Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 380: Yu Fu Cannot Continue Studying Culinary Arts From You

Chapter 380: Yu Fu Cannot Continue Studying Culinary Arts From You

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After Bu Fang opened the store's door, the warm and comforting rays from the sun fell onto his body.

Blacky was lying on the ground squinting its eyes as it rested. It didn't care about Bu Fang who had just exited the store.

Bu Fang, who wore a white long gown, yawned and stretched himself as he walked toward Blacky who was sleeping at the entrance of the store. When Bu Fang reached out his hand to stroke Blacky's head, it woke up and glared resentfully at Bu Fang.

If you didn't bring any Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, then don't disturb your Lord Dog!

"Wake up and prepare to leave. We'll be heading out to complete the mission soon." Bu Fang curled the corners of his mouth upwards and he completely ignored Lord Dog's resentful glare. He continued to stroke Blacky's head as he calmly told Blacky to get ready for the mission.

After it heard Bu Fang, Blacky was taken aback. Perform a mission?

Bu Fang already entrusted Xiao Xiaolong with the store, so he didn't need to be worried at all as Xiao Xiaolong was already familiar with the daily affairs of the store. This was because Bu Fang had been traveling out quite frequently.

Bu Fang stood up and slightly raised his head. He looked at the countless specks of white light which were appearing in the air. The specks of white light formed a mysterious and profound teleportation array.

"Host, get ready, as the teleportation array to the Illusory Spirit Swamp will be activated soon."

The system's solemn and earnest voice resounded in Bu Fang's mind. It caused his heart to shudder slightly.

Lord Dog raised its head and shot a glance at the teleportation array above Bu Fang. A trace of astonishment flashed in its eyes.

"A great distance teleportation array? Using such an array for such a short distance is truly a waste..."

The Lord Dog inwardly murmured to itself. Before long, waves of wind could be seen coming out from the array endlessly.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A strong hurricane surged out of that array and wrapped around Bu Fang.

Was the teleportation beginning?

Bu Fang called Blacky over and it calmly stood up and walked over with two legs. It was like a cat who stood up on both of its hind legs as it walked over with a pace which was not fast nor slow. It gradually walked into the center of the hurricane.


A fluctuation echoed through the store and Bu Fang disappeared together with Blacky.

The store's front became peaceful and calm again.


In the Illusory Spirit Swamp.

In the sky above a part of the swamp, countless specks of light appeared out of nowhere and covered the entire sky. The light specks slowly gathered and formed an array.

Gales of wind rose and swept through the mud in the swamp. The mud was stirred up and it caused splashing sounds to echo through the swamp.

The faces of the small spirit beasts who lived in the swamp were filled with confusion as they were swept up into the air.

Before long, the gales disappeared and the figure of a man appeared above the swamp.

When the wind disappeared, the mud which was swept up fell to the ground and splashing sounds could be heard everywhere.

Blacky stood beside Bu Fang as it scanned its surroundings with a disgusted look on its face. The entire place was filled with sticky, stinking mud… Blacky couldn't help but seal its own nose. Where the hell were they?

After Bu Fang observed the surroundings, he found the place slightly familiar. Although everywhere seemed to look the same in the Illusory Spirit Swamp, there were exceptions.

"If we walk further into the swamp, we might reach the serpent-men herb farm. Yu Fu's serpent-men tribe was located there as well." Bu Fang thought to himself and slightly squinted his eyes.

"If I didn't remember wrongly, that girl Yu Fu returned to her tribe not too long ago. After returning, there was no more news about her. Could it be that she became too attached to her home and didn't want to return to the store?"

Since he was here at the Illusory Spirit Swamp today, Bu Fang decided to pay Yu Fu's tribe a visit. He wanted to see what happened to that serpent-women, Yu Fu.

If things went the way it should, she should have already returned to the store.

When he thought about it, Bu Fang led Blacky, whose face was filled with disgust and dissatisfaction, toward the serpent-men tribe.

