Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 8 - Mister, Let’s Compare Who Can Urinate Further

Chapter 8: Mister, Let’s Compare Who Can Urinate Further

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One would wonder if Gu Nianjia was actually adopted. Was she really Gu Nianshen’s biological sister?

Gu Nianshen wanted to avoid his own sister so badly. If Gu Nianjia found out, she would definitely feel hurt.

In all honesty, Gu Nianshen could be escorted by security guards. However, Gu Nianshen did not want to draw any attention to himself. Therefore, he decided to wait inside until everyone had left.

Catwoman’s flight must have landed as the crowd had gotten very excited outside. Gu Nianshen’s personal assistant Qi Shaodong could not help but sigh. “This Catwoman is truly popular. I heard that the number of security guards in the airport had been doubled.”

“Young Master, isn’t that Gu Nianjia?” Qi Shaodong asked as he pointed his finger in a certain direction.

Gu Nianshen looked over and saw Gu Nianjia with a huge card in her hands. There was a poster of Catwoman pasted on the card. Due to her height, Gu Nianjia was forced to wave the huge card in her hands in order to be noticed at all.

Gu Nianshen frowned disapprovingly. He immediately turned around. “I’m going to the restroom.”

Gu Nianshen walked hastily towards the restroom.

“Oh!” Qi Shaodong was stunned for a moment before following after Gu Nianshen.

Everyone was waiting for Catwoman to appear. Apart from the arrival gate, everywhere else in the airport was almost empty.

It was quiet in the restroom. Gu Nianshen walked in and only saw a young boy around the age of four or five. The kid wore a black shirt and black pants. He was standing in front of the urinal but did not seem to be urinating.

Gu Nianshen walked over to the urinal next to the kid and unzipped his pants.

The young boy suddenly backed away from the urinal and turned toward Gu Nianshen. “I can urinate this far away from the urinal. Can you do that, mister?”

Qi Shaodong who had only just walked into the restroom was dumbfounded by what he heard. ‘Who is this kid? Where are his parents?’

If the kid’s parents did not come soon, they would have to take responsibility for what happened next.

Qi Shaodong carefully shifted his gaze to Gu Nianshen’s face. Gu Nianshen was looking at the young boy without any sign of emotions on his face.

Right then, Gu Nianshen suddenly backed away from the urinal in front of him. After reaching about a meter away from the urinal, Gu Nianshen started urinating.

The sound of water splashing could be heard.

Qi Shaodong’s jaw dropped. He could not believe his eyes.

His young master was actually comparing how far he could urinate with a young boy…

“Do you still want to compare?” Gu Nianshen slowly zipped his pants and stared at the young boy in front of him.

Gu Nianshen sounded very proud of himself.

Qi Shaodong was so surprised that he thought Gu Nianshen might have been possessed.

The young boy was thoroughly shocked by the distance from which Gu Nianshen could urinate into the urinal. He only recollected himself after Gu Nianshen asked him a question. The young boy frowned and mumbled in a soft tone, “My mommy told me that small genitals are better than big ones.”

The young boy spoke in fluent English.

Gu Nianshen replied in English, “That’s because your father’s big genitals are useless.”

The young boy was unhappy that his father had been insulted. He immediately started to reason with Gu Nianshen. “My mommy said my dad could urinate three meters away.”

Gu Nianshen looked at the young boy. “Tell your mommy that a three-meter distance is only the starting point for most men.”

Gu Nianshen still sounded very arrogant. Qi Shaodong was very confused. Why was his boss so adamant about winning the competition of being able to urinate further away from the urinal?

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