Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 9 - No Wonder Dad Died Young

Chapter 9: No Wonder Dad Died Young

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Gu Nianshen was actually competing with a five-year-old child.

The child’s mother was rather strange as well. She could have developed her kid’s other interests. Why would she encourage him to compare such things?

A three-meter distance as a starting point… The young boy gasped with disbelief. “I can only do one-and-a-half meter at most.”

That was only half of the standard distance.

Gu Nianshen replied with an emotionless expression, “It’s not your fault. It’s the fault of your father’s genes which he has passed on to you.”

Qi Shaodong was trying very hard not to laugh. His boss was indeed a very sarcastic person. He would not even spare a young kid from his sarcasm.

The boy was still so young. Would Gu Nianshen’s words affect his confidence?

What if the kid could never become erect again?

Not only did the kid not argue against Gu Nianshen, he even lowered his voice as he said, “No wonder my dad died young.”

The young boy figured that his father probably died because his genitals were weak.

Both Qi Shaodong and Gu Nianshen was stunned by what they heard.

They should have felt sorry for the kid for losing his father at such a young age. However, the young boy did not seem sad at all. One wondered if the person who passed away was truly the kid’s biological father.

Gu Nianshen decided to ignore the young boy as he turned away. Qi Shaodong followed after him.

After taking a few steps away from the restroom, they noticed that the boy was tagging behind them. Qi Shaoding stopped walking and asked, “Why aren’t you looking for your parents? Why are you following us?”

The kid’s parents might think they were kidnapping the boy if they saw him tagging behind them in such a way.

The young boy spoke in a soft voice, “Uncle Bai Se 1 disappeared. He asked me to sit down and wait for Mommy.”

He gripped the ends of his shirt tightly. There was a hint of fear in his eyes.

He made it very difficult for anyone to leave him.

Although Qi Shaodong was a very compassionate person and wanted to help the boy out, he was more concerned with Gu Nianshen’s opinion. Therefore, he turned toward Gu Nianshen who had already walked on.

Qi Shaodong called out, “Young Master…”

Gu Nianshen stopped walking and turned around. He had no idea why Qi Shaodong was calling him.

Right then, a familiar female voice could be heard from the ladies’ restroom. “Brother?”

Gu Niansheng glanced over and realized that Gu Nianjia was running towards him.

“Brother, it really is you.”

“Miss Nianjia.”

Gu Nianjia was about to greet Qi Shaodong when she suddenly realized a young boy was standing next to him.

“Is this my brother’s illegitimate child?”

Gu Nianjia examined the young boy’s face before turning towards Gu Nianshen. “Brother, he really does look like you…”

Her words instantly caused everyone to tense up.

Gu Nianshen glared at the young boy disapprovingly.

What was wrong with his sister’s vision?

How could this mediocre kid possibly look like him?

Gu Nianjia did not even look at Gu Nianshen. Instead, she walked over to the young boy and asked softly, “What’s your name?”

The young boy answered politely, “Hello big sister, my name is Xiao Jiayu.”


Gu Nianjia could not contain her laughter when she heard what the young boy’s name was.

Xiao Jiayu’s name had a negative connotation to it . 1

Qi Shaodong was close to bursting into laughter. However, he realized that Gu Nianshen looked very upset and therefore forced himself to keep his mouth shut.

Qi Shaodong could not help but worry for his own sanity if he were to continue working for his current boss.

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