng and asked.

Yu Feng's complexion immediately stiffened and he started hesitating.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled up as his heart became cold. It seemed like it was as he expected.

Yu Fu's culinary talent was many times better than her cultivation talent, and it was obvious from the vigorous practice Yu Fu did every day at the store that she was truly fond of culinary arts. It was impossible for her to forgo it for riches and honor.

It was obvious that the serpent-men had forced her.

Bu Fang didn't care to ask how they had coerced her. The knowledge that there was someone forcing his apprentice to do what they didn't want to do was already enough information for him. The temptation of riches and honor wasn't something that everyone could resist, and her father and tribe have both profited from her current noble status.

The more Bu Fang thought about it, the angrier he got, and his gaze at Yu Feng gradually turned ice-cold.

"Speak! why did you shut up? What's Yu Fu's stance on this matter?" Bu Fang coldly asked Yu Feng.

Finding it difficult to answer Bu Fang's questions, Yu Feng pursed his lips.

What else would Yu Fu think about all of this? At that time, she reiterated her desire to study culinary arts, and thus, she wanted to return to the Imperial Capital to resume her studies under Bu Fang. She was more ready to embrace death than obey them.

However, how could they let her miss such an opportunity? Culinary arts had no good prospects, and her status would only be a chef at best. In comparison to becoming the Serpentine Sovereign, the former was akin to mud while the latter was akin to a bright cloud in the sky.

Naturally, Yu Feng had hoped for Yu Fu to become the Serpentine Sovereign's disciple because it would greatly benefit him and the tribe. Moreover, it was also a great opportunity for Yu Fu.

"Owner Bu, I'm sure you'd understand how great an honor it is to become the disciple of the Serpentine Sovereign. The Serpentine Sovereign is a Supreme-Being!" Yu Feng tried to explain to Bu Fang.

However, Bu Fang dismissed Yu Feng's appeal with a wave of his hand; he had no more desire to continue listening.

"Therefore, in summary, becoming the Serpentine Sovereign's disciple is an honor, but becoming my apprentice is a shame, isn't it? Your words... are truly bold and daring." Bu Fang sneered coldly.

Upon hearing the former's rhetorical question, Yu Feng fell silent. However, one of the serpent-men elders behind Yu Feng could no longer stand Bu Fang's overbearing attitude, and he had reached his tipping point.

Since there was no more room for discussion between both parties, making it seem like they would shortly turn hostile to each other, the serpent-man elder came forward and rebuked Bu Fang.

"Snort! The glory involved in becoming the Serpentine Sovereign's disciple isn't something the likes of you can understand. What prospects would her highness, Yu Fu, have if she studied culinary arts from you? She's already someone capable of becoming the Grand Serpentine City's master. How dare you compare yourself to the Serpentine Sovereign? Who exactly do you think you are? Are you even worthy?"

Immediately, the countenances of Yu Feng and Ah Ni changed. Ah Ni glared at the elder, but Yu Feng hesitated, pondered about it for a while and decided not to stop the elder.

In fact, even Yu Feng himself believed that there was more glory in becoming the Serpentine Sovereign's disciple than there was in becoming Bu Fang's apprentice.

"Shut up..." Bu Fang's mood countenance turned completely cold. His mood—which was already sour—worsened when he saw the serpent-man elder gibber at him.

He waved his hand, a wisp of green smoked revolved around it, and a black shadow appeared in his grasp. As soon as it appeared, the black shadow streaked toward the serpent-man elder.

However, the serpent-man elder was a seventh grade Battle-Saint, so he didn't fear Bu Fang; after all, the cultivation that Bu Fang displayed was also that of a seventh grade Battle-Saint.

Was there even a need to ponder a choice between becoming a Supreme-Being's disciple or a Battle-Saint's apprentice? Even a fool would immediately realize the better choice.

"Snort! How bold of you! You dare to be this unbridled within our tribe?!"

After snorting coldly, the true energy of the serpent-man elder burst up from his body as he attempted to slap away the incoming black shadow.

However, when his palm made contact with the black shadow, the serpent-man elder's expression, which had been brimming with self-confidence, instantly turned ugly.

It was because he was now able to see what the black shadow was. Unexpectedly, it was a wok, and when his palm slapped the wok, he felt as though he had attempted to slap away a humongous mountain.

He was unable of even lightly shaking and pushing it away. He was even incapable of making it budge—even a little.

The black wok continued on as though nothing had happened, and with a sickeningly loud crack, the serpent-man elder's arm turned into a fog of blood and splattered around the surroundings.

Immediately, the serpent-man elder's miserable shriek resonated through the air. His face was filled with terror as he watched the black wok continue on toward him.

Yu Feng's eyes contracted.

He could only stare on helplessly as the serpent-man elder was crushed to death by Bu Fang's wok.

Bu Fang waved his hand, and the black wok—which hadn't been smeared, even by a single drop of blood—returned to him and floated above his palm.

"You know that the Serpentine Sovereign is a Supreme-Being, but do you know how powerful I am?" Bu Fang asked indifferently.

If he tossed his black wok out, then even the Serpentine Sovereign would be knocked senseless by it, let alone a trifling Battle-Saint.

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