Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 10 - Mister Who Urinates Very Far Away

Chapter 10: Mister Who Urinates Very Far Away

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Xiao Jiayu seemed to be aware that Gu Nianjia was laughing at his name. He responded angrily, “What’s so funny? My mommy says my dad is a jerk, that’s why I am called Xiao Jiayu. Is there anything wrong with that?”

Gu Nianjia tried very hard to suppress her laughter as she shook her head. “No… There’s nothing wrong with that.”

She then stood up and walked towards Gu Nianshen. While walking, she did not stop talking. “Brother, how horrible do you think this kid’s father is? The kid’s mother hates the father so much that she even named her son in a way that defames the father.”

Gu Nianjia extended her hands toward Gu Nianshen’s arm as she walked over. However, before she had even touched his shirt, she suddenly stopped when she noticed his angry stare.

Gu Nianjia immediately dropped her hands.

Almost everyone knew that Gu Nianjia was not afraid of anyone except for her own brother. If he asked her to walk to the right, she would do so obediently. After all, he had the power to do terrible things to her if he so wished.

Sometimes, Gu Nianjia would question if she was truly his biological sister.

Gu Nianshen’s gaze shifted away from Gu Nianjia gradually as he inserted his hands into his pockets and continued to walk forward.

Before he had even taken a few steps, a pair of small hands circled around his leg. Gu Nianshen forced himself not to shout by lifting his head up high. He then lowered his head to look at the young boy who had clung to his leg.

The young boy was looking at him with a pair of sad eyes.

“Mister who can urinate very far away, I would like to look for Uncle Bai Se and my mommy. Could you please lend me your phone?” The young boy pouted as his small plump hand tugged at Gu Nianshen’s pants. He did so very carefully.

Pfft… Pfft…

This time, Qi Shaodong was not able to hold his laughter in anymore, even if there was the threat of being fired by his boss.

‘Hahaha… Mister who can urinate very far away.’ Was this kid trying to make him die of laughter?

Gu Nianshen looked very upset. He attempted to fling Xiao Jiayu away by shaking his leg. However, Xiao Jiayu was holding on to him very tightly. There was nothing he could do.

“Qi Shaodong!”

Gu Nianshen shouted. He was fuming with anger. Qi Shaodong was dumbfounded for a second. However, he immediately recollected himself and replied, “Boss.”

“Give him your phone.” Gu Nianshen tried to shake the young boy off again.

When Qi Shaodong heard Gu Nianshen’s order, he was stunned. He thought he must have heard Gu Nianshen wrongly. “Young Master, do you mean that I should lend my phone to this little jerk?”

Qi Shaodong initially expected something bad to happen to the kid. However, it seemed that he might have been mistaken.

Xiao Jiayu heard Qi Shaodong calling him by his father’s name and was immediately upset. “I’m not called a little jerk. My dad is a jerk, but I am Xiao Jiayu.”

Indeed, Xiao Jiayu was different from a jerk.

As Xiao Jiayu finished his sentence, he turned toward Gu Nianshen. “Mister who can urinate very far away, don’t you agree with me?”

Gu Nianshen could not help it anymore. He bent down and grabbed Xiao Jiayu’s shirt and directly tossed him aside.

His sister was baffled by his action. “Brother, you are so cruel. You won’t even let go of a kid.”

‘Horrible!’ She thought.

“My dear, stop worrying. I have found Xiao Jiayu. He is near the restroom on the right of the elevator which we used earlier. Come over here.”

All of a sudden, a young man dressed in a hip-hop outfit walked over while he was still speaking on the phone. When he saw Xiao Jiayu, he sighed in relief and proceeded to hang up on the call.

Xiao Jiayu was also very excited when he saw the young man. He immediately got off the ground. “Uncle Bai Se!”

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