Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 363: It Was Still the Old Clothes-Stripping Crazy Demon

Chapter 363: It Was Still the Old Clothes-Stripping Crazy Demon

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Hundreds of miles away from the Imperial Capital, a man streaked across the sky, and a powerful aura surged around him. His body constantly emitted loud rumbles—as if a stormy ocean with raging waves resided within him, resounding in the air like a clap of thunder.

The Sect Master of the Shura Sect, Duan Ling, trod majestically in the air, and with every step he took, his body would burst forward, covering an extremely long distance.

His current cultivation had reached the half-step Divine Realm, and he had almost completely broken through one of the Supreme-Being Realm's shackles to step into the tenth grade Divine Realm.

However, the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames were stolen by a seventh grade Battle-Saint, so Duan Ling had been unable to take that final half step required to achieve his breakthrough.

Despite that, his fleshly body had already reached an extremely terrifying realm, making him many times more powerful than someone at the peak of the Supreme-Being level.

Duan Ling's face was still, just like water, as he controlled a slight part of the world power and merged it into his body, which caused his flying speed to become faster.

"The tenth grade Divine Realm is a vast realm. The Supreme-Being level contains the following tiers: initial stage, middle stage, late stage, and peak stage; however, the Divine Realm is different from it."

Duan Ling pondered while speeding along.

He had come from outside the Southern Region, and he had a more profound understanding of the tenth grade Divine realm than the natives of the Southern Region.

If someone at the peak stage of the ninth grade Supreme-Being realm broke free from one of his shackles, he would step into the tenth grade Divine realm, but he would only be the weakest being in the tenth grade.

However, just as the Supreme-Being was divided into several smaller realms, the tenth grade Divine realm also had its tiers.

The higher the cultivation realm, the greater the strength disparity between those within the cultivation realm's smaller tiers, so every breakthrough—no matter how small—greatly increased one's strength.

The tiers within the tenth grade Divine realm were different from those within the Supreme-Being realm. As soon as someone broke through the first shackle of the Supreme-Being realm, he would step into the first layer of the Divine realm, the Divine Body Realm.

A Supreme-Being had five shackles. The four limbs each contained one shackle, and the head contained the last one. Every time he broke through one of them, his body would be cleansed by the World Power, making him more powerful.

Therefore, if one managed to break through only one of these shackles, he would be capable of sweeping through the Supreme-Being Realm, crushing every Supreme-Being expert in his wake.

There was a second layer in the tenth grade Divine realm after the Divine Body realm, and if anyone managed to reach such a realm, he would be considered a peak expert by any sect in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

As for the Divine Realm's third layer... this was a realm that Duan Ling hadn't encountered, so he didn't understand it. However, he still knew that an existence at such a realm would definitely be capable of leading any sect within the Hidden Dragon Continent.

He exhaled a deep breath, and his expression became sharper and more decisive.

He wasn't one of the Southern Region's pedantic natives, after all. The experiences of these natives were limited, and they didn't seem to realize that the Southern Region, within which they resided, could only be considered a small corner.

He constantly sought power—great and profound power. He hoped to return to the Hidden Dragon Continent and make the bullies who once humiliated him know that he, Duan Ling, wasn't just thrash.

Once he had calmed his mind, Duan Ling took another step forward and his body burst forward, covering a vast distance.

No matter how much he pondered, it wouldn't do him any good. If he wanted his cultivation to attain another breakthrough, he would have to snatch the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames back, and with its assistance, he would have sufficient assurance of breaking through the final half step of the first shackle of the Supreme-Being Realm and successfully step in the Divine Realm's first layer, the Divine Body Realm.

Beneath Duan Ling, there was a majestic army slowly marching forward.

They had once fled the Imperial Capital range, distancing themselves from the Imperial army.

Ji Chengyu's army had faced defeat after defeat and had to constantly retreat, but after it obtained the High Priestess' assistance, it finally held the initiative once again, so it began marching toward the Imperial Capital once more.

There was a swaying horse-drawn carriage moving forward, alongside with the army. The High Priestess, who wore an ice-cold mask, was sitting within it.

Countless talismans floated around her, making it seem like she had set up a rather profound and mysterious Talisman Array.

As the army gradually marched forward, they were soon able to witness the silhouette of the Imperial Capital in the distance.

Ji Chengyu, who donned armor and rode atop one of the horses, gazed at the distant Imperial Capital with a complex expression. He had once again arrived to attack the city, but he felt slightly dejected this time. He was slightly afraid. With Fang Fang's Little Store situated within the Imperial Capital, who could possibly breach the city?

Even the Shura Sect's Venerable was ruthlessly killed by that store's supreme beast, so if they still dared to attack the city after that, then weren't they just fools?

When the Shura Sect's High Priestess sought him out, he directly rejected her.

But, sometimes, under the oppression of absolute strength, one wouldn't have the freedom of choice.


In the Light Wind's Empire Imperial Capital, atop the city wall.

Ji Chengxue had been so astonished, he was left in a state of bewilderment. The matters he had witnessed today were beyond the range of understanding upon which he had lived his entire life so far.

Two supreme beasts had been... slaughtered just like that?

Those two supreme beasts had frightened him to the point that his legs turned weak, but in the end, the aforementioned supreme beasts—who he had believed would exterminate his empire—ended up as two lifeless corpses in just half a day.

One of them had even been dismembered by Owner Bu, and from his elated expression, it was obvious that he had only viewed the two supreme beasts as ingredients, right from the start.

A supreme beast only considered as an ingredient... Owner Bu had indeed taken things too far.

