Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 354: The Light Wind Empire's Imperial Capital Will Descend Into Panic Once Again

Chapter 354: The Light Wind Empire's Imperial Capital Will Descend Into Panic Once Again

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Staggering from left to right, Bu Fang returned back to the store, closely followed by Whitey, which was staggering the same way he was.

At that moment, Bu Fang felt like his head contained a huge vortex which revolved without stop, and this made him feel so dazed that he couldn't walk properly. It had been a long time since Bu Fang experienced such a feeling. The last time he felt like this was when he had a fever in his previous world. He entered the store and went upstairs, returning to his room.

Once he had entered his room, he was only able to stagger a few more steps before he collapsed on his bed and dozed off.

Three different colors flickered repeatedly within Whitey's eyes as it went back to the kitchen and silently stayed in a corner. Its body seemed like it had undergone a slight change, albeit unnoticeable.

Blacky groaned and shivered slightly. As its plump body shuddered, the stones beneath it were crushed. It quickly shook off its jitters, and its black belly protruded out back to its usual plump state.

The doggy yawned, lay back down and continued sleeping.


In the Hundred Thousand Mountains, loud rumbling sounds erupted consecutively.

Amidst the intense rumbles, a loud toad croak reverberated around, and a gigantic One-Legged Toad leaped all the way from the Hundred Thousand Mountains and landed on the plains with an intense crash.

The One-Legged Toad rolled its eyes, and experts from the Godly Temple of the Wildlands could be seen standing atop its head. These experts all donned unwilling expressions as they gazed into the distance, at the direction of the capital of the Light Wind Empire.

Although they didn't recognize Bu Fang, they had heard rumors about him—a chef who also possessed a mysterious and powerful puppet. Aside from the Imperial Capital's black-hearted Owner Bu, there was no one else who fitted that description.

However, they didn't care for his store. Since he dared to steal the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, from a Supreme-Being nonetheless, then he should have been prepared for their arrival. They had also heard that the store had a supreme beast, which had killed the Shura Sect's Venerable.

This was quite convenient for them because, at this time, the Shura Sect Master was probably already enraged, and the wrath of a half-step Divine expert wasn't something an ordinary person could behold. This would be a good opportunity for them to fish in those troubled waters.


A terrifying dragon roar accompanied by intense heat waves erupted out from the Hundred Thousand Mountains. A huge scarlet Fire Dragon unfurled its wings and flapped them wilding, swiftly flying over from the Hundred Thousand Mountains. The object it had guarded for so long had been stolen from it. This was a reality it found unacceptable and refused to accept, so it flew out from the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

That object belonged to it; it was its fortuitous encounter! The Fire Dragon wouldn't stop until it killed the person who had stolen its opportunity.


The Fire Dragon roared again and spouted out scalding flames. It flapped its wing and flew past the Western Mystery City.

Countless experts emitting powerful auras rushed out from the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Ye Yunqing rode the Intense Sun Bird, which also flew out from the Hundred Thousand Mountains. Naturally, he'd also go to the Light Wind Empire's Capital.

The corners of his mouth twitched as he realized that the Imperial Capital, which had only just regained peace, would go through some tough times, once again.

Ye Yunqing couldn't help but sympathize with the Light Wind Empire's emperor; his reign had been filled with hardships and riddled with difficulties.

Ye Ziling didn't go directly to the Imperial Capital. Instead, she stopped by the Western Mystery City on her journey. Ni Yan oversaw the Western Mystery City, and Ye Ziling just happened to have a small secret she wanted to share with Ni Yan.

A sword light streaked across the sky. After Wu Mu had consumed several elixirs, the state of his injuries improved slightly, and he was now capable of flying back on his sword.

Beside him was the Serpentine Sovereign, who was curled from the waist down. She possessed a voluptuous figure and a beautiful but ice-cold face.

"Wu Mu, I already found a successor, and after I go back, I will leave the Grand Serpentine City and go to a land broader than the southern border to seek any opportunities for a breakthrough..."

The Serpentine Sovereign's beautiful rosy lips parted slightly as she declared indifferently, without even taking a single look at Wu Mu.

Wu Mu was taken aback, but when he intended to speak, he was interrupted by the Serpentine Sovereign:

"We may not see each other in the future. This farewell is mostly our last one and will last forever."

