Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1773 - A Variety of Dark Cuisine

Chapter 1773: A Variety of Dark Cuisine

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For Soul Demons, chefs were something that came from a nightmare.

Perhaps the Soul God made a little mistake when designing their sense of smell. For them, the gourmet food cooked by chefs was extremely disgusting, but the dark cuisine, which humans found extremely disgusting, was a delicacy.

Most importantly, these disgusting dark dishes were delicious yet deadly for them! This was what terrified them the most! Therefore, their hatred for chefs came from the bottom of their hearts, and dark cuisine was what could give them the creeps.

However, they could not resist the temptation of dark cuisine. It made them feel bad. They could not control themselves in the face of dark dishes, and they would always eat them, enjoy them, then die miserably.

Bu Fang said he could fight an army alone. Coupled with his apprentices, it would definitely be a nightmare for Soul Demons.

A group of Soul Demons, who were swooping down from the sky, widened their eyes and stopped in midair, then retreated in fright. They were still filled with the lingering fear for dark cuisine.

After all, they had witnessed how Bu Fang alone had held up an army of one hundred thousand Soul Demons with dark cuisine and even killed many of them. Although he did not cook this time, the row of chefs in front of the restaurant still frightened them.

With his hands clasped behind him, Bu Fang paced in front of the restaurant. He did not plan to cook this time. He had just cooked a God of Cooking’s dish, so he needed time to let his spirit sea recover. He thought he could use this opportunity to examine his apprentices.

Foxy descended and landed on Bu Fang’s shoulder, blinking her big eyes. She had transformed into an elegant golden fox.

Bu Fang glanced at the little fox as she lay down, and he fell silent for a moment. He thought of the Heavengod Destruction he had imagined not too long ago, a domineering figure who could shatter mountains with a kick, blow a star apart with a roar, and collapse the void with a sweep of the tail.

He looked at Foxy again. The disparity between his imagination and reality had brought him a great impact.

Houtu, Nethery, and others had gathered in front of the restaurant. Xiao Xiaolong and the other apprentices intrigued them. Bu Fang was a great chef, but what about his apprentices? Their cooking skills should be amazing too, right? Many people narrowed their eyes as they watched curiously.

Holding Foxy in his arms, Bu Fang sat on the step in front of the restaurant. While taking the Golden Soul Meatballs out of the basket and stuffing them into Foxy’s mouth, he watched Xiao Xiaolong and the others cook. He wondered what dark dishes his apprentices would come up with.

Nethery and the others had understood what dark cuisine was now, so they were all looking forward to it as well.

Xiao Xiaolong took out a large sheep stomach. He rubbed his hands, then emptied it with his kitchen knife. After that, he spun the kitchen knife, took out some sheep’s pluck, and minced them up at high speed. The sheep organs—heart, liver, and lungs—were all finely chopped up.

Xiao Xiaolong’s eyes were shining. He was happy and excited when cooking this dish. There was a demon living inside every chef, and a chef who no longer restrained himself or herself was the most terrifying one. Xiao Xiaolong was no longer restraining himself at this moment…

The sheep stomach bulged from all the stuffings. After closing it, Xiao Xiaolong covered his palms with energy and began slapping it, making it jiggle and thud with every slap. The loud noise sounded like that of something hitting on the soul, which terrified everyone.

“What is he trying to cook?!”

The crowd found it strange. Even Bu Fang had a puzzled look on his face. He was sure that he never taught Xiao Xiaolong a dish like this before. It must be something he had come up with after he stopped restraining himself. All Bu Fang’s apprentices had demons in them.

Xiao Xiaolong opened the sheep stomach again. He took out some spices and a variety of seasonings with different flavors such as sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy, and then stuffed them into the stomach.

Meanwhile, the stock was simmering in Xiao Xiaolong’s black wok. It was made with a leg of mutton and seafood. As the milky white stock boiled, he added a large piece of ginger to get rid of the mutton smell.

It was hard to associate such a brutal and wild cooking method with Xiao Xiaolong’s delicate face.

With an excited look in his eyes, Xiao Xiaolong scooped up the stock with a ladle and poured it into the sheep stomach. The stomach wriggled and slowly swelled. After that, he tied it up with a string, held it with both hands, and unleashed his divine power.

The stock boiled inside the sheep stomach and constantly impacted the inner walls, causing the raw meat to turn solid at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“What is he making?”

“It looks disgusting…”

“Is this thing edible? Isn’t it just a hotchpotch?”

Inside the restaurant, Lord Dog and others were dumbstruck as they watched, and Er Ha looked disgusted. While they were both dark cuisines, why was Death Spicy Strip so outstanding and this one so… nasty? Perhaps this was the difference between an apprentice and a master chef.

Bu Fang, however, watched with great interest. Er Ha and others did not know how to cook, but he did. To him, Xiao Xiaolong’s dark dish was very creative.

