Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 11 - Always Copied But Never Exceeded

Chapter 11: Always Copied But Never Exceeded

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The young boy quickly made his way over to Bai Se and hugged his leg. He then asked eagerly, “Is Mommy here?”

“She’s coming.” Bai Se nodded as he picked Xiao Jiayu up into his arms. Bai Se brushed his nose against Xiao Jiayu’s nose as he scolded him light-heartedly, “Mommy was worried sick when she could not find you. Please don’t wander around next time.”

Xiao Jiayu pouted. “But I wanted to pee.”

Xiao Jiayu was too preoccupied observing the mister who urinated very far away from the urinal. He had completely forgotten about urinating.

“I’ll bring you to the restroom.”

After making sure that Xiao Jiayu and Bai Se knew each other, Gu Nianjia and Qi Shaodong were finally able to relax. When they turned around, they realized that Gu Nianshen had already walked very far away. They immediately followed after him.

Lin Yiqian was overjoyed and excited after the call with Bai Se. She quickened her footsteps toward the restroom and did not notice her surroundings.

Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice. “Lin Yiqian.”

Lin Yiqian’s heart skipped a beat. She stopped walking and turned toward where the voice was coming from. She saw Gu Nianshen. The smile on her face immediately disappeared.

Subconsciously, Lin Yiqian glanced at the direction of the restroom. The small familiar figure was walking out of the restroom. She took one glance before turning away nervously.


It was as if the word was spoken right next to her ear. Lin Yiqian’s gaze moved downward so that nobody could see her reaction.

She then peeked at the direction of the restroom from the corners of her eyes. Bai Se was vigilant enough to pick up her hint as he pulled Xiao Jiayu away in the opposite direction.

Although she felt an eagerness in her heart to call for them, she forcefully withheld her emotions. She was trying very hard to suppress the guilt and pain she felt in her heart.

After Bai Se had walked quite a distance away, she finally smiled again and lifted her head to look at Gu Nianshen as she walked toward him. “Nianshen, why are you here?”

Lin Yiqian was considered rather tall when compared to other females. She had always had fair and smooth skin which a lot of people admired. The traditional-looking dark red dress hardly looked old-fashioned when it was worn by Lin Yiqian. In fact, it looked uniquely elegant on her.

There was a phrase which boys used to describe her back in school—always copied, but never exceeded.

Whatever she wore would become fashionable in the eyes of other girls in school. However, nobody could wear it as well as Lin Yiqian did. Therefore, she was always the odd one out.

After five years had passed, and after what had happened to her family, she did not seem to have changed.

Gu Nianjia stared at Lin Yiqian. Although she had always hated Lin Yiqian’s personality, Gu Nianjia could not help but admit that she admired Lin Yiqian’s beauty. However, there was more hatred than admiration. Gu Nianjia hated Lin Yiqian for taking away her mother and favorite uncle.

Now, she was even married to her brother. Gu Nianjia hated Lin Yiqian’s guts.

“My brother is not here for you, that’s for sure.”

After Lin Yiqian got closer, Gu Nianjia scoffed. “Why are you here?”

Lin Yiqian replied calmly, “I saw you guys from afar. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.”

Lin Yiqian felt guilty but she tried to hide it.

Gu Nianjia continued to question Lin Yiqian as if it were an interrogation. Gu Nianjia looked suspiciously at Lin Yiqian as she asked, “Were you excited earlier because you saw my brother?”

Lin Yiqian hesitated before nodding. “Yes… That’s right.”

She could not possibly say that she was excited because she saw the restroom. They would have thought she urgently needed to urinate or perhaps even had a bad stomach.

Lin Yiqian was disgusted with herself right then for still being concerned about her own image at this point.

However, none of her thoughts were important except for one… Did Gu Nianshen believe what she said?

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