Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 357: Nonsense, How Could a Chef Know How to Treat a Patient?

Chapter 357: Nonsense, How Could a Chef Know How to Treat a Patient?

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Xiao Yanyu looked at Bu Fang in delight. He was finally there! Xiao Xiaolong had told her that Bu Fang had a way to treat her father's poison.

When Bu Fang left, he had disappeared for half a month. The more she waited for him, the more anxious she became. She was afraid that Bu Fang would take too long and her father would have already died by the time he got back.

Bu Fang nodded indifferently toward Xiao Yanyu, who was staring at him with a slightly excited look.

Bu Fang's calm bearing caused Xiao Yanyu to slightly relax. She felt as if all her fear and anxiety disappeared when Bu Fang nodded at her.

"Young master Xiao… Who might this be?"

When the several old people surrounding the door saw that Xiao Xiaolong was back with a youngster, doubts formed in their mind. They were the imperial physicians sent by Ji Chengxue. They had the highest medical expertise in the entire Imperial Palace. Those old men spent all of their time in the palace studying medicine and they rarely paid attention to the outside world. Although they had some knowledge of Fang Fang's little store which was well-known throughout the entire empire, they didn't have a deep understanding of the store. They didn't even recognize Owner Bu when he stood in front of them.

After Xiao Yanyu came back to her senses, she introduced Bu Fang's status to the imperial physicians in a mild and gentle tone.

She was quite respectful toward them. That was because they were the ones who kept Xiao Meng's life safe when Bu Fang was away. If they were not present, Xiao Meng would already have lost his life to the poison.

Therefore, she was quite grateful to these imperial physicians.

"This is the owner of Fang Fang's Little Store. Today, he's here to treat my father's..." Xiao Yanyu cordially introduced him to the group of old men.

All of a sudden, an old imperial physician glared at Bu Fang as he sized him up.

"Miss Xiao, which clinic is this Fang Fang's Little Store? Why haven't I heard of it before?" An old imperial physician opened his mouth and questioned her. When the rest of them heard his question, they nodded their heads and looked toward Xiao Yanyu for an answer.

Xiao Yanyu was somewhat embarrassed when they asked about Fang Fang's Little Store.

"Fang Fang's Little Store isn't a clinic. It's our Imperial Capital's most famous restaurant," said Xiao Yanyu.


Are you cracking a joke right now? We're here to treat the guy, not have a meal...

"A Restaurant? Miss Xiao, treating a patient isn't some kind of game. How can you bring someone so foolish here? A restaurant is managed by a chef, not a doctor."

"That's right, Miss Xiao, have you ever seen a chef treating someone's illness?" Another old imperial physician spoke up with displeasure in his voice.

It was obvious that they were doubting Bu Fang's ability the moment they learned about his identity. They were sizing up Bu Fang as they shook their heads at him.

Bu Fang shot a calm and indifferent look at the old men who were making a fuss. He slowly turned his head toward Xiao Yanyu and he asked her a single question:

"Do you still need me to treat him? If you don't, I'll go back and take a nice long nap..."

Xiao Yanyu's complexion paled instantly. Without explaining anything else to the imperial physicians, Xiao Yanyu brought Bu Fang into the room hurriedly.

When they saw that Xiao Yanyu was ignoring them, the imperial physicians, for a chef, their expressions immediately turned ugly. One of them waved his sleeve and gave a cold snort. They were imperial physicians, yet Xiao Yanyu brought a chef over to look after Xiao Meng. This clearly showed them that she was looking down on them.

Could it be that the medical expertise of prestigious Imperial Palace's physicians like them paled in comparison to a chef who only knew how to wield a kitchen knife?

This was truly presumptuous.

Xiao Xiaolong shot a glance at the group of old men. Currently, his heart was quite calm and peaceful. He wasn't in the mood to explain things to those imperial physicians.

Owner Bu truly didn't know anything about medicine. However, he was able to make the Elixir Cuisine.

As for how formidable was Bu Fang's Elixir Cuisine, Xiao Xiaolong witnessed it with his own eyes. If he didn't place his hopes on Owner Bu, should he place his hopes on the imperial physicians who concluded that his father was definitely going to die?

Xiao Yanyu brought Bu Fang into the room.

The moment the entered, they were greeted by the intense smell of bitter medicine that filled the room.

Beside the bed, there was a thin and wan woman. She wore a lady robe as she sat by the bedside. Her face was covered in tears as she stared at the extremely feeble Xiao Meng who was lying on the bed.

Ji Ru'Er's eyes were filled with pain. It was obvious that she became thin and wan because she was too sad. Even after Bu Fang entered the room, she only shot him a glance. She pursed her dried lips without uttering a single word. After briefly looking at Bu Fang, she turned her gaze back to Xiao Meng, who was lying on the bed.

When Xiao Yanyu saw how sad Ji Ru'Er was, she sighed in her heart. Her heart throbbed in pain as she could not bear to see such a scene.

Bu Fang walked toward the headboard as he looked at Xiao Meng.

