Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1775

Chapter 1775: The Queen of Curses!

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The Queen’s guard, the woman with silver hair, was pierced by countless scorpion tails. Streams of blood trickled down her body; some had already dried up. Leaning her back against the foot of the Queen’s broken statue, her eyes were dull, and she barely breathed.

In the distance, Duchess Nightmare was growling. She was also covered with wounds. Gluttony Great Soul Overlord and the other top Soul Overlords put a lot of pressure on her. Coupled with the pressure that erupted from the army of Soul Demons, she felt as if she was carrying a great mountain on her back. The pain and uncomfortable feeling were simply unbearable.

Greed Great Soul Overlord walked across the ruined square, came in front of the silver-haired woman, and picked her up with his long scorpion tail. She looked like a ragged doll. Her curse power was weak, while the power of sin spread all over her body.

Cursed Goddess Soul stood in the distance, her eyes drooping slightly. She did not say anything—she did not know what to say. Perhaps she felt a little guilty inside, but the guilt would soon fade away. For her to sit on the throne of Void City, someone needed to be sacrificed.

The silver-haired woman was dying, but she fixed her cold, indifferent gaze at Soul. The look in her eyes made the Cursed Goddess’s hair stand on end.

“What are you looking at? It’s high time someone else was the Queen of Void City…” Greed Great Soul Overlord said, sneering. Then, he grabbed her head with his huge palm and squeezed as if he was going to crush it.

In the distance, after killing a few top Soul Overlords, Duchess Nightmare was seriously injured by Gluttony Great Soul Overlord. She flew backward, coughing blood, then fell to the ground with a crash.

“You no longer have a chance to turn the tides… Since the other two Cursed Goddesses cower in that restaurant, who else could the Queen of Curses choose but Soul to succeed the throne?”

Greed Great Soul Overlord grinned, revealing his pointy teeth. He looked at the broken statue, then at the palace with its doors tightly closed. His eyes gleamed with malice.

“No one could save you now!”

Laughing, he mustered more force into his hand. The silver-haired woman’s head began to deform, but she still stared at Soul.

Duchess Nightmare’s eyes were filled with the unwillingness to admit defeat. Suddenly, the closed palace doors rumbled, then they moved slightly with a creak, revealing a small gap. The next moment, a mighty aura poured through it, spreading like the smoke of dried ice.

That was curse power, and it was so dense that it seemed to be the source of the River of Curses. There were even liquid drops bobbing in it.

Everyone was stunned. Gluttony Great Soul Overlord’s pupils were narrowing, while Greed Great Soul Overlord’s heart skipped a beat. The silver-haired woman, barely breathing, looked up slightly, her eyes gleaming with hope. Duchess Nightmare, on the other hand, was overjoyed. She knew the Queen of Curses would never abandon Void City!

The Soul Demons in the sky froze. The aura emanating from the existence behind the doors fell upon them like the Universe’s Will, restraining and immobilizing them. The feeling was horrible! It was as if the existence could wipe them out with just a thought!

The Queen of Curses! Without a doubt, the existence behind the doors was the Queen of Curses, who, just like the Soul God, stood at the pinnacle of the multi-universes!

Cursed Goddess Soul’s jaw dropped as she stared blankly at the palace. She felt as though a hand was clutching her throat, making it difficult for her to breathe. It never occurred to her that the Queen of Curses would show up!

Greed Great Soul Overlord loosened his grip, causing the silver-haired woman to fall to the ground. She coughed up some blood, then burst out laughing derisively.

In the distance, Duchess Nightmare staggered to her feet and glanced coldly at the Soul Demons. ‘Her Majesty has finally shown up… These Soul Demons are dead!’ she thought to herself.

A faint sound of footsteps rang out. Then, an indifferent voice echoed out from behind the doors. “Get out of here, all of you, or… Die!”

The voice was cold, emotionless, and it sent chills down the Soul Demons’ backs and gave them the creeps. They felt as if their hearts were about to burst. Without hesitation, they began to turn and retreat frantically, all eager to flee the place.

Greed Great Soul Overlord knew very well about the Queen of Curses’ terror. After all, she was a supreme existence on the same level as the Soul God in the past! Without hesitation, he threw down the silver-haired woman and turned to flee. He had to escape Void City before the Queen of Curses began to slaughter them.

Who said the Queen of Curses was seriously injured and fell into a deep sleep? Who said she was dying and was looking for a successor? These were all f*cking nonsense!

The Soul Demons were retreating into the distance like a receding tide. The silver-haired woman’s laughter rippled through the air recklessly, while Duchess Nightmare felt ecstatic as she watched the Soul Demons retreat.

At this moment, Cursed Goddess Soul was at a loss. She felt somewhat panicked and was even beginning to despair. She never expected the Queen of Curses to show up.

“Let’s go now!” Greed Great Soul Overlord came to her. If the Queen of Curses made a move, they would be dead! They would not even have a chance to flee! After all, she was already an existence beyond Chaotic Saints!

Soul was pulled by him as they fled in panic with the tide of Soul Demons.


Suddenly, a loud cry shook heaven and earth. It came from Gluttony Great Soul Overlord. His face was cold, and his eyes narrowed. His voice made all the Soul Demons stop in place.

“Gluttony! Are you out of your mind?! Why did you ask us to wait? You will get us all killed!” Greed Great Soul Overlord roared. He had thought that the Queen of Curses was still sleeping, and that was why he acted so wantonly. But now she had awakened, and it scared the wits out of him!

