Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 366: The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, Completed

Chapter 366: The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, Completed

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Ji Chengxue was dumbfounded when he stared at the three people who were in the sky. In his mind, he thought about how the atmosphere suddenly changed.

Those three peoples were obviously Supreme-Beings. The terrifying aura which was emitted from their bodies oppressed everyone who was on top of the city walls and caused them to shiver in fear.

It was an extremely fearful pressure which could only be emitted from a Supreme-Being.

When Ji Chengxue stared at the man who was shrouded in a blood-red radiance, his complexion became paler. Ji Chengxue felt as though he was looking at the entire world when he looked at the man. His heart shuddered and he was almost oppressed to the point of kneeling down on the ground.

That was the pressure which came from a superior being. It seemed as though his cultivation completely surpassed Ji Chengxue's imagination.

It wasn't only Ji Chengxue and the soldiers on the wall who felt this way. It was the same for Ji Chengyu's army. Everyone became nervous and anxious when faced with the pressure coming from the experts in the sky. All of the soldiers raised their heads as they looked at the terrifying experts clashing in the sky. Every single one of them had fear in their eyes as they looked at the battle happening above them.

There were countless light beams which shot out of the city wall. They fell before that white-haired old man's body and they turned into a giant armor which was made out of starlight. The armor emanated an austere and solemn air. It was worn by a giant who was formed from starlight.

That was the Celestial Arcanum Sect's precious treasured array, the Big Dipper Slaughter Array.

In the Southern Region, this was the array which possessed the most destructive power. If Duan Ling wasn't in the half-step Divine Realm, the Supreme Elder would not be willing to use the array.

This was because, in order to use this terrifying array, the Supreme Elder had to connect and link it with the Big Dipper Stars. It could only be done by burning the Supreme Elder's life force.

The array had boundless might and the power it possessed was dreadful.

As the stars sparkled, it emanated an austere and righteous air.

A giant and gargantuan phantom formed by starlight appeared. This phantom had its whole body covered in armor. In his left hand, he held a sword, and there was a halberd in his right hand. A powerful and imposing aura burst out from the phantom.

The phantom shot an angry glare at Duan Ling before directing all of his killing intent at him.

Wu Mu's aura also quickly rose. Since the White Clouds Villa could lay their roots in the Illusory Spirit Swamp, it was obvious they had enough strength to back themselves up. Wu Mu's sword intent was extremely powerful. Recklessly using the White Cloud Villa's secret technique, he stimulated his sword intent further. Wu Mu was able to cause his sword intent to erupt with its full potential.

In just an instant, he burst out with a power which wasn't any weaker compared to the Supreme Elder's array.

The Supreme Elder looked at him in astonishment. "Looks like this fellow is staking everything on this battle..."

However, the Supreme Elder wasn't able to wrap his head around why Wu Mu would be risking his life for this battle.

This was something which only Wu Mu would know. His frustration had built up over the years and he was in dire need to vent them. This was the best place for him to release everything inside him.

Duan Ling coldly smiled. Although there were shackles trailing and hanging out of his left hand, his aura wasn't any weaker that Wu Mu's or the Supreme Elder's. In fact, his aura was rising and starting to oppress both of theirs.

This was extremely shocking and stunned everyone present.

Was this the strength someone half-step toward the Divine Realm possessed?

He held the Shura Sword and took a step forward. He controlled the world pressure around him and rushed at Wu Mu and the Supreme Elder.

"Anyone who tries to prevent me from obtaining the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames should go to hell."

A dreadful blood-red sword energy swept around Duan Ling, like a storm which shrouded everything. That strike contained a half-step Divine Realm expert's pressure and Duan Ling's overbearing aura. The strike rushed at the two of them who were still in the air.

Wu Mu gave a long howl as his long hair fluttered in the wind. Myriad swords emerged from the Cloud Rising Sword in his hand and rushed at Duan Ling.

The giant made from starlight also hacked out with his halberd. The air in his way wailed as it couldn't bear its power and weight.

The three attacks collided in the air and a deafening explosion resounded.

That explosion gave rise to powerful airwaves which swept through the surroundings.

Those dreadful airwaves almost swept away Ji Chengxue and the others who were on top of the city wall.

As for Ji Chengyu's army, they swayed around as they marched toward the Imperial Capital.

The Supreme Elder's expression was solemn and serious. Both of his hands were constantly executing some secret art and his aura was fluctuating unceasingly. His long hair fluttered in the wind behind him.

Wu Mu used all of his strength to push his Cloud Rising Sword forward. He seemed as though he wanted to pierce through everything in his way.

Their gaze flickered like lightning as they stared at Duan Ling.

Despite facing a half-step Divine Realm expert, they didn't think about retreating at all.

Although the three of them were fighting in the air, the energy waves caused by their fight made the citizens shudder in fear. Everyone was afraid that they would be killed by the shockwaves emitted from the battle.

As he observed the fight in the air, Ji Chengxue's expression became extremely pale. This battle completely surpassed his expectations.