The Serpentine Sovereign stated coldly, and in the next moment, she leaped off the flying sword, and her figure quickly vanished from view.

Wu Mu, feeling embarrassed, stared at the fading figure of the Serpentine Sovereign, and he sighed lightly as his eyes flashed with complicated thoughts.


In the vast northwest plain, a lonely man traveled at a leisurely pace.

Duan Yun grabbed the leg of a spirit beast which had been roasted by his alchemic flame and tore it apart. He savored his meal as he continued traveling at a leisurely pace toward his destination.

"Well... the meat that has been roasted by the alchemic flame is truly delicious. Should I just switch occupations and become a chef? I may have better prospects in that profession, so why should I still bother with being an Alchemist?"

Duan Yun laughed in self-depreciation.

As he continued onwards, a strange radiance flickered in his eyes, and he stopped as the figure of a man cropped up in his mind—a man who had nonchalantly eaten a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.

Nowadays, chefs were truly frightening.


In the Western Mystery City.

An old man with white hair and brows leisurely entered the city lord's palace.

As Ni Yan listened to Ye Ziling's vivid narration, her adorable eyes widened, and her mouth parted slightly, revealing a face filled with incredulity.

"Are you saying that Owner Bu has become demented to the point that he has begun to eat fire? Is fire... really edible?"

"Aiya! Sister Ni Yan, you truly missed a lot... from the way Owner Bu tore into the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, you would think that he was eating some roasted meat. Moreover, the star of the show was Whitey! Whitey is truly amazing; it was able to face five of them alone." Ye Ziling's eyes showed admiration as she recounted the events to Ni Yan.

Although she had recounted Bu Fang's flame-eating feats, it was obvious that the lassie was more excited about how dashing Whitey seemed when it faced five Supreme-Beings alone. They were Supreme-Beings! And not some unknown trash.

If only one of these frightening existences stepped out, it would stir up a great commotion in the Light Wind Empire.

Ni Yan stroked her smooth chin and smacked her lips. Unexpectedly, Owner Bu had only gone to the Hundred Thousand Mountains to fight over a flame, and he ended up eating that Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.

What was he trying to accomplish?

After she had pondered over it for a while, Ni Yan's eyes quickly brightened.

What was Owner Bu? He was a chef. What would a chief need a flame for? It was obviously for cooking. Could it be that Owner Bu came out with a new dish that required the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame?

When her thoughts shifted to Bu Fang's remarkable skill and fragrant dishes, Ni Yan couldn't help but lick her rosy lips as she became excited over the new dish, barely able to rein in her desire to taste it.

When Ye Ziling noticed Ni Yan's change in expression, she silently massaged her temples and sighed. It was quite obvious to her that Ni Yan had started thinking about food again. As expected of the Celestial Arcanum Sect's famous foodie... "She is the same as my unreliable grandfather."

As the two ladies chatted fervently, Ni Yan's ears twitched, and her brows suddenly creased upwards. She had just received a message from the Supreme Elder.

The Supreme Elder was unexpectedly in the Western Mystery City.

Ni Yan didn't dare ignore him, so she immediately brought Ye Ziling along with her and went out to look for him.

In the middle of the night, the Western Mystery City's gate was opened, and three shadows ran out and rushed toward the Imperial Capital.

The Light Wind Empire's Capital had once again become the focus of the whole southern border, just like the previous time when it was besieged by armies.

If Ji Chengxue found out about this, who knew if he would weep silently or bawl openly.


The first rays of morning light shone into the room through the windows, dispersing the chilly air from the previous night.

The man that hadn't moved an inch the entire night suddenly stirred and opened his eyes, as though he had just come back to life. His hair was messy, and his eyes were slightly dazed. He massaged his swollen temples, sat up properly and exhaled deeply. His mouth and tongue were dry and his throat itched. Still massaging his temples, he got off the bed and walked toward the bathroom. He took a warm bath to sober up and went out while his hair was still wet.

As he moved about, Bu Fang felt his bones creak slightly.

He widened his eyes, and as he closed his hand into fists, he realized that his body had become stronger. It seemed that consuming a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame triggered its additional effect of strengthening the body and keeping it healthy.

When he came to that realization, he quickly began examining his body to find out where the flame that he ate went. After all, the fate of the flame he had consumed determined whether or not he would be able to use the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Just as he was about to properly examine his body, the solemn voice of the system echoed in his mind.

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