Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 358: Adding Toad Meat into the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall was a Good Choice

Chapter 358: Adding Toad Meat into the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall was a Good Choice

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The One-Legged Toad's aura was extremely terrifying. Every time it jumped, it would advance a huge distance toward the Imperial Capital. The terrifying aura of a supreme beast gradually pervaded and shrouded the entire city.

The deafening croak of the toad sounded like a thunder blast and it resounded in the ear of every citizen.

Above the Imperial Capital's wall.

Ji Chengxue followed the general who was in charge of protecting the city. They stood atop the city wall and gazed into the distance. He didn't need to look far away as that One-Legged Toad's body was extremely gargantuan. It was like a mountain of flesh which reached the clouds. The intense pressure it emitted made it difficult for Ji Chengxue to breathe properly.

It was a beast whose height reached hundreds of feet. There were even countless white clouds floating and drifting by the surroundings of its body. Why was such an existence rushing toward the Imperial Capital?

What grudge did this creature have against the Imperial Capital?

"Quickly! Order all of the archers to be on standby..." Ji Chengxue ordered the soldiers on the wall with some exasperation in his voice.

The sight of such a gigantic supreme beast caused Ji Chengxue to lose his courage. The thought of confronting the beast barely crossed his mind.

In the past, a ninth grade Supreme-Being from the Shura Sect came to the Imperial Capital to wreck havoc. This time, it was an extremely fearsome supreme beast… What kind of sin did the Imperial Capital commit to deserve all of this?

When his father sat on the throne, the number of troubles wasn't this large at all...

Ji Chengxue felt an acute headache as he leaned on the ice cold stones which made up the city wall. He became dispirited when he looked at the toad.


The One-Legged Toad fell to the ground once again. This time, it was close enough that people could make out the features of the toad. The moment it landed, the entire Imperial Capital trembled.

When the ground shook, everyone noticed the presence of the giant spirit beast. They looked out into the distance and saw a huge toad whose body reached into the clouds.

The One-Legged Toad's scary and hideous appearance caused widespread panic among the citizens.

Their peaceful and auspicious days were once again disturbed.

When Ji Chengxue looked at the panic-stricken mass in the capital, his expression changed. It became grave and a baleful look appeared in his eyes.

"Archers, shoot it down! Kill this beast."

Ji Chengxue's fist pounded against the ice cold stone which made up the city wall. He shouted with anger in his voice. It contained his intense unwillingness to accept such a fate.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The archers who were already on standby immediately loosened their grips on their bowstrings. Countless and innumerable arrows whistled through the air. Sounds of bowstrings snapping back to their position could be heard and a rain of arrows formed in the sky. As the toad was extremely big, every single arrow was on target as they shot toward the huge creature.

However, the One-Legged Toad was, after all, a supreme beast. Its fleshly body had strong defense and its skin wasn't something which could be torn open by mundane arrows.

This was still despite the fact that the cultivation of the archers wasn't weak at all. They were all third or fourth grade cultivators. Even though they had high cultivation levels compared to normal people, they were mere ants to the One-Legged Toad.

As the arrows fell onto the leg of the One-Legged Toad, they bounced off. They were not even capable of breaking through its skin.


Its giant leg fell once again as it reached the Imperial Capital's front gate. When it landed, a violent wind was swept up and blew against everyone on top of the city wall. It was like a hurricane which swept through the wall and soldiers who were standing on the wall stumbled. They nearly fell off the wall.

Ji Chengxue's complexion was ice-cold like frost as he placed his hands behind his back. He stood proudly atop the city wall against the strong gale which was blowing against him. His hair and robe were swept up by the wind and they fluttered in the air.

Although his eyes contained fear, he still had his pride as an emperor. He would never shrink back and cower even if the sky were to fall in front of him.

After the One-Legged Toad fell in front of the city wall, it giant eyes slightly rolled around. They finally locked on to Ji Chengxue who was standing on top of the wall.


A deafening croak filled the air once again.

