Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1774 - A Smelly Battle!

Chapter 1774: A Smelly Battle!

“Very good… The only way to examine your dark dishes is to see how much damage they do to the Soul Demons,” Bu Fang said, smiling faintly and looking at his apprentices, who were beaming with energy.

“Oh? The damage to the Soul Demons?”

The apprentices froze. Then, focusing their eyes, they turned to look at the monsters hovering in the distant sky. Those were probably the Soul Demons Bu Fang was talking about.

“Now show me your dark dishes,” Bu Fang said.

The apprentices looked at each other. The next moment, their faces began to glow with excitement.

Holding his crystal-like sheep’s stomach pudding in one hand, Xiao Xiaolong sprinted into the distance, stomped his foot, and soared into the air. A black kitchen knife appeared in his hand, spinning and bursting with dazzling light.

He made a slash. At this moment, everything seemed to become very slow. The kitchen knife cut into the pudding, which began to tremble fiercely, and then was cut into countless tiny pieces.

As the blinding glint of the knife faded, thousands of pieces of pudding whistled toward the Soul Demons hovering in the distant sky. They shook lightly, turned into countless streams of light, and arced through the air.

Xiao Xiaolong grinned with an excited expression on his face. Of course, he was also a little skeptical. He was not sure if the pudding had any effect on the Soul Demons. After all, they were not weak; each of them was stronger than him.

He might have some confidence in defeating a Soul Demon or two, but it was not realistic for him to defeat thousands of such monsters on his own. However, since Bu Fang said that dark cuisine had a restraining effect on them, he thought he could give it a try.

As the pieces of pudding flew through the air, the sheep’s pluck in them twisted and trembled. One of them was closing in on a Soul Demon. His eyes went wide at once. He struggled and kept waving his hands—he wanted to refuse. He knew the horror of this food!

Many of his comrades died of spontaneous combustion after eating the food because they could not resist it. He did not want to die! He still had a very bright future waiting for him!

However, the bouncing pudding emitted a deadly temptation that made him unable to move his eyes away. His eyeballs moved with the pudding. It was as if a demon was trying to crawl out inside him.

“I can’t eat it! I absolutely can’t eat it! All food is evil!”

The Soul Demon’s eyes were bloodshot. But the fragrance of the pudding attracted him so much that he could not help himself, and the chill emanating from it seemed to freeze his soul.

Suddenly, his eyes widened, for he found that at some point he had put the pudding into his mouth. The pudding melted on his tongue, and a spray of sweet taste instantly wrapped around his palate and seemed to keep burrowing into his soul. He felt like his insides were about to melt.

“Yummy! It’s so delicious!”

The Soul Demon wept. The next moment, a dazzling fire erupted from his body and engulfed him in an instant.

Some Soul Demons resisted the temptation and turned down the pudding, while others simply refused to eat it because they were repulsed by it. This made Xiao Xiaolong feel a little disappointed. Perhaps that was the difference between him and Bu Fang. Bu Fang’s dark cuisine was completely irresistible to the Soul Demons.

Flicking her snake tail, Yu Fu rose into the sky and gently threw out one portion of chili durian after another. Soon, the sky was filled with her dark cuisine. A stench mixed with a spicy smell permeated the air, pungent and exotic.

Although the dark dish did not have a disgusting and scary appearance, its flavor was the most terrible among the others! Drizzled with chili sauce… How in the world did she come up with such a horrible dish?

Many people in front of the restaurant already covered their noses with their hands. This was a smelly battle!

Yu Fu’s dark dish seemed more lethal than Xiao Xiaolong’s pudding. The main reason was that it held a more powerful allure for the Soul Demons.

Xiao Xiaolong was dumbfounded. “Crap! This doesn’t make sense! Why would these Soul Demons prefer something so disgusting?” he said with an indignant look on his face, then hurriedly threw out more pudding pieces.

The corners of Bu Fang’s mouth lifted slightly. ‘Xiao Xiaolong still doesn’t fully understand the true meaning of dark cuisine. The more terrible the dark dishes, the more difficult it is for these Soul Demons to resist.’

There was no doubt that Yu Fu had the upper hand in this first round of confrontation!

A Soul Demon had chili sauce and durian all over his face, but his expression was one of great enjoyment. ‘I’m f*cking poisoned, am I?’

He resisted inwardly while eating. However, as he swallowed the chili durian, he felt as if his stomach had been sublimated. ‘This is the ultimate delicacy! Its aroma and spicy taste complement each other so well…’

When he swallowed the last bite, crimson flames immediately burst out from inside of his body.

The Soul Demons were simply unable to control themselves in front of these dark dishes. They were devoured and obliterated by the dark cuisine! However, they were happy before they died, for they left this world in the delicious taste of food.

In fact, the most lethal dark dish was Sorceress An Sheng’s explosive cheese, which was stuffed with explosive nuts. When those Soul Demons bit into her cheese, the explosive nuts instantly exploded and blew them apart. It was an unprecedented feeling. The Soul Demons were dumbstruck, and before they knew what happened, they were dead already.

As the Soul Demons continued to explode in the sky, the people watching from down below could not help but suck in their breath. These chefs were truly the Soul Demons’ nemesis. There was no doubt that they were the victors of this smelly battle!

Niu Hansan was a little disappointed. His deep-fried death spirit spiders did not crush the enemy—those Soul Demons were able to restrain their craving for this dish. His dark dish was the least effective when compared with the others. It was even weaker than Xiao Xiaolong’s pudding.

He felt dejected. ‘I’d better go back to the farmland and continue my research on hybridization. Cooking is not for me…’ he thought to himself.