“Don’t you find it strange? If the Queen of Curses wanted to kill us, we would have been long dead. Why would she give us a chance to flee? We have almost destroyed her Void City!” Gluttony Great Soul Overlord, hovering in midair, said.

He found it strange. In addition to what he said, the Queen of Curses also did not leave the palace. Had something really happened to her? It was very likely. If that was the case, they would have a chance to conquer Void City!

“This is too… bold, too crazy! It’s like gambling with our lives!” Greed Great Soul Overlord’s pupils narrowed, and his scorpion tail flicked from side to side as he looked at Gluttony Great Soul Overlord. However, when he thought about it, he seemed to agree with that.

According to what he had heard about the Queen of Curses, they should not even have a chance to leave Void City alive. Could it be that… what Gluttony Great Soul Overlord said was true?

Duchess Nightmare and the silver-haired woman paused for a while, then their expressions changed dramatically. They also thought of this possibility.

The reason that Void City had become a place where all the universes sent their banished people and where no one dared to cause trouble was because of the Queen of Curses’ decisive and murderous nature. This time, however, the Queen did not kill the Soul Demons but just asked them to leave. It was really strange!

At this moment, a whistling sound approached from a distance. Bu Fang, Nethery, Houtu, and others had arrived. They saw the countless Soul Demons in the sky and the slightly opened palace doors.

“Where is the Queen of Curses?” Bu Fang glanced around curiously.

Hovering in midair, Soul’s pupils narrowed slightly when she saw Nethery and Houtu.

“I repeat, get the hell out of here or die!” The cold voice rang out of the palace once again.

Envy Great Soul Overlord had arrived as well. The three Great Soul Overlords gathered in midair. Gluttony Great Soul Overlord glanced at Bu Fang and the others, then at the Queen’s palace again. His eyes grew cold.

“There’s no turning back now! I want to see if the Queen of Curses has really awakened!”

Mighty power of sin exploded out of Gluttony Great Soul Overlord’s body, and there seemed to be the shadow of a huge Taotie floating behind him. Then, he streaked across the sky and approached the towering palace in a flash.

Everyone was aghast. Greed Great Soul Overlord’s eyes narrowed, but he did not move. Envy Great Soul Overlord, on the other hand, looked confused. Meanwhile, all the Soul Demons in the sky held their breath as they watched.

As Gluttony Great Soul Overlord drew closer, the existence in the Queen’s palace seemed to be bursting with rage. A creak echoed out, and the doors opened further. The next moment, a slim, fair arm reached out through the doors and closed the palm into a fist.

Gluttony Great Soul Overlord’s body was suddenly squeezed and became grotesquely twisted. Then, he was knocked flying backward, and the shadow behind him was shattered. Covered in blood, he smashed to the ground with a crash.

The Soul Demons fell silent as fear welled up in their eyes.

Bu Fang sucked in a cold breath. His apprentices, standing behind him, had never seen anything like this before, so they shivered with fear. Nethery, Houtu, and those from Void City beamed!

“Haha! There’s really something wrong with you! I’m not dead!”

The ground burst apart with a rumble. Gluttony Great Soul Overlord, covered in blood, rose to his feet and roared at the palace. Then, he walked step by step across the square, leaving bloody footprints behind.

“Show yourself… The Queen of Curses!”

Gluttony Great Soul Overlord threw his head back and roared. Mighty power of sin erupted out of him and turned into a tornado. The next moment, a colossal Taotie emerged in the starry sky, roaring at the palace.

“How dare you!”

Suddenly, the palace doors flung open with a rumble. A graceful figure, who seemed to have gathered all the light in the universe, walked slowly out. Her long, straight legs attracted the gazes of countless people. The moment she appeared, the world grew dark!

She was the Queen of Curses!

The figure flipped her hand and lightly threw out her palm. The next moment, Gluttony Great Soul Overlord, who had transformed into a colossal monster, was struck by it! A thud could be heard, and then his body burst apart, turning into a rain of blood and gore!

A Great Soul Overlord as strong as a peak Chaotic Saint was killed by just one blow! A terrible aura permeated the entire Void City. The Queen of Curses… This was the fearsome Queen of Curses!

Envy Great Soul Overlord and Greed Great Soul Overlord trembled violently. Gluttony Great Soul Overlord had dug his own grave. The Queen of Curses was seriously injured? Did she look seriously injured now? That fellow had brought death to all the Soul Demons!

Suddenly, the black power of sin gathered in midair and materialized into the weak true form of Gluttony Great Soul Overlord.

Bu Fang and others sucked in their breath, terrified. ‘She had killed a Great Soul Overlord with a slap… Is this the Queen of Curses’ strength? The strength that is on the same level as the Soul God and the God of Cooking!’ At this moment, Bu Fang was looking forward to reaching the same level.

Lord Dog and Er Ha were shocked as well. The strength of this slap was almost equivalent to the palm that had struck the Chaos Space.

Bu Fang looked at the graceful figure in front of the Queen of Curses’ palace, who seemed to be standing at the pinnacle of the universe. Suddenly, his eyes widened. In fact, not only him, but all the people also felt something strange.

In the sky, Gluttony Great Soul Overlord had materialized his true form, and he laughed wildly.

“So much for the Queen of Curses!”

Duchess Nightmare, Duchess Yunlan, and many others turned pale. They saw their Queen, standing in front of the palace, begin to shrink at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Finally, she said in the voice of a little girl, “You’re courting death!”

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