Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 7 - I Won’t Pay Her Phone Bill

Chapter 7: I Won’t Pay Her Phone Bill

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How could this mean and ill-tempered man be Gu Nianjia’s biological brother?

Gu Nianshen must have been infuriated by Lin Yiqian. Everyone was saying how the Gu family was treating Lin Yiqian harshly and did not even give her any money to spend. That was why Lin Yiqian accepted the bag from a mistress.

“Brother, although I hate Lin Yiqian as well, please give her some money. Otherwise, it’ll put the Gu family’s name to shame.”

Gu Nianshen was about to leave when he heard what Gu Nianjia said. He suddenly stopped and raised his eyebrows. “Give her money so that she can spend it on phone calls to her lover?”

Gu Nianshen stormed away as Gu Nianjia stood there, completely stunned.

It was generally known that men would spend money on women as a means of showing affection. However, Gu Nianshen was not even willing to spend on Lin Yiqian’s phone bills. Clearly, he hated her guts.

Gu Nianjia suddenly felt bad for Lin Yiqian.

In the evening, all news about Lin Yiqian had disappeared from the popular sites online. Even Su Miao’s news had disappeared.

With Life’s event closely approaching, Bai Se sent Lin Yiqian a bunch of event itineraries. Lin Yiqian had a sandwich for breakfast before returning to work in her room with a cup of coffee.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. She immediately turned her computer off before responding.

“Come in.” Lin Yiqian stood up and walked toward the door.

It was the Gu family’s butler. There were two huge plastic bags in his hands, and two more could be seen behind him. The plastic bags seemed to be filled with purses.

“Missus.” The butler greeted Lin Yiqian politely.

Before Lin Yiqian could say a word, the butler immediately looked at the bags in his hands. “These are all from brands such as Hermes, LV, Chanel, and also the newest limited edition ones from Life. There are forty-five in total.”

The butler dropped the bags as he spoke and proceeded to carry the two remaining bags into the room.


Lin Yiqian was stunned. “Where did you get these?”

The butler chuckled. “From Mister Gu, of course.”

No other man would spend over tens of millions of dollars on another man’s wife.

Lin Yiqian was in a state of disbelief. The butler was still waiting for her instructions. Lin Yiqian did not have any time to react. “Alright, move them inside.”


The butler swiftly carried all four bags into the closet. Lin Yiqian examined the four bags one by one in front of the closet. She could not help but chuckle at the thought that these might be fake brands. Her gaze finally landed on the bag filled with Life’s products. If Denny knew his products were kept in plastic bags like these, would he be upset?

Anyway, why did Gu Nianshen purchase so many purses for her all of a sudden?

Lin Yiqian walked into the closet and kneeled beside the four big bags. She examined each of the purses carefully. Although she had never been a fan of luxurious goods, she could not help but adore each of these purses.

She wanted so badly to tell all her friends that these were all gifts from her husband.

However, Lin Yiqian stopped herself. Gu Nianshen had insulted her only a day ago. There must be a reason why he had bought these bags.

As she pondered, a man’s cool voice could suddenly be heard behind her. “I don’t want to see any news about the Gu family mistreating you again.”

Lin Yiqian knew Gu Nianshen had bought these bags for a reason. It seemed he was merely concerned with the Gu family’s reputation.

Lin Yiqian suddenly felt the urge to thank Su Miao for what she did.

She laughed sarcastically as she stood upright and looked toward the man before her. He looked as cold and distant as usual.

Lin Yiqian pretended to be dissatisfied. “I haven’t even told your model mistress about the fact that you lasted only for three seconds during our first night. What makes you think you can negotiate with me using these bags?”

Gu Nianshen felt insulted.

Lasted only three seconds during the first night?

Was she complaining about his technique in bed?

Gu Nianshen frowned. He stared at Lin Yiqian who proceeded to organize the purses. She kissed every single one of them before placing them on the shelves. Gu Nianshen tried very hard to control his temper. “Did you go to space recently? You seemed to have grown a lot of thick skin on your face.”

“I…” Lin Yiqian returned his stare. He wore a curious expression on his face as if he were truly examining his face. Lin Yiqian was speechless.

This man was well-known for his sarcasm.

‘Forget it.’ Lin Yiqian thought. She would not beat him at this game.

Lin Yiqian continued to organize the purses. She was obsessive about cleanliness, be it her clothing or purses. She would organize everything according to size and color.

Looking at the way she organized the purses, Gu Nianshen suddenly felt warmth in his heart.

After Lin Yiqian was done with organizing the purses, she took a glance at her luggage. She suddenly recalled that she would have to travel to the capital city for several days the day after tomorrow. She should probably tell him.

Although he might not care about where she went, he did care about his reputation.

Lin Yiqian thought for a while before turning to face Gu Nianshen. “I need to be in the capital city for work the day after tomorrow. I just thought of telling you in advance.

Gu Nianshen would most definitely not be interested in her work or what she did in the capital city. Therefore, she merely told him that she would have to be away. After placing the final purse on the shelf, she walked out of the closet.

She did not even look at Gu Nianshen on her way out.

After Lin Yiqian had entered the bedroom, Gu Nianshen retrieved his cell phone to text his assistant.

“Book a flight the day after tomorrow to the capital city.”

“Life’s event is one day after that. Are you sure you want to go a day in advance?”

Gu Nianshen disregarded his assistant’s question. He then ordered, “Check which flight Lin Yiqian will be on.”

“I’ve got it.”

As the masked singing diva Catwoman was coming to the capital, many of her fans flew to the airport to greet her. The entire airport in the capital city was swarmed.

Gu Nianshen’s assistant surveyed around before returning to him. “Young Master, I saw Gu Nianjia.”

Gu Nianshen frowned before answering without any hesitation, “Pretend you didn’t see her.”

“Oh, okay!”

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