In the sky, the Soul Demons continued to explode like beautiful fireworks. The people in front of the restaurant were dumbstruck as they watched.

Houtu’s mouth opened with surprise. ‘The army of Soul Demons that had defeated many universes is crushed and repelled by just a few chefs?’ she thought to herself. ‘Aren’t these chefs a bit too fearsome? Are all chefs so unreasonable?’

In midair, Envy Great Soul Overlord flew into a rage as he watched. “Why is the army of Soul Demons so weak? It’s all the fault of those damn chefs!”

Duchess Yunlan, on the other hand, was very excited. The top Soul Overlords that were attacking her were all attracted by the dark cuisine, so she was much relieved now and was able to concentrate on fighting Envy Great Soul Overlord.

Inside the restaurant, Houtu breathed a sigh of relief. She did not expect Bu Fang to really bring in a group of dependable chefs. Xiao Ai, standing beside Nethery, watched with her jaw dropped.

Bu Fang put his hands behind him and glanced at Xiao Ai. “As you wish, the backup is here. Are you satisfied with them?”

Xiao Ai shuddered and nodded repeatedly. “I’m satisfied! Owner Bu, you’re so amazing! Do you need another apprentice?” she said, her eyes gleaming.

“You? Forget it… You don’t have the talent…” Bu Fang shook his head.

“Oh, don’t do that to me! I… I know how to sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!” Xiao Ai said, squaring her shoulders.

Nethery covered her mouth with a hand and smiled. Lord Dog and Er Ha also chuckled. They thought Xiao Ai was really silly and cute. She saw only moments when Bu Fang’s apprentices showed their strength, but not when he brutally tortured them. She was too young and naive.

Bu Fang ignored Xiao Ai because the situation in the sky had changed dramatically. The army of Soul Demons began to rout. Alone, Bu Fang could only cook so many dark dishes, but now that his apprentices were here, the numbers and the rate at which they were cooked increased significantly.

For them, the so-called army of Soul Demons was not a problem at all. Under the bombardment of the dark cuisine, the Soul Demons began to flee in panic. In just a flash, they had routed, and every one of them flew toward the distance frantically.

They had to flee, or they would die! They had witnessed many of their comrades die because they could not resist the temptation of food!

Envy Great Soul Overlord hissed and roared, but he could not stop the army from routing. All the Soul Demons were fleeing crazily. They had lost, with every one of them utterly defeated. They had come with high spirits, but they were now running away from the battlefield like defeated dogs.

The dark dishes hovering in midair had scared them out of their wits! The dark cuisine was too terrifying!

Marquis Lang Gu, Master Zhen Yong, Viscount Ash, and other experts who had joined Nethery’s camp descended with a strange expression on their faces. They looked up at the four figures in the sky, who were Bu Fang’s apprentices. These chefs were only God Emperors, but none of the Saints of the Great Path and Chaotic Saints present was as fearsome as them.

Envy Great Soul Overlord forced Duchess Yunlan back with a blow. Roaring, he turned and was about to flee as well, but Lord Dog and Er Ha appeared in front of him, stopping him from running away.

‘Not good!’ Envy Great Soul Overlord’s heart skipped a beat. Now that he was stopped by Lord Dog and Er Ha, he had a bad feeling. He was to face a duke and two Heavengods, which was not easy even for him! ‘I need to escape from here now!’ he thought to himself. Without hesitation, he turned into a plume of black smoke and rushed toward Soul’s army of Soul Demons.

It was not easy to kill a Great Soul Overlord. If he insisted on fleeing, no one could make him stay. Lord Dog’s paw fell and struck Envy Great Soul Overlord, while Er Ha lashed him with the golden spicy strip, causing him to howl in pain. Meanwhile, Duchess Yunlan unleashed a blow, shattering half of his body. However, the serious injury did not make him stop. He was still resolutely moving on.

The Soul Demons in the surroundings were either dead or wounded. Seeing that the situation was unfavorable, some stronger Soul Overlords fled as well to join the main force.

There was no doubt that the restaurant had won the battle, and the reason for the victory was simply because of a few chefs.

Xiao Xiaolong closed his fists excitedly. “These are Soul Demons? They are too weak!”

Yu Fu and the other apprentices also nodded. As they had reached higher realms now, they had learned about the fighting prowess of those higher-level experts. For example, they knew that above God Emperors were Saints of the Great Path and Chaotic Saints.

It was very difficult for them to reach these levels. They needed a lot of accumulation. After all, the reason that their cultivation base could improve so fast was that Bu Fang’s breakthrough had caused the farmland’s will to change, which eventually caused their cultivation base to skyrocket.

However, they found that Saints of the Great Path and Chaotic Saints were not too strong. They had gotten rid of many such experts with their dark cuisine.

“In the future, if you meet a Saint of the Great Path who is not a Soul Demon, run as far as you can…” Bu Fang twitched his lips as he glanced at his apprentices, who were swelling with confidence.

At this moment, Duchess Yunlan and the others descended. The duke looked at Bu Fang in surprise. ‘He and his four apprentices are strong enough to attack the Soul Demon Universe…’ After that, she turned to Nethery and Houtu. She was about to say something when her expression changed drastically.

She glanced over her shoulder in the direction of the Queen of Curses’ palace. There, the Queen’s towering statue crumbled and collapsed with a boom, sending a plume of smoke and dust into the sky! However, this was not what surprised her.

An extremely formidable aura suddenly erupted from the Queen of Curses’ palace. It felt as if the aura was spreading from the depths of the universe, and it made people want to drop to their knees in awe. At this moment, Void City seemed to have awakened!

“Her Majesty has finally… shown up?!”

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