Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1781 - Soul God?!

Chapter 1781: Soul God?!

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It was just one move. Cursed Goddess Soul simply could not resist it and was knocked flying away.

Nethery’s cultivation base was no longer so weak. Sitting on the throne, she had received the recognition of the entire Void City, and her strength had become formidable. After all, she now possessed the Cursed Stone, which was a supreme treasure of the universe, so it was not surprising that her strength had skyrocketed.

Everyone was stunned, staring blankly as Soul flew out of the palace. The high-spirited Soul was utterly defeated. The moment Nethery sat on the throne, she had lost her power to resist and fight.

She was once the most likely Cursed Goddess to sit on the throne, but now she was reduced to such a wretched state. The nobles of Void City fell silent—they were filled with mixed emotions for her.

But she had brought this upon herself. Had she not kept pushing and even brought in an army of Soul Demons to reduce Void City into a paradise of monsters, she would not have fallen into the miserable situation where she was deserted by all her friends and followers.

The three Great Soul Overlords were hissing and roaring in despair. With Soul being knocked flying out of the palace, their last hope was completely gone. The army of Soul Demons, on the other hand, was horrified. Soul’s defeat also meant their failure.

“Attention, everyone in Void City! Kill the Soul Demons!”

A deafening voice echoed out. A black ship floated in midair over the huge, towering projection of the Stairway of Star. Nethery was standing on it, her eyes cold and regal. A green crystal was gradually taking shape on her forehead, making her look like the form she was in after eating the Fortune Flatbread just now.

However, she was more dazzling now, and her aura was wilder. She did have a bit of a queenly demeanor.

At the palace’s door, Bu Fang clasped his hands behind him and looked at the high and mighty Nethery. He could not help but twitch the corner of his mouth. At last, Nethery had sat on the throne, and the struggle between the Cursed Goddess was finally over.

In the distance, Houtu stood up. She did not feel disappointed. As long as the Queen of Curses’ throne did not fall into Soul’s hands, she was fine.

Bu Fang turned to the little girl. “So, what are you going to do next?” he asked. “Will you disappear? After all… the Queen of Curses’ will has a successor now.”

Cursey rolled her eyes. “Why would I disappear? I’m an independent individual! It’s scary to be uneducated… Do you know what an independent individual is?”

Standing on the Netherworld Ship, Nethery cast her gaze on Bu Fang. For a moment, complicated emotions pervaded the palace.

At Nethery’s order, Void City became unified as never before. Many nobles who only watched but did not join the battle earlier also struck out. They turned into a fierce tide, sweeping through the city.

The Soul Demons had lost their spirits and no longer had the power to fight. What power did they have to resist when all three of their leaders had been taken into custody? As a result, they were slain in midair in groups. This was the price they had to pay. Void City was not a kind place. Since they were here to invade, they had to be prepared to be killed.

The three Great Soul Overlords’ eyes turned scarlet as they watched. They wanted to fight, but they were sealed up in the Cage of Void, and they could not break out of it.

Cursed Goddess Soul staggered to her feet. Blood was dripping from the corners of her mouth. She raised her hand, but she could no longer produce the black orb. Her face was ashen, hopeless. It was as if her faith was completely shattered at this moment. She realized that she was utterly defeated…

Duchess Nightmare and Duchess Yunlan walked slowly toward Soul. The Soul Demon’s invasion was basically over. It was time to get rid of her—she had to pay the price she deserved. Their figures flashed, then one appeared in front of her and the other behind her, cutting off all her retreating paths.

Soul did not think of fleeing. She knew she could not escape. She raised her dull eyes and glanced at Duchess Yunlan and Duchess Nightmare. Suddenly, she burst out laughing.

“You only won temporarily… This doesn’t stop anything… You’ll regret that I’m not the one sitting on the throne! Sooner or later, Void City will be reduced to ruins and turned into the dust of the universe!” She laughed shrilly.

“How dare you!” Duchess Nightmare focused her eyes and struck out. She was too fast. In just a flash, she appeared in front of Soul, clutched her throat with a hand, and lifted her into the air.

Soul did not struggle. She turned her gaze to the palace, staring at the Stairway of Star’s projection over it as well as Nethery, who was standing on the Netherworld Ship. A look of unwillingness to admit defeat appeared in her eyes.

Suddenly, her pupils narrowed, and she turned to the palace’s door. There, Bu Fang, clad in his striped red-and-white Vermilion Robe, was slowly walking out.

‘This chef…’ The moment Soul saw Bu Fang, she thought of many things. What made Nethery beat her? It was all because of this chef!

The damn chef had changed everything and made all her efforts go down the drain. If it were not for him, everything would have gone according to her script. She was fuming and filled with hatred. However, she was powerless to do anything now.

“I alone am worthy of an army. I can make Nethery sit on the throne.”

Those were the chef’s words, which he had said in an indifferent voice. Soul never took it seriously and never cared. And yet, what he said had proven to be true now. He had done everything that he said.

Soul was so angry that she coughed out a mouthful of blood. ‘How ironic. The Queen of Curses hates chefs, yet her successor took her throne with the help of a chef. It’s ridiculous.’

