Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1778 - A Queen With Taste Like This King

Chapter 1778: A Queen With Taste Like This King

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A terrifying aura spread, permeating the entire palace in an instant while the little girl gradually grew taller. She glanced at Bu Fang. Her gaze made him feel a tremendous amount of pressure on his shoulders.

‘So this is the Queen of Curses?! She can really transform into the Queen after eating a spicy strip…’ Bu Fang took a deep breath and looked at the woman in front of him.

Shrouded in the vague aura of curses, she was glowing faintly like the star. She was one of the figures who stood at the pinnacle of the multi-universes!

“Are you afraid of me now?” asked the woman.

Her voice was cold and aloof, as if it was coming from somewhere far away. However, Bu Fang recognized the tone, which belonged to the little girl. The woman looked exactly like the Queen of Curses, but it was Cursey, the clone of the Queen’s will, who was controlling it.

The corner of Bu Fang’s mouth twitched. “No…” he said, shaking his head.

The Queen chuckled. Then, she walked to the door and stepped out of the palace. As soon as she was outside, her earth-shaking aura erupted and poured out in all directions, causing the faces of those fighting in front of the palace to fall in an instant.

Lord Dog and the others landed on the ground and distanced themselves from their foes. The three Great Soul Overlords were too strong, and the array they had formed was tricky for even Lord Dog and the others to deal with.

The three Great Soul Overlords were very confident, but their expressions changed dramatically as soon as the Queen of Curses’ earth-shaking aura appeared.

Gluttony Great Soul Overlord was terrified. “Impossible! How could she appear again?!”

Envy Great Soul Overlord and Greed Great Soul Overlord were scared out of their wits as well. Didn’t something happen to the Queen of Curses? Why did she show up again?!

“No! This is not the Queen of Curses… She must be an impostor!” Gluttony Great Soul Overlord focused his eyes and said coldly.

Maintaining the Heavenly Demon Array, the three Great Soul Overlords glanced at Lord Dog and the others, then soared into the sky. Their power of sin spread and soon turned into a terrible tornado. The next moment, a monstrous aura filled the sky and materialized into a huge arm, which swept across the void toward the Queen standing in front of the palace.

This was a treacherous move, but the three Great Soul Overlords no longer cared. After all, the Queen of Curses was an existence on the same level as the Soul God!

The faces of Duchess Nightmare, Duchess Yunlan, and the others were unsightly. These Soul Demons were provoking Void City’s authority and the Queen of Curses’ authority. However, there was nothing they could do to stop them. Wrapped in the Heavenly Demon Array, the three Great Soul Overlords were too strong.


The ground in front of the palace began to crumble. The starry sky was shaking, the void cracked, and the stars seemed to plunge as shooting stars streaked across the sky.

The Queen of Curses was indifferent, cold, and emotionless. She stood in front of the doors and watched nonchalantly as the three Great Soul Overlords attacked. “Die,” she said in a faint voice.

Her voice resounded throughout the entire Void City, giving everyone creeps. A murderous aura permeated the air as darkness fell.

Bu Fang watched from behind the doors. Cursey was just the clone of the Queen’s will, but what she had inherited was the Queen’s will. Obviously, she also did not want the Queen’s authority to be violated.

The Queen of Curses lifted her hand. The next moment, a great palm condensed in midair and rushed toward the Heavenly Demon Array, which was pushed toward her by the three Great Soul Overlords. A violent collision exploded in a flash.

Gluttony Great Soul Overlord was squinting. If he was right, this Queen of Curses was an impostor! Envy Great Soul Overlord and Greed Great Soul Overlord, on the other hand, felt their hearts race. If they could damage the Queen’s authority and pull her down from her pedestal, then Void City would be theirs!

“Kill her!” they roared.

It was an earth-shattering collision! The next moment, the world fell silent, then half of the city began to collapse!

Suddenly, the three Great Soul Overlords’ faces turned pale with fright. The moment their bodies collided with the palm, they were struck by an extremely terrible crushing force! In the blink of an eye, their bodies burst apart, disintegrating into countless pieces and scattering all over the city.

The Heavenly Demon Array was destroyed by just one move. It was as fragile as a piece of pancake. Everyone was stunned, while the Soul Demons became deathly silent.

In midair, the pressure on Xiao Xiaolong and the other apprentices was greatly reduced because the army of Soul Demons was frightened. How could they still have the courage to fight when the three Great Soul Overlords were defeated in a flash? Some of the Soul Demons had even begun to flee.

The ground shattered and cracked into a huge rift. Standing in front of the doors, the body of the Queen of Curses seemed to have become somewhat blurry. Suddenly, many people paused as they saw a hand reach out from behind the door and pass a long object to her. The Queen took the thing, shoved it into her mouth, and began to chew.

“The heck?” Er Ha widened his eyes and did not know what to say. Lord Dog and the others looked at him, puzzled. “You guys didn’t recognize that?” He was very excited. Pointing at the Queen of Curses, he said, “You guys didn’t recognize that thing reaching out from behind the doors?”

Lord Dog and the dukes looked confused. They did not know what he was referring to.

“Aye, this king doesn’t want to talk to you anymore!” Er Ha stroked his chin excitedly. He could recognize that thing even if it had turned into ashes. ‘The thing the Queen shoved into her mouth just now is a Death Spicy Strip! What a surprise! She actually shares the same taste as this king! She’s indeed the Queen of Curses who controls Void City!’

In midair, the true forms of the three Great Soul Overlords emerged. They were shivering.

“Gluttony! I thought you f*cking said something had happened to the Queen of Curses?!” Envy Great Soul Overlord growled.

