Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 352: Flaunt and Flee

Chapter 352: Flaunt and Flee

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Gusts of winds whistled and circled around Bu Fang, blowing his hair against the air.

His face was hot and flushed, yet his eyes were filled with shock.

He gazed at Whitey's stretched wings, feeling somewhat dumbfounded. " Whitey has grown a pair of wings? Is it going to become a flying Whitey?"

His intuition told him that Whitey's changes must be related to the Departed Soul Orb he just fed Whitey… It seemed that the orb really did give Whitey a bad stomachache.

Loud booms echoed in the heavens. Domineering forces of energy burst out of the five Supreme-Beings, who were closing in from afar. They all stared at Bu Fang with greedy and agitated eyes.

The Ten Thousand Bestial Flame was swallowed by this nonentity right before their eyes. However, this weak seventh grade Battle-Saint could not absorb the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame in such little time. Maybe it was still inside this freak's body. There might still be a chance to obtain the Ten Thousand Bestial Flame if they could capture this Battle-Saint!

Besides, they were quite interested in how Bu Fang managed to swallow the Ten Thousand Bestial Flame.

From their perspective, though this nonentity before them did not have a spectacular cultivation level, he was filled with secrets. This sense of mystery… did intrigue them tremendously.

Want to teleport? What a joke!

A warrior of the Godly Temple of the Wildlands, flexing his strong muscles, gazed at the magic array above Bu Fang's head and sneered.

This fellow wants to flaunt and flee? Did he take every Supreme-Being here as a fool?

A huge axe appeared in his hands, the semi-divine tool of the Godly Temple, the Mystery Weighty Axe. It weighed over thousands of kilograms and provided a formidable, destructive force of power.

He would not let Bu Fang escape this easily. Therefore, he was determined to smash the magic array that had just condensed over that fellow's head.

His true energy burst out and spread through the sky. Then, this Supreme-Being exerted a huge force of energy and flung the axe toward Bu Fang.

The axe spun around rapidly, slashing through the air and charging right at Bu Fang. Nonetheless, it was smashed away by numerous darts halfway and was instantly diverted from its original trajectory.

Whitey's gray eyes looked incredibly cold. The pair of steel wings on its back fully spread, shimmering with a daunting, metallic sheen.

Its arm swirled as a dart flew back to its palms. Whitey's gray pupils rolled and targeted the Supreme-Being of the Godly Temple.

"Damn it! How dare you interfere! Die!"

The warrior of the Godly Temple of the Wildlands roared with rage, his muscles emitting a light gleam.

Boom Boom Bang!

Letting out a beastly howl, the Fire Dragon down in the pit fluttered its wings. It stretched open its mouth and displayed its fangs, then charged toward Bu Fang ferociously. Anyone who dared to seize the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame must be exterminated!

With a swoosh, a figure suddenly swept in and landed before the dragon.

A chubby robotic puppet fluttered the metal wings behind its back. Whitey effectively blocked the Fire Dragon. It raised one of its fists, its gray pair of eyes flickering faintly, and then thrust a punch downward.


Blood splattered in all directions. The lava-like blood burst out with sizzles from the Fire Dragon.

Whitey's first strike actually managed to leave a scar on the Fire Dragon's head! His rising figure was also slammed back into the lava by Whitey's fist. It looked like Whitey just had a morale boost as its wings spread.

The croak of a frog echoed up in the heavens. Then, a gigantic toad's limb, so towering that it blocked out the sun, fell from the sky! This huge toad wanted to flatten Bu Fang with this move.

Bu Fang was astonished. This damn toad, how vicious!

The wind below the magic array blew violently. Bu Fang started to feel a force of suction. The view before his eyes blurred.

He knew that the transportation has been initiated and that he was about to take off.

Whitey's gray pupils flickered, both cold and ruthless. Its wings flapped and it suddenly appeared under the toad's leg.

Stretching out its hands, slits suddenly appeared over its palms. Steel poles instantly shot out and clung on the toad leg. Whitey's hands tangled around the leg.

The gigantic One-Legged Toad felt a huge force spreading along its leg. With a croak, it was flung away.

Whitey was incredibly powerful. Though its body was minuscule compared to that of the toad, it easily tossed away this jumbo-sized Supreme-Beast.

Those standing nearby to witness this all drew in chilled breaths.

Ye Ziling's eyes lit up as she almost jumped up in ecstasy.

"Whitey is still so unbelievable! The demon that strips others, strip off the skin of the toad!"

Ye Yunqing rubbed his beard with a slight quiver. Although Ye Ziling didn't understand what that meant, he himself did! In the past, Whitey's combat ability was impressive but could still only rival one Supreme-Being.

Did Whitey consume some kind of secret elixir to suddenly become even fiercer than a Supreme-Being at his peak?!

As the One-Legged Toad was flung away, the other three Supreme-Beings also rushed over.

The slim-waisted Serpentine Sovereign widened her cherry red lips, ejecting a long sword from her mouth. The blade flashed, emitting a chilly gleam.

Both Supreme-Beings of the Godly Temple of the Wildlands also summoned their true energy, sending waves of true energy cascading outward.


Within the pit of fire, a growl rang. A scorching hot dragon's breath spurt out, charging straight at Whitey.

