Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 353: Can This Dog Still Take A Good Nap?

Chapter 353: Can This Dog Still Take A Good Nap?

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Within the gigantic pit of fire, flames burned loudly. The blazes shot to the sky, though tumultuous, but devoid of a type of spirit energy. Everyone nearby observed this as they felt the flames.

Without the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, known as the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, this pit of fire had reduced to ordinary flames.

And so, this blaze ceased to be the center of their attention.

The road was full of bumps and holes, completely covered with cracks. A human-shaped pit appeared there, but the puppet that was smashed down by Shura Sect Overlord could no longer be found.

Everyone took in a long breath, and exhaled, spitting out all the astonishment that amassed in their hearts. They were completely startled. No matter Bu Fang swallowing fire, or the metallic puppet fighting one against five, they felt like they had broadened their horizons.

These people wore fascinated expressions.

There were numerous Supreme-Beings contending for the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, but they were sneakily snatched by a seventh grade Battle-Saint and... devoured…

It felt like these Supreme-Beings were totally slapped across the face.

Ye Ziling was extremely excited. She clenched her fist together. " Owner Bu truly is spectacular! No, he is getting stronger and stronger!"

Ye Ziling recalled the first time she met Owner Bu, back when he was still quite feeble…

Whitey was also mighty and fierce, as much as it was adorable. She couldn't hold herself back, extremely eager to hurry to the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire to see Owner Bu. It felt like meeting an idol!

And… Ye Ziling tilted her head and pondered as she narrowed her eyes. Should she tell Sister Ni Yan everything that had just happened?

Ye Yunqing was so frightened that all the muscles on his body trembled. Shaken, he extracted a Dragon Liver Popsicle from his dimensional ring and took a bite.

That was incredibly frightening. " This fellow won't even let a ball of fire go, is there anything on this continent that cannot be eaten by him?"

In comparison to the fire-eating Owner Bu, he settled for the Dragon Liver Popsicle to help himself get over the shock.

Duan Yun watched from afar, with his own eyes, as Bu Fang ripped apart the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames and swallowed it down. Suddenly, his entire body began quivering.

He began to contemplate, suddenly recalling Owner Bu smacking him over the head with a black wok to force out his alchemic fire, just so he could roast a potato.

It was fortunate that he gave in at the end. If he had resisted, would this lad have also devoured his alchemic fire?

What a monster!

As he thought about this more, he couldn't help bursting into laughter. He gazed at the humiliated and fuming Supreme-Beings floating overhead, suddenly feeling a burst of cheerfulness inside.

A whole crowd of Supreme-Beings, screwed over by a seventh grade Battle-Saint.

How enthralling.

Wu Mu clutched his Cloud Rising Sword, and although he continued coughing up blood from time to time, he still laughed uncontrollably. He was filled with mirth.

He knew that if the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames fell into the hands of the Shura Sect demons, the consequences would be unimaginable. The current outcomes were perhaps for the best.

That the Shura Sect Overlord failed to break through the Supreme-Being shackles made him especially gleeful.

Duan Ling hovered in the sky, gripping the blood-colored Shura Sect Sword. He had an extremely sour expression on his face, as pale as if ashes were smeared across it. He clenched his fist firmly, to the point where it was covered with blue veins.

Wu Mu's laughter echoed in his ear. This taunting chortle was so derisive that it sent flames of anger up his chest.

He lifted his head to meet the scorching wind brushing against his face. He scanned the surrounding with his icy eyes, finally targeting Wu Mu.

"Laugh at me? As for your tampering with my business… I haven't gotten even with you yet!"

Duan Ling uttered coldly. He lifted up the Shura Sect Sword and tapped the air with the tip of his foot. Waves of air began spreading outwards as if they were ripples in the water.

Duan Ling traveled at an incredible speed, heading straight for Wu Mu with a strong intent to kill. A murderous vibe burst of him. If it weren't for this fellow blocking him, how could the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames be swallowed by some loser?

All of this was because of Wu Mu!



A mystifying pressure emerged from Duan Ling's body. This pressure caused Wu Mu to widen his eyes, feeling as if a heavy rock had fallen on his chest.

The Pressure of Heaven and Earth!!

Those from the tenth grade Divine stage could summon the Pressure of Heaven and Earth created by the Force of Heaven and Earth. This was the difference between a Supreme-Being and one from the Divine echelon!

Though Duan Ling had failed to truly reach a breakthrough, he still achieved a cultivation level midway to the Divine state. This was ample enough to squash Wu Mu.

In the face of the Pressure of Heaven and Earth created by the Force of Heaven and Earth, Wu Mu suddenly felt like all four limbs were so heavy they weighed him down.

Was he about to die?

One after another jade talisman descended and blocked his body. The jade talismans formed magic arrays and circled around Wu Mu, fending off Duan Ling's strike. The magic array generated by the jade talisman continued to explode loudly as Duan Ling pressed on.

The Supreme Elder of the Celestial Arcanum Sect had on a grave expression, his wrinkled face slightly quivered. When the last magic array was also shattered by Duan Ling's sword, the Supreme Elder finally paled and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Wu Mu's own energy was in a disordered state. He was also heavily wounded, so it would be difficult to endure this slash. It looked like he really was going to die there.

