Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 14 - A Great Opportunity to Restore Gu Family's Reputation

Chapter 14: A Great Opportunity to Restore Gu Family’s Reputation

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After her fuming reply, Gu Nianjia decided to ignore Lin Yiqian. As she prepared to get into the car, Gu Nianjia realized that Gu Nianshen was blocking her entry at the door. There was a huge space in between himself and Lin Yiqian. She murmured discontentedly, “Brother, can you move in a little bit? How else would I get in?”

Qi Shaodong smiled as he walked over to Gu Nianjia. “Miss Gu, why don’t you…”

Qi Shaodong said as he pointed at the passenger seat in front. He was indicating that Gu Nianjia could sit in front instead.

However, before he had finished his sentence, Gu Nianshen suddenly moved in toward Lin Yiqian.

His huge body fully occupied the seat in the middle which made the space in the car appear much more crowded.

Qi Shaodong asked concernedly, “Isn’t it a little too crowded back there? Why don’t you sit in the front, Miss Gu? I’ll get another car and meet you guys at the hotel.”

There was already a driver in the front of the car.

Gu Nianshen raised his eyebrows as he looked at Qi Shaodong. “When are you going to brief me on the program activities?”

Qi Shaodong brushed his eyebrows. He was taken aback by Gu Nianshen’s sudden change in temper. However, as he thought about it further, Gu Nianshen had always been this unpredictable. Even in business meetings, nobody could expect what Gu Nianshen would do next. There were never any signs before his next action.

Qi Shaodong did not dare to waste any more time. He immediately opened the door to the passenger seat in front and got in.

Gu Nianjia got into the car as well. As soon as she did, she started fuming at Lin Yiqian again, “You said there was another car waiting for you outside. You’re so arrogant. Life is already so difficult for you and you still want to act so tough.”

Gu Nianjia pouted as she glared at Lin Yiqian.

Lin Yiqian admitted that it was pretty awkward. However, she had not expected that reporters would recognize her. If not for Gu Nianshen, the reporters would have left her alone and she would have been able to get into Bai Se’s car.

As Lin Yiqian thought of this, she felt righteous once again. She replied Gu Nianjia emotionlessly, “It was a great opportunity to restore the Gu family’s reputation. I had to make use of it.”

‘Tsk tsk tsk.’ Even Lin Yiqian was amazed with herself. She was actually able to think of such a grand excuse for her own cowardice.

“Lin Yiqian, you’ve got to be kidding.” Gu Nianjia reacted as if she had just heard a lame joke. She laughed in an exaggerated manner before replying, “Why would our family’s reputation need to be restored by you?”

Lin Yiqian smiled and replied, “You have mistreated me in the past. Today, I have cleared the air for your brother and even got into the same car with him. The rumors about your family being mean to me will come to an end.”

‘See that? Your family treats me horribly and yet I still try to defend your reputation. Both of you should thank me immediately.’ Lin Yiqian thought to herself.

Gu Nianjia was even more infuriated when she saw the pretentious look on Lin Yiqian’s face. “Lin Yiqian, you are truly shameless!”

‘What can I do? Ugh!’ Gu Nianjia felt restless.

With nowhere to direct her anger, Gu Nianjia suddenly turned to Gu Nianshe in hopes that he would help her out. “Brother, look at her. She’s the reason why we were surrounded by reporters…”

Gu Nianjia was halfway through her sentence when she suddenly realized something. She then looked at Lin Yiqian. “Lin Yiqian, were you the one who invited the reporters?”

‘What?’ Lin Yiqian was dumbfounded. “Why would I do that?”

Lin Yiqian was amazed by Gu Nianjia’s imagination. Had she watched too many drama series?

Regardless of what Lin Yiqian said, Gu Nianjia was certain that she was the one who invited the reporters. “Do you deny it? Although my brother would always be photographed without his permission, he has always kept a low profile when he goes out. He has never been surrounded by reporters at the airport before. Why did it suddenly happen when you showed up?”

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