With just one blow, their fleshly bodies were destroyed! How could the Queen do this if something had happened to her?

Greed Great Soul Overlord was already despairing. “I can’t believe the Queen of Curses has awakened… We’re finished, we’re doomed! We can’t go back now!”

Gluttony Great Soul Overlord was also appalled. If his first perception was right, something was definitely wrong with the Queen’s body. Otherwise, she would not have turned into a little girl and ran back into the palace. But why was she still so formidable now?

In any case, they could not escape this time. They were no match for the Queen of Curses, even if she was weak. After all, she was an existence on the same level as the Soul God.

Bu Fang leaned against the back of the door with the corners of his mouth curved upward slightly. It felt good to be able to ride on someone’s coattails. Although the coattails were not the real ones, no one else knew about this.

“Kill them,” Bu Fang said.

However, the Queen of Curses, who was actually Cursey, did not kill them. She ate another Death Spicy Strip, which meant she had the power to unleash another blow. Then, she raised her hand and lightly pointed it at the void.


The three Great Soul Overlords turned to flee, but to their horror, they found that the void was frozen. The next moment, the void around them was cut, inch by inch, and kept closing in on them. Soon, they were trapped within a cramped rectangular space.

“The Cage of Void!”

They were too frightened to even move a muscle. The Cage of Void was the Queen of Curses’ divine ability. If they tried to break out of this cage, they would be cut to pieces in an instant!

It was over! The battle was completely over! The Soul Demon’s thousand years of dominance were completely over! The three Great Soul Overlords closed their eyes in despair.

After unleashing the Cage of Void, the Queen of Curses’ body became blurry again. She went back inside the palace and hid behind the door. Bu Fang could not help but twitch his lips as he watched the Queen’s graceful figure gradually turn into a little girl.

“I can’t… hold on anymore.” Cursey’s face was pale, and her body was so blurry that she seemed to be fading away soon. “I have to rest for a long time every time I exercise the Queen’s will… I’ve used it twice in a row, and the load is just too much…” she said, leaning her back against the wall.

Bu Fang, holding a Death Spicy Strip, paused slightly. “Do you want another spicy strip?” he asked.

He was answered with a blank stare from Cursey, so he put away the spicy strip and gave her an oyster pancake instead. She looked much better after eating it.

“Why didn’t you kill them? Those Great Soul Overlords are so disgusting and deserve to be killed,” Bu Fang said.

“I dare not,” Cursey said as she ate the oyster pancake.

“Why? You are the Queen of Curses…” Bu Fang was puzzled.

“I’m not the real Queen of Curses!” Cursey rolled her eyes. “When I was sealing them up, I sensed a pair of eyes staring at me… I have a feeling that if I kill them, a terrifying will may descend. I may not be able to withstand it,” she said.

That gave Bu Fang pause. “There’s a will behind those Great Soul Overlords? Is it the Soul God’s will? Has the Soul God awakened?”

Cursey breathed a sigh of relief after finishing her pancake. “It should not be the Soul God. I don’t know what happened in those years, but there’s one thing I’m certain of. The Soul God’s injuries were no less severe than the Queen’s. Since the Queen shows no sign of awakening, the Soul God will not wake up so soon.”

Cursey was confident, but Bu Fang was skeptical. ‘This little girl is not a jinx, is she? If the Soul God really wakes up, who could stop him?’

Inside the palace, the competition on the Stairway of Star had reached a white-hot stage. Suddenly, a rumbling sound could be heard as a huge projection descended outside the palace. Everyone was startled and looked over with a jolt.

The projection of the Stairway of Star descended over the palace, and the competition on it was visible. At this moment, the struggle between Soul, Houtu, and Nethery was revealed to all the people in Void City.

At the top of the stairway was a throne. At this moment, everyone understood that whoever sat on the throne first would be the ruler of Void City!

An uproar broke out and spread among the nobles, while the few dukes widened their eyes. Duchess Yunlan covered her forehead with her hand. Nethery did not disappoint her, even if she came in last in the race. Duchess Nightmare, on the other hand, looked very nervous because Houtu was not far behind Soul.

The true forms of the three Great Soul Overlords, trapped in the Cage of Void, were hissing and roaring. As they watched Soul ascend one step at a time toward the throne, their dying wild ambition began to burn again. If Soul could sit on the throne, the Soul Demon’s dominance would continue!

Everyone was watching nervously. The Stairway of Star had one hundred steps, and whenever one Cursed Goddess took one more step, the watchers felt their hearts race faster. They knew that they were witnessing the birth of a new Queen of Curses!

However, based on the current situation, Soul was very likely to be the first one to reach the throne. She was at the ninety-second step now, Houtu at the ninety-first, while Nethery at the fifty-sixth. The rankings were unlikely to change in any way…

The higher they went, the more terrifying the aura exploding out of the Stairway of Star was, so much so that it became extremely difficult for them to even lift their legs. They had to rotate the bloodline of the Cursed Goddess in them to barely move up.

Houtu clenched her jaws and followed behind Soul. She did not want to lose! If she lost, the situation of the war between the Soul Demon Universe and the Primitive Universe would change. She did not want to see that!

Soul’s eyes were filled with excitement. She struggled up the stairs, one step at a time. The throne of Void City was getting closer and closer.

All those who were watching this could not help clenching their fists. Who would be the first one to reach the throne?!

Bu Fang was watching as well. Suddenly, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly. He saw Nethery, who was left far behind by the other two Cursed Goddesses, take a breather and pull out a piece of bread from her sleeve.

Nethery looked up, then she brought the bread up to her mouth and took a bite.

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