Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 360: The Toad's Meat Which Filled The Sky

Chapter 360: The Toad's Meat Which Filled The Sky

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"The troublemakers will be stripped as an example to the others!"

Its ice-cold and mechanical voice which filled the area was like the whisper of a devil who crawled out of hell. It was extremely sinister and eerie.

Ouyang Xiaoyi's excited complexion stiffened when she heard Whitey's words. Her heart slightly shuddered and she felt as if the transformed Whitey was somewhat scary.

Blacky, who was lying on the ground, was awakened by Whitey's ice cold voice. It opened its eyes slightly and gazed in Whitey's direction.

When it saw Whitey's wings shining with countless rays of light under the setting sunlight, it was slightly baffled. It looked toward Whitey's silver pupils and opened its mouth to yawn.

"That heap of steel seems to have some transformations. Looks like that kid Bu Fang obtained some benefits from the trip. With the transformation, it seems like the heap of steel got a considerable enhancement."

Blacky twitched its nose and shot a look at Bu Fang, who was calmly standing to the side. Bu Fang's mouth slightly twitched as he watched the transformed Whitey.

With a slight shake of its metallic wings, Whitey took a few steps toward the Supreme-Beings from the Godly Temples of the Wildlands.

A silver radiance flickered in its eyes as a thick killing intent emanated from its body.

The two experts from the Godly Temples of the Wildlands didn't dare to be careless when facing Whitey. They still remembered the scene when Whitey fought against five supreme existences by itself.

That scene utterly and thoroughly shocked them.

As it was able to fight against five supreme existences, it was obvious that this heap of steel before them was an expert at the peak of the Supreme-Being realm.

Shooting a glance at each other, the two Supreme-Being experts seemed to have reached an agreement. Their bodies shook and true energy surged out of them. Their true energy behaved like snakes as it winded around their muscular bodies.


One of the Supreme-Being's gaze suddenly became grave as he stepped on the air and pressured against it. He shot toward Whitey at an extremely fast speed.

The other Supreme-Being also started his attack. He summoned a heavy axe into his hand before engaging Whitey in battle. The last time, when he threw his semi-divine tool at Whitey, it was deflected by several flying knives thrown by the puppet. This time, he would definitely not let such a thing happen again.

When the two of them rushed at Whitey with their full power, even the air around them seemed to be unable to withstand the power. Loud rumbles were produced as they charged toward the puppet.

The giant One-Legged Toad slightly rolled its eyes as it opened its mouth. A black shadow shot out from inside its mouth and ripped the air apart. The shadow was its tongue, a sharp tongue which was powerful enough to pierce through a Supreme-Being's body.

The three extremely terrifying attacks shot toward Whitey.

Despite facing the attacks of three supreme existences, Whitey's silver eyes didn't have the slightest fluctuation in them. With a gentle flap of its wings, it shot out toward the Supreme-Beings. It took a step forward and flew upwards with a thunderous sound, colliding with one of the Supreme-Beings from the Godly Temples of the Wildlands.

That Supreme-Being roared angrily as his hair stood up upward. His muscles tightened up as he burst forth with a terrifying surge of strength. He waved his fist at Whitey and intended to slam the fist into the puppet's body at full force.

Whitey didn't shrink back and confronted the Supreme-Being with its fist as well.

A human and a puppet collided in mid-air and a resounding explosion sounded out. Waves were sent all around and the floor was crushed into fine powder.


That Supreme-Being was sent flying away by Whitey's strike. His arms emitted cracking sounds and his pupils constricted.

Whitey used the wings on its back to shield itself from the other Supreme-Being's attack. An immense axe shot toward Whitey from above, tearing the air apart.


When the axe touched Whitey's wings, an explosion occurred again. Everyone shuddered and the complexion of Xiao Yanyu and the others paled.

They could only watch in fear and trepidation when powerful people were fighting.

The power of that axe was extremely terrifying and countless flying knives on Whitey's wings were shattered. Its body was sent flying away and pounded against the ground. Smoke and dust rose from where Whitey's body landed.

A cheerful laugh instantly escaped the Supreme-Being's lips.


A black shadow shot past Whitey and went after Bu Fang. The speed of the shadow was extremely fast. Normal people would not be able to see what the shadow was.

A whistling wind blew through Bu Fang's hair and his hair fluttered in the wind. A wisp of green smoke twirled around his hand and he summoned the pitch-black Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. With a wave of his knife, Bu Fang chopped at the shadow lunging toward him.


Golden and resplendent radiance burst out from the knife just before it touched the shadow.

