Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1783 - Try My Chaos Pot

Chapter 1783: Try My Chaos Pot

Bu Fang was somewhat speechless. ‘This little girl is really unreliable…’ he thought to himself. Since you’ve already made a move, you should stick to the end. How can you stop after blocking it halfway?’ Looking at the attack that was pouring down like waves, the corner of his mouth twitched.

Lord Dog and Er Ha focused their eyes, and their aura exploded out at the same time. The Law of Time and the Law of Life turned into two dazzling beams of light and thrust into the sky, colliding with the incoming waves that the power of sin had turned into.

The little girl blinked her big eyes. What could she do? She was despairing too. After all, she was just a clone of the Queen’s will. If it were not for Bu Fang’s Death Spicy strip, she probably would have stepped back earlier. It was good enough that she was able to save Duchess Nightmare and Duchess Tianlian.

Bu Fang, of course, did not count on her. With a thought in his mind, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok emerged in front of him.

A rumbling sound filled the air. Lord Dog’s Law of Time and Er Ha’s Law of Life seemed a little overwhelmed and began to be pushed back. At this point, Foxy opened her mouth. Energy gathered and swirled in her throat, and then a golden Soul Demon meatball shot out of it.

Together, the three modern-day Heavengods were fighting against the Soul God, who had just awakened and was somewhat crippled.

After the rumbling, the open field in front of the palace completely crumbled. The experts of Void City were filled with despair. How were they going to fight when even the Queen of Curses was knocked back by a blow? It seemed to them that Void City might soon be destroyed by Soul God.

The energy poured out. Lord Dog and Er Ha retreated a few steps, crushing the ground with every step. Foxy rolled across the air and fell into Bu Fang’s arms, her mouth spewing smoke.

They did not look good, but at least they stopped the attack. It was still uncertain if the faceless man was the Soul God, but his cultivation base was surely beyond that of a duke.

The situation of Void City had changed again. Soul’s side had gained the upper hand once more. It made everyone shiver with fear and put a grave look on Bu Fang’s face.

The faceless man hovered in midair. Behind him, Soul was wiping her tears. He seemed a little surprised when his attack was blocked by Lord Dog and the others. He glanced indifferently at them with his missing eyes.

Bu Fang could sense that the faceless man was looking at him. Though faceless, the man exuded a powerful aura that made him feel a very heavy pressure on his shoulders. It was as if a great mountain was weighing down on him. The feeling was hard to describe with words.

Suddenly, everyone’s hair stood on end as they heard a hoarse voice.

“Che… Chef…?”

The voice seemed to come out of some forbidden legend. It lingered between heaven and earth as if someone was scratching a hard wall with a sharp, pointy knife, and every scratch made the flesh of those who heard it crawl.

Bu Fang’s eyes narrowed slightly. He could sense the faceless man’s attitude toward him, which was not so friendly. It puzzled him. ‘What exactly did the Cooking God do? Why do all these almighty experts have such an aversion to chefs? It’s as if they want to kill all chefs… as if chefs have done something wicked!’

Bu Fang was just a chef who wished to cook in peace…

Xiao Xiaolong, Yu Fu, Niu Hansan, and the others were horrified. They landed behind Bu Fang. He glanced at them, then waved his hand and sent them into Heaven and Earth Farmland. He could not drag them into this storm.

The faceless man roared. The whole Void City seemed to be on the verge of exploding, its ground trembled continuously. Behind him, the spears made of the power of sin turned and aimed at Bu Fang, their sharp tips gleaming.

Accompanied by a whistling sound, the spears shot toward Bu Fang. They were so fast that in just a flash, they had approached him and were only inches away from his face!


The doors behind Bu Fang burst apart, while a terrifying force pushed at Lord Dog and others, making them breathless!

Bu Fang’s spirit sea was only beginning to rotate when the Spears of the Seven Sins closed in on him. They were going to punch through him. It was as if death had descended at this moment! In his spirit sea, the Artifact Spirits roared, but it was too late…

Suddenly, a clanging sound rang out, and then a large hand fell, caught the spears, and smashed their tips to the ground, sending a plume of dust into the sky. It was not until the smoke had cleared that Whitey was revealed.

Under each of its arms were three spears, and the last one was under its foot. Its purple eyes flashed through the dust and illuminated everything in an instant.

With a boom, Whitey moved, spinning like a whirlwind. The spears were flung out by it, heading toward the faceless man in midair. The spears melted in mid-flight, however, and then reappeared around the faceless man.

Bu Fang’s pupils narrowed and beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. Just now, death had really approached him. If Whitey had not blocked the spears, he might have seriously injured, if not dead. He was too weak, and he was powerless to fight against the faceless man!

But… Was he really powerless?

