Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 364: The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Moistened By Dragon Blood

Chapter 364: The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Moistened By Dragon Blood

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In the Southern Region, Supreme-Beings were considered existences at the apex. They overlooked all living beings in the Southern Region, and their aloof status made them seem like gods.

In a situation where these god-like beings were stripped naked and tossed out, it was only natural that their haughty bearings instantly disappeared.

Furthermore, the reverence and fright of their followers disappear along with it.


The spectators were dumbstruck for only moments before they burst out into laughter. Their cackles weren't too loud as most were trying to stifle their laughter.

However, they were indeed laughing.

The two Supreme-Beings of the Godly Temples of the Wildlands awkwardly stood up and quickly covered their lower body, as their faces flushed red with embarrassment. They glared at Whitey, who hovered in front of them, and seemed as though they intended to have some strong words with it.

However, before they could open their mouths, their pupils dilated as they saw Whitey unfurl its wings.

What the fuck! Will you still bully us?

The Supreme-Beings trembled and felt all their body hair stand on end. Suddenly, they turned around and fled at top speed, leaving a storm of dust behind, with their white butts faintly visible within it.

Whitey furled its metallic wings and floated down to the ground. The silver glow in its eyes gradually disappeared, being replaced by the glow of three different colors, which flickered in its eyes once again.

Bu Fang patted the supreme Fire Dragon's body. Although it had already perished, the supreme Fire Dragon's fleshly body was still as tough as it was when the supreme beast was alive. It was, after all, the fleshly body of a supreme beast, so, obviously, it was extraordinary.

The Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand, and he infused his true energy into it, making it glow with a resplendent brilliance. Bu Fang gripped the knife and raised it above the supreme Fire Dragon's neck, his eyes squinting in concentration.


With a heavy sound, the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife pierced through the Fire Dragon's corpse. Bu Fang twisted the knife, exhaled a light breath, and gripped the knife tight, before unexpectedly sprinting beside its body.

After he had run for a while, Bu Fang stamped the ground hard, crushing some rocks underfoot, and leaped up high. With a light holler, Bu Fang swung his knife and directly cut the supreme Fire Dragon's spine. The best ingredient for making the Sweet 'n' Sour Rib was the meat around the spine. Therefore, Bu Fang cut through the spine and the meat around it.

He pulled out the Fire Dragon's spine and put the rest of its body into the system's dimensional storage. Bu Fang lifted the spine and rushed to his store.

When he reached it, Bu Fang rushed into the kitchen and put it down. He washed his hands with fresh water before returning to the dining room.

The troublemakers had finally been taken care of.

He had finally got some free time, so he could begin cooking the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall to try to save Xiao Meng's life, and see if it could dispel the poison.

Xiao Meng's face brimmed with an ash-gray death aura. The poison had already permeated every part of his body. Even his meridians had been corroded by the poison and became ash-gray, looking quite hideous and terrifying.

Xiao Yanyu and Xiao Xiaolong gazed at Bu Fang in expectation; they hoped that he would quickly make the Elixir Cuisine and save their father.

"First, you should help him to sit down," Bu Fang calmly instructed.

Inside the store, the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree emitted a rich and refreshing spiritual energy. As a result of the spiritual energy's influence, Xiao Meng's state seemed to slightly improve.

Bu Fang looked at them silently and placed his hand behind his back, before pacing in circles. He stopped, took one last look at Xiao Meng and returned to the kitchen.

Xiao Xiaolong wanted to come in and help, but he was stopped outside by Bu Fang.

Ni Yan and Ye Ziling came into the store in excitement. Does Owner Bu intend to cook another dish?

They were looking forward to it.

After Bu Fang entered the kitchen, he didn't immediately start cooking. He wanted to make Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, this time, and the dish wasn't easy to make because it required too many ingredients. Additionally, when the spiritual energy of these ingredients was mixed, it became extremely difficult to blend it together properly.

However, it was fortunate that Bu Fang could control the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, and with its assistance, Bu Fang's control of the ingredients' spiritual energy would be perfect. He might not end up failing in the dish's preparation.

First, what he needed to make to Buddha Jumps Over The Wall was a vessel, and the system had already prepared one for him. He took out a porcelain jar, which looked like a big-sized jug of wine, from the sideboard.

The face of a benevolent Buddha which was shrouded in a radiance of blessings was depicted on the lid of the jar. The Buddha was so lifelike that when Bu Fang looked at it, it seemed like it would burst out of the lid. He was dazed for a moment. Its vividness startled him. As expected... this jar was truly extraordinary.

