Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1779 - The Ultimate Winner

Chapter 1779: The Ultimate Winner

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Nethery hesitated for a long time. Finally, she decided to eat the Fortune Flatbread. It was given to her by Bu Fang. She had only two, and she had taken one not too long ago—this was the last one she had.

She did not want to eat it. However, as she looked up at Soul and Houtu, who were almost reaching the top, she thought she would be better off eating the flatbread. She might have a chance to fight if she ate it. Otherwise, she was as good as lost now.

At first, Nethery planned to see the outcome of the competition between Soul and Houtu. She did not want Soul to sit on the throne, and she thought it would be best if Houtu could beat her. However, since the beginning, Houtu had been surpassed by Soul. At this rate, Houtu would never be able to surpass Soul.

And so it was. Houtu felt exhausted. In her eyes, the throne seemed to become illusory and was moving further away from her. On the other hand, Soul, though looking weary as well, still had a determined look in her eyes, and she seemed to have the strength to spare.

After taking one more step, Soul glanced over her shoulder at Houtu. Gasping for breath, she smiled. “Too bad… You lost,” she said. “The throne of Void City is… mine!” With that, she hastened her pace.

The experts of Void City immediately went into a hopeless uproar. Everyone could sense Soul’s ambition. To achieve that, she had even brought an army of Soul Demons into the city. She would turn the city into ruins.

Therefore, the nobles did not want her to be on the throne. Otherwise, what was the purpose of them resisting the Soul Demons with their lives?

Wherever the Soul Demons passed, the universe was destroyed, and the people were plunged into an abyss of misery. They were synonymous with destruction. How could Void City be reduced to a paradise for such creatures?

But many nobles were despairing because Soul still surpassed Houtu, and as time passed, she was getting closer and closer to that throne. For the experts of Void City, their hope was getting slimmer and slimmer.

Duchess Nightmare closed her fists tightly, and she was so nervous that she could hardly breathe. Lord Dog and the others were much calmer. Of course, it was because the gap between Nethery and the others was too large. Otherwise, they would be as nervous as Duchess Nightmare. For better or worse, she was an acquaintance of theirs.

“Alas… It seems everything is a foregone conclusion.”

Leaning against the door and looking at the competition on the Stairway of Star, Cursey could not help but sigh. Although Houtu carried the hopes of countless people, the gap between her and Soul was not so easy to bridge.

Soul’s cultivation base was already profound, plus the fact that she had broken through to the level of a Chaotic Saint, she was basically on the verge of winning.

“As the Queen’s will, can’t you control who gets to succeed to the throne?” Bu Fang looked at Cursey, puzzled. “Aren’t you afraid that Soul’s ascension to the throne will bring about the complete destruction of Void City?”

“Of course I’m afraid… but it’s useless to be afraid.” The little girl pursed her lips. “I’m just the clone of the Queen’s will. I don’t have her strength and her authority… What can I do? I’m filled with despair, too.”

Bu Fang was silent.

“There’s nothing we can do now. You’d better make some early preparations. Once Soul ascends to the throne, the Soul Demons will definitely sweep over Void City.” Cursey sighed helplessly.

“Don’t worry… It’s not the final moment yet. The winner is still in the air.” Bu Fang furrowed his brows and turned to look at Nethery.

“You’re still not holding out hope for Nethery, are you? Soul has climbed to the ninetieth step, but she’s still on the sixtieth… She has no chance of turning the tide.”

Bu Fang glanced at Cursey. He did not agree with her because he knew Nethery still had… Fortune Flatbread, which could make anything possible. When he saw her take a bite of the flatbread, his eyes lit up instantly.

On the Stairway of Star, Nethery’s aura suddenly changed after she ate the Fortune Flatbread. A wave of air wrapped around her, making her grow taller and taller, while a mighty aura kept pouring out of her. Her eyes became deeper as a crystal emerged at her brow, her black hair fluttering in the wind.

Parting her red lips and pursing them slightly, Nethery’s gaze fell on Soul and Houtu, who were at the higher steps. Then, she took a step. As her foot landed on the next stair, the whole Stairway of Star seemed to shake. The next instant, she dashed up the stairs like a rocket.

The Fortune Flatbread seemed to have created some incredible effect again.

Many people naturally noticed Nethery. The sudden change of her temperament made them suck in their breath. And when they saw her climb three stairs with just one step and seem to be running up the Stairway of Star, they were thrown into an uproar.

Duchess Yunlan, who was holding her forehead with her hand, was taken aback. She turned to look at the stairway. “What’s happening?” she could not help but murmur, looking at Nethery as she dashed up the stairs.

“Has she been pretending to be weak all this time? Why is she only showing her true strength now? Is she trying to excite us? What if she lost? The entire Void City would be plunged into an abyss of misery…”

Er Ha and Lord Dog became excited, while many nobles seemed to have seen hope, even if that hope was slim. After all, the gap was too large. Nethery was climbing three stairs with every step, yes, but it would take her at least ten steps to catch up. With ten steps, Soul might have already reached the top.

It was too late. Many people were shaking their heads in despair.