Just like what he expected, after a short while, they saw the simple and crude fence around the serpent-men herb farm. Since they found the herb farm, they should be near the serpent-men tribe.

Bu Fang climbed over the fence while Blacky waved its paw and destroyed it. Raising its head, Blacky strode through the fence like a proud cat.

When Bu Fang saw that Blacky had demolished the fence, he rolled his eyes at it. What a prideful dog.

The spirit herbs within the herb farm were still luxuriant and exuberant. However, Bu Fang would obviously not care about some low-grade spirit herb like these. As for Blacky, the spirit herbs were not even worth a glance.

A human and a dog quickly crossed over the herb farm. While they were doing so, they were naturally spotted by the serpent-men who were guarding the farm.

"Who's there?"

A loud shout came from the guards and countless serpent-men surrounded Bu Fang and Blacky. All of them held lances in their hands.

Bu Fang calmly looked at those serpent-men who surrounded him and he furrowed his brows.

"Don't create trouble here. Just hurry up and call your patriarch, Yu Feng, over here."

Bu Fang's words shocked all of the serpent-men who were surrounding him. Was this human and dog duo retarded? Why would the patriarch appear just because you called him over?

Are you cracking a joke right now?

A disdainful and cold smile emerged on the faces of the guards. This human was too arrogant and conceited. Was the patriarch someone he could meet whenever he wanted?

"Obediently come with us. The patriarch isn't someone who will meet random people who arrive in our territory."

One serpent-man guard coldly sneered and shot a look at Blacky who was beside Bu Fang. Waving his lance, it emitted a cold chill and the guard pointed the lance at Bu Fang.

Blacky looked at that group of guards which were waving their lances and its eyes slightly flickered. The idea of lifting its paw emerged in its head. "It would require just a wave of my paw to take care of these ant-like serpent-men ... Why is this kid Bu Fang arguing with them? We should quickly finish the mission! That way, we can return to the shop and sleep..."

When he saw that Blacky was about to attack them, Bu Fang lightly coughed and stopped Blacky. Turning his head, he gazed at those serpent-men and the aura of a seventh grade Battle-Saint burst out from his body.

"You shouldn't casually wave your paws. We must subdue people with our words and reason." Bu Fang thought to himself.

Those guards weren't stupid. The moment they sensed the aura of a seventh grade Battle-Saint coming from Bu Fang's body, their expressions changed.

Was this human a seventh grade Battle-Saint?

The feeling of fright welled up in the hearts of those guards. The strongest among them was only a fifth grade Battle-King. How was it possible for them to confront a seventh grade Battle-Saint?

"Lead me to meet your patriarch," Bu Fang said calmly to the guards.

How could they possibly refuse him? They obediently brought Bu Fang and Blacky over to their tribe. Although Bu Fang came to their tribe in the past, they didn't recognize him at all.

At a distant place, it seemed like the rest of the serpent-men received the news about Bu Fang invading their territory. Countless elite serpents-men guards rushed out and a loud roar came from behind them.

"Who dares to invade the serpent-men tribe?"

When the angry shout resounded through the swamp, a figure rushed over from a distant place. Mud splashed everywhere behind the figure as it moved through the swamp. The serpent-man Ah Ni widened his eyes as he swept his gaze all around him.

When the other serpent-men saw him, a look of respect appeared on their faces.

The serpent-man Ah Ni was the commander of the guards. His cultivation had reached the seventh grade Battle-Saint realm. He was extremely powerful in the eyes of the guards. If commander Ah Ni got angry, the human who invaded their tribe would definitely die.

The aura which was emitted by Ah Ni was extremely powerful. When he widened his eyes, they seemed to be like a pair of bronze bells. His upper body was filled with bulging muscles which contained explosive strength.

The moment he appeared, he glared at the guards who were around him.

"You said that a human invaded our tribe? He arrogantly demanded to meet our leader?" Ah Ni asked them.

