Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 382: The Overbearing Owner Bu Kills Another Person

Chapter 382: The Overbearing Owner Bu Kills Another Person

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Once the wok had smashed the serpent-man elder into bits, Bu Fang's aura, which was already considered imposing, became overwhelming. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok hovered above Bu Fang's palm as he graced the serpent-men with a cold gaze.

"I hadn't expected Bu Fang to be this overbearing and smash an elder into paste over a little remark. His temper is slightly similar to this Lord Dog's."

Yu Feng's expression had long since turned ugly, and the serpent-men elders behind him were all enraged and glared at Bu Fang in indignation.

Unexpectedly, Bu Fang had dared to wantonly kill one of their clansmen—in front of them. Moreover, he had killed a seventh grade Battle-Saint. This showed that he looked down on their tribe.

Yu Feng, whose expression was unsightly, took in a deep breath and decided not to pursue the matter; he didn't have the strength nor the gall to do it. After all, he wasn't the Serpentine Sovereign nor was he a Supreme-Being. While he faced Bu Fang, who had the lazy, plump dog beside him, Yu Feng could only clench his teeth and bare.

When Ah Ni saw the serpentine-man elder get crushed to death by Bu Fang's wok, he couldn't stop the corners of his lips from curling upwards. Bu Fang was his idol, and for disrespecting him, that serpent-man elder deserved everything that happened to him.

"Patriarch, could it be that you plan to let this arrogant kid who has just killed a clansman off... without uttering a single word? Several clansmen, who were unable to bear their anger, said in displeasure to Yu Feng.

However, Yu Feng had his reasons, and he couldn't speak of them.

As the Black Turtle Constellation Wok revolved above his palm, Bu Fang gazed coldly at the serpent-men.

Upon hearing the serpent-men elders' complaints, the corners of Bu Fang's lips curled up, and he said, "Yu Fu is my apprentice, and as long as she still loves culinary arts, no one can deprive her of her right to become a chef; not even you all or... the Serpentine Sovereign."

How arrogant!

The serpent-men elders were so enraged, their chests began to heave intensely.

"This is her highness Yu Fu's tribe; it isn't a place where a human like you can behave as wantonly as you like," an old serpent-woman roared as a sharp glint flickered within her eyes.

Bu Fang shot a cold gaze at the old woman and waved his hand, causing the Black Turtle Constellation Wok to immediately fly towards her.

The old woman was shocked and tried to evade the wok. She didn't dare to face it head-on.

The previous scene of that elder getting crushed by this wok was still vivid in her memory, and since she wasn't foolish, she would dare tackle in the in-coming wok head on.

"Owner Bu, could you give me some face and stop causing trouble in my tribe... There are several people of importance from the Grand Serpentine City within the tribe, and if you anger them, I'm afraid that you..."

Yu Feng's urged Bu Fang with an unsightly expression.

"Are you asking me to give you face with a threat? You have really become more daring..." The corners of Bu Fang's lips curled upwards into a cold sneer.

He actually used the Grand Serpentine City's experts to threaten me? Since he shows so much confidence in these experts, could there be Supreme-Beings amongst them?

"No, I wouldn't dare threaten you, Owner Bu. It's just that I'm the patriarch, after all, and I hoped that you could be lenient and stop causing trouble for us."

Although Yu Feng was confident because he had the Grand Serpentine City as his backing, he was still very much aware of how terrifying Bu Fang was.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok returned to Bu Fang's hands. He gazed at Yu Feng and said, "I can do that. As long as you intend to let Yu Fu return with me, we'll have room for discussion."

"This..." Yu Feng suddenly found himself in a dilemma.

"Kid, you truly don't know what's good for you. Do you truly think you can bully our tribe as you want? Her highness, Yu Fu, is the next Serpentine Sovereign, and she isn't someone a lowly human like you can get close to."

All of the serpent-men elders couldn't bear shouting out one after another. The serpent-men elders hollered at Bu Fang continuously.

Yu Fu was the hope their tribe had of rising higher up, so how could they possibly let go of this opportunity and allow the future Serpentine Sovereign—and Grand Serpentine City's ruler—to leave with a human kid? There weren't fools, so how could they let such a thing happen?

The enraged serpent-men elders proceeded to jointly attack Bu Fang. Since neither side could accept the other's terms, they could only fight.

"Elders! Stop!"

Upon witnessing the scene, Ah Ni's complexion changed. He admired Bu Fang, so he didn't want to see him fall out with the serpent-men tribe. Weren't they all friends?

Therefore, he gave a loud shout and whipped his tail in front of Bu Fang, blocking the attacks of several elders.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok flew out and hovered in front of Ah Ni, and every attack that struck the wok was incapable of causing it to move an inch.