The One-Legged Toad that just landed on the floor, now infuriated, opened its mouth. He stirred up dramatic tides that towered the sky.

Five terrifying strikes were launched at Whitey.

Whitey clenched its fists and, with a bang, fluttered the metallic wings behind its back. As they spread out ferociously, they transformed into numerous pairs of interconnected blades. One after another, flying daggers whistled ferociously against the air, heading straight for the five Supreme-Beings.

Bang! Bang!

The two parties collided into each other, filling the sky with deafening clangs. Small knifes continued to be smashed away, but the combined power of the five Supreme-Beings were waning.

The daggers that were rammed away returned to Whitey's wings. Once they readjusted, they charged out once again.

A surge of sword will descended from the sky.

Wu Mu coughed up another mouthful of blood. The bright red blood completely stained the clothing covering his chest. The Supreme Elder's face also changed colors. Up in the sky, he stumbled backwards a couple of steps. With hands covering his chest, his breath started to fluctuate.

The magic array he used to confine the Shura Sect Overlord Duan Ling instantly shattered.

He gazed in astonishment at Duan Ling, who floated majestically in the air with strand of black energy spreading from his body.

The Shura Sect Sword in hand, Duan Ling threw back his head and narrowed his eyes. The muscles on his face twitched. There were flames of fury burning in his heart. Rich waves of true energy within his body pounded against the shackles around him. A terrifying wave of energy circulated him.

He couldn't wait any longer. He began to forcibly break through the current echelon. Once he broke through the Supreme-Being shackles, he could rise to the tenth level Divine echelon!

The Supreme Elder stroked his chest, gulping in big mouths of breath.

"Lunatic. How could the tenth grade Divine stage be so easy to reach? This is a suicide mission!"

Of course, if Duan Ling had absorbed all the spirit energy made from spiritual essences contained within the Departed Soul Orb, the Supreme Elder naturally wouldn't think this way.

However, Duan Ling's good fortunes were intercepted by Bu Fang. If he insisted on forcing himself to the next echelon, he could only be turned into a pile of ashes!

The tenth grade Divine stage required shattering of the shackles both the heavens and earth placed on mortal beings. This was a struggle against the heavens and earth!

A loud howl echoed in the air. This wail contained traces of pain and misery. An infinite amount of force of pressure exploded from Duan Ling's body, rendering everyone nearby shocked and speechless. They observed the crackling, ice-cold shackles that appeared on Duan Ling's body. The majestic and domineering chains, as if joined with the sky, wrapped around his left arm.

Duan Ling condensed his true energy, hoping to shatter those shackles.

Bei Gongming, from down below, fell to the ground butt-first.

"What the hell? Is this really the training grounds? How could there be someone forcibly breaking through the Supreme-Being shackles to reach the tenth grade Divine stage!"

How could someone of that level appear in the training grounds? What's there to even freaking train!

Bu Fang also squinted his eyes as he watched. The formidable pressure emitting from the frosty shackles also alarmed him. This was the Pressure of Heaven and Earth!

Was this the higher echelon above the Supreme-Being stage?


Flying daggers gathered behind Whitey's back and reformed into a pair of wings. The five Supreme-Beings who combined forces suffered a blow from Whitey.

The view before Bu Fang's eyes became hazier with the winds howling around him. He could see less and less…

Suddenly, his eyes froze.

Duan Ling, still weighed down by chains, bellowed to the sky. His hair stood on their ends, and his eyes filled with a blood red gleam.


He charged at Bu Fang, dragging behind his chains. A terrifying Pressure of Heaven and Earth showered down. A blood-colored sword swiped across the sky, as if slicing through everything, and headed for Bu Fang.

Whitey's gray eyes flickered. The wings behind its back spread out. Flying daggers rolled up and formed a gigantic cleaver, directly colliding with the Shura Sect Sword.

It must block this insane Shura Sect Overlord.

Storms of wind finally completely blocked Bu Fang's sight. The last thing he saw was the Shura Sect Overlord's murderous eyes.

"Flee?! No matter whether you escape to the ends of the earth, I, Duan Ling, will hunt you down and tear you into pieces! You snatched my good fortunes and tampered with my breakthrough. I must seek revenge till the day I die!"


With a loud explosion, the shackles around Duan Ling's arms cracked. He continued to clutch the ice-cold chains in his hand as he spat out a mouthful of blood. His face was pale as ever.

Whitey's gigantic cleaver was completely shattered by the Shura Sect Sword. It broke down into hundreds of thousands of small flying daggers.

That sword landed on Whitey's body, sending it crashing into the pavement. The grounds fractured into pieces as crushed stones flew in all directions. Whitey's figure was nowhere to be found.

Duan Ling wore a ruthless expression. The ice-cold shackles were pulled up by him and wrapped around his left hand. The chains, however, gradually reduced into a translucent shade and eventually disappeared.

Those were the Supreme Shackles. Even though it vanished from sight, it still invisibly confined Duan Ling. After all, he failed to break through the chains and step into the tenth grade echelon.

The Supreme Elder let out a long breath, a mixed feeling of joy and fear flashing across his face.

"He couldn't shake off the Supreme-Being shackles, and can only be considered an almost Divine being… It's a pity that the other fellow has been targeted. Hopefully, he can escape the hunt of this demon and survive. He did swallow the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, after all, so his future is boundless…"

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