Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 379: Ji Chengxue's Request

Chapter 379: Ji Chengxue's Request

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Far away from Bu Fang and Blacky, Ji Chengxue only dared to approach the store after seeing that Bu Fang returned in satisfaction. His entire body was trembling all over as he approached the store. He was extremely afraid of Blacky. It suddenly raised its paw without any reason… Was that paw something which could be so casually raised?

That paw once slapped a Supreme-Being to death… How could Ji Chengxue not be afraid?

Ji Chengxue only dared to approach the store after seeing that Blacky had turned its attention to the porcelain plate in front of it. When he saw Blacky stuffing its face with Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, Ji Chengxue led his eunuchs and cautiously entered the store.

Today, he had some matters which he wanted to discuss with Bu Fang.

After entering the store, Ji Chengxue couldn't help himself. He took a deep breath as the air in the store was filled with a fragrant and sweet smell. He really enjoyed it.

He didn't immediately look for Bu Fang and discuss the matter. Instead, he looked for a seat and ordered some dishes. Of course, he ordered a bottle of the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine to go with his food.

After eating and drinking, he declared:

"Owner Bu... This sovereign has something to talk to you about." Ji Chengxue addressed the issue as he gazed toward Bu Fang, who was curling up on a chair.

Bu Fang squinted his eyes as he turned his head to look at Ji Chengxue. There was a puzzled look on his face.

"You should also be aware of the extremely terrifying fight which occurred between Supreme-Beings. Almost half of the Imperial Capital was destroyed in that fight. Countless citizens became homeless after it… They became somewhat... dispirited."

Ji Chengxue sighed as he slowly spoke.

Bu Fang quietened down and he didn't utter a word. He stared at Ji Chengxue with no change in his expression.

"This sovereign earnestly requests that you can cook some dishes for the citizens. I want to use your delicious dishes to calm them down and bring them some relief." Ji Chengxue sincerely looked at Bu Fang.

This was the solution he came up with after thinking about it for a long time. Owner Bu's dishes were able to please everyone. This should be a good solution to alleviate the citizens' grief.

However, he wasn't sure whether Bu Fang would be willing to cook for them. Of course, he had no idea how much payment Bu Fang would demand.

After all, it would take a huge amount of food to satisfy the number of people Ji Chengxue wanted to feed. Bu Fang had to cook for half of the population in the Imperial Capital… That was a lot of food.

After hearing Ji Chengxue's request, Bu Fang looked at him in astonishment. He would never have expected that Ji Chengxue's request would be to cook.

Bu Fang didn't reject his request. After all, he was the reason why the fight between the Supreme-Beings occurred. He could be considered somewhat responsible for the destruction of the Imperial Capital. He definitely would not mind cooking for them.

He already convinced Blacky to follow him out for the mission. As such, he would be leaving the Imperial Capital after three days.

Thus, Bu Fang knew that he had to start early in order to complete Ji Chengxue's request in time.

After Bu Fang informed Ji Chengxue about his conditions, a trace of excitement appeared on Ji Chengxue's face.

As long as Bu Fang was willing to do it, everything would be fine. As for when the request was completed, the earlier the better! Bu Fang saying that he would complete the request within three days wasn't considered a condition at all.

They agreed that the event would be set for the next day.

After Ji Chengxue returned to the Imperial Palace, he immediately ordered for people to disseminate the news. The news that the black-hearted store's owner would cook for all of the citizens in the Imperial Capital quickly spread through the city.

Everyone was excited and looking forward to it.

The reputation of that shady store was increasing significantly in the Imperial Capital. Everyone, from four-year-old kids to those old men who were in their eighties, knew about the store.

How could they not get excited when they heard that the owner of such a famous store would cook for them?

There were even some people who were so excited that they couldn't fall asleep at night.


On the following day, when morning came, Bu Fang crawled out of his bed pretty early and went to the kitchen to practice his cutting and carving skills. After he was done practicing, he prepared several folds of the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs for Blacky who was lying beside the door. He opened the store after he fed Blacky.

Xiao Xiaolong and Ouyang Xiaoyi appeared at the entrance of the store before long.

Bu Fang left Xiao Xiaolong in the store and he brought Ouyang Xiaoyi along with him as he walked towards the Light Wind Empire's Imperial Palace. Since he accepted Ji Chengxue's request, he would naturally keep to his word.

Yesterday, he already informed Ji Chengxue about all of the ingredients he required. Ji Chengxue said that all of them would be prepared before Bu Fang arrived. Bu Fang was now going over to the main hall in order to process and deal with the ingredients.


The Light Wind Empire's Imperial Capital, the Gate of Heavenly Mystery Square.

The vast Gate of Heavenly Mystery Square was filled with countless citizens. It seemed as though it had turned into a small-scale market.

When their houses were destroyed in the battle some time ago, all of them gathered at the Gate of Heavenly Mystery Square. Some of them had set up tents and others had set up stalls. The owners of the stalls seemed quite satisfied as their business was pretty good.

Such a scene which was buzzing with activity thoroughly dumbfounded Bu Fang. He felt as though he had returned to the food-market in his previous world.