Bu Fang focused his eyes. ‘No, that’s not true!’ He raised his head and looked at the faceless man with a cold expression. With a thought in his head, a Chaos Pot appeared in his hand. Terrible Chaotic Energy tumbled in the pot and shafts of golden light thrust out of it, dazzling to look upon.

In midair, the faceless man turned his head away slightly as if he was sneering at Bu Fang’s resistance. On the ground, the little girl also gave his sleeve a pull. He ignored all that. He focused his eyes and took a step forward. Suddenly, his aura became extremely heavy.

The Chaos Pot’s power spread and crushed the gravel. Bu Fang soared into the sky, with the pot kept rotating in his hand.

Meanwhile, all the people around him gasped. “He’s worthy of being the chef who had pushed Cursed Goddess Nethery, who came last of all, to the throne,” someone said. “This is an earth-shattering means! I can’t believe he can use this kind of means with the cultivation base of a Saint of the Great Path!”

How powerful was the Chaos Pot? Bu Fang had not used it yet, so he did not know. However, since he had an opportunity now, he thought he could give it a try!

He thrust his hand, flicked the pot’s edges with his fingers. The pot began to spin, and the Chaotic Energy exploded out of it, turning into a spinning tornado with terrifying power!

All the onlookers felt their hearts race as they looked at the tornado of Chaotic Energy.

No one could see the faceless man’s expression, but Soul, hovering behind him, turned pale. Bu Fang’s attack was not weaker than that of a duke-level expert. Its frightening power filled her with panic. ‘His Excellency had just awakened and his strength had only restored a little bit. What if he is hurt by this blow?’

The faces of the three Great Soul Overlords turned grave as well!

“Here… Try my Chaos Pot!” Bu Fang said coldly as he fixed his eyes on the Chaos Pot flying out of his hand.

The faceless man hovered in midair. He had no facial features, so he could not show any expression. Facing Bu Fang’s Chaos Pot, he slowly lifted his hand.

Both Lord Dog and Er Ha were very familiar with that arm. It was the arm that had fallen into Chaos Space and was hidden by Heavengod Transmigration, who later used it to cultivate. And now, it had returned to the faceless man.

In fact, they had not been able to confirm if this faceless man was Soul God or Heavengod Transmigration. But one thing they were sure of: He was extremely strong!

The faceless man caught the Chaos Pot with his hand. Bu Fang focused his eyes. Whitey’s purple eyes flashed, while Lord Dog and Er Ha held their breath.


An explosion erupted in the sky. Powerful blasts spread and swept across the air over Void City. For a moment, heaven and earth seemed to be collapsing and crumbling. Amid the dazzling firelight, the Chaotic Energy surged. It was very violent and not the same energy that Chaotic Saints used to cultivate.

The nobles of Void City were terrified. The explosion was so powerful that even a duke-level expert would be hurt by it.

The whole Void City was shaking. It was caused by the trembling of heaven and earth when the blasts of the explosion swept through them.

Duchess Yunlan’s pupils narrowed, while Duchess Nightmare and Duchess Tianlian watched with blank faces. They could not believe that the chef still had this kind of trump card. Even they might not be able to defend themselves in the face of this attack.

The blasts of the explosion spread, enveloped some Soul Demons, and crushed them to bits and pieces.

Bu Fang was breathing heavily. Using the Chaos Pot was also a considerable burden on his mental force. In his spirit sea, the Artifact Spirits were roaring. He fixed his eyes on the center of the explosion. The effect was about to be revealed!

Suddenly, Bu Fang’s pupils shrunk. His eyes were filled with disbelief. The Chaos Pot was considered his strongest trump card. He would not be able to attack with such power even if he let Qilin possess him. However…

In the sky, the blasts of the explosion gradually dissipated and the blurry Chaotic Energy faded away. Then, a few figures emerged at the center of the explosion, led by the faceless man.

A strong wind blew whistling past, scattering the smoke and dust. The faceless man was completely revealed. Behind him, Soul looked somewhat terrified, but she was not hurt. The three Great Soul Overlords were unscathed as well.

Bu Fang’s Chaos Pot was blocked! His strongest trump card was destroyed! Well, it was not totally useless, though. A finger was missing from the faceless man’s raised hand. Apparently, Bu Fang’s attack had wounded him, but the injury was negligible.

The faceless man flexed his neck. Slowly, his missing finger regenerated. Then, the Spears of the Seven Sins aimed at Bu Fang once again. “I’ve… tried… so… It’s your… turn…”

His hoarse, cold, unpleasant voice rang throughout heaven and earth as he lifted his palm and waved it lightly. The next moment, the Spears of the Seven Sins shot out.

Whitey stepped forward to block them, its purple eyes flashing. However, the faceless man turned his head slightly. Threads of sinful energy erupted out from under Whitey’s feet and trapped it like a giant hand.

This time, there was no one to fend off the spears for Bu Fang! The attack was imminent!

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