Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 13 - Dispelling the Rumor of a Mistreated Wife

Chapter 13: Dispelling the Rumor of a Mistreated Wife

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After recollecting herself, Lin Yiqian was prepared to shake her head to deny the reporters’ claim. However, someone in the crowd suddenly shouted Gu Nianshen’s name loudly.

Lin Yiqian’s jaw dropped. Her gaze shifted to the back along with the rest of the crowd. The tall and familiar figure was walking unhurriedly toward her from a distance of five meters away.

The look of confusion on her face was replaced by one of reassurance. She smiled as a sense of security suddenly filled her heart.

Indeed… From the moment their paths crossed, she had never stopped imagining and hoping for something more.

“Master Gu.”

As soon as Gu Nianshen appeared, the reporters started asking various questions. Their wild imagination took over as they began formulating hypotheses about Gu Nianshen’s appearance.

“Master Gu, are you here to accompany your wife to watch Life’s show tomorrow?”

“The rumors about Mrs. Gu being mistreated must not be true then.”

Gu Nianshen did not reply to any of their questions. In fact, the airport security had kept the reporters out of his way so that he could continue walking towards the exit. Naturally, he bumped into Lin Yiqian. The reporters grabbed the opportunity to surround the two of them together.

They continued asking the same questions.

Gu Nianshen remained silent. Thus, the reporters started directing the questions toward Lin Yiqian instead. Lin Yiqian felt nearly blinded by the flashing lights.

Lin Yiqian gritted her teeth as she cursed internally at Gu Nianshen. She then smiled as she looked into one of the cameras. “To be honest, my husband treats me very well. On our first night, it was because…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Gu Nianshen leaned in close to her ear and whispered, “Think before you speak.”

Lin Yiqian smiled confidently before shifting her gaze back to the camera. “Haha… All in all, he was amazing during our first time together.”

Lin Yiqian leaned against Gu Nianshen’s chest after finishing her sentence.

The audience was thoroughly surprised.

Indeed, reserved men were generally wilder in bed.

From the blush on her face, one would assume that Lin Yiqian must have had a good time.

Gu Nianshen stared at Lin Yiqian’s head as he clenched his fists tightly together.

The crowd around them grew larger and larger. The authorities had to increase security personnel to be able to escort the couple out of the airport. As reporters were still tagging behind them, Lin Yiqian could not get into Bai Se’s car which was parked right in front of her.

When Lin Yiqian saw the small figure in the car who seemed to be playing with a toy, she suddenly felt very guilty.

Lin Yiqian then followed Gu Nianshen as they both entered another car. After getting into the car, Lin Yiqian immediately texted Bai Se and asked him to wait for her at the hotel.

After her message was sent, Lin Yiqian looked to the front. The car before them had its engine started and gradually moved away. Lin Yiqian sighed in relief. She was about to put her phone away when the push notification of a news article appeared on the screen.

The news article was about Gu Nianshen and herself arriving at the capital to watch a show together. It also mentioned that Gu Nianshen had bought her forty-five purses which firmly negated the rumor that she was being mistreated.

‘Woah! The media is very efficient. They published the article just minutes after the incident.’

After a while, Gu Nianjia finally appeared.

She mumbled disgruntedly, “Where did these reporters come from? Shouldn’t they be going after my female idol who is heading to the hotel?”

After getting close to the car, Gu Nianjia noticed that Lin Yiqian was also in it. She then exclaimed angrily, “Lin Yiqian, you shameless woman. How dare you say something so embarrassing to the reporters?”

Gu Nianjia felt her face getting hot as she spoke.

Lin Yiqian frowned slightly as she asked in an innocent tone, “What embarrassing things have I said? Could you repeat them for me?”

‘If you can say it, I will admit I am shameless.’

“You said…” Gu Nianjia was tongue-tied. She could not bring herself to repeat what Lin Yiqian said. “It doesn’t matter. All I know is that you are creating rumors.”

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