Bu Fang led Ouyang Xiaoyi as they squeezed through the Gate of Heavenly Mystery Square. They eventually entered the Imperial Palace.

Ji Chengxue was already waiting for Bu Fang in the main hall. The moment Bu Fang appeared, Ji Chengxue personally led him to the imperial kitchen.

The imperial kitchen was extremely tidy and neat and the moment Bu Fang stepped into the imperial kitchen, the countless cooks who were in the kitchen stared at him with sparkling eyes. Bu Fang was the idol of all the chefs in the Light Wind Empire's Imperial Capital.

After looking at the ingredients which were enough to fill up a whole room, Bu Fang nodded his head calmly. He took out a kitchen knife and started to process the ingredients skillfully.

The speed which Bu Fang waved his kitchen knife was extremely quick and swift. In the eyes of ordinary people, they could only see the blurred figure of a knife flying around. The sound of the collision of the knife and the cutting board sounded like melodic music. When flashes of light flickered across the knife in Bu Fang's hand, it seemed to have transformed into a meteor which streaked across the sky. It dazzled everyone present.

That big pile of ingredients was completely processed in just a short while.

After he was done processing the ingredients, Bu Fang started to cook. A dish which could be cooked in great quantities and was suitable for a huge amount of people would obviously be the Rainbow-Colored Crescent Moon Dumplings. It was the dish which won the previous Hundred Families Banquet. Cooking such a dish would definitely not smear Bu Fang's reputation.

When the countless white and boiled dumplings were ready, bowls which emitted dense steam were carried out to the citizens. Cheering sounds immediately broke out from the Gate of Heavenly Mystery Square as the countless citizens had been waiting for a long time.

When the first citizen nibbled on a Rainbow-Colored Crescent Moon Dumpling, the minced meat in the dumpling emitted a sweet scent which filled the area.

The Rainbow-Colored Crescent Moon Dumpling emitted many types of fragrances. When rays of beautiful light burst out from the dumpling, multicolored clouds formed in the air.

A satisfied expression filled the faces of the citizens who ate the Rainbow-Colored Crescent Moon Dumpling. The sadness and grief the citizens felt due to the loss of their homes had been alleviated because of the dish. They all felt full of hope and expectation for the future.


In a place towering high above the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Executive Feng led a group of disciples as he walked out of the main hall and stepped into the square. His gaze swept through everyone in the square and an ice-cold expression appeared on his serious face. There wasn't even the slightest trace of a smile on his face when he addressed them.

"Usually, none of you would ever get to enter the training ground. However, this time, I'll be leading all of you into it. There, all of you will be facing the aboriginal people who are living in the training ground. You all need tempering and experience of life and death battles. The aboriginals there don't have high levels of cultivation and will be your opponents… This is a test for all of you. I hope that you will not disappoint me and fail to meet the sect's expectations," Executive Feng said earnestly and solemnly.

The moment he finished his speech, two people who wore long gray gowns appeared behind him.

Executive Feng nodded toward them and an extremely powerful aura burst out from the two of them.

They formed countless seals with their hands as a formless fluctuation swept through everyone present. Countless rays of light poured into every one of the disciples who were going to set out to the training ground.

After it was done, Executive Feng nodded in satisfaction and waved his hand. A giant warship appeared in the air and gradually became bigger until it covered the entire sky.

That majestic warship floated in the air as it emitted a boundless aura. When the disciples looked at the warship in the air, a frantic and frenzied expression appeared on their faces.

When all of the disciples had boarded the warship, Executive Feng stepped on the air and walked toward it.

A rumbling sound which rivaled that of Buddhist drums resounded through the sky. The warship started to ascend slowly into the sky. After reaching a certain altitude, it emitted an intense whistling sound as it sped through the skies.

It rushed out of the Hundred Thousand Mountains and went toward the Illusory Spirit Swamp.

"We can't fail this time. We have to obtain the big crystal mine. The mine should be controlled by the Grand Sect and we must mercilessly kill any aboriginal who dares to stand in our way."

Executive Feng proudly stood at the front of the warship despite the strong wind blowing against him. His clothes fluttered behind him as the warship sped toward the Illusory Spirit Swamp.

The warship eventually flew out of the Hundred Thousand Mountains. When it passed by the Clear Sky Pagoda, there was no expert who dared to approach the ship. All of the experts in the Clear Sky Pagoda were frightened.

Executive Feng, who was standing at the front of the warship, shot a look of disdain toward the Clear Sky Pagoda.

After the warship left, the aggrieved Bei Gongming, who was in a sorry state, set out toward the Light Wind Empire's Capital.

His objective was to arrive at the Imperial Capital and supervise that kid who swallowed the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames. He would wait for Executive Feng to return and snatch back the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

Bei Gongming, who was full of ressentiment, was looking forward to seeing the pitiful fate of the kid who pounded him three times with a wok.

Executive Feng was an existence at the Divine Physique Echelon. It would be easy for him to deal with a kid at the seventh grade. Even that puppet who was able to fight against Supreme-Being experts was just an ant in front of a Divine-Physique-Echelon expert.

You should tremble in fear, damned aboriginal!

I already prepared a special "black wok" to pound you with...

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