Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 15 - Random Findings on the Internet

Chapter 15: Random Findings on the Internet

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“You must have done it to draw attention to yourself. I am going to check the news.”

Gu Nianjia seemed so confident that even Lin Yiqian felt swayed by her analysis.

Although Lin Yiqian had been out of the country for several years, she still paid attention to certain things, especially…

Lin Yiqian took a peek at Gu Nianshen. He was behaving as if they were talking about someone else. He continued to look at his phone as he browsed through work documents.

Indeed, Lin Yiqian had never seen news of him at the airport. It was very unexpected for reporters to swarm around him today. In fact, news about them showing up at the airport together had spread right after she managed to get away from the reporters.

The person who benefited the most from the incident was Lin Yiqian herself. All of a sudden, her status as the mistreated wife had changed to become the apple of Gu Nianshen’s eye. The rumors on the internet which were against her would surely come to an end now.

Moreover, as soon as the news came out, Su Miao’s reputation would be greatly affected as she had initially claimed that Gu Nianshen solely adored her.

It would appear that Lin Yiqian might truly have done it for her own gains. Most importantly, she had actively claimed that Gu Nianshen treated her very well in front of the reporters.

“What?” Gu Nianjia did a search on Weibo and found news about Gu Nianshen and Lin Yiqian. She suddenly exclaimed disgruntedly, “Brother, did you actually give her more than forty purses?”

‘This is impossible. Absolutely impossible.’ Gu Nianjia thought. She turned toward Gu Nianshen, “This must be fake, right?”

“It’s true.”

Gu Nianshen did not lift his head as he continued to look at his phone. Gu Nianjia could not believe it. “Why? Why?”

Gu Nianjia would often have to spend a long time weighing her options when purchasing purses. In fact, the purses she bought had to cost less than 20,000 dollars. She was told that it would not be nice for her to bring expensive purses to school. However, why was Lin Yiqian able to get so many purses? In fact, Gu Nianshen had made a purchase of forty-five purses at one go.

‘It’s not fair!’ Gu Nianjia thought. She looked at Lin Yiqian angrily before turning to ask Gu Nianshen, “Brother, you are too naive. You are nice to her, and yet she made use of your kindness to put herself in the spotlight. She’s deceitful.”

Lin Yiqian was originally worried that Gu Nianshen would stand on Gu Nianjia’s side. He might actually believe that she was the one who invited the reporters. However, Lin Yiqian was very amused by Gu Nianjia’s helpless expression.

Having thought about it, Lin Yiqian decided that it did not matter if Gu Nianshen believed what his sister said. After all, he already hated Lin Yiqian. Another misunderstanding would not change anything.

“Gu Nianjia, if you don’t stop talking, I’m going to kick you out from this car!”

Gu Nianshen suddenly barked at Gu Nianjia. Everyone in the car was stunned, including Lin Yiqian.

Gu Nianjia, on the other hand, was completely shocked by Gu Nianshen’s outburst. She did not react for a very long time. When she finally did, her eyes were filled with tears. “Lin Yiqian is a cunning woman. She’s the one at fault. Why are you yelling at me?”

Gu Nianjia was deeply afraid of Gu Nianshen and therefore did not dare to raise her voice against him. She could only direct her anger at Lin Yiqian. “Lin Yiqian, you’re guilty until proven innocent. Just you wait. I will find out if you are the person who invited the reporters.”

Lin Yiqian replied nonchalantly, “Oh. Okay.”

Lin Yiqian did not seem to care at all. ‘Investigate all you want. What can you do with the proof even if you have it?’

Oaks was deemed the hotel for celebrities in the capital city. Most celebrities and public figures would stay in this hotel when they came to the city. It was usually very difficult to even book a room there. Gu Nianjia was desperate to get out of the car.

“I know that my female idol lives in this hotel. I can finally meet her!”

As they approached the main entrance to the hotel, the car gradually slowed down. Gu Nianjia was so excited that she was about to cry.

She was precisely like one of those crazy fans who could not control their emotions. Everyone in the car was looking at her.

Gu Nianshen desperately wanted to kick her out of the car.

Finally, the car stopped.

Gu Nianjia opened the door and was prepared to get out of the car when her phone suddenly rang. When she saw who the call was from, her hands visibly trembled as she started feeling nervous.

“It’s Professor Zhang.”

Gu Nianjia cleared her throat before answering the call. Suddenly, she started frowning. “You said I could return to school next week. Why did you renege on your promise?”

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