Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1780 - The Queen… Nethery!  

Chapter 1780: The Queen… Nethery!

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The fight for the throne was finally over. But the suspense remained. Nobody knew who was the ultimate winner. Was it Nethery? Or Cursed Goddess Soul?

Their feet stepped on the one-hundredth stair at the same time. At that very moment, the Stairway of Star shone brightly and the starry sky trembled.

Bu Fang squinted at the throne. Cursey also could not help but crane her neck. The ultimate owner of the throne was very important, for she would decide the future of Void City and the survival of many universes.

Duchess Nightmare widened her eyes. Duchess Yunlan covered her mouth with a hand and was breathing heavily, her chest heaving. Lord Dog’s tongue hung out of his mouth, while Er Ha’s jaw dropped; his spicy strip almost fell from his lips.

In the distance, the three Great Soul Overlords who were trapped in the Cage of Void were dumbstruck.

“How did this happen? Wasn’t Soul already winning? Didn’t she crush the others and lead all the way to the top? Why did this happen? That Cursed Goddess was so weak! How did she manage to catch up with Soul?!”

Gluttony Great Soul Overlord, in his true form, could not help but touch the cage’s frame with his hand. With a sizzle, his palm was cut into pieces. He howled in pain.

It was a serious injury that a part of his true form was cut off, but he ignored it. He just wanted to know the outcome! Everything they did was for this moment!

Countless Soul Demons were gasping violently.

Houtu stood transfixed with shock, staring blankly at the two figures in front of her. Suddenly, a great force erupted and pushed her out of the Stairway of Star, causing her to fall toward the ground.

At the top of the stairway, a bright light flickered. It seemed that the throne was deciding who would be its master. As everyone watched, the light began to change.

Soul turned her head and stared at Nethery, her black eyes shining dazzlingly. Nethery was calm, though.


Suddenly, the city began to shake. Bu Fang’s face flickered, and so was Cursey’s. “It’s starting!” the little girl cried out excitedly, her breathing getting heavier.

Bu Fang focused his eyes. In the distance, Houtu looked up, while countless people watched anxiously.

A strand of extremely pure curse energy soared into the sky from the throne, bloomed in midair, and turned into a stream of light, which kept twisting like a graceful phoenix. Then, the phoenix spread its wings and transformed into a woman, who looked elegant and compassionate as if she wanted to embrace the world.

Hugging her arms, she slowly descended from the sky. This was a woman made of curse energy. She landed in front of Nethery and Soul. Her choice would determine who got the throne of Void City!

Breathing heavily, Soul stared fixedly at the figure made of the curse energy. She knew this was the Queen’s will, and it was looking for a successor. As long as she got the approval of this will, she would be able to sit on the throne and become the ruler of Void City.

“Pick me! I was the fastest to reach the top! Pick me now! I was leading all the way! You must pick me! I’m better than her!” Soul screamed, her voice hoarse.

Nethery watched nonchalantly, showing no intention to argue. In fact, she was licking her lips and wishing she could have one more piece of Fortune Flatbread.

Suddenly, an excited look came over Soul’s face. She saw the woman made of the pure curse energy turn to her and slowly raised a hand at her.

All the people found the scene unbelievable, and many nobles of Void City turned pale in despair. Even the dukes, the marquises, the counts, and the viscounts were losing hope.

They could not imagine what Void City would turn into once it fell into Soul’s hand. Would it become a paradise for Soul Demons? Would they all become the prisoners of Soul Demons? For a moment, grief and despair filled everyone’s heart.

Meanwhile, the three Great Soul Overlords in the cage roared with excitement. The Soul Demons were growling as well. Their terrible voices shook the entire Void City.

Soul smiled happily. “Yes… pick me. I’m the most suitable successor…” As she watched the woman’s hand approach, Soul could not conceal the excitement on her face. Sure enough, she was the winner! A girl who relied on a chef could never beat her!

Suddenly, Soul shuddered. In front of her, the woman lifted a hand and pointed a slender finger at her brow, then pushed slowly. She was struck dumb. At that moment, she felt as if she had fallen into an icy cave. Her mind, body, and soul were separated, and her blood was frozen.

Then, a great force that she was powerless to resist exploded, pushing her out of the Stairway of Star.


Soul screamed, unwilling to accept this as her fate. She struggled, her arms and legs flailing helplessly as she fell. Unfortunately, none of that helped. Soon, she smashed to the ground with a rumble.

Nethery was slightly stunned. The next moment, the woman drifted in front of her like a pure elemental spirit with both arms spread. “What do you want?” She looked warily at the woman made of curse energy.

Instead of answering, the woman threw herself at Nethery and merged with her like water. The throne began to transform.

Nethery felt that she was being carried by a great force, while countless voices were ringing in her head, which seemed to be chanting or murmuring, but they also sounded like the whispering between girls. Her eyes grew blank as the force lifted her into the air and slowly brought her toward the throne.

Her black dress was transforming as well. Tiny black phoenixes fell on the plain dress, giving it a dignified and graceful appearance. Her legs were no longer exposed. They were wrapped up by the dress, the hem of which grew longer and longer until it seemed to cover the whole sky.

Then, her hair floated and coiled into a bun at the top of her head.

