Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1782 - A One-Armed Soul God  

Chapter 1782: A One-Armed Soul God

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‘Soul God?’ Bu Fang twitched the corner of his mouth and glanced at the little girl at his side. ‘She can’t be a real jinx, can she? Could an ultimate boss like Soul God be awakened by the words of a jinx? But I don’t think he’s Soul God…’

Bu Fang focused his eyes. He thought it was more likely to be Heavengod Transmigration. After all, Ezra’s body was possessed by him. But why would he want to save Soul and even come back to Void City, from which he had fled? His motive puzzled Bu Fang.

In midair, Ezra’s body was torn in two, and a figure slowly emerged from it. Long and dense black hair, still covered in slime, clung to the figure’s shoulders, looking somewhat disgusting. At the same time, a clear panting sound echoed throughout heaven and earth.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at the void in horror.

Soul was still a little confused. She thought she was dying, but she was not. She survived! Her eyes moved from side to side, then turned to the figure in front of her.

The power of sin spread and surrounded the man like tiny snakes. He slowly lifted his head. Shockingly, he had no face and legs and had only one arm. Such a strange appearance gave everyone the creeps.

“What is this? Faceless with only one arm… Where did this fellow come from?”

A rumbling sound rang out, sweeping out across the air. Marquis Lang Gu smashed to the ground, his mouth full of blood. He had withdrawn from his monster form and turned back to his human form, and was rolling and howling in pain.

Duchess Nightmare and Duchess Yunlan sucked in their breath. They wondered who that man was.

Duchess Tianlian, on the other hand, breathed a sigh of relief. Soul was not dead, and Void City was saved. “Soul… Leave now,” she said. Then, she turned into flower petals again and held off the other two dukes.

The two dukes fought fiercely—their attacks made Duchess Tianlian keep coughing blood.

In midair, the man lifted his lone arm and ran his hand through his hair. Although he had no face, the crowd could feel a piercing glance coming from him. That made the hearts of many sink.

Marquis Lang Gu recovered quickly from his injury. He was a Chaotic Saint, after all. He stood up and glanced at the faceless man in fear. Only he knew how terrifying the aura the man had unleashed just now. It was even stronger than that of a duke!

A few nearby nobles narrowed their eyes. They were only Saints of the Great Path, but Soul’s aura was weak now and had even fallen to the level of a Saint of the Great Path, so they had a chance to subdue her. After exchanging glances, they flew toward Soul and the faceless man.

Marquis Lang Gu’s pupils narrowed, but he was too late to stop them. The other people gasped as they watched.

Frowning, Bu Fang looked up at the faceless man in midair. The man gave him an extremely depressing feeling.

The few Saints of the Great Path’s aura towered into the sky as they streaked across the air like shooting stars. However, as they were closing in, the faceless man raised his arm and gave it a light swing.

A loud thud echoed out, and the bodies of the few Saints exploded into bits of blood, flesh, and bones. Even their souls cracked and turned into the purest power of soul, then were sucked away by the faceless man.

With just one move, the faceless man had casually killed the few Saints of the Great Path. It was as if he had just killed a few flies with a swat. Who exactly was he?

Even the three Great Soul Overlords who were trapped in the Cage of Void in the distance were terrified and puzzled. They did not know who this existence was either. However, since he had saved Soul, he should be on their side.

Soul stared blankly at the figure in front of her. The man’s empty face squirmed as if he had burped. Then, he lifted his hand and touched her head. His movement was gentle and full of affection.

Soul shuddered. The next moment, her eyes turned red, and tears began streaming down her cheeks. “Your… Excellency…” she choked with sobs.

She would never forget the familiar feeling. How could she not recognize the aura of the man who brought light to her when she was shrouded in darkness and took her to the top of the Soul Demon Universe? Although his aura was countless times weaker and his face was missing, she could still recognize him.

“Soul called him… Your Excellency?”

Inside the Cage of Void, the three Great Soul Overlords were struck dumb. The next moment, they began to shiver, and they were so excited that they could hardly speak.

“Your Excellency?”

“Did she mean… His Excellency Soul God?!”

“Is he really… His Excellency?”

At this moment, the three Great Soul Overlords and even the Soul Demons in the distance were extremely excited, while the experts of Void City were shocked.

Duchess Tianlian’s pupils constricted, and her body turned cold. ‘He’s here… The man’s here!’ she thought to herself.

Duchess Nightmare, on the other hand, squinted and said, “You are the crocodile who had escaped?”

The Queen of Curses had ordered her to pursue Ezra, but too bad he was rescued by some almighty expert of the Soul Demon Universe. The expert was very strong, and if she was right, he should be the strongest Great Soul Overlord. She had not expected that he would return and that such a monster would crawl out of him.

A humming sound could be heard as Lord Dog and Er Ha’s figure flickered. The next moment, they appeared at Bu Fang’s side. The look on their faces was grave. Whitey, Foxy, and the others also came to them.

“What’s wrong?” Bu Fang frowned as he looked at Lord Dog and Er Ha, as well as Foxy, whose fur bristled.

“This guy… he’s the master of the arm that smashed through the Chaos Space and destroyed the Temples of Heavengods! It’s the same aura… We’re very sure of that!”

Bu Fang paused for a moment, then he sucked in a cold breath. He had long deduced that the existence who threw a palm into the Chaos Space and destroyed the few Temples of Heavengods was none other than Soul God.

Was this faceless, one-armed man in front of them really Soul God? It was not good news for them if it was true.