At this moment, the Imperial Capital's citizens were finally able to clearly see the giant spirit beast which was standing outside the city. It was truly gigantic and humongous. The common people had never seen such a huge spirit beast before. It was just like a mountain of flesh which stood in front of their city gates. Just by standing there, it emitted a pressure which suffocated the people.

Chaotic sounds resounded from the whole city. The citizens who had caught sight of the One-Legged Toad were extremely terrified. It was as though they saw a fearsome devil and all of them fell to their knees.

"You are the Light Wind Empire's emperor?"

When Ji Chengxue was prepared to die, he heard a rough sound speaking to him. Several people jumped off the giant toad's head and floated above him.

Ji Chengxue was taken aback by his sudden change of fate. He raised his head slowly as he stared at all of them. He could see that there were several men who possessed extremely powerful and muscular bodies among them.

"I'm the Light Wind Empire's emperor, Ji Chengxue. I don't know how my Light Wind Empire have offended all of you, so much that you had to bring such a terrifying creature to siege my city," Ji Chengxue said in neither a servile nor arrogant tone.

"Siege your city? A trifling Imperial Capital doesn't require all of us to attack personally. We only want to know whether… whether Bu Fang is in the Imperial Capital or not."

A trace of disdain flashed through the eyes of a Ferocious Divine Hall's expert. He obviously didn't care about some mortal empire.

When he heard their question, Ji Chengxue was taken aback. Were these people here to look for Owner Bu?

"I know that Bu Fang is definitely in the Imperial Capital. Hurry up and hand him over. Order him to obediently give up the Ten Thousand Bestial Flame... After that, we'll leave this place. Otherwise, our Supreme Toad will take a tour around your Imperial Capital… We'll completely flatten your Imperial Capital."

That Godly Temple of the Wildlands's Supreme-Being sinisterly said as a cold glow burst out from his eyes. Ji Chengxue felt as though he fell headfirst into an ice cave when he met the gaze of the expert.

Currently, Ji Chengxue was bewildered and dumbfounded. Why the hell was someone there to look for Owner Bu once again?

The last time, an army besieged the city in order to look for him. This time, it was a supreme beast which was there to cause trouble. What the hell was going on… Owner Bu, what kind of crime did you have to commit for all these things to happen?


The intense earthquake along with the deafening croak startled Bu Fang, who was still in the Xiao Family manor. He casually strolled out of Xiao Meng's room as he walked into the courtyard. He could see that the imperial physicians were kneeling on the ground with fear in their eyes.

Xiao Xiaolong's eyes were also filled with fear.

Bu Fang slightly furrowed his brows and turned his head toward the skies. He managed to see a giant shadow standing outside the city as its body stretched into the skies. It was an extremely terrifying giant spirit beast.

It was the supreme beast from before, the One-Legged Toad.

Bu Fang's brows slightly rose. He didn't expect that they would chase him all the way to the Imperial Capital.

Were they still shouting for him to return the Ten Thousand Beastial Flames? It was a pity that the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames were already consumed and refined by him. If they wanted the flame, they couldn't get it. If they wanted his life… Sorry, but they lacked the abilities to take it as well.

Everyone trembled in fear as they stared at the giant One-Legged Toad outside the city.

When Bu Fang was staring into the skies, Xiao Yanyu returned with a huge bag behind her.

Her beautiful face became slightly rosy as beads of sweat dripped from her forehead.

"Owner Bu, the ingredients are here."

Xiao Yanyu passed the huge bag to Bu Fang without the slightest hesitation. Those ingredients weren't ordinary and average ones. The Black Spirit Abalone, Tiger Striped Shark Fin, and the others were all ingredients of precious grades. It wasn't easy for Xiao Yanyu to get her hands on all of them in such a short amount of time.

It was obvious that she had spent a large sum of money on it.

"Snort! You are truly acting willfully. Those ingredients are all intense and strong supplements. With general Xiao's current condition, he will immediately die if he takes a mouthful of them."

Although those imperial physicians were scared by the One-Legged Toad to the point where their legs had turned into jelly, anger appeared on their faces when they saw that Xiao Yanyu was handing over a huge bag of precious ingredients to Bu Fang.