After the onslaught, Ah Ni's complexion was left pale. After all, he had just recently broken through to the Battle-Saint realm, so blocking the attacks of the Battle-Saint serpent-men elders completely drained him of his strength.

Bu Fang placed his hands on Ah Ni's shoulder and pulled him behind.

Afterward, Bu Fang waved his hand, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok effortlessly blocked all the serpent-men elders' attacks. This left the elders feeling shocked.

"Ah Ni, do you intend to betray the tribe?"

That old serpent-woman squinted her eyes, glared at Ah Ni, whose complexion was pale, and shouted coldly.

Ah Ni's body trembled, and when he tried to speak up and explain, he was interrupted by Bu Fang.

"Don't use the name of your tribe to coerce people. In order to satisfy your own vanity, you forced Yu Fu to become the Serpentine Sovereign's disciple. Did you even ask her about what she'd love to do?"

Bu Fang clenched his hand into a fist, causing the Black Turtle Constellation Wok to shrink until it became the size of a saucer.

"Snort! The Serpentine Sovereign's prestige isn't something that a human like you can understand." The old serpent-woman sneered with a cold expression.

"You're too noisy." Bu Fang calmly looked at her and waved his hand.

The saucer-sized Black Turtle Constellation Wok immediately shot toward the old serpent-woman with a piercing whistle.

The old serpent-woman's complexion quickly changed, and she wriggled her tail, trying to evade Bu Fang's strike.

However, the speed of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok which had just shrunk increased immensely, and with a resounding thunder, it arrived before the old serpent-woman.

In an attempt to smack the Black Turtle Constellation Wok away, the old serpent-woman roared with resentment and raised both her arms in front of her.

However, the Black Turtle Constellation's weight made it impossible for a trifling seventh grade Battle-Saint to push it away.

As soon as the wok collided with her arms, they got crushed. The old serpent-woman's miserably shriek permeated the air as she was sent flying far away.

"Respected sirs of the Grand Serpentine City, quickly make a move. This arrogant human seeks to take her highness Yu Fu away." As soon as the old serpent-woman fell to the ground, her disheveled hair flew around, and her eyes brimmed with hatred as she shouted in anger.

As soon as she hollered, Yu Feng's complexion changed. He stepped forward to prevent her from saying any more, but it was already too late.

"Owner Bu, you should leave quickly..." Yu Feng said to Bu Fang with a sigh and a complex expression.

One of the respected sirs of the Grand Serpentine City was a Supreme-Being expert, and although the black dog was powerful and capable of leading the Supreme-Being away, Owner wouldn't be able to confront the other Eighth Grade War-Gods by himself.

Bu Fang only indifferently stared at Yu Feng in reply.


In a place further away from there, an intense wave of energy surged into the sky. Several winding serpent-men exuding boundless auras rushed out from there. As soon as the old serpent-woman saw this, a fervent expression appeared on her face. "Sir, it's this arrogant human who seeks to take away her highness Yu Fu."

"With me here, who will dare take away our Grand Serpentine City's successor? Do you want to start a war against our Grand Serpentine City?" A deafening shout reverberated from the sky.

Up high in the sky, there was a serpent-man who had a long white hair and scales that glowed blood-red. His body emitted an extremely terrifying aura.

He was obviously a Supreme-Being.

Bu Fang was quite familiar with the auras of Supreme-Beings. Although the aura of the Supreme-Being before him was many times weaker than those he had met in the past, the imposing old serpent-man was still a Supreme-Being, after all.

That serpent-man's eyes were like a pair of blood-red balls, and they emitted a blood-red radiance as he stared at Bu Fang.

There was only one human there. Bu Fang. Therefore, it wasn't a surprise that the old man's gaze first locked onto him.

"Arrogant kid! You are screwed!" howled the old serpent-woman whose arms were crushed by the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Her eyes brimmed with hatred.

Filled with worry, Ah Ni pulled at Bu Fang's sleeves repeatedly, urging him to quickly flee.

"You really are too noisy..." Bu Fang furrowed his brows. With a single thought, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok streaked towards to old serpent-woman once more. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok's immense speed caused it to rip apart the air in its way, reach its target in an instant, and crush her to death.

"Even if there was a Supreme-Being here, so what? He will still be unable to save your life."

Bu Fang's calm voice resounded out, and it caused countless peoples' heart to shudder in fear.

The countenance of the old Supreme-Being who was hovering in the sky with an aloof expression suddenly turned ice-cold, and his piercing gaze began to emit a killing intent.

"With me here, you still dare to kill people? You are truly arrogant, and you aren't taking me seriously, are you?"

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