Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 6 - Who is She Speaking Sweetly to?

Chapter 6: Who is She Speaking Sweetly to?

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A few of the men pulled him away. “Zhou Yu, have you gone out of your mind?”

After being warned by others around him, Zhou Yu felt a sense of injustice. “I’m not the one who forced him to marry that woman. Why is he taking it out on me?”

All of a sudden, Gu Nianshen charged at him again. This time, Gu Nianshen grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and started punching his face.

Everyone present had grown up with Gu Nianshen and knew his temper all too well. However, this was the first time he actually hit someone.

Gu Nianshen must really hate Lin Yiqian a lot to feel this strongly when he heard her name.

After several punches, Gu Nianshen finally stopped. He grabbed one of the bottles of alcohol and headed toward the door.

“Be a good boy. I’ll spend time with you after I’m done with work.”


“I love you. Kisses.”

After hanging up the call, Lin Yiqian looked at the screen of her cellphone as if she was trying to recall the conversation. There was a smile on her face.

She appeared demure and gentle with a warm light against her face.

However, her gentleness…

Gu Nianshen narrowed his eyes as his gaze suddenly turned cold. His hand tightened around the credit card in his pocket.


The card had been broken.

The sound of the card breaking snapped Lin Yiqian out of her train of thought. She turned her head around in surprise and saw Gu Nianshen.

She looked stunned as her hands subconsciously tightened around her cellphone.

How much of her earlier conversation had he heard? Did he suspect something…?

Lin Yiqian was clearly surprised by Gu Nianshen’s unannounced arrival. She did not even think he would actually come home. Therefore, she talked freely on the phone in her room.

Gu Nianshen strode toward Lin Yiqian.

His tall figure was very intimidating. Lin Yiqian subconsciously took a step back.

Her nervousness and fear translated into disgust and resistance to Gu Nianshen, which made him feel hurt. Gu Nianshen reached out towards the collar of her shirt and took two steps forward. The two fell onto the huge bed. Gu Nianshen was filled with jealousy right now.

Lin Yiqian was lost for words as she looked at the seemingly crazy man before her. “Gu…”

“Lin Yiqian, you are a liar.”

Before Lin Yiqian could say a word, Gu Nianshen finished his sentence and walked away.

His voice was raspy, almost as if he was complaining like a child.

Lin Yiqian was stunned as she looked at the man walking away.

Gu Nianshen had always felt very distant, even as a youth and now as a man.

He had called her a liar. What did she lie to him about? Was it because he thought she was lying to him for his money… or was it because of love?

Lin Yiqian suddenly felt very guilty.

Gu Nianshen stormed out of the room and bumped right into Gu Nianjia who was carrying a cup of water.

“Brother, why are you home?”

Gu Nianjia was very surprised to see Gu Nianshen.

‘Shouldn’t he be out with models or celebrities and discussing goals and dreams?’ Gu Nianjia thought.

Gu Nianshen immediately rolled his eyes at Gu Nianjia. “This is my house. Is there a problem with me coming home?”

He tugged at the collar of his shirt as he snorted.

Gu Nianjia blinked as she stared at Gu Nianshen’s face. He seemed very upset.

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