They were physicians and they naturally had a profound medical knowledge. They clearly understood that someone in poor health couldn't be given a strong tonic.

Bu Fang shot a look at those imperial physicians and his mouth slightly twitched.

"If you guys are so impressive, why didn't you save Xiao Meng instead?" Bu Fang indifferently said.

After hearing what Bu Fang said, the complexion of the imperial physicians changed. They intended to criticize him. However, after hearing what Bu Fang said, the speech which they prepared to child Bu Fang got stuck in their throats. They didn't know how to treat Xiao Meng's poison at all.

As they were not able to scold Bu Fang any longer, those imperial physicians snorted with indignation. They waved their sleeves and said, "Although we don't have any means to treat him, it's not like a chef like you know how to treat the poison."

They were doctors, the Imperial Capital's physicians. They were the best doctors in the Light Wind Empire. How could a trifling chef know how to deal with a poison which even the best doctors in the Light Wind Empire were incapable of treating?

Was he trying to treat a person at death's door with a meal? If there was really such a chef, why didn't he try to ascend to heaven instead? It would be a much easier feat.

Bu Fang rolled his eyes at them. He was disinclined to continue the conversation with those old and obstinate physicians. Collecting the ingredients, he placed his hands behind his back as he left the Xiao Family manor.

"Get Xiao Meng and bring him to my store."

Xiao Yanyu and Xiao Xiaolong were taken aback for a moment. In the next moment, they rushed into the room with delight. They intended to carry the feeble Xiao Meng to Bu Fang's store.

After leaving the Xiao Family manor, Bu Fang directly walked toward his own store. On the way, he was thinking about how he should cook the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall.

He only had enough ingredients to make the dish once. There was no room for failure here. This caused Bu Fang to be prudent and cautious when trying to cook the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall.

Before the Imperial Capital's gate.

The Supreme-Being expert from the Ferocious Divine Hall didn't want to continue bickering with Ji Chengxue any longer.

The One-Legged Toad rolled its eyes as it suddenly jumped out toward the Imperial Capital. It intended to stomp on the city until Bu Fang appeared. After jumping over the city wall, its giant foot fell toward a crowded area.

The citizens below the foot quickly ran away with terror in their eyes. It was fortunate that Ji Chengxue gave the order to evacuate the citizens in advance. Otherwise, the number of people who would die under the stomp would be too huge to count.

With a loud crash, many buildings in the city were turned into ruins. The stomp directly caused the buildings to collapse and the ground caved open.

When he saw what was happening, Ji Chengxue became so angered that his complexion started turning black. He felt extremely powerless as he wasn't able to stop a toad from crushing his Imperial City.

Although he was an emperor, he didn't have exceptional strength. If he were to confront a Supreme-Being or supreme beast, he would be crushed easily.

The moment Bu Fang exited the Xiao Family manor, the toad sensed his aura. That was the reason the toad rushed into the city. The entry of such a giant monster into the Imperial Capital was a nightmare for the city. The buildings were like paper in front of such a fearsome existence.

Bu Fang was in front of his store and was about to walk into it.

However, the giant leg fell from the sky and caused the buildings beside Bu Fang's store to be crushed to ruins. The buildings that were just rebuilt not long ago… were all gone now.

Frantic gale immediately blew toward Bu Fang and it brought along the crushed bricks on the ground.

The moment the gale and bricks flew towards the store, they started to lose speed. The nearer they got to the store, the weaker the momentum became. The bricks eventually dropped to the ground and the gale became a light breeze.

Removing his hand from the boards he had just touched, Bu Fang stared at the giant supreme toad. Although the head of the giant toad was reaching the clouds, Bu Fang wasn't flustered at all. The only change in Bu Fang's expression was that his brows rose upwards.

"Well, if I put toad's meat in the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, its effect should be better. The effect of the dish against poison should become stronger…"

The corners of Bu Fang mouth twitched when he thought about it.

When the One-legged Toad rolled its eyes and stared at Bu Fang, its heart inexplicably shuddered. Another deafening croak escaped its mouth and shook the world.

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