Finally, Xiao Xiaolong finished cooking. He opened the sheep stomach and added the divine power liquid drop given to him by Bu Fang. He stirred them for a while, then shoved the whole stomach into an icebox.

After a while, he took out the chilled stomach, made a cut across its surface with his kitchen knife, and pulled it apart, revealing a pudding that looked like crystal.

“Dark cuisine… Haggis is ready to serve!” Xiao Xiaolong rubbed his hands, and he was so excited that his eyes gleamed brilliantly.

The corner of Bu Fang’s mouth twitched, while the surrounding people were stunned. A pudding made with a sheep stomach?

Looking at the tiny pieces of sheep’s pluck floating in the pudding, everyone felt their stomachs churn. And when they recalled that the pudding actually came out of the sheep stomach, they felt as if the churning in their stomachs was a horrible torture.

Meanwhile, Yu Fu, Yang Meiji, and Sorceress An Sheng had also begun cooking their dark dishes. Perhaps because they were girls, their dark dishes looked very delicate.

Yu Fu’s dark dish was gentler. It did not have a horrible appearance and was not as dark as Xiao Xiaolong’s nauseating dish. It was durian coated with abyssal chili sauce.

The main ingredient was the best piece of a top-grade golden durian grown in the farmland. She simmered it on low heat for ten minutes, then placed it on a plate. Because it was simmered on low heat, the durian’s aroma intensified.

Of course, what elevated it to a whole new level was the abyssal chili sauce. The chili sauce that Bu Fang once used to a tee had now become the trump card of Yu Fu, the Serpentine Queen. When the crimson chili sauce with tiny pieces of chili was poured onto the golden durian, everyone felt their souls shiver.

The corner of Bu Fang’s mouth twitched. They truly were his apprentices. Even a good girl like Yu Fu could come up with such a soul-shuddering dark dish. Durian plus abyssal chili sauce was indeed a heaven-defying dish!

Sorceress An Sheng did live up to her title. Her dark dish made Bu Fang’s scalp go numb when he looked at it. It was a slice of cheese. Yes, it was a dairy product. However, the triangular cheese slice was fully stuffed with tiny nuts. Bu Fang did not know those nuts.

“These are explosive nuts… Just one of them is enough to blow up an entire city!” Sorceress An Sheng blinked her big eyes, her chest heaving as she covered her mouth and burst out laughing.

The corner of Bu Fang’s mouth twitched again. ‘I asked you to use your imagination, and you really intend to defy the heavens!’

He turned to look at Yang Meiji’s stove. The burly apprentice crouched slightly as she was making some dark cuisine. He could see her shoulders shiver occasionally. It seemed that she was making something horrible.

Lord Dog and Er Ha could no longer stand it—they went to a corner to empty their stomachs. Nethery and the others turned pale as well. Tugging Nethery’s sleeve, Xiao Ai said, “Your Excellency… No wonder Her Majesty said chefs are terrible beings… Her Majesty is telling the truth…”

Bu Fang did not know what to say already. It seemed that these apprentices had inherited his talents, for they were so good at making dark dishes.

Niu Hansan was also cooking up something dark in a corner, but he was clearly rustier than the others. However, the excited look on his face gave Bu Fang the creeps.

‘This fellow is going to come up with something incredible…’

When the apprentices added Bu Fang’s divine power into their dark dishes, they were ready to serve. Xiao Xiaolong held a crystal-like pudding, which contained tiny pieces of lamb offal. Yu Fu had a bowl of durian coated with abyssal chili sauce in one hand as she covered her mouth with the other and smiled.

Yang Meiji was laughing. In her hand, she held a plate of steak. Blood was still visible on the rare steak, and it was covered with a layer of dead red ants! A steak served with Soul Fire Ants?!

Sorceress An Sheng put her hands on her hips and laughed, her chest heaving. Her dark dish, the slice of cheese with explosive nuts, was considered a tempting dark dish compared to others.

Niu Hansan had finally finished his creation as well. He wiped the sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand and grinned. He was carrying a huge white porcelain plate, and pieces of crab-like ingredients were fried and placed upside down on it.

‘Hmm… It looks like a normal dish.’ Bu Fang paused slightly.

“This dish is called Fried Death Spirit Spiders! The spider is a rare species that I’ve bred through hybridization… It’s sweet and contains a mild poison that will slightly numb your tongue…’ he said, grinning.

‘Crab…’ The corner of Bu Fang’s mouth twitched. He must be a fool to think that Niu Hansan would cook a normal dish. He waved his hand and wrapped up the dark dish with his divine power liquid drop.

He finally understood how terrible chefs were when they showed their true colors. For the first time, he felt sorry for those Soul Demons. These dark dishes would most likely make them extinct. Bu Fang seemed to be able to feel their despair in advance.

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