Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 365: The Arrival of a Half-Step Divine Realm Expert

Chapter 365: The Arrival of a Half-Step Divine Realm Expert

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The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was floating in the air in the middle of the kitchen and it emitted a golden radiance. The stripes and patterns on it started to flicker when the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames burned below it.

Those flickering patterns formed a mysterious and profound picture of a Black Turtle. The picture slightly dazzled Bu Fang's eyes.

A thick and dense smell of blood quickly filled the kitchen. The smell of blood was both fishy and scalding. Anyone who smelled it couldn't help but frown. That was the smell of dragon blood. When it was heated up using the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the blood started boiling as it emitted countless bubbles.

Even though the bubbles would be instantly popped by the spiritual energy in the wok once they appeared, it seemed as though they were not deterred. The bubbling never stopped and they would appear once again, only to be broken by the spiritual energy.

That was a supreme Fire Dragon's blood. The blood itself had the properties of magma and would scald anyone who touched it. After being heated up by the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, the temperature of the blood rose even more. Even the spiritual energy around the blood seemed as though it was being roasted and burned by the dragon blood.

A strand of spiritual energy which took on a slightly blood-red luster surged out from the dragon blood. It slowly ascended upwards until it met the porcelain jar. As the jar's temperature wasn't high enough and it contained the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine, the blood-red strand of spiritual energy stuck to the jar.

Countless wisps of blood flowed along the jar's brown surface.

The benevolent Buddha, which had a faint smile, was completely covered by wisps of blood. From a benevolent Buddha, it turned into a Buddha of blood which gave off a malevolent and terrifying aura.

A supreme dragon's blood was completely made up of fine essence. After simmering in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the blood was able to seep through the porcelain jar. It was able to mix together with whatever the jar contained.

Pulling out a chair from behind him, Bu Fang sat down as he watched the dragon blood.

This time, instead of lying back in the chair, he sat up straight. He seemed to be quite serious and earnest when preparing the dish.

He emitted his true energy which turned into countless and innumerable silk-like wisps. They formed a cobweb which intertwined around the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Using the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, Bu Fang was able to sense even the slightest change in the spiritual energy of the ingredients in the wok.

This was true energy cooking. After Bu Fang obtained the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, his true energy cooking standard reached a higher level.

Inside the dish, Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, the first ingredients which came into contact with the simmered dragon blood's essence were the meat of the two supreme beasts.

The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames' special spiritual attribute and properties were also able to seep through the jar. As such, it was able to fuse and blend into the dish.

Bu Fang sensed that the two supreme beast ingredients were like a blazing sun which emitted blinding radiance. The spiritual energy in them was extremely mixed and varied. As it mixed around in the wok, it disturbed and muddled the spiritual energy of the other ingredients.

The higher the grade of the ingredient, the harder it was to cook. This was because the spiritual energy contained in high-grade ingredients was too majestic and abundant. Controlling the spiritual energy in the high-grade ingredient was extremely difficult.

The moment Bu Fang's silk-like wisps of true energy entered the jar, they started to adjust the messy and chaotic spiritual energy. They were like tiny hands as they controlled the spiritual energy in each ingredient.

Bu Fang's true energy was quite mild and gentle. It behaved just like an obedient and meek kitten.

The spiritual energy in those ingredients was extremely tyrannical and irascible. They behaved just like roaring hounds.

According to logic, Bu Fang's true energy would be unable to deal with the spiritual energy within the ingredients. However, the reason why Bu Fang succeeded in doing so was because of the way he used true energy to cook. Instead of using an extremely powerful true energy to oppress the ingredients, Bu Fang's true energy was able to calm the irascible spiritual energy in the ingredients.

Bu Fang was quite proficient and skilled in controlling his true energy. Coupled with the rise in the temperature of the wok, Bu Fang easily calmed down the tyrannical spiritual energy in the ingredients.

Rumble! Rumble!

The dragon blood gradually ascended and rose upwards and the whole kitchen seemed like it was shrouded by a blood-red radiance.

People in the store weren't able to smell the slightest fragrant aroma at all. Instead, a thick and intense smell of blood came from the kitchen and invaded their noses.

The customers were not able to take the smell of blood which had an intense fishy smell to it. They quickly covered their nose in order to avoid the intense smell. What kind of smell was that? It was really stinky and unpleasant. This was their first time catching a whiff of such an unpleasant smell coming from Owner Bu's kitchen.

What kind of dish was Owner Bu cooking?

Ni Yan's complexion gradually changed. It was because her knowledge was broader and more vast compared to others.

"This is dragon blood!"

Dragon blood? When everyone in the store heard her, they were taken aback for a moment. They turned to look at each other and it seemed as though they all thought of something.

Blacky just killed a supreme Fire Dragon with two slaps of its claw. Was that where the dragon blood came from? Was Owner Bu using the supreme Fire Dragon's blood to cook a dish?

Was he cooking dragon blood?

Everyone became excited all of a sudden. A supreme dragon's blood was an extremely precious ingredient. Owner Bu would actually use such a precious ingredient to cook. Only Owner Bu could be this extravagant.

For a moment, they started to feel as though the pungent smell from the kitchen transformed. Everyone felt as though the smell coming from the kitchen wasn't as unpleasant anymore.

In fact, Bu Fang didn't cook the dragon blood. He was only using it as a secondary ingredient to simmer the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall.

Of course, all of this wasn't known by Ni Yan and the others. Otherwise, they would be even more shocked and amazed.