It seemed that Heavengod Transmigration had been devoured by Soul God’s awakened will. Soul God was an existence on the same level as the Queen of Curses. Although Nethery had inherited the Queen’s will and succeeded to the throne, she was not yet the Queen of Curses. She was no match for Soul God.

In the sky, Soul was weeping. It was as if the emotions she had suppressed for so long had finally been released. “Your Excellency… You’ve finally returned!” She cried with both sadness and joy. The faceless man rubbed her head. The atmosphere between them was very peaceful.

Duchess Tianlian’s face was deathly pale. She was despairing. How were they going to stop Soul God when the Queen of Curses was still asleep?

She had always felt that Soul was the most suitable successor to the throne because she was the only person who could save Void City from the Soul Demons. That belief had not changed even after Soul brought the army of Soul Demons into the city. As long as Soul was alive, Void City would never fall, for Duchess Tianlian knew Soul’s relationship with the supreme being of the Soul Demon Universe!

‘What should I do now? There’s really nothing I can do to change the situation now…’

“Dammit!” Duchess Nightmare’s aura fluctuated violently. Holding a mace, she soared into the sky and flew toward the faceless man. The power of curse spread along the black mace and turned into a monstrous beast.

The one-armed man was still rubbing Soul’s head when Duchess Nightmare approached. He slowly turned around and faced her. The empty face seemed to exude an evil aura. Then, the power of the Seven Sins emerged from behind him, each twisted into a sharp spear.

With a slashing sound, these spears pierced Duchess Nightmare’s body. They were too fast. In just a flash, they had punched through her, leaving her no time to react.

Duchess Nightmare’s pupils were constricting. The power of curse in her was suppressed, and she could not control it at all. “Dammit!” she roared. The spears made of the power of sin kept stabbing her, causing her body to keep twisting and shivering and her blood to spill.

Eventually, a sweeping blow struck her and ripped her fleshly body. Just like that, the high and mighty Duchess Nightmare, who was a formidable expert and a top existence of Void City, was torn apart. Her soul flew out to flee.

However, the faceless man had been waiting for this moment. He lifted his lone arm. The palm of the hand split and turned into a mouth, which was filled with pointy teeth. A great suction exploded out of the mouth, trying to pull Duchess Nightmare’s soul over.

Was a duke about to fall?

An extremely terrifying aura pervaded the sky and a despairing atmosphere enveloped the city in an instant. Soul God! The faceless man was actually Soul God, who was an existence on the same level as the Queen of Curses and strong enough to kill Duchess Nightmare in just the blink of an eye!

Even as Duchess Nightmare was howling, Duchess Tianlian soared into the sky. “No! Soul… Stop him! Duchess Nightmare can’t die!” There was a pleading look in her eyes. In Void City, marquises and counts could die, but not dukes. Once a duke died, Void City would really be completely weakened.

“Aunt Lian… I’m grateful for everything you’ve done for me. But… you can’t save Void City,” said Soul with a cold look in her eyes. Her gaze sent a chill down Duchess Tianlian’s back.

The faceless man’s will seemed a little vague. The next moment, the spears made of the power of sin shot out and pierced Duchess Tianlian. Her face went white as a sheet.

Soul’s expression remained unchanged. In her eyes, she only saw the man in front of her. She knew she could not change his mind, so she did not do anything.

“Little chef… give me a Death Spicy Strip. Duchess Tianlian is a fool, but she’s right. Void City cannot lose any of its dukes!” the little girl standing at Bu Fang’s side said in a serious voice and a grave face.

Bu Fang’s breathing was stagnant. With a shake of his hand, a Death Spicy Strip fell into Cursey’s grip. She finished it in just a few mouthfuls.

Er Ha had a heartbroken look on his face as he watched. ‘How could she eat this kind of spicy strip like that? She should enjoy it slowly!’

As soon as she swallowed the spicy strip, Cursey’s body began to transform. She grew up, and her face turned indifferent and aloof, while the Queen’s cold aura spread across the air.

Er Ha was struck dumb once again. ‘The heck?! This little girl… She’s actually the legendary Queen of Curses?!’

Lord Dog also looked at her unexpectedly.


The Queen of Curses’ aura instantly attracted the faceless man’s attention. Taking the opportunity, the little girl rescued Duchess Nightmare’s soul and the severely wounded Duchess Tianlian. After that, she turned her cold gaze ahead.

The faceless man seemed slightly puzzled. Then, he lifted his hand and clenched his fist.

In the distance, the Cage of Void exploded, and the three Great Soul Overlords were released. They quickly flew over and hovered behind Soul. They were extremely excited. They thought they were about to die, yet they were rescued!

Suddenly, the faceless man’s power of sin turned into an attack, sweeping across the sky. The Queen of Curses, who was actually the little girl, waved a hand and unleashed an attack as well, sending it to clash with the man’s blow.


Terrible energy waves poured out in all directions as the powers of the two mighty experts collided in midair. The people of Void City breathed sighs of relief. While the enemy had Soul God, they had the Queen of Curses. They would not be defeated!

However, their faces soon became frozen, for they saw the Queen of Curses’ body gradually shrink and become smaller and smaller. Eventually, she turned into a blushing little girl.

The power of sin came pouring down like waves, rushing toward Bu Fang and the others.

“I can’t do it anymore. Little chef, you hold on!” the little girl slumped to the ground.

That caught Bu Fang by surprise, leaving him speechless.

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