However, Bu Fang paid no more attention to it, and he simply washed the jar and kept it aside. Afterward, he started preparing the ingredients for processing.

The ingredients needed to make Buddha Jumps Over The Wall were different. The dish was made from a mixture of 18 main ingredients and 12 secondary ingredients, and the main ingredients all came from different spirit beasts.

A Blood Phoenix Chicken, Red-Headed Duck, a supreme dragon's claw, toad leg's meat, Black Spirit Abalone... and other ingredients.

These ingredients were all precious, especially the supreme beast ingredients such as the supreme dragon's claw and supreme toad's leg meat; they were enough to completely shock anyone.

If people got wind of the list of ingredients, they would definitely go crazy. Using supreme beasts as ingredients was unprecedented and unheard of.

A wisp of green smoke curled around Bu Fang's had, and the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his grip. He twirled it before he took out a piece of the supreme toad's leg meat. The meat was translucent like gelatin and had abundant spiritual energy flowing within it.

He patted the meat with his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and delineated several lines on it with his knife before putting the meat into the porcelain jar.

Immediately after that, he started processing the supreme dragon's claw. The supreme Fire Dragon's claw was extremely large, and Bu Fang didn't take all of it. He only chopped two fingers of it, snapped off their sharp talons, and washed the de-clawed fingers with the Heaven Alps Spirit Lake Water before putting it into the jar.

He also properly processed the Blood Phoenix Chicken and the Red-Headed Duck. Although the grade of these two spirit beasts wasn't as high and terrifying as those supreme beasts, they were still extremely rare spirit beasts.

After he had put all the main ingredients into the porcelain jar, it was almost filled.

Afterwards, he began to prepare the secondary ingredients that he would place into the jar.

Bu Fang had collected some of the secondary ingredients from the Hundred Thousand Mountains, and some of them were spirit bird's eggs. The most precious and important one of them was the meat of the Demonic Fish which he killed in the Southern City. He also put some of it into the jar.

The jar was completely filled up with the ingredients.

After mixing countless ingredients together, without even cooking them, they began to emit rich spiritual energy which was so abundant that it almost caused the porcelain jar to explode.

He organized the ingredients in the jar before he took out a bottle of the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine.

He poured half of the bottle into the jar, which caused spiritual energy within to become more abundant. Afterward, he also poured in some Heaven Alps Spirit Lake Water and concluded his preparation.

Then, he took out a purple spirit fruit's leaf and wrapped it around the porcelain jar. He also used it to cover the lid where the vivid buddha was depicted, concluding his preparation.

Bu Fang exhaled a breath and carried the extremely heavy porcelain jar.

He summoned the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, and it hovered in the air, gradually growing bigger. When it reached a certain size, its expansion stopped.

Bu Fang poured some of the dragon blood from his system's dimensional storage into the wok, and immediately after, the scalding dragon blood inside the wok began to flare up.

He lowered the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall porcelain jar into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, atop the dragon blood. The blood level rose and moistened the jar inside the wok.

After he had done that, Bu Fang took a step backward, and his expression grew serious.

The next step would be the most important step involved in making the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall.

Bu Fang's complexion became slightly flushed, and he opened his mouth, spouting out a golden flame.

The flame flew to the bottom of the wok and burned in each of its corners, before converging to burn at the bottom's center.

Bu Fang submerged his mind into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and started to sense the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall's ingredients' spiritual energy changes.


Outside the Imperial Capital, Ji Chengyu's army gradually approached the Imperial Capital, and after the guards atop the city wall discovered a powerful army approaching, they quickly reported the situation to Ji Chengxue.

When he had heard their report, Ji Chengxue's expression became stiff, and he frantically rushed to the top of the city wall. As he gazed at the grandiose army before him, his heart suddenly felt heavy.

In the sky, there was a man who had his hands behind him as he trod in the air. Claps of thunder and loud rumbles resounded from within his body. It seemed like he would give rise to a dreadful storm.

The man was unbridled, arrogant, extremely overbearing, and terrifying.

A swift and sharp blood-red Shura Sword circled around his body.

Duan Ling's gaze flickered like lightning as he directly stared at the Imperial Capital. In his senses, the aura of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, which was within the Imperial Capital, was so clear it seemed like a resplendent star in a pitch-black night sky to him.

"The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames... will definitely belong to me, and this time... I will see whether you can still flee from me."

His blood boiled like raging waves as it emitted a surging aura. Duan Ling exhaled a breath as his complexion became ice-cold.

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