Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 362: A Dog's Two Slaps Killed A Dragon

Chapter 362: A Dog's Two Slaps Killed A Dragon

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In the sky above, the Fire Dragon's breath exuded a temperature so high that it caused the air to distort.

The temperature within the Imperial Capital had risen by a huge margin.

When they witnessed the sight, Xiao Yanyu and the others who had remained in the store sucked in cold breaths. This was a dragon. A true supreme dragon.

Its might was extremely terrifying!

The sight caused a trace of fear to cross Ouyang Xiaoyi's charming face. However, it quickly turned into intense excitement when she spotted Blacky swaggering like a cat toward the supreme dragon.

"Blacky doesn't fear a supreme dragon! Blacky is invincible!" Ouyang Xiaoyi cheered in her heart.

A dazzling radiance flashed across her eyes as she tightened her hands into fists and punched the air above her head.

"Today, this big lizard is Lord Dog's. Heap of steel, stand back... don't try to snatch it from Lord Dog."

Blacky's eyes emitted a glittering radiance which seemed like brights stars shining in a pitch-black night sky.

Whitey's mechanical eyes flickered for a few moments before it folded its wings and stood up.

The Lord Dog nodded in satisfaction, and its gaze at Whitey displayed a trace of appreciation. "This is truly wise, Whitey. If you properly obey Lord Dog, you will have enough meat to eat."

Whitey returned to Bu Fang's side as its mechanical eyes flickered unceasingly. All of a sudden, Whitey lifted its leg and stamped down hard.

The One-Legged Toad, which seemed like it was on its last breath, widened its eyes and spurted a large mouthful of water. It gazed at Whitey with eyes full of grief before it directly passed out.

The supreme Fire Dragon hovering in the sky suddenly stopped spouting its dragon's breath as soon as it spotted a dog, out of the corner of its eyes, slowly flying toward it.

Once the dragon's breath dissipated, the temperature within the Imperial Capital gradually cooled down.

With a bit of breath still in its mouth, the Fire Dragon turned to gaze at the approaching Blacky, who was swaggering on the air like a cat.

What was that thing? why was it this small?

Blacky's stature was quite small compared to the Fire Dragon and One-Legged Toad, whose height rivaled the size of mountains. Blacky could be considered small, especially when pitted against the Fire Dragon, whose unfurled wings covered the sky. Before the Fire Dragon, Blacky was like a tiny black speck.

On one side, there was a simple, dull-looking and cute plump dog.

On the other side, there was a terrifyingly hideous Fire Dragon.

There was a distinct and clear contrast between them.

As Ouyang Xiaoyi compared them, she couldn't help slightly losing her confidence. Could Blacky really beat such a giant dragon?

Bu Fang could be considered the one who had the most faith in Black. He shrank his Black Turtle Constellation Wok and let it hover above its hand.

He stroked the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. After it had bathed in the Supreme Fire Dragon's breath for a long time, its temperature only rose a little, but this was expected from a piece of the God of Cooking set, and apart from the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, it would be extremely difficult for other things to operate it.

Bu Fang stored the Black Turtle Constellation Wok back into his system's storage space with a humming sound. He proceeded to transfer the toad's meat into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok within his system's storage space.

Bu Fang directed his gaze at the toad which lay still on the ground, unconscious.


Blacky's eyes were brimmed with a mixture of greed and excitement as it gazed at the enormous supreme Fire Dragon.

"Not bad. It's quite plump, so its meat must be extremely excellent."

Blacky clicked its tongue as it exclaimed in admiration. "That kid, Bu Fang, does have good tastes. As expected of a chef, if he hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have thought that the dragon could be used to make Sweet 'n' Sour Supreme Dragon Meat Ribs."

From its name alone, one could already deduce how exceptional it would taste.

Blacky suddenly recalled the Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Meat Ribs which it had eaten not too long ago. The taste completely captivated its soul.

If the taste of an eighth grade Earth Dragon was that tasty, how would a meal prepared with the ingredient that was before him taste? A supreme Fire Dragon ingredient.

He truly couldn't stop itching in anticipation.

As Blacky fantasized more, drool involuntarily dripped from the side of its mouth.

The supreme Fire Dragon was truly angered by this reception. " What the heck is this plump dog looking at me like this for? What does it take me, a dragon, for?"

It was a supreme Fire Dragon; a supreme and invincible existence among supreme spirit beasts.


A deafening dragon's roar reverberated across the entire Imperial Capital. It frightened countless citizens, causing them to fall to their knees and tremble. Even Ji Chengxue, who was still atop the city wall, was affected, and his complexion turned ashen.

Although Bu Fang was unaffected by the roar, the persistent ringing in his ears annoyed him, so he sealed his ears and twirled the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand as he began processing the pitiful toad.

"Are you roaring at me?

"Alright. Since you're only an ingredient, Lord Dog will permit you to roar as much as you want; however, if you showed a little more cheer, I'm sure your meat would be more delicious."