While he was asking his question, his gaze passed the guards and landed on Bu Fang, who was standing in the middle of those guards. Bu Fang looked at Ah Ni with a faint smile on his face.

When the serpent-men saw Ah Ni, they became bolder. They quickly informed Ah Ni about what happened and they slightly altered the story. They sneakily fanned the flames as they wanted their commander to help them take revenge on this human.

Arrogant human, you are in deep trouble now… Since you dared to be pretentious, you should pay and suffer for your actions.

However, the scene which played out was completely out of their expectations. The complexion of the guards stiffened and their voices gradually began to fade out. They widened their eyes in disbelief when they saw what was actually happening.

Their commander, Ah Ni, whom they admired and respected, rushed over to the human. Ah Ni's overbearing attitude disappeared the moment he saw the human. After rushing over to him, Ah Ni fawned over him and treated the human extremely respectfully.

All of the serpent-men guards were dumbfounded when they saw what was happening.

Was this still the Commander Ah Ni who was usually dignified and awe-inspiring? Was he still the overbearing Commander Ah Ni who was able to tear apart sixth grade spirit beasts barehanded? Was he still the powerful Commander Ah Ni who could cut down seventh grade spirit beasts?

"Oh, Owner Bu, why did you come here? If you were coming over, you should have informed me of your arrival..."

The moment Ah Ni saw Bu Fang, his heart shuddered with fright. He was surprised to see Bu Fang in the Illusory Spirit Swamp and he quickly greeted the visitor. When he thought about the identity of the human standing before him, he couldn't help but be respectful. This was the owner of the shady store in the Light Wind Empire's Capital! The power behind his store was extremely impressive and countless corpses of eighth grade War-Gods were buried because of the store.

He didn't dare to confront Bu Fang at all. Let alone confronting Bu Fang, Bu Fang was his idol. Ah Ni even wanted to study the culinary arts from Bu Fang but he was mercilessly rejected by him. However, that didn't affect the feeling of worship and adoration Ah Ni had for Bu Fang.

Bu Fang looked at Ah Ni whose face was full of respect and excitement. He felt as though he was looking at one of his fans. Bu Fang found this both funny and embarrassing at the same time.

"What happened to Yu Fu? Shouldn't she have already returned to the tribe? Could it be that the matters of the tribe were not settled?"

Bu Fang didn't beat around the bush. He stared at Ah Ni and directly asked him about Yu Fu. The reason why he came to this serpent-men tribe was because he wanted to know more about Yu Fu's matter. That lassie was his apprentice and he should properly take care of her.

When Bu Fang mentioned Yu Fu's name, the complexion of all the serpent-men surrounding him became quite ugly.

Ah Ni's smile froze when he heard Bu Fang's question. Even though he was excited when he met Bu Fang, when Yu Fu's name was mentioned, Ah Ni was shocked. With an embarrassed expression, he looked at Bu Fang and a trace of hesitation flashed in his eyes.

Bu Fang was slightly bewildered by the changes in Ah Ni's expression. He furrowed his brow and asked, "What happened?"

Ah Ni took a deep breath when he noticed that Bu Fang's expression was getting colder. His heart shuddered in fright. He shot a look at the lazy dog beside Bu Fang as his pupils contracted. He felt as though an invisible hand was grabbing his throat and he found it difficult to breathe.

Why on earth was this dog here?

This plump dog was terrifying… It was as scary as a demonic fiend!

That unforgettable scene of this black dog slapping countless eighth grade War-Gods was etched in his memory. Ah Ni was frightened just by looking at Blacky.

When he turned his head to look at Bu Fang, Ah Ni's heart shuddered again.

In the end, he still opened his mouth to tell Bu Fang the truth. While he was telling Bu Fang everything, his gaze wandered around. It was obvious that he didn't dare to look into Bu Fang's eyes.

"Yu Fu... Her current situation experienced some changes. She isn't in the tribe now. In the future, she may not be able to go back… She may not be able to study the culinary arts from you anymore."

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