Xiao Meng's current condition was extremely awful. Almost all of his life force had seeped out of his body. The blood in his face seemed to have already turned black. It was obvious that the poison had already reached Xiao Meng's heart. He wasn't too far from death.

Bu Fang's heart shuddered. It seemed like he couldn't delay treatment anymore. With Xiao Meng's current condition, Bu Fang was afraid that he would die at any moment.

When Xiao Yanyu saw that Bu Fang was furrowing his brows, she became slightly worried. Anxiousness filled her heart as she had no idea what was Bu Fang's diagnosis.

"Owner Bu..."

"Please be a quiet for a moment. I'm thinking about what to do," Bu Fang said with indifference.

According to the system's suggestion, if Bu Fang wanted to treat Xiao Meng's poison, he had to use a forceful method. It seemed like he had to cook the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall with the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall's recipe was given to him by the system. However, according to the explanation by the system, the dish was divided into two grades. Currently, he already had the Black Turtle Wok in his possession, the only thing left was for Bu Fang to prepare the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall.

The most crucial step in making the dish was how Bu Fang should mix the ingredients together.

Looking through the recipe for the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, Bu Fang started to memorize the ingredients required to prepare the dish. After having the ingredients required for the dish by heart, Bu Fang took a look in his system's storage space. He wanted to know which were the ingredients he didn't have.

"Record the names of these ingredients. Send people to look for them, the faster they get it, the better." Bu Fang suddenly raised his head and instructed Xiao Yanyu.

Xiao Yanyu was taken aback for a moment. However, she recovered before long and nodded her head solemnly.

"A Black Spirit Abalone, Tiger Striped Shark Fin, Deep Sea Thorny Ginseng,..." Bu Fang recited the names one by one. These were all ingredients which came from the ocean. Bu Fang rarely came into contact with this stuff. As such, he didn't have them in his system's storage space.

As for spirit beast meat, he could replace them with the dragon and other spirit beasts meat he had in his system's storage space. In his trip to the Hundred Thousand Mountains, he collected countless precious ingredients which could play an important role during crucial junctures.

Xiao Yanyu earnestly recorded the names of the dishes down and she ordered for some people to go and get them.


Deep in the mountains, a pitch-black and ice-cold metallic tower was erected. The Shura Sect's Master, Duan Ling, was sitting cross-legged in it.

With his eyes shut tightly, blood-red true energy which was faintly visible swiftly revolved around his whole body.

On his left arm, a cracking sound could be heard. It sounded like the collision sounds of shackles. The sound could be heard from time to time, and it was the remnant of a Supreme-Being's shackles. These were the shackles which were restricting his cultivation and strength.

As a half-step Divine realm expert, he almost broke the Supreme-Being's shackles. He was so close to stepping into the tenth grade Divine Realm… He was about to become an existence which transcended mortals.

However, it was a pity that all of his hopes and dreams were crushed by an ant-like seventh grade Battle-Saint.

Even till this moment, he had no idea how a trifling seventh grade Battle-Saint could consume a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. This issue danced around in his head and made him extremely puzzled.

After sitting in meditation for almost a whole day and consuming countless amounts of elixir, Duan Ling had almost completely healed up from the damage caused by his forceful breakthrough.

Currently, his whole body emitted a terrifying amount of pressure.

Stepping into the tenth grade Divine Realm was tantamount to transcending one's mortal body. At such a realm, one could sense the world power and use it to confront their enemies.

Someone at the peak of the ninth grade Supreme-Being realm could easily stimulate their true energy and oppress their opponents with pressure. However, an expert at the Divine realm could control the world power and basically instakill any ninth grade Supreme-Being.

"Have you investigated the matter thoroughly? Who was the bastard who stole my Ten Thousand Beastial Flame?" Duan Ling slowly opened his eyes as a terrifying glow flashed inside them. However, the terrifying flash only lasted for a moment before disappearing.

The High Priestess was waving several blood-red talismans in her hands as they formed a peculiar magic array which contained a strange power. She could learn of countless matters through the strange power.

After some time, she placed those talismans away. A strange radiance flashed through her eyes which was covered by her mask. She replied to Duan Ling, "I figured it out. That kid is someone in the Imperial Capital. He's the owner of that store which killed the Venerable."

"He's the owner of that store which killed the Venerable? Fate is truly a strange thing. Enemies will meet each other again… This time, I'll settle all of our scores with him once and for all."

Killing intent flashed in Duan Ling's eyes. He stood up hurriedly and left for the Imperial Capital.

The High Priestess followed behind him as she flew out of the metallic tower.

The moment they left, the metal tower shook. It shrank down and was taken away by the High Priestess.

Duan Ling took a look toward the direction of the Light Wind Empire's Capital. He slightly squinted his eyes.

"Let's go to the Light Wind Empire's Capital. We must take back the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames and avenge the Venerable....."

Duan Ling placed his hands behind his back as he commanded. Killing intent overflowed from his body and swept up the surroundings. Taking a step forward, his entire body became a blood-red beam of light as he flew toward the Imperial Capital. His voice echoed in all directions as he flew.

"This time, I will bury the entire Imperial Capital for the Venerable. I'll let the entire Southern Region know that my Shura Sect is back."

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