Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 359: Whitey... Whitey Transformed

Chapter 359: Whitey... Whitey Transformed

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Three hundred miles outside the Imperial Capital, a scarlet Fire Dragon flapped its wings which covered the entire sky. It filled the entire area with a blazing heat. Flames raged on the Fire Dragon's body while its eyes were brimming with killing intent, being as large as bronze bells.

Scarlet flames could be faintly seen in its hideous mouth which opened from time to time. With another flap of its winds, it left a scorching gale in its wake as it gained a burst of speed. Its body flew toward the majestic Imperial Capital.

Ji Chengxue, whose legs were already losing strength, forced himself to stand up straight. He stared at the giant footprint in the city, as well as the ruins which filled it. When he saw such a sight, he felt like his heart was dripping with blood and he almost spurted a mouthful of it.

The destructive power of a supreme beast was many times more fearsome than a ninth grade Supreme-Being. Just by moving its giant body, buildings were crushed. The arrival of such a fearsome existence in the Imperial Capital was essentially a nightmare for everyone.

"Your... Your Majesty! There… There's another beast in the distance! Ah!"

When the Supreme One-Legged Toad jumped into the city, it directly jumped over them. As such, there weren't crushed by it. The fact that they still held on to their lives made them slightly more relaxed. However, after the general in charge of protecting the city propped his weak legs up, he gazed into the distance. What he saw made his heart jump.

In the distance, there was a huge shadow flying toward the Imperial Capital from the direction of the setting sun.

It was obviously another spirit beast.

Also, anyone with good eyesight could tell that it was a dragon.

When he heard what the general said, Ji Chengxue was taken aback. He quickly turned his head to look toward the spirit beast in the distance. He saw a giant Fire Dragon which was heading toward the Imperial City at an extremely fast speed.

Even though they were quite far apart, a supreme beast's special aura still caused Ji Chengxue's heart to palpitate with fear.

It was another supreme beast...

Was it also here to look for Owner Bu?

When he saw the Fire Dragon in the distance, Ji Chengxue wanted to cry his heart out.


The One-Legged Toad's croak was like an encouragement for itself. It turned its gaze toward Bu Fang and its eyes flickered with a ruthless glint. It was a supreme beast who had developed enough wisdom and intelligence.

The Ten Thousand Bestial Flame was extremely important for a supreme beast like itself. If it wanted to evolve and advance to a higher realm, it required the assistance of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flame. Those flames weren't a rare chance only for the Supreme-Beings; it was also a rare lucky chance for the supreme beasts.

It was much more difficult for a supreme beast to breakthrough, compared to a human. The appearance of the Ten Thousand Beastial Flame was extremely rare. As such, the One-Legged Toad coveted the Ten Thousand Bestial Flame more than any other Supreme-Being.

This was the reason it chased Bu Fang all the way to the Light Wind Empire's Capital.

Bu Fang saw that this giant One-Legged Toad was blocking the front of his store. It seemed like a pillar which supported the sky and it emitted a fearsome aura.

Two figures jumped down from the toad's head and floated down toward Bu Fang.

It seemed as though there was an invisible airwave surrounding the two people. It gradually disappeared after they landed. With their greedy stares, they looked toward Bu Fang with longing in their eyes.

"We finally found you… After behaving so recklessly, you still wanted to escape? You are really looking down on Supreme-Beings." A Supreme-Being expert from the Godly Temple of the Wildland coldly sneered at Bu Fang.

"As expected, his cultivation is still the same. This kid is only a seventh grade Battle-Saint."

Although he had many questions on how a kid who was only a seventh grade Battle-Saint was able to subdue and swallow the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, they didn't matter right now. The important thing now was that they were the first ones who found him. They would be able to obtain the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames soon...

With the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, they could look for a way to break through the bottleneck of a ninth grade Supreme-Being echelon.

"Kid, hurry up and hand over the Ten Thousand Beastial Flames. Otherwise… The Light Wind Empire's Capital will be destroyed because of you!"

The other Supreme-Being from the Godly Temple of the Wildlands stared at Bu Fang as he threatened him. The greed in the Supreme-Being's eyes became more intense.

Bu Fang took a look at the two of them in his way and he furrowed his brows.

"I ate the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames," Bu Fang earnestly said.

"You ate it? Do you think we are retarded? The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames can be considered a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. Do you think it's some kind of cabbage? You think that you can eat it just because you want to? Can you even digest it?"

The expert from the Godly Temples of the Wildlands laughed coldly when he heard Bu Fang's bold claim. He glared at Bu Fang and took a step forward. As he took this step, the ground was immediately crushed by an invisible strength and it split open. He was clearly demonstrating his strength to Bu Fang. It was a naked threat. He wanted to pressure Bu Fang with his power and make it such that the only thing Bu Fang could do was to kneel down in front of him. He wanted to oppress Bu Fang with his power.