“Don’t be too happy, little chef… The Soul God will not spare you when he wakes up,” Soul said.

“How could you still be so arrogant…” Duchess Nightmare’s eyes flashed fiercely as she stared at Soul, who nearly brought the end to Void City.

At this moment, the little girl and Houtu walked out of the palace as well and stood at Bu Fang’s side. Looking at Soul, who was lifted into the air by Duchess Nightmare, Houtu sighed.

Just when Duchess Nightmare was about to kill Soul, she paused, looked down, and saw flower petals quietly emerging there. Her expression changed dramatically. In a flash, those petals turned sharp, shot upward, and cut her. Some even went through her.

Bleeding profusely, Duchess Nightmare flew backward and roared, “Tianlian!”

Soul fell to the ground and was supported by an invisible force. The next moment, a sorrowful sigh rang out. Countless petals gathered and turned into Duchess Tianlian. A look of pity passed through her eyes as she gave the wretched Soul a glance.

“Run now, I’ll hold them off,” Duchess Tianlian said. “I’ve watched you grow up, and I don’t want you to die like this. If you can survive… I hope you will keep Void City. After all, this used to be your home.”

“Home?” Soul twitched the corner of her mouth.

Duchess Nightmare and Duchess Yunlan did not expect Duchess Tianlian to appear at this moment. They went forward, but the deadly petals spread and instantly forced them back.

In front of Duchess Tianlian, the petals spun and turned into a vortex, enveloping a large area. Then, it wrapped up Soul, took her into the air, and began to fly out of Void City.

“Are you insane? Nethery has claimed the throne, so the struggle between Cursed Goddesses is over! Why are you still protecting her?” Duchess Nightmare said coldly. A black aura spread around her.

Duchess Yunlan also struck out, her face cold. She felt that Duchess Tianlian was possessed by a demon.

Duchess Tianlian said nothing. Instead, she turned into a face amid the thousands of petals.

A fierce fight broke out between the three dukes. Duchess Tianlian was outnumbered, but she had burned all her essence, which skyrocketed her strength. The other two dukes were unable to defeat her in a short time.

Shrouded in flower petals, Soul watched as the fight unfolded beneath her. All around her, the Soul Demons were wiped out, and the nobles were all staring coldly at her. ‘So this is what happens to a loser…’ she thought to herself. Looking at Duchess Tianlian, who was fighting for her, a trace of grief flashed in her eyes.

Suddenly, a deafening bestial roar echoed out, and the ground shook. A peerless savage beast leaped into the air toward Soul. It was the great ape that Marquis Lang Gu had turned into. He had waited until this moment to strike. His huge palm went sweeping at Soul to bring her down.

“It is useless for you to capture me. Marquis Moti is dead, and there’s nothing you can do to bring her back,” Soul sneered.


The great ape’s palm slapped the spinning petals around Soul. They turned sharp and kept cutting his flesh like a meat grinder. However, the fierce and savage look in his eyes remained, and he let out a furious roar. The next moment, he slapped the petals with both palms.


His palms turned bloody, but this time, he managed to shatter the defense Duchess Tianlian had laid out! The petals withered and fell to the ground.

In the distance, Duchess Tianlian’s pupils shrank! “NOOOO!!” she screamed.

“Tianlian… You really are insane!” Duchess Nightmare was extremely disappointed.

Soul’s face was indifferent. Although the defense was broken and the strong wind spewed out of the great ape’s mouth almost blew her away, she was unexpectedly calm.

‘Looks like I’m going to die soon. Too bad that I can’t see His Excellency one more time…’

Many images emerged before Soul’s eyes, images of her struggle for survival in the Soul Demon Universe. At that time, a man saved her, nurtured her, and took her to the top of the world… Then, everything turned into darkness, leaving only a throbbing black orb, which was given to her by that man. Unfortunately, she failed to keep it safe.


Her vision returned to reality. She watched calmly as Marquis Lang Gu’s big mouth came down at her and his teeth closed in around her.

The whole world fell silent. Duchess Tianlian’s pupils narrowed, while the nobles were stunned. Bu Fang squinted. At his side, Houtu had a complicated look on her face.

The great ape closed his mouth and swallowed Soul. The ending spoke for itself.

Suddenly, just when everyone thought that Soul would surely die, the great ape’s mouth burst apart, and his body, which was as huge as a mountain, fell to the ground with a crash, kicking up plumes of smoke and dust.

In midair, a black rift gradually closed up. Meanwhile, a burly figure could be seen hovering in front of Soul. It was a large crocodile who stood on his hind legs. His tail hung listlessly in the air, and his head drooped. Behind him, Soul opened her eyes. She looked slightly bewildered.


Bu Fang arched his brow. He recognized the crocodile as Ezra, who was possessed by Heavengod Transmigration’s soul and had been sent to the Soul Demon Universe. Why did he show up now?

“No… He’s not Ezra!” Bu Fang’s pupils shrank, and he sucked in a cold breath.

The next moment, Ezra’s drooped head split from the forehead, and his skin slowly ripped away to the sides. Slime and blood kept dripping from the opening as another figure gradually emerged from inside Ezra.

“Who is that?”

Everyone was stunned. Could it be… the Soul God?!

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