Suddenly, a serpent hiss rang next to his body. Then, a curved long sword swooped in before his body.

Clink! It was instantly fractured and shattered by the Shura Sect Sword.

The Serpentine Sovereign swayed her tail as her entire body launched forward. Her breathtakingly beautiful face was as pale as a piece of paper.

Wu Mu was taken aback. He gazed at the Serpentine Sovereign with a complicated expression. Catching sight of the serpent-shaped sword, now shattered into pieces by the Shura Sect Sword, he was overcome with all sorts of mixed feelings…

Having been intercepted like this, Duan Ling's Pressure of Heaven and Earth also dissipated. He had not yet broken through the Supreme-Being shackles and was heavily wounded. This was the only strike he could afford to shoot, so it was a pity it was stopped again.

His eyes were still as frosty as ever as he inspected the entire crowd. Though against their wills, everyone's hearts thudded dreadfully.

Blood-colored jade talismans floated. A dainty pair of feet floated in the sky, stepping on these jade talismans. The Hight Priestess appeared beside Duan Ling. Her eyes, concealed beneath her mask, showed neither happiness or sadness. The jade talismans shook and covered both of their bodies.

The wind blew by and a light sparkled. The jade talismans wrapped around both of their bodies and were whisked away, leaving the pit of fire behind.

The Shura Sect Overlord had left…

Everyone in the crowd gave a sigh of relief. Bei Gongming sank into the floor butt-first. His entire body was shivering uncontrollably. He was finally free to twist around his head and inspect his surrounding. His pupils shrank immediately as he caught sight of the numerous disciples that had perished in that battle. It was an extremely fierce battle. Though none of the Supreme-Beings had fallen, each and every one of them was heavily wounded. There were many more deaths among the eight grade War-Gods.

Bei Gongming, with a mourning heart, suddenly narrowed his eyes, "The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames… perhaps that lad only used some kind of secret technique to acquire it. If I informed the sect of this, I'd still have the chance to gain a reward even if I could not obtain the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames."

With an almost Divine warrior appearing in the training grounds, Bei Gongming had already forfeited his dream of seizing the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

Even if the opponent was only halfway into the Divine state, he himself was still no match for him.

As the disciple of the Grand Sect, he was aware of the powers of the Divine stage.


The Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire.

The night has befallen, and only the bright moons hung in the sky. Before the store, sparks of glitter shimmered in the air, followed by a fierce wave of howling wind.

Blacky was snoring by the entrance. Suddenly woken up by the billowing winds, he lazily fluttered open his eyelids, twitched his lips, and gazed at the magic array under formation.

The magic array soon took shape. After another whistle of wind, a figure landed at the center of the magic array.

Bang. This figure landed in front of Blacky.

Bu Fang fell butt-first onto the floor but felt no pain whatsoever. The only sensation he could detect through his body was the scorching heat. Even with the system presenting him a special technique, he was still overwhelmed with the blistering heat. It spread from his stomach, making him feel like he was about to be burned to ashes.

His vision was a bit blurry. He scanned his eyes over his surroundings and realized that he was not in his room. It looked like the system accidentally transported him to the wrong location.

Bu Fang tried to stand up. However, feeling his legs go weak, he fell to the floor once more.

Blacky glanced at the seemingly drunk Owner Bu and rolled his doggy eyes nonstop. Where did this lad go this time to indulge himself? How dare he come back to this Lord Dog all drunk?

Bu Fang's face was flushed. He suddenly widened his eyes. He twisted around his head and glared at the chubby dog.

Blacky's doggy nose twitched. " What's up with this lad?"


Bu Fang felt his stomach rumbling. No longer able to hold it in, he widened his eyes, and with a bulged mouth, sprayed everything toward the chubby dog.


Blacky had never expected Bu Fang to have the guts to puke on him.

"How dare he throw up on this Lord Dog?! And what is this that he spit up… a freaking ball of fire? You lad, left to have your fun, and came back as an entertainer? Huh? This flame… wait, oh my god… it's the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame!"

The Lord Dog barked furiously and instantly jumped up. His sluggish body bounced up and down, finally putting out the fire that covered his doggy head.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was a flame created by countless spirit energies collected between the heavens and earth. " It almost burnt this Lord Dog's gorgeous coat of fur!"

Having coughed up a mouthful of fire, Bu Fang felt much better. He inhaled and picked himself up.

Bu Fang rubbed Blacky's head and patted his own stomach. Then, he walked back into the store with a look that screamed constipation.

Blacky was speechless. He looked at Bu Fang, who was staggering away, and humphed to himself. He returned to his lying posture.

Just as he sprawled down, a gigantic eruption took place, followed by a metallic lump that fell from the sky. It created a huge indent in the pavement before him, causing crushed stones to fly into all directions.

Whitey rubbed its round head and stood up from the deep pit. Its mechanic eyes flickered red, violet, and then silver. It also rose to its feet, looking both confused and disoriented…

Blacky jiggled his body, shaking off the crushed stones. He clenched his teeth, extremely vexed at this point.

Can this dog still take a good nap?

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