"I said that I ate the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames already. I can't take it out now. Anyway, I still have something to do… Get lost."

Bu Fang was no longer in the mood to entertain the Supreme-Being experts. He simply turned around and he waved his hands to express his disdain. He planned on going back into his store.


The expert from the Godly Temples of the Wildlands had never experienced such humiliation before. With an angry roar, the muscles on his whole body bulged out. Stamping on the ground, an explosion occurred and the ground shattered. He shot toward Bu Fang as if he was an artillery shell. The expert waved his fist as he shot toward Bu Fang. The stones on the ground which were shattered by his power started to float upwards due to the horrifying pressure emitted by him.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. Green smoke twirled around his hand and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared. It appeared in front of Bu Fang and it quickly grew bigger.

The moment the fist came into contact with the wok, a huge blast resounded. Airwaves surged through the surrounding area as the collision was too intense.

The Supreme-Being from the Godly Temple of the Wildland felt as though his fist punched a mountain. Unexpectedly, his fist became numb. He immediately retreated several steps.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok twirled around and floated above Bu Fang's head.

"This is a semi-divine tool?" The Supreme-Being from the Godly Temples of the Wildlands muttered in bewilderment.

He had never seen a semi-divine tool in a… in a wok shape.

What was this seventh grade Battle-Saint kid's origin? He actually had such a strange and peculiar semi-divine tool. Not to mention the fact that the tool was quite extraordinary. Even the fist of a Supreme-Being was unable to shake it.

In the distance, Xiao Yanyi and the others were carrying Xiao Meng to Bu Fang's store.

They just witnessed that terrifying fist and the pressure which it emitted. They could also see the Supreme-Beast standing not too far away, which gave off a fearsome pressure. They felt as though they would suffocate in front of the two supreme experts. Such a lineup was really terrifying.

Were they there to deal with Owner Bu?

Were they there to cause trouble?

Xiao Yanyu and the others were quite shocked and they started worrying about Bu Fang. They were worried that his cooking of the Elixir Cuisine would be affected. Their complexions became quite ugly when they thought about Xiao Meng's condition.

"Ah… Who would have thought that an ant-like seventh grade cultivator like you would be relying on a semi-divine tool to challenge me... This is getting interesting..."

Bu Fang looked at the Supreme-Being with a calm and expressionless face.

"Wait inside the store. After taking care of these people, I'll add another ingredient to the Elixir Cuisine." When they heard Bu Fang's words, Xiao Yanyu and the others were taken aback. However, they nodded quickly at him before rushing into the store with Xiao Meng.

The moment they entered the store, they were baffled. The pressure from the supreme existences outside which had been pressuring them... disappeared. Just like what they expected, this store was really extraordinary.


When they heard a buzzing sound, Xiao Yanyu and the others saw something flash past them.

Its speed was so quick that they were unable to catch a glimpse of it.

"It's Whitey! The clothes-stripping mad demon Whitey is here!"

Ouyang Xiaoyi shouted in excitement and her eyes flickered with an exuberant radiance.

The Supreme-Beings from the Godly Temples of the Wildlands didn't pay any attention to Xiao Yanyu and the rest. They only had Bu Fang in their eyes. If it wasn't because Bu Fang had the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, they would not put a trifling seventh grade Battle-Saint in their eyes.

All of a sudden, the Supreme-Being felt his whole body shudder.

A familiar figure rushed out from the store. A heap of steel stood behind Bu Fang and red, violet, and a silver light flashed in its mechanical eyes. The moment he saw the steel puppet, the pupils of the Supreme-Being from the Godly Temple of the Wildland contracted. He sucked in a cold breath.

He always wondered about the reason why a seventh grade Battle-Saint would be so fearless when confronting Supreme-Beings. As it turned out, the puppet which faced five supreme existences in the Hundred Thousand Mountains was living in this store.

That puppet which was shattered by a sword strike of the half-step Divine expert, the Shura Sect's master, was unexpectedly still in good shape.

Countless colors flashed in Whitey's eyes before they turned into an ice-cold silver color. The sound of metal grating against metal resounded in the air under everyone's dumbfounded gaze.

Extremely dazzling wings appeared on Whitey's back. Light was constantly flickering and flowing in its wings as they emitted an ice-cold glow. Under the radiance of the setting sun, the wings seemed to be extremely gorgeous.

It slightly shook its wings and a powerful pressure burst out from it.

At such a sight, Ouyang Xiaoyi was so excited that she almost screamed her lungs out.

"Whitey... Whitey transformed! Ah!"

The eyes of the One-Legged Toad rolled backward and the two Supreme-Beings from the Godly Temples of the Wildlands took in deep breaths.

This was the same puppet!

When they saw that the puppet was ready to fight them, their nerves tightened.

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