The supreme Fire Dragon's roar created gales, causing its flesh to jingle and Blacky's fur to flutter wildly in the wind.

However, Lord Dog kept a slight smile on its face.

The supreme Fire Dragon glared at Blacky. "This ant unexpectedly escaped unharmed after it faced the might of my draconic aura!"


Suddenly, its mouth brimmed with flames, and it spurted a terrifying dragon's breath at Blacky.

Faced with such a dragon's breath that covered the sky, Blacky's expression turned slightly ugly.

"I allowed you to roar, hoping you'd build up some cheer afterward, and instead, you unexpectedly dared to spout your saliva at Lord Dog? You really don't know what's good for you."

Angered by the unexpected development, Blacky emitted a resounding bark which reverberated through the sky.

Everyone was stunned.

Its bark seemed... quite funny.

Several citizens who were still on their knees couldn't help laughing out loud at the sound.

Even Ouyang Xiaoyi, who had been stunned, stopped waving her fist and used them to knead her cheeks, stifling her laughter.

However, at the next moment, that dragon's breath, which seemed like it would completely swallow Blacky, changed directions unexpectedly, because of the bark, and rushed back toward the supreme Fire Dragon, instantly engulfing it.

Lord Dog began increasing in size rapidly and turned baleful in an instant.

It extended a claw and swiftly pressed it downward.

At that moment, the world seemed to come to a standstill. The suppression was so intense, the claw seemed to press the world down.

With a loud rumble, the supreme Fire Dragon fell out of the sky and crashed into the ground, turning the houses below into rubble.


The supreme Fire Dragon struggled back up, giving rise to clouds of dust, and roared in outrage.

Faced with this scene, Black remained calm and extended its claw and slapped downward again.


The Imperial Capital trembled as the supreme Fire Dragon was knocked back down and stopped moving. A blazing, lava-like pool of blood erupted out of its body, filling the big pit it had created upon its crash.

An extremely terrifying and powerful supreme Fire Dragon which had deterred all the peak experts of the Southern Region was... unexpectedly killed by two slaps from a dog.

At that moment, everyone was shocked stiff.

Atop the city walls, Ni Yan's beautiful face donned a dumbfounded expression, and her rosy lips were slightly parted in astonishment.

Ye Ziling was even more flabbergasted than Ni Yan was. What kind of dog was that? It was more amazing than her family's Big Yellow.

The Celestial Arcanum Sect's Supreme Elder was the most stunned and scared by the scene; his pupils contracted and his body trembled.

There was no one aware of how frightened he truly felt at that moment.

What cultivation level was required to kill a supreme Fire Dragon, which was at the peak of supreme beasts, with two slaps? Could that dog be close to the... Divine Realm? Was it half-step Divine Realm? That power which had suppressed the supreme Fire Dragon and forced it into the ground must be... the world pressure.

The reality was truly presumptuous. Despite cultivating almost all his life, he was unexpectedly still inferior to a dog.

It seemed that everyone had been mistaken. That lazy dog resting at Fang Fang's little store wasn't a supreme beast.

Is it at half-step Divine Realm? A half divine beast...

As for the tenth grade, it was impossible to attain, especially for spirit beasts. They couldn't break through into the tenth grade in the restricted Southern Region.

As the Supreme Elder heaved in a deep breath, he suddenly realized that his body had been drenched with sweat. He, a prestigious Supreme Elder from the Celestial Arcanum Sect, a peak expert, had unexpectedly been frightened so much that he was drenched in sweat.

Ni Yan and Ye Ziling were still dumbfounded, so they naturally didn't know about the Supreme Elder's current state.

At that moment, Ji Chenguxue was also dumbfounded. He suddenly realized that the world was completely different than what he had believed it was.

"Who am I? Where I'm at? What is this place?" He mumbled inaudibly, completely bewildered.

Blacky reverted back to its small plump appearance and floated back down to the ground, landing beside the supreme Fire Dragon. It didn't have a trace of lifeforce left in it.

Blacky groaned slightly and wrapped its tail around one of the supreme Fire Dragon's teeth and dragged the corpse toward Bu Fang while swaggering like a cat.

A rumbling sound constantly ensued from friction as the giant dragon's corpse was dragged on the ground.

"Kid, you should not go back on your words! You must definitely prepare a delicious Sweet 'n' Sour Supreme Dragon Meat Ribs for this Lord Dog."

Blacky earnestly stared at Bu Fang, who just finished dismembering the One-Legged Toad, as it exhorted him.

Bu Fang twirled the kitchen knife in his hand before storing the dismembered toad's meat into the system's dimensional storage, and with a buzzing sound, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife disappeared in a wisp of green smoke.

When he was through with all of that, he glanced at the corpse of the giant scarlet dragon, and the corners of his mouth curled upwards.

"Just wait for it."

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