Everyone was in awe, looking at the scene with a blank face. Nobody dared to breathe too loudly or make any noise.

Nethery stood in front of the throne with a somewhat befuddled look on her face. So… She had won? She had become the successor of Void City? She was propelled to this height by a piece of bread? Her expression turned a little strange.

A great force that she could not resist fell on her shoulder and made her sit on the throne. The moment she sat down, the whole Void City went into a boil.

Outside the city, those colossal bone warships soared into the air. Huge black phoenixes spread their wings and flew across the starry sky, while enormous black dragons roared as they slithered around the city.

At this moment, Void City seemed to have completely awakened. The damaged buildings were all restored to their original states at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Cursey stared blankly at Nethery, who was sitting on the throne, and thought that she might really be a… jinx. Houtu, on the other hand, clenched her fists excitedly. She could not believe Nethery had won. She did not know how the winner was chosen, but as long as it was not Soul, she was satisfied.

Bu Fang put his hands behind him and slightly lifted the corners of his mouth. Looking at Nethery sitting on the throne, he breathed a sigh of relief. ‘It seems Nethery is going to become the Queen of Void City. Would she be the legendary Queen of Curses years later?’ At the thought of that, he could not help but feel excited.

In the distance, Soul rolled, jumped to her feet, and gave a heart-wrenching howl. “Why?! How did this happen! How could I possibly have lost?! That girl… She only relied on a chef! How could she beat me?! I’m not convinced!”

She was so angry that she had almost gone crazy. Her eyes turned black, streaked with scarlet. Streams of sinful energy burst out of her, wrapped her up, and threw her up into the sky. At this moment, she looked like a monstrous demon, walking step by step toward Nethery, who was sitting on the throne.

A rumbling sound filled the air as a plume of rolling black smoke emerged under Soul. Stepping on it, she faced Nethery, her aura fluctuating fiercely.

Outside the palace, the sound of cheering rang throughout the entire Void City. No one had expected this to be so thrilling. Some nobles wept tears of joy. They had witnessed with their own eyes everything the Soul Demons had done to Void City. If these monsters were allowed to freely roam the city, their home would soon turn into a land of death.

But they no longer had to worry now because the Soul Demons had lost!

The army of Soul Demons was howling plaintively, while the three Great Soul Overlords moaned in disbelief. They could not believe that Soul had lost, defeated by that weak Cursed Goddess.

Duchess Nightmare roared excitedly. Duchess Yunlan, on the other hand, stood frozen in place. She needed some time to calm herself. ‘That chef… He really helped put Nethery on the throne!’

Lord Dog was grinning. Beside him, Er Ha was dancing excitedly, while Foxy kept jumping on Whitey’s shoulder. As for Shrimpy, it lay on Whitey’s head and blew a bubble, which burst with a crisp pop.

Bu Fang was filled with mixed emotions. However, when he saw Soul go up to the throne and confront Nethery, he frowned. He wanted to go there and help, but Cursey pulled him back.

“What are you trying to do? Nethery doesn’t need your help now,” Cursey said with a smile on her face. She seemed to be very happy.

Bu Fang arched his brow slightly. ‘What does this little girl mean?’

In midair, Soul, stepping on the dark cloud of sin, growled at Nethery. The black orb had emerged in her hand. The branches of the Soul-Devouring Tree stretched out of it, turned into thousands of sharp, pointy spears, and pointed at Nethery, who sat elegantly on the throne.

“The throne is mine! No one can seize it from me!” Soul hissed. She was unwilling to accept this, and she was filled with anger and… fear. She worried that her failure would upset that man.


A terrifying aura surged around her as her cultivation base of a Chaotic Saint exploded out. The next moment, countless spears poured down at Nethery like a rain of arrows, trying to completely engulf her in an instant!

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. As the rain of arrows approached, the void began to crack and shatter. However, Nethery, sitting on the throne, looked very calm. She lifted a hand and lightly pointed at the void with her slender finger. With that, the thousands of spears froze in place, unable to fall any further.

Nethery lifted her chin and waved her hand. A crackling sound rang out as if the ice was breaking, then all the black spears broke and exploded into pieces. After that, she flipped her palm, and a round, black gem emerged in it. It was an elegant gem that seemed to devour all darkness.

“That’s the Cursed Stone! It’s the symbol and weapon of the Queen of Curses, the number one treasure of Void City!” the little girl screamed and jumped excitedly.

Nethery spread her palm. With a thought in her mind, something solid began to slowly materialize in front of her. The purest curse power had condensed into a small ship.

That gave Bu Fang, Lord Dog, and Er Ha pause. They knew the ship. It was the Netherworld Ship.

The Cursed Stone flew out of Nethery’s hand and embedded itself at the center of the Netherworld Ship. Then, she rose to her feet, jumped, and landed on the ship’s deck.

Bu Fang was in a bit of a trance. He thought of the first time he had met Nethery.

Standing on the Netherworld Ship, Nethery slowly pointed out a finger, and a mighty force exploded out.

Soul’s pupils narrowed as everything around her burst into pieces. Even the black orb in her hand had broken apart, and a withered branch of the Soul-Devouring Tree fell out of it, turning into ashes.

She opened her mouth and coughed out some blood, then the great force knocked her out of the palace and threw her to the ground.

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