People in Bu Fang's store also managed to sense the fight. Everyone left the store as they looked at the three people who were fighting in the sky.

In mid-air, there were three glimmering lights which were colliding with each other unceasingly.

A trace of worry appeared on Ni Yan's beautiful face as she knew that one of those three terrifying aurae belonged to the Celestial Arcanum Sect's Supreme Elder.

The Supreme Elder was the Celestial Arcanum Sect backbone and pillar. Nothing bad must befall him.

Blacky didn't have any interest in such a fight. Shooting a single glance at it, he lost interest. He yawned and lay down in front of the store. Snoring sounds came from Blacky's mouth soon enough.


Within the kitchen, Bu Fang tightly shut his eyes as the true energy in his energy core swiftly revolved.

Countless silk-like wisps of true energy covered the Black Turtle Constellation Wok as they sensed and observed the changes in the spiritual energy of the ingredients used to make the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall.

Bu Fang's expression was extremely solemn and serious. He knew that he could not afford to make the slightest mistake. Countless beads of sweat started to drip from his forehead and they slid down his cheeks.

The kitchen seemed extremely quiet and peaceful. The waves of the battle outside the Imperial Capital as well as the loud explosions created by it seemed unable to penetrate the store at all.

However, it might be because Bu Fang was too focused on cooking the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall that he wasn't able to notice the disturbance.

Bu Fang felt that he underestimated the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall's difficulty. After adding the ingredients which came from two supreme beasts, the difficulty increased.

When Bu Fang was using true energy to cook, he felt exhausted both physically and mentally. He felt like he didn't have the strength to continue cooking.

Instead of succumbing to exhaustion, Bu Fang clenched his teeth and pushed on. He was afraid that if he relaxed for even a second, the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall would disintegrate. All of his efforts would be wasted if this happened.

This was truly not worth it.

Although it was extremely difficult, this was also a kind of test for him.

Bu Fang clenched his teeth and focused on cooking. As a man who swore that he would definitely become the God Of Cooking who stood at the top of the food chain in this Fantasy World, how could he retreat just because he met a small problem?

If he gave up now, it would be a serious blow to him and his path as a chef.

This was definitely not the way to do things.


The dragon blood in the wok boiled even more. From time to time, the scalding dragon blood would flow out and burn Bu Fang's arm which was extended outwards.

However, Bu Fang endured the pain and his eyes blazed as though it was a torch.

The porcelain jar within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was becoming more resplendent as the wisps of blood faded out from its surface.

Despite the fact that the dish was almost done, there wasn't the least bit of aroma coming from the kitchen.

Bu Fang fixed his stare on the benevolent smiling Buddha above the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall. Controlling the countless wisps of true energy, Bu Fang used them to mix the ingredients in the porcelain jar.

As he mixed those ingredients together, it seemed as though Bu Fang was cooking hodgepodge.

The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall was countless times more difficult than the Premium Wok of Fortunes.

Countless beads of sweat dripped from Bu Fang's body which soaked his clothes. He started gasping for breath and was pushed to his limit.

All of a sudden, his pupils contracted.

The vivid and lifelike Buddha depicted on the porcelain jar's lid started to become more vivid and lively. It seemed like there was a faint sound of laughter resounding in the kitchen. A golden light burst out from the Buddha and soared into the sky.

When he saw that light beam, Bu Fang's tense nerves finally relaxed.

Bu Fang, who was sitting up straight in the chair felt as though his body was stripped of all strength. He lay down weakly on the chair and gasped for breath. Bu Fang's body was completely soaked with sweat. However, the corners of his lips were curled upwards and there was a satisfied smile on his face.

"What the hell… I finally managed to finish it. That was really tiring."

Even Bu Fang, who was usually calm and composed, couldn't help but complain about how difficult the task was.

Despite all of his complains, Bu Fang's heart was filled with joy and delight. He could feel that after he was done cooking the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, his true energy cooking broke through its bottleneck. It improved by leaps and bounds after Bu Fang cooked the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok gradually scattered. The dragon blood started to cool down.

Even though there were no more flames, the light beam above the porcelain jar was still as resplendent as before.

That glowing Buddha seemed as though it was about to come to life and jump out at any moment.

Bu Fang's face was filled with exhaustion as he took the porcelain jar out of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The dragon blood which filled the wok unexpectedly lost its color and luster the moment Bu Fang removed the jar. The blood became just like clear water as it remained in the wok.

Well, Bu Fang didn't care about the dragon blood at all. All of his attention was focused on the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall. When he noticed that there wasn't any aroma coming from the jar, Bu Fang was delighted.

The more odorless it was, the more successful it would be.

He covered his hand with his true energy and patted the space above the Buddha. A buzzing sound resounded in the air. When the Buddha lid flew away, it seemed like it was jumping away with its own consciousness. A resplendent radiance burst out of the jar the second the lid flew away.

That purple spirit fruit's leaf which covered it had already turned golden as the light flickered on it.

When facing its resplendent radiance, Bu Fang extended his hand and lightly opened the purple spirit fruit's leaf.

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