He had never met anyone who regarded supreme beasts as ingredients. These beasts were existences which stood at the peak of the Southern Border and overlooked every living being.

Just the thought of these supreme existences being served on plates as dishes, was enough to leave anyone feeling queer.

After the Supreme Elder had undergone his initial fright and eventual shock, he exhaled a thick breath of air, and his complexion recovered.

However, whenever he caught sight of Bu Fang and the plump dog beside him, his pupils would involuntarily contract. That ordinary-looking dog was at least an existence at the same level as Duan Ling. He had never expected that the Southern Region would play host to such an existence.

When Duan Ling arrived, there would surely be another huge battle.

The Supreme Elder squinted his eyes, stroked his white beard and laughed out loud.

He didn't move from his spot atop the city wall and waved his hand, sending the white talismans to hover at each corner of the city wall. The aftermath seemed like he had made some type of array around the Imperial Capital.

Ni Yan and Ye Ziling cheerfully rushed down the city wall and streaked toward Bu Fang.

When Blacky arrived near Bu Fang, it tossed the supreme Fire Dragon's corpse before him and yawned lazily. Afterwards, it swaggered back to the store's front door like a cat and lay down in a comfortable position. In only a short while, it had fallen sound asleep.

Bu Fang shifted his gaze from the departing black dog to the slain scarlet dragon.

The corpse didn't possess any more of its previous supreme beast pressure, and the flames flickering around him had already dimmed.

Clack! clack!

The sound of broken bricks being pushed aside echoed from somewhere in the distance, and two men, whose faces brimmed with terror, crawled out of the rubble.

Those two men were the Godly Temples of the Wildlands' Supreme-Beings.

They cut sorry figures as they emerged from beneath the rubble. When they saw the supreme Fire Dragon's corpse, all they felt was horror, and their bodies couldn't help but tremble in fear.

Two slaps... just two slaps!

The prestigious supreme Fire Dragon of the Hundred Thousand Mountains—who protected the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames—had been killed just like that... by two slaps, nevertheless.

How could such a frightening existence exist in this world?

Was it just toying with them?

Such an existence, which was capable of killing a supreme beast with two slaps, lived in an empire of mortals and worked as a watchdog...

Even if it stuck to the "disguising oneself as a pig in order to eat tigers" belief, it shouldn't stick to it to this degree! This was plain deception—bare and clearly deceit, even.

If they were given another opportunity, they would definitely not choose to attack the Imperial Capital and instead, absolutely distance themselves as far away from the city as possible.

"Well... those two fellows are still alive?"

Bu Fang had just started to process the supreme Fire Dragon's corpse, and the ingredient he was most fond of processing was dragon's meat. Dragon meat always ended up being an extremely delicious delicacy, regardless of whether it was used to prepare Red Braised Meat or Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs.

However, at that moment, he had been surprised by the re-emergence of those two Supreme-Beings from the Godly Temples of the Wildlands.

He had believed them to be dead.

The eyes of both Supreme-Beings contracted at Bu Fang's gaze, leaving them gasping for breath.

At that moment, Bang!

They suddenly and decisively charged toward the outskirts of the Imperial Capital.

Who cared about the damned Ten Thousand Bestial Flames? If, in pursuit of the flame, their lives were forfeit, then what would they need the flame for?

Bu Fang calmly watched the two men run away in a fluster, and the corners of his lips curled up. He patted the stomach of Whitey, who stood beside him, and continued processing the Ssupreme Fire Dragon.

Whitey's eyes flickered with a silver, ice-cold and ruthless glow.


It unfurled its wings, streaked up into the sky and disappeared like lightning, swiftly approaching the two fleeing Supreme-Beings from the Godly Temples of the Wildlands.

"Kid, when it's possible to let people off, one should spare them."

One of the two fleeing Supreme-Beings hollered in fright. They were truly horrified at the sight of the approaching Whitey.

"Troublemakers should be stripped as an example to others!"

A red radiance flickered within Whitey's pupils as its ice-cold announcement reverberated through the entire city.

Ah? Stripped?

Those two Supreme-Beings were taken aback for a moment, and at that moment, they felt an extremely powerful force smash into them, and their eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets.

When Whitey arrived behind them, it pulled back its hands and smashed into the backs of the fleeing Supreme-Beings.

With a loud rumble, the two Supreme-Beings crashed into the ground, giving rise to an enormous cloud of dust.

Whitey's metallic wings flapped, causing a gale which swept away the dust cloud.

The mechanical puppet landed atop a pile of rubble and pulled out two Supreme-Beings from inside it.


The distinct sound of clothes being torn apart echoed around the silent Imperial Capital.

The two Supreme-Beings were unceremoniously tossed out. As they flew through the air, their faces were ash-gray, and they seemed quite dispirited. A moment later they fell outside the Imperial Capital, creating deep holes upon their crash.

Their clothes, which were made using an eighth grade spirit beast's skin, had been ripped apart. The price of their torn clothes rivaled that of an entire city!

However, the most crucial—the most crucial fact was that they had been stripped. Prestigious Supreme-Being experts like them had been stripped...

Two naked Supreme-Beings had their white butts exposed to an entire city as they streaked through the air and crashed outside the Imperial Capital, after being tossed out.

Such a scene was really unbearable to watch.

Everyone in the Imperial Capital was dumbstruck at the sight.

The Crazy Clothes-stripping Demon was truly worthy of its name, after all.

Ouyang Xiaoyi, who had been excited by the scene, became flushed with elation. As expected, even if Whitey transformed, it would still continue to be the Crazy Clothes-stripping Demon.

Whitey was still... Whitey. It was still attuned to its old but familiar methods, which was just as familiar as it was in the past.

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