Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 12 - Why Do You Still Care About Her Existence?

Chapter 12: Why Do You Still Care About Her Existence?

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Lin Yiqian lifted her head and looked into Gu Nianshen’s dark eyes. Was she mistaken?

Why did she notice a spark of joy in his eyes?

She thought he hated her.

Lin Yiqian still did not know what she had done to upset him. He had never smiled at her before. Even if he was joking around with other people just a second earlier, the smile on his face would disappear as soon as she showed up.

This happened regardless of where they were. Therefore, everyone in their circle of friends knew that Gu Nianshen hated Lin Yiqian.

However, she would not give in. All these years, she had tried very hard to find out why Gu Nianshen hated her so much. At some point, she thought he hated her because of her terrible grades in academia, which was why she studied very diligently.

However, she later realized that he still hated her even if she achieved excellent results and ranked highly in her classes.

Now that she thought about it, liking and hating someone were probably very similar. One did not need a reason to do either.

Meanwhile, Gu Nianjia was waiting for Gu Nianshen to express hatred towards Lin Yiqian. However, after a long while, Gu Nianshen still did not react. Gu Nianjia pouted. “This is annoying. Why are you following my brother around? I wanted to get my brother to book a date with Catwoman. How would we be able to do that with you around?”

Lin Yiqian was using all her might to hold herself back from slapping Gu Nianjia. She could not believe her sister-in-law was trying to get her husband to go on a date with another woman.

However, Lin Yiqian thought it would probably upset Gu Nianjia more by not reacting to her provocations. Therefore, Lin Yiqian merely smiled. “It’s alright. Haven’t you always ignored my existence?”

If Gu Nianjia hated her so much, why would she about Lin Yiqian’s existence?

“I don’t ignore your existence. I think of you as a pest!” Gu Nianjia fumed unreservedly.

Gu Nianjia’s fists were clenched tightly. She looked almost as if she were ready for a fight.

Lin Yiqian’s kept a smile on her face. “Don’t worry. I came to the capital city for work. I won’t affect you at all.”

After replying Gu Nianjia calmly, Lin Yiqian turned toward Gu Nianshen. “There’s a car waiting for me outside. I won’t stay with you guys any longer.”

In her heart, Lin Yiqian could not wait to get away.

Gu Nianjia was infuriated when she saw how light-hearted Lin Yiqian appeared to be. “Brother, can’t you see how despicable she is? She still considers herself as better than everyone else.”

Lin Yiqian’s household was close to bankruptcy. Her entire family depended on the Gu family. What right did she have to act all high and mighty in front of Gu Nianjia?

Naturally, Gu Nianjia wanted words of comfort from her brother. However, Gu Nianshen unexpectedly rolled his eyes at her. “So what if she isn’t better than everyone else? Are you?”

Gu Nianshen started taking big strides toward Lin Yiqian.

Gu Nianjia was stunned by Gu Nianshen’s words. She blinked several times while standing in the same spot.

Was she mistaken? Was her brother actually defending Lin Yiqian?

“It’s Miss Lin. It really is Miss Lin.”

Lin Yiqian had only just managed to get away from Gu Nianshen and his sister. She was about to make a call to Bai Se before being blocked by two reporters.

Lin Yiqian’s heart skipped a beat when she saw the camera and the voice recorder in the reporter’s hand. She placed both her hands behind her nervously.

She would make sure Bai Se checked the Chinese calendar before she went out next time.

“It really is Miss Lin who recently became the wife of Mega’s boss.”

“Miss Lin, did you come with Mister Gu?”

The reporters asked questions one after the other. Lin Yiqian sighed in relief. She initially thought that her identity had been revealed.

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