When he chopped out with his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, Bu Fang infused his true energy into the knife. It instantly transformed into the giant Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

As the draconic might emerged from the knife, a dragon's roar resounded in the air.

That black shadow immediately stopped in its place, shattered by the kitchen knife. Blood burst out from the tongue of the One-Legged Toad and it swiftly retreated its tongue.


That mountain-like One-Legged Toad suddenly widened its eyes and covered its mouth with both of its hands. It emitted a miserable shriek which filled the entire Imperial City. Blood started streaming down from its tongue and dyed the ground red.

Bu Fang raised his resplendent Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife as he shot an indifferent glance at the One-Legged Toad. After looking at the toad for a short amount of time, he lowered his eyes to look at the object on the ground.

What was chopped by Bu Fang was none other than the One-Legged Toad's tongue. The part which was sliced off by Bu Fang had a slightly violet luster as it wiggled about on the ground.

"That kid!" The expert from the Godly Temples of the Wildlands was shocked. His pupils constricted as he didn't expect that Bu Fang could have defended himself against the One-Legged Toad's attack. Not to mention the fact that he actually injured the One-Legged Toad.

Seeing as it was injured by a seventh grade Battle-Saint, the One-Legged Toad was thoroughly mad. It unceasingly croaked as a thick and dense killing intent burst out of its eyes. It jumped toward the sky and became a small dot in the air.

In the next moment, the toad fell toward the ground at an extremely fast speed, causing whistling sounds in the air. It intended to stamp of Bu Fang and crush him into paste.

A loud rumbling came from the ground which had long been shattered. A figure shot out from the debris on the ground. With a flap of its wings, Whitey flew into the sky.

The One-Legged Toad ferociously stamped toward the ground as it intended to destroy the entire Imperial Capital.

With its mountain-like body, if it landed from such a height, the entire Imperial Capital might collapse.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several hooks shot out from Whitey's arms as they entangled the One-Legged Toad's leg. Ripping sounds were heard and countless slits appeared on the leg of the beast. Instead of slowing down, the One-Legged Toad's descend began to speed up instead. It was all due to gravity which pulled it toward the ground.

Whitey crouched its body as it shot out like an artillery shell.

The wings on its back disintegrated and turned into countless flying knives. They gathered in Whitey's fist and became a huge mass of knives. Raising its fist, Whitey punched toward the giant toad's leg.

The two of them collided in the air. This was a collision between two supreme existences. They were both at the peak of the Supreme-Being realm.

The air around them was swept up. Waves of air swept through the surrounding area in bursts. A whistling gale immediately surged as it blew through the entire Imperial Capital.

The citizens had already been evacuated by soldiers long ago. They were cowering in fright as they watched the battle between the two experts.

Of course, these were people who were frightened. However, there were also those who were excited. In normal and peaceful times, it would be impossible for them to witness a fight between two supreme existences.



There was finally an outcome to the collision between the giant toad and Whitey. The flying knives on Whitey's fist malevolently wrung and twisted. A miserable shriek was emitted by the toad whose eyes were filled with panic and fear.

The leg was instantly sliced into many pieces of meat which filled the sky above the Imperial Capital. A rain of blood started falling, and boundless spiritual energy filled the area.

Bu Fang summoned the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and made it expand continuously. It quickly became a giant wok which covered the sky. A strong suction force was emitted from the wok as it collected all of the toad's meat.

Although the toad's leg was already diced up into mincemeat by Whitey, it was only relative to its size. Considering the giant toad, even if Whitey diced it up into mincemeat, the pieces of meat were all extremely large.

After severely injuring the leg of the One-Legged Toad, Whitey's cold gaze swept the surroundings. It intended to follow up to kill the supreme toad.

Raising his Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, Bu Fang rushed toward the One-Legged Toad as well.

The complexion of the Supreme-Beings of the Godly Temples of the Wildlands changed. They billowed angrily and emitted powerful auras from their bodies. They wanted to help the One-Legged Toad.

The moment they were about to pounce, their hearts started pounding with fear. They were slightly taken aback. Turning their heads, they looked toward the plump and lazy dog which was lying at the door of Bu Fang's store.

The mouth of that plump dog twitched as it raised its small and dainty claws at them. With a slight wave of its claws, the pupils of the Supreme-Beings constricted.


The supreme aura which was emitted by them was directly scattered. With a slight wave of its claw, Blacky managed to stop both Supreme-Beings.

Their bodies, which were about to soar into the sky, were pushed back to the ground. Currently, the two Supreme-Beings were extremely shocked. They had never expected that there would still be a supreme beast guarding the store.

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