Meanwhile, the Soul Demons were crying out in alarm, while the three Great Soul Overlords, trapped in the Cage of Void, were growling and roaring. Their only hope of leaving the cage was for Soul to sit on the throne. They had pinned all their hopes on her, so naturally, they did not want to see someone who could surpass her.

Nethery put her hands behind her and took one step at a time. Her pace was steady, but she was not slow. If she was a docile cat before this, then she was a dashing leopard now.

Houtu felt her scalp tighten. She turned around and met Nethery’s gaze, which was so deep that she was almost sucked into it. Soul, on the other hand, felt her flesh crawl. After glancing at Nethery, she hastened her pace without hesitation. She could not give up! The throne of Void City was hers!

“How’s this possible? Is Nethery cheating?!” Cursey was confused. She was even beginning to doubt that she was a jinx. She had just said that Soul was on the verge of winning, and now it seemed that the tide was turning…

“Is cheating not allowed?” Bu Fang glanced at Cursey. “Besides, is eating a piece of bread to replenish your strength considered cheating?” A faint smile brushed his lips.

Cursey was speechless. Sure enough, this chef was behind the sudden spike of Nethery’s strength!

Nethery was swiftly ascending the stairs. The nobles felt their hearts were pounding in their throats, while the Soul Demons were growling and hissing. After all, the outcome of the competition on the Stairway of Star could affect the final situation!

The nobles, who had gotten used to making high-stakes bets, could not help but feel excited at this moment. It was the future of Void City that was at stake this time!

Houtu’s face beamed. She would not mind if Nethery overtook her. As long as it was not Soul sitting on the throne, she would be happy. After all, her purpose of coming to Void City was to stop Soul and the Soul Demons!

“I’m counting on you!” Houtu could not help but say as she looked at Nethery. At this moment, Nethery had come to her position and matched her result, and she did not slow down at all! She was still calmly climbing three stairs with every step!

Nethery glanced at Houtu with her deep eyes. When their gazes met, she nodded lightly. Then, she took another step and bolted up the stairs.

Now, Soul was on the ninety-seventh stair and Nethery on the ninety-second! As for Houtu, she had already given up. She was pinning her hope on Nethery.

“How’s this even possible?!” Soul glanced over her shoulder and immediately noticed that Nethery was closing in on her. “How did she get here so fast? Isn’t she struggling at the sixtieth stair just now? No… I will not lose! I cannot lose!”

Soul focused her eyes and roared. She was so close to the throne. She had made so much effort and given everything for this moment. How could she fail now?

She began to use her hands. Clenching her jaws, she climbed on all fours. Her forehead was covered with beads of sweat, and her clothes were already soaking wet.

The atmosphere was getting stagnant. Countless people fixed their eyes at the Stairway of Star’s projection in silence. They wanted to know the ultimate outcome!

Nethery’s rise was unexpected, but those who were familiar with her did not find it too surprising. After all, they knew that while Soul was backed by the Soul Demon Universe, Nethery was backed by… Bu Fang.

Duchess Yunlan’s eyes flickered. She, too, had figured out the reason. It never occurred to her that the chef, who she did not take seriously, could provide Nethery such great help. At this moment, she remembered that he had said in front of Soul that he alone could be worth an army. “Perhaps Soul realized that now…”

Finally, Nethery slowed down, climbing two stairs with one step. However, she had already caught up with Soul. She was just one stair behind. Now, Soul was at the ninety-eighth stair, and Nethery was at the ninety-seventh stair! At this stage, every step they took was extremely difficult and painful!

“I will not lose!” Soul roared. The power of sin spread from her and seemed to turn into a vague humanoid figure. Her eyes were scarlet as she took another step, rushing up the ninety-ninth stair. She was just one step away from the throne!

Nethery’s face was calm, the crystal on her brow glowing. She seemed to have learned composure from Bu Fang. With her hands clasped behind her back, she took another step and reached the same level as Soul.

All the people fell silent, including Bu Fang and Cursey.

Soul’s heart raced. She felt the world become completely quiet, and all that she could hear was her own rapid breathing. Suddenly, her face became ferocious. Her eyes turned black, and the power of sin emanating from her materialized into a monstrous demon!

Nethery was still very calm, and her hands were still clasped behind her.

Side by side, they stood on the ninety-ninth stair of the Stairway of Star. Behind them was Houtu, who was staring at them with wide eyes and a dropped jaw.

The next moment, the two Cursed Goddesses lifted their feet at the same time. Everything seemed to slow down. Soul’s pupils were narrowing, while the demon behind her threw its head back and roared. Meanwhile, the muscle on Nethery’s fair leg seemed to wobble…

Their movements were almost synchronized. Their legs lifted, then fell… Suddenly, a deafening rumble rang out! Soul and Nethery’s feet landed in front of the throne at the same time! It was too fast, too synchronous!

Many people were stunned. They reached at the same time?! Who was the winner then? Who would become the victor and sit on the throne?!

Nethery’s clothes fluttered violently, her hair waving. The next moment, the crystal on her brow shattered with a click. The effect of the Fortune Flatbread was over!

As everyone watched, the Stairway of Star’s projection began to rumble and shake violently, while thousands of light streams burst out from the ethereal throne.

The ultimate winner was about to be announced!

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