After Blacky, who was lying before the store's door, smelt the scent of the dragon blood, it opened its eyes. It was also slightly surprised as it wasn't clear about what kind of dish Bu Fang was cooking.

Twitching its nose slightly, Blacky tried to use its sense of smell to figure out what Bu Fang was cooking. However, it widened its eyes after a while as it realized that it was unable to think of what Bu Fang was actually cooking. "Did that kid… Did that kid just come up with a new dish?"

This new dish seemed to be quite impressive. Bu Fang actually used ingredients from two supreme beasts to prepare this dish.

All of a sudden, Blacky's interest was aroused. He wanted to taste the dish so badly. Sticking out his tongue, Blacky's eyes started to glitter with excitement.


Outside the Imperial Capital, a majestic and vast army was gradually and quickly approaching. An oppressive pressure emanated from it, which assaulted Ji Chengxue who was standing atop the city wall. The pressure made Ji Chengxue feel stifled and suffocated.

Why did such a huge army appear in front of the Imperial Capital?

Where was the Light Wind Empire's army? That was the army which chased and pursued Ji Chengyu until he peed in his pants.

Ji Chengxue was indeed frightened by the majestic army which appeared right in front of the Imperial Capital. Currently, the only troops left in the Imperial Capital was the City Guard Army.

The City Guard Army only had ten thousand soldiers… How was it possible for them to face the huge army in front of him?

The had just solved the problem of the two supreme beasts which were here to destroy the Imperial Capital. Now, a great army appeared at their doorsteps.

What was puzzling was that no one had any intelligence about this huge army. There wasn't a single soul in Ji Chengxue's army who came to inform him about the presence of such a huge amount of troops.

Duan Ling stood proudly in the sky as his long hair fluttered in the wind.

He didn't take a single look at the army beneath him.

Sending an army to the Light Wind Empire's Capital wasn't his idea at all. In his opinion, sending an army or not wouldn't make a difference. It was the High Priestess who wanted to use an army to assault the Imperial Capital… Duan Ling could only let her do what she wanted.

With his current half-step Divine Realm cultivation, why would he need the help of a mortal army? This was something he found extremely hilarious.

It seemed like the High Priestess wasn't clear about what kind of realm the half-step Divine Realm was.

Although he still didn't completely release himself from one of the Supreme-Being's shackles, he was already an existence Supreme-Beings couldn't fight against.

The Supreme Elder stop atop the city wall and placed both his hands behind him. His white hair and beard fluttered in the wind. At this moment, he seemed to possess a sage-like demeanor.

He took a step in the air as he slowly rose upwards.

His gaze was calm and mild as he gazed at Duan Ling, who was in the air.

Although Duan Ling's entire body emitted a faint trace of world power which caused his heart to palpitate in fear, the Supreme Elder didn't shrink back.

All of a sudden, a sword light broke through the air as it rushed toward the Supreme Elder from a distant place. The tyrannical sword's vigor turned into a man who was standing on top of a sword.

His laughter resounded across the sky as he landed beside the Supreme Elder.

After the sword light scattered, the figure of the White Clouds Villa's Lord, Wu Mu, appeared in front of everybody.

The Supreme Elder looked at him in astonishment. He had thought that Wu Mu would not be present as he had taken some injuries.

Wu Mu stared at Duan Ling in the distance with no fear in his eyes. Instead, his gaze flickered like lighting as he looked at Duan Ling's figure from afar.

The Cloud Rising Sword rose from beneath his feet and landed in his palm.

"Let me have a look at the strength of a half-step Divine Realm expert." Wu Mu laughed out loud and his sword glittered. It emitted an intense sword energy in Wu Mu's hand.

The Supreme Elder was taken aback for a moment before he stroked his beard. In the next moment, he burst out in laughter.

Duan Ling looked at the two of them with indifference as the corners of his mouth gradually rose upwards. A cold expression emerged on his face.

"If the both of you disappear from my sight right now, I can still spare your life. If you are unable to tell what is good for you… You'll both be dead in a second."

The Shura Sword who was floating around him landed in his hand as a dreadful sword intent burst out from it. Along with the world power which emerged from Duan Ling's body, the sword rushed at the Supreme Elder and Wu Mu.

Facing them, the Supreme Elder still calmy stroked his beard before he pinched a seal in his hand. The moment he pinched it, countless resplendent light beams shot out from the walls of the Imperial Capital.

Those light beams contained an abundant and surging energy inside them.

"Out of the arrays which the Celestial Arcanum Sect recorded, the one which was ranked first was this one, the Big Dipper Slaughter Array." The Supreme Elder stared at Duan Ling as he unleashed his trump card.

Wu Mu laughed and he held out his Cloud Rising Sword. Pointing the sword at Duan Ling, the aura which he emitted started to rise.

His sword intent soared into the heaven as it surged out three times. His aura was strengthened to a terrifying degree.

"The White Clouds Villa's secret technique, the Sword Intent Three Eruption."

Duan Ling still had an indifferent look on his face as he faced the ultimate techniques from both the Supreme Elder and Wu Mu. One of the shackles of a Supreme-Being appeared on his muscular left hand and it emitted sounds of collisions.

He held up his sword and a blood-red light flowed through it as the Shura Sword tyrannical sword intent burst out from his sword.

Blacky, who was lying in front of the store, exclaimed in surprise as he turned his head toward the three experts who were outside the Imperial Capital.

"A half-step Divine Realm expert actually came here to cause trouble… This kid Bu